Dilwale 5th Day Box Office Collection

Dilwale Box Office Collection Day 5


Dilwale 5th Day Collection: 

Dilwale has done decent business on Tuesday. According to official figures Dilwale 5th day box office collection is 9.42 crore.

Shahrukh Khan starrer has already witnessed a big drop on Monday so it was expected that it will do well today. Once again it recovered the damage in the evening shows. The single screens are solid while multiplexes have fallen. West Bengal has excellent hold today after dropping on Monday. Dilwale will be among the top 3 grossers of 2015 in West Bengal.

Dilwale 5th day collection is a good result as compared to yesterday. There was a fear that film may crash after Monday as North was not doing well. Though the film is not up to mark in metro cities (except Kolkata) but it is completely different story in smaller centers where it is very strong on weekdays.

Dilwale box office collection in 5 days will be around 84.60 crore. The first week is looking to be over 95 crore. It will be less than opening weekend of Happy New Year and Chennai Express.

It is not a bad film actually. But the fact that it is facing a well received film (Bajirao Mastani) has changed its fortune. The multiplex audience are more willing to spend their money on a quality film. Plus there has been a hype generated on social and electronic media about Bajirao Mastani. Having said so, with solo release Dilwale would have crossed 200 crore.

The film is pretty much safe bet as there is nothing to lose for SRK. He has sold the film in a huge price. And the terrific overseas business is another advantage.

Dilwale will may sustain at low levels in coming days too. There is a big holiday of Christmas ahead. From Thursday evening, the collections can get boost if it manages to do well on Wednesday.

Dilwale Tuesday Collection (5th Day)

9.42 Crore



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Day 2
Day 3
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Day 5
84.60 Cr


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Disclaimer: Dilwale box office collection on day 5 have been updated. Also tell us what are your thoughts on Dilwale 5th day box office collection in the comments section.

42 comments on “Dilwale 5th Day Box Office Collection”

  1. Why defending SRK his got nothing to loose. His loosing his star power what might be the reason? Reason is his neen very arrogant about his star power finally he will realise..

  2. I dnt understand when bajirao and dilwale....released on same screens...then also when bajirao is doing 9 cr u say it is rock solid when dilwale...does u say steady common how much u r paid for this

      1. And even the fact that Bajirao Mastani is released with only 2000 screens and dilwale 3100 screens! Had the screen counts been the same, Bajirao Mastani would hav been way ahead if dilwale!

  3. Dilwale are droping 1 crore for day is not too Bad 5 day will be 84 Tomorrow collection will be 8 and 7 th day 7-8 crore 1st week 98-100 if They managed to collect more than 25 crore in weekend the movie have chanc'è to collect over 150 , the movie need 9+ crore friday 7+ saturday and 9+ with a 10 day total more than 120+ crore, the movie will Pick up on day 7 because the next day is holiday. Its all about ho many the movie collect on Monday if They collect more than 4 crore is good if the fails to collect that... But be positive

  4. Comment: single screens are rocking and from 25th family audiance will fill multiplex because no families are watching bajirao so it will rock again and now srk has changed plan he os urging people and going vity by city and today he said 25000 people of bengal to go and watch movie and a loud sound comes yesssssssssss ...what fo you think srk will again take it to other level because SS are already strong and family audiance will come from 25 ...so what do you think about this ?

    1. Box office is very much unpredictable and anything can happen in coming days. We do not answer questions here. Please ask in Q&A section


  5. happy to listen finally good words for dilwale from you ... :) you was just praising the bajirao but you also know the reason was negativity created by some people ...bajirao was never in competition it is just a play of negativity spread by some hell like people ...it is shame for people of india they will never know the value of srk today world is praising him ...germany know india because of srk ..cameron know india because of srk ...Zyan shakira france pm obama ... etc list too long ...and Indians are just saying him deshdrohi sad to know but india is all about money and rajiniti ....still i love my india jai hind bharat mata ki jai .... i love my india .... hope all will well

  6. Comment:Shah rukh khan hugged sunil grover in comedy nights he didn't cared about his clothes which was getting dirty... even other actors ran away from sunil... This is the great thing from king khan which i really love... Hats off srk

    1. Anyone who had been in the place of SRK have done the same bcoz sunil deserves that he had gone out of the way to promote Srk movie so itna to banta hai yaar......

    2. Anyone who had been in the place of SRK have done the same bcoz sunil deserves that he had gone out of the way to promote Srk movie so itna to banta hai yaar......his performance was just marvelous...

  7. RT @randomaccesone वो लोग भी क्या नादान थे, जो देश के लिये जान न्योछावर कर गये...आज कल देशभक्ति साबित हो जाती है फ़िल्मे ना देखने से!

  8. @Salah,Can you remove the last letter of your name( salah) ,i mean the h,.hhehehheheh. kam aqal,gawar unpadh.

