Dilwale is an extremely intense love story between SRK and Kajol


After watching the trailer, there is a perception in the media and general audience that Dilwale will be full action comedy film in Rohit Shetty style. But Shahrukh Khan does not think so.

At one of the promotions, SRK was asked about the rather ‘vague’ trailer that revealed little to nothing of the story. To that SRK said, “The film has an extremenly intense love story of the past and present, between me and Kajol. Unfortunately, we would like to keep that a part of the story telling, and perhaps that is why it is a difficult trailer to make (sense of).”

When Varun and Kriti were put on the hot seat, and asked about the film, the two had answers that were poles apart. While Kriti said their love story was a ‘sweet’ and ‘honest’, Varun went for the kill and said their story was “a lust story more than a love story.”

Directed by Rohit Shetty, Dilwale will hit the screens on 18 December 2015.

One comment on “Dilwale is an extremely intense love story between SRK and Kajol”

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