Dilwale 7th Day Box Office Collection

Dilwale Box Office Collection Day 7


Dilwale 7th Day Collection (Thursday):

Dilwale has shown good growth on Thursday. According to official figures Dilwale 7th day box office collection is 9.26 crore.

Shahrukh Khan starrer Dilwale has a good occupancy in the morning shows. The single screens were rock solid while multiplexes sustained well. The overall occupancy was 15-20%. West Bengal is still going super strong having the best hold. While South India has done decent business as well

Dilwale 7th day collection was boosted in the evening shows as tomorrow is a holiday. The Hollywood film Star Wars The Force Awakens released today which is quite popular in metro cities. But it did not affect Dilwale collection much as SRK starrer is mainly collecting in single screens.

Dilwale box office collection in 7 days will be around 102.65 crore. Dilwale first week collection box office will be third highest of 2015. It is behind only Salman Khan starrer Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.

Highest 1st Week 2015

  1. Bajrangi Bhaijaan  - 184.65 Cr
  2. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo  - 165.45 Cr
  3. Dilwale  - 102.65 Cr


The film has also entered into 100 crore club. It is 6th consecutive film of Shahrukh Khan and second consecutive film of Varun Dhawan to do so.

Now the second weekend has become all important. The multiplexes have not been strong on weekdays and may fall now. But the good news is that single screens will have solid occupancy in the second weekend too. As the reports are very positive from interiors.

Dilwale Thursday Collection (7th Day)

9.26 Crore

Dilwale 1st Week Collection

102.65 Crore



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Day 7
102.65 Cr


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Disclaimer: Dilwale box office collection on day 7 have been updated. Also tell us what are your thoughts on Dilwale 7th day box office collection in the comments section.

35 comments on “Dilwale 7th Day Box Office Collection”

  1. Bajirao will fave competition aganist star wars in plexes, Srk is already rocking on single screen so the movie is doing Very good, i think they have chances to cross the 10 crore Mark too, Tomorrow the movie will collect 3-5 crore more, now 150 is Very easy for dilwale the target will be 200 crore

  2. Please do let us inform about Dilwale Overseas BO on regular basis, because as a Pakistani i wana know the rest of the world business being a bollywood movies fan, it is doing some crazy buisiness in Pakistan breaking all previous records with ease so plzzzz Overseas collection?????

  3. Hi..I am from Bangladesh. n a big fan of SRK.. In Xmas Day Star war releasing in India...that why it is affected to BM in multiplex screen...BM won't run in Xmas very well bt Dilwale will still show in SS....So Dilwale will be benefited due to Star War....GOD Bless Dilwale.

  4. Dilwale rock's! !awesome movie unnecessarily affected by foolish people who has nothing to do..

  5. red chili ka jaadu chal raha hai friends. ager bajirao mastani ki occupancy dilwale say double hai tou dilwale 9 crore or bajirao mastani 9.50 ye kaisay possible hai friends ? is ka matlab red chilli ka jadu shuru

  6. To is every shameful thing for srk that it take More than 7 to 8 days to reach 100 cr club.....what a king!

    1. Mr.rocky with limited number of screens this is not shameful for srk and with so much negative publicity by industry,media and communal people.

  7. entarinment act...agr kisi ne apni exact kamayi ko chupa k kam kamayi dekha k tex pay kiya ..or vo pakda gya to uss product p hui total kamayi ka usee 1/3 hissa or pay krna hoga...
    now let trade figure 15cr gross after paying tex collection is 8cr ...
    but producer say film collect 17cr thn usse 17 k hisaab s jyda tex pay krna padega or tb nett aayga 10cr
    maan b lete h producer fake data provide krvta hoga but usse fayda kya hua ...fake data bta k isse 3-4 cr extra pay krna padta h tex ..
    trade figure= jo trade anyalst btate h vo
    producer fig= jo actual amount producer k pass pahunchti h...
    more over jb producer collection declare krta h Tex department s approve hona padta h...

  8. Least probability for #Dilwale
    Thurs : 9.50 cr.
    Fri : 14 cr
    Sat : 10 cr
    Sun : 15 cr.
    a 40 cr 2nd weekend is on the hand.
    While new year may also prove good run. 200 cr is possible.

  9. or agr producer jyda profit btyga to usse jyda bada hissa distrbuters ko dena padega kyuki unka b share h ....matlb phale 2 3 cr trade fig m add kro and phr un 2 3 ka tex do phr un fake 2 3 cr s profit nikalo or uske paise dstrbutr ko d.....5-10 cr ka nuksaan kon krvyga ....
    mje to lgta nai jha tak maine study s mje pta chala h aisa koi b ni krega ...