  9. @bollyarena team
    As indicine.com has cleared dilwale will do around 150 max n BM will do 160+ ,so is there any chnces that srk will remain clash king? May be won with 1 crore.

  10. Dilwale (200 cr) ....now the que is how..?
    5th day 9 6th day 8 7th 7 8th day 15 cr (80%fmly audience waitng for Xmas) single screen solid already . 9th day 13 10th 14 so 42 cr ...now 11th day to 31 Dec..30cr and 1jan to 7 jan 30 cr ....
    Total approx 200cr

    1. Ashish Dilwale made with a budget of 110 so 140+ is already a HIT. . You say 5 th 9 ok... But will be arround 8,75 6th day 8 ok! 7th day i think will be more than 7 But ok 7, 8th is looking difficoult to be 15 crore But anything arround 11-13 crore will be good, than need a hold of 9-10 crore on saturday, sunday will be same lime friday, so the weekend 30+ and 10 day 130+ But bro is looking Very difficoult, But never say never and be positive

  11. Dilwale is a great family entertainment. It might have a little weak plot, but Rohit Shetty's movies strengths are not storyline but comedy and action. So, it might be some people looking for storyline may not be so happy with this movie. However, Dilwale has a good emphasis (attempt) on storyline, and definitely a lot of action and comedy. I would recommend it as a great family watch together especially in these holiday periods such as Christmas and New Year. Seriously, its a good value. Enjoy.

  12. Salman khan 72 movies 7 blocbuster 5 all time blocbustertotal collection in india net 2645 crore so far, aksay kumar 103 movues 2 blocbuster no all time blocbuster collection in india net 2577 crore so far, shah rukh khan 53 movies 5 blocbuster 3 all time bloc buster collection in india net 2024 crore so far, amir khan 39 movies no blocbuster 5 all time blocbuster collection in india 1497 crore so far so end of d they all r respected legends we all should respect them we could have personal choices but we have to realise today bollywood is this position bcz of these guys(major contribution done by them we salute them from our heart)my choice is theeeeee SALMAN KHAN one and only as well as u have ur be happy with urs favourite and let us with ours thanks if u show respect then expect for respect otherwise..............

  13. Anyone with kids should watch Dilwale.... As a mature person i liked BM but we all enjoyed Dilwale. This is my take.. I enjoy more if I see my kids are enjoying . So during xmas we will watch Dilwale again and not BM

  14. Box office collections are so less that this site is also feeling shame to declare it’s real numbers of collections quickly.

  15. I can bet that Dilwale will notch 200 cr + despite the clash and both films business would cross 400 cr bussiness and i'm talking domestic wise. Both the films unusually have Three weeks without other release. Dilwale will end the first week at around 100 cr with packed shows on eve-Thurs.
    Due to another holiday weekend, Biz will again touch 145 cr + in 9 days. While then there's 2nd weekdays and then another WEEK AHEAD. Definitely 200 cr + DESPITE THE CLASH & LESSER SCREENS & RIOTS

  16. Jas on Xmas ticket price more thn weekday so if movi give overall 66-70% occupacy ..and whn u have family audiance maane atleast 3 -4 people going for same movi..soo 60-70% overall is NT a big day..now to que is ...is it touch 15cr...yaa ofcourse ..bcoz Friday occupacy same 70% and collection is 21 soo we jst expact 15 in 65-70% overall occupacy ...single screeen r already rock ...north India 70% in job thy r w8 for Xmas ...soo may b this is possible

  17. Dilwale ghatiya movir hai nt even 1 time watch...aala kitni umeed thi feer se love story Srk kaa romance magic dekhne milega..bt varun b thaa is movie me..kyaa bole dilwale ne dil hi tod diya...werna sharukh ki movie dekh te wakt kitni baar Ro padta tha me...bt Bajirao mastani muje dilwale se zyada achhi lagi..kaafi emotional b kiya ranveer singh aur deepika ne.....dilwale 3star and bajirao ko 5 out of 5...superb lagi puri movie

  18. 2 saal prhle srk ki CE teen dino main 100crs aur price rate badne k baad v dilwale is struggling to reach 100crs even in first week. this is big flop of srk.

  19. Salman is completely box office ruling since 2009...prdp is worst movie eventhogh croseed 215 crore...this is the mania of salamn khan...chalthe phirthe rocking star hai...when u have salman no need anything....past sharukh was ruled the same...which salman is ruling now...both are same...

  20. Rohit Shetty's Dilwale is a great family entertainment, and its target audience probably is family with people of all ranges from kids to elderly. So, if you feel you are the target I recommend you to watch it in this great festive season. It's got lot of dramas, hyper action and some uncontrollable comedy. I think, the only honest feedback of mine will be it is little fast paced story telling that makes story seem incoherent. However, this definitely doesn't fail the movie, and so don't get misled by baseless (or even biased) comments (though I completely respect their personal opinion). Enjoy the excellent performances and hard work of all casts including SRK, Kajol, Varun and Kriti. ????

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