Dilwale Music Review


Dilwale Music Review:

Dilwale stars Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon in the lead roles. The music has been composed by Pritam and lyrics have been written by Amitabh Bhattacharya.

The complete album was released today. It has six original and one theme track. Let’s move on to Dilwale music review to find out if it lives up to the expectations.


Singer - Arijit Singh, Antara Mitra

Gerua has already become a chartbuster. It is a simply composed but its romantic melody makes it extremely pleasant. Arijit Singh and Pritam are at their very best in Gerua. The lyrics are also catchy and after 2-3 back to back hearing, you become addicted to this track. (4.5/5)


Manma Emotion Jaage

Singer - Amit Mishra, Anushka Manchanda, Antara Mitra

It is a funny and funky track which grows on you. The line Manma Emotion Jaage is very catchy. Though Anushka Manchanda disappoints in her parts. (3.5/5)


Janam Janam

Singer - Arijit Singh

Janam Janam is an unusual love track. The background music looks familair to Gerua. The song also gets over really fast. But Arijit Singh once again impresses with his voice and range. (3.5/5)


Tukar Tukar

Singer - Arijit Singh

Tukar Tukar is another funky track with funny lyrics. The song is full of fun and frotic. It would be interesting to see how this song is picturised and who features in this song. (3/5)



Singer - Arijit Singh

Daayre is a soulful song by Arijit Singh. The thoughtful lyrics by Amitabh Bhattachariya makes it more special. Though the song reminds you of Pritam and Arijit Singh's previous collaborations Saware and Raabta. (3.5/5)



Singer - Benny Dayal, Kanika Kapoor

Premika is a dance number by Pritam. There is nothing special in this song. Both Benny and Kanika disappoints as they have earlier given many party songs. (2.5/5)


Theme of Dilwale

It is more of a mashup track which has pieces of all the songs form the album. (2.5/5)


Dilwale Music Review: Verdict

Overall Dilwale is a good effort by Pritam. The album can be divided in two categories. First is romantic set of songs and second is funky dance numbers. One letdown is that all the songs have short duration except from Gerua. And also there is overdose of Arijit Singh.

Some of the songs have been inspired which is usually the case with most of Pritam's albums. But the album will be chartbuster and loved by Arijit Singh fans. Though it can be for a short duration of time.

Our Picks: Gerua, Daayre, Janam Janam




Tell us what are your views about Dilwale music review in the comments section.


13 comments on “Dilwale Music Review”

  1. Crap prdp 4 star n dilwale 3.5 only....what a joke...how much money salman paid to u @admin.
    .this site is only for salman....

      1. Bollyarena Team seems Dilwale "18 Dec 2015 Xmas releasing" has been hugely paid by SRK to do such comments on every post of you.
        Please ignore such fake people. You keep updating good stuff as u always do.

  2. prdp 4 :evil:


    dilwale only 3.5

    with such awesome songs gerua manma emotion and janam janam
    and don't judge on your own behalf let them release full song

    seriously crap site huh :?😣
    m not anyone's fan but whats true is true dilwale music album til date is much better and deserve at least 4

  3. I thnk 5out of 5 bcoz this album is a combination of soulful and funky crazy song..and more over music is superb ..lryics also ...

  4. prdp ki baat karte ho sirf titel song ku nahi lagegi dilwale ke pure album mind it tera srk ise titel per nacha hai lets see what a song-prdp

    1. tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam dekha nhi shyd bhai bhai krte baitho prdp hardly 200 cr single release koi dusri movie nhi ab clash k saath bhi c the earnings

  5. isnt your review is completely biased or you want people see it more because of your bakwas review
    you are loosing faith 1st your site is removed because you violated terms
    learn from indicine and see why it is more popular no biased review judged every song in unique way by set of audiances .. there is no same audiance for every song
    and ya indicine also gives 3 star to manma emotion i agree but gives 4.5 to janam janam anf i think janam janam deserve it but you people ... s#!t [email protected]

  6. There is overdose of arijit. What u wanna say?
    He is the best . All songs of him in dilwale are melodious especially daayre, janam janam, gerua.
    U r also picking them up.
    What a irony!!

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