Dilwale 17th Day (3rd Sunday) Box Office Collection: Official Figures

Dilwale Box Office Collection Day 17


Dilwale 17th Day Collection (3rd Sunday):

Dilwale has done well on its 3rd Sunday. According to official figures Dilwale 17th day box office collection will be around 2.40 crore.

The Shahrukh Khan starrer continues its decent hold in small centers. Dilwale 3rd weekend box office collection will be around 7.71 crore. In comparison Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo had collected 19 crore and 3 crore respectively. This shows that a superstar can bring initials only and ultimately content matters at the box office.

Dilwale box office collection in 18 days will be 141.58 crore. It is now expected to finish in the range of 150 crore which is better than it looks like a few days back.

Dilwale 3rd Sunday collection is better than Happy New Year (2.33 crore). The film has performed well in last few days. But the film needed a huge boost on Christmas which it could not get. Things could have been different then.

The worldwide collection so far is approximately 320 crore. The film has already emerged blockbuster in overseas and will be highest grossing film of Shahrukh Khan breaking 5 years old record of My Name Is Khan.

This week release Wazir will not pose much of a threat for Dilwale. So it can get one more week till Ghayal Once Again.

Dilwale 17th Day Collection (3rd Sunday)

2.40 Crore

Dilwale 3rd Weekend Collection

7.71 Crore



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141.58 Cr


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Disclaimer: Dilwale box office collection on day 17 have been updated. Also tell us what are your thoughts on Dilwale 17th day box office collection (3rd Sunday) in the comments section.

35 comments on “Dilwale 17th Day (3rd Sunday) Box Office Collection: Official Figures”

  1. Looking more than 150 Crore now :) I think is arround 144 wating for official figures if the give.. Lifetime can be At 155

  2. If it collects more than 1.50 crore on monday than 155 crore is possible. So just hope for the best. But i m happy as 150 is very much on now.

    1. Difficoult more than 1,50, if friday was a non holiday the collection was arround 2 crore If the movie drop not more than 45% the collection is more than 1 crore. 150 LOOKING EASY. YOU SAY 1,50 IF IS 1,50 WILL BE 4 ARROUND 5+ CRORE IN THE 4 DAY WEEKDAYS AND THE COLLECTION WILL BE ARROUND 149 AFTER 3 WEEK, AND 3RD WEEKEND