  10. imran bhai agr film distrbuter ko beech b d h jise PRDP to profit dstrbuters k pass jayga ...agr producer unki kamyi jyda btyga to un dstrbuter ko jyda tex dena padega...or koi b producer apne against ni krta inko..film yhi log chalte h

    so mare sb status padho khud socho kya m glat ho...?? phr apna call lo red chilli taran sar nd srk sar k upper
    bina jaankari ek accha insaan blame ni krta kisi ko


  12. Bajirao Mastani is leading screen fight from Dilwale in second week. Bajirao Mastani has managed to retain almost all screens and in fact bettered at places. Whereas Dilwale screening is reduced significantly. Coming to Bajirao first. Film has managed around 2300 screen in first week. Second week screening is estimated at around 2100-2200 screens. So film has managed screening like first week itself. Film shoulddo well in Holiday week, however many have watched the film itself and hence numbers are expected to come down.
    As for Dilwale its screening is reduced in week two. However film has still got potential to do good business if performs on good level in coming Holiday week. As per estimates Dilwale is set to get around 1500-1600 screens in comparison to around 2900 screens in first week. Thus, film screening is reduced by 45% from firstweek.
    Screen Count for 25th December, 2015[Estimates] - Dilwale- 1500-1600, Bajirao Mastani- 2100-2200...
    he he he ab gaywale agar 100% vi kare tobhi 13cr par kar nahi sakta 15cr to dur ki bat hai .... lollll Jo bolte the Friday me gaywale 15cr karegi .... haan 15cr karegi jarur par bajirao... fus ho gaya gaywale.....

  13. tri baat shi h imran i agree with u...but agr film ne 11 b kr diya to ..Y accha sign ...long run k lye base strong hona chahiye (single screen) or ek cheez to movi saaf dekha rhi h 3 jan tak movi 7cr s neeche Ni jaygi..or 28 s single screen bad jayngi dilwale ki

    Multiplx increase your collection undoubtedly..but u knw what is disadvantages its also fastly complete your taarget audiance ...and risk of compition is always ...starpower stop dilwale to take advantage...but what after 27 ...10days left jeetne logo ko dekhni thi dekh chuke honge BM...

  14. 3jan to dur ki bat hai ... bas Monday ka wait kar 7cr to dur ki bat hai .. 5cr vi muskil hai ok mind it ... jes ne vi bolataha 1st Mon 13cr and i 9-11 cr ... i win isliye o mujhse Jada ladta nahi ... ab tuvi dekhlena monday pe 7se niche hi rahegi chahe jitna vi tu hakla le 3jan tu dur ki bat hai

  15. ok usse to a baji tha ke o hara to o kabhi comment nahi karega phirvi karraha its ok ... tu kiya bazi rakkhe ga bol . 3jan tak 7cr ha sayad tere sapne me

  16. Hahah...ary bhai y hamra apna prediction h ok...glat hua to ho gya ...shi hua to shi ..bas .. M b last 20 shrt cont jeet rha ho but m ja k kisi ko Ni bolta oye dekh m jeeta tu haara .....its ma openion ki y movi mje acchi lgi iska y collection hona chahiye ...now lets see logo ki kya soch h ...bas itna ok...

  17. Kapil sharma movie 1700 screens 1st day 10,25 crore with 40% occupancy how can you say max 13 crore? Today the price of ticket will be more, Bajirao collect 18,50 win 2300 screens on Sunday -.-"

  18. Jas bro ...vo Kapil ki multiplex p b thi dilwale k itne show Ni h..is cheez ka aser pad sakta h but ...koi b ho SRK Salman Amir inka aser weaknd tak hota h uske baad story kam krti h....BM 42cr dilwale 38+ not a big diff..vo b jb BM ka sb kch bhoot accha h or dilwale ka log bura maante h ...screen diff tha 300ka ...BM muti p superb h phr b kyu kam h diff....maane khi to locha h ...

  19. Ashish if you are right dilwale will loose because 13 crore max is nothing, the movie can collect max 35 crore in THIS weekend and 200 crore is impossibile on monday they will go down on 4 crore and than continue to drop.. if the movie will be Lucky than they can collect 170-180, Bajirao same they will have competition against star wars But they can collect more than 13 crore and the weekend arround 40 and the difference will be 12 crore, on monday bajirao will holding with 6 crore and will be on total control..
    I think srk loose his 2nd clash after loosing against srk

  20. JAS BRO may b m ryt..but 1650 screen h 75% single h jo cont way s 75% s above occupacy d rhi h weakdays m b pura din ki h occupacy ok...un s collection 5-6 cr mil rha h ...strong zone dekh west bangal south maysur and single screen kya monday ko 35-40% overall occupacy b Ni rahagi ...or ek baat or agr starwar chali to BM game over age Ni chali to dilwale return ...

    Bhar dilwale takar d rhi thi starwar ko ..or yah log sochte h star war better collect kr k dagi dilwale s

  21. Can Dilwale collect more than 13 crore today? Family will come in big numbers.. bajirao aj mera khial 14 crore se upar nahi jaeagi because SS had terrific review

  22. bhailog dusre site pe dilwale ka 2nd Friday ka update me 7-8cr dikha raha lol ..... 200cr ha ha ha aur 3jan tak 7cr ha ha ha ..... big lolll ... mujhe kohi fark nahi parta dilwale kahan tak jata hai ... but rahega to prdp aur bb ke niche hi .. Salman says randip tu jitne vi upar chalaja rahega to mere niche hi .. asal me o srk ke liye tha .. aur jahatak bat hai class ki aur working day ki to bb ke saath vi bahubali ka class tha aur o ramjan me aai thi( working ramjan)..... to kuch fika parga kaali ka dao.... wait update Friday ki ahan pe .. bollyarana plss update yaar

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