Dilwale 6th Day Box Office Collection

Dilwale Box Office Collection Day 6


Dilwale 6th Day Collection (Wednesday):

Dilwale has a decent hold on Wednesday. According to official figures Dilwale 6th day box office collection is 8.79 crore.

The film has shown good trends in the circuits of West Bengal and South India where it has refused to slow down. While East Punjab and Delhi are below the mark. Mumbai has done well in the sense that it is competing with BM. The film is doing very good business in the interiors. It has still good occupancy at single screens but due to low ticket prices, the collections are down a bit.

Dilwale 6th day collection has sustained again. It is probably due to the appreciation it has found in small cities. And also the protest have faded out and family audiences are more willing to come to theaters now.

Dilwale box office collection in 6 days will be 93.39 crore. The film is all set to cross 100 crore tomorrow. It will be 6th film of Shahrukh Khan that has achieved this feat. It is also Varun Dhawan's 2nd consecutive 100 crore grosser.

In last three days, the trend has been looking good for Dilwale. But the second weekend will be crucial for Dilwale as it has to outclass Bajirao Mastani over the christmas weekend. A 30 crore+ second weekend will be a good result considering the holiday period. From Thursday evening onwards, things will be more clear.

Despite high costs, the film is very much in the safe zone. The complete report about Dilwale budget and economics will be published soon.

Dilwale Wednesday Collection (6th Day)

8.79 Crore



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Day 6
93.39 Cr


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Disclaimer: Dilwale box office collection on day 6 have been updated. Also tell us what are your thoughts on Dilwale 6th day box office collection in the comments section.

41 comments on “Dilwale 6th Day Box Office Collection”

  1. boi se ayega 7-7.50cr but ghaplu srk aur red se ayega 8.50-9cr ....... i dont knw bajirao tuesday boi 9.50cr but taran adarsh 9.40 .... ghuskhor taran

  2. Good, the movie is holding well, today will be 8,50 - 8,75 with 6 day total arround 94 Tomorrow the movie will Pick up and can collect arround 9-10 crore = 1st week 100-103 crore, if the movie collect more than 30 crore on the weekend, 200 crore is again possible. Remember that Srk start to do promotion again..

  3. Dilwale is now a lot steadier. Its a great movie by far the best entertainer movie of the year.

  4. good awesome. with the amount of negativity dilwale is doing really good. best of luck to dilwale and more power to srk. He deserves all the support. only one person in bollywood who stands by what he says.

  5. bollyarena plss tell me why boi always shows less collection for most of the movies ....and which figure should be consider producer,taran or boi ..i m confuse

    1. Taran, because PRDP and HNY was counted as 200 crore movies, but for Trade (BOI) was not 200 crore, The Taran figures is the official producer figure

    2. Box Office India may be an old site. But it does is connect their networks to many theaters, single screens and multiplexes across the world & then revise their collection everyday and give an estimated collected. Not purely correct, not even 80% correct while taran does both but confirm from producers first.
      This is suppose to be different. There still may bemany centres where Dilwale is performing well but BOI OVERLOOK IT

  6. Dilwale-Semi hit
    Aakhirkaar SLB ne Saawariya vs Om Shanti Om ka revenge le hee liya..

    1. 130 Crore budget hai. Tuesday tak 66 Crore collect kiya hai BM ne. Blockbuster bhool jao bhai. Movie will become a clear hit. Super hit status will be difficult.

      1. The budget fr bajirao is 120 CR. SO far 77 crore domestic + 0 crore international + 50 crore for satellite right+ 60 crore for music right so if you know how to do math, pl do it.
        And this is as of today...next two weekends it will kick dilwale out in all market as people are sick and tired with SRK old story nd old drama again and again

        1. 60 crore for music rights?? Are you from another world. Dilwale's music rights have been sold for 19 crore, the highest for any Hindi movie ever. Its Satellite rights have been sold for 60 crore, but that has not been confirmed.

          If you are quoting Wikipedia, then remember that even I can edit the facts there and make it 0 crore for satellite right and music right of BM. They have put up a misleading data. ( 60 crore for music rights and 70 crore for satellite rights. Lol EPIC )

          Maths I do, You only Rant.

    2. Idiot.....dilwale ke collections bajirao se kahin zyada gain....aur bajirao ka budget dilwale se kahin zyada....ab agar thodi si akal hai.....to use kar.

  7. I think more than 10 days more collect dilwale in box office than dilwale has collected 200 crore sure but only India Inshahallah this film is awesome

  8. Today collection is also b/w 9-10cr ... .thu collection touch 10cr bcoz evening show is already book for thu and friday..25th xmas ..if movi give 70% occupacy thn 15cr is nt a big deal ...

  9. Dilwale's box office collections shows that, this movie is FLOP....... SLB ne srk ka ghamand tod diya hain.We should accept the reality. Bade dil se SLB ke talent ko accept karna chahie.

    1. There dhimaag kharaab ho gaya gain. 90 crore mein bans DILWALE 5 din mein 86 crore kamaya gain. Bajirao Mastani 140 crore mein banaya aur keval 60 crore mein thake hue....

      Agar ShahRukh "intolerant" nahi bola hota....aaj DILWALE aur sage hota that aur tera Bajirao Mastani pata nahi haha

  10. Indians watching Bajirao Mastani show how much they are retarded. Don't even check the real story of this Peshwa

    It is running because of "intolerance" comments by Shah Rukh....not by any great story or direction.

    Wohi, haati, wohi purana costume.... Wohi dialogue.... Ram leela.. Veer...mein kaafi dekh chukhe hain...Bajirao Mastani is only for retarded n unemployed n losers n last benchers n exam failed people

  11. weaknd=65
    21dec to 7 jan =18days
    18*7.5(avg collection/day) =145+65= 200cr? 25 26 27 & 31 1 3 ( six day collection is approx 65cr) soo 65-42= 23cr add this collection in weak days whn movi collection below 7 cr

    May b m wrong or may b right bcoz its jst my prediction

  12. according 2boi Wednesday dilwale 8cr & barijao 9.25cr .. ab dekhte hai red , srk & taran milke kitna ghapla karta hai lollllll like Tuesday dilwale 8.25cr ko 9.42cr karna aur bajirao ka 9.50cr ko 9.40cr karna lolllllll first time dekha hai boi se prdsr ka figure kam hai ( bajirao) big lolll taran adarsh, red & srk

  13. PRDP 187.67cr trade fig ..and producer fig 215 nd one more thng I challenge Bollywood m sb s kam diff SRK ki movies m h check kr

  14. Tute gaya chenni express ka record ...PRDP ka latest collection 228 crore and worldwide 435 crore

  15. That's good .Dilwale is doing well in weekdays ..first week looking to finish 100cr afterthat xmas on Friday will boost its collection..

  16. There is very little drop for wednesday so it will be picked up during crismis. I m going to watch dilwale on crismis.

  17. Dilwale will notch 200 cr. The week will end with 100 cr + due to packed shows on Thurs-eve.
    As 2nd weekend has 2 holidays, collection would again rise to 45+ by weekend and about 145 cr in 9 Days. & then both films again have a 15-20 cr in "2ndweekdays" collection and further then, ANOTHER WEEK. 200cr for Dilwale and 350-370 cr combined domestic collection of both films is easily possible which will be a huge milestone as PRDP couldn't even make 210cr despite huge release and no clash

    1. I agree with your analyse.
      Both Movie can make +150 cr.
      But I disagree with your comparison with PRDP.
      Compare PRDP with HNY but not with a X-Mas release.
      Diwali Period has in the last years be 100-150 cr. period with only 1 holiday (or maybe 2)
      X-mas period has for the last years be 300+ crores period release with all the holidays + huge ticket prices, so no surprise with the total combined there, the only surprise is that BM took that much of the share! Kudos to the Team.

      1. PRDP is a fail. Movie woudn't even have made 200 cr haden't there been 4 holidays in opening weekend.
        While we can definitely compare the fact that 3 weeks run is not as amazing as 5000 + screens, NO CLASH and for god sake no Riots( for no fucking reason)

        1. Brother the fact that worst films have been releasing since a long time is the cause of less collection. Shits like HNY PRDP RA.One etc. Diwali is the bestest release.
          Both Hny PRDP crossed 40 cr in 2nd day. Ra.one made 25 cr in 2nd day which was a big milestone in those days. 2500 screens. Krishh 3 crossed 240 cr domestic. Give me a break man.

  18. Comment:itne virodh bad aur bjp ki sarkar wale rajyo me to Dilwale ko chalne hi nahi diya gaya bhi Srk ki film hit hui agar Srk ki jagah dusre ki film hoti to shayad flop ho jati. aur bajiro mastani ko to kattar vadi log bhi BM ke sath the BM to abhitak 200 caror kamane chahiye tha magar BM Dilwale ke piche chal rahi hai . agar Diwale ko virodh nahi hua hota to dilwale ka collection 300 caror ho jata . fir bhi itne virodh ke bavjood sabhi bhatiy logo ne Dilwale ko pasand kiya is Secularism ke Dhanyvad aur salam.

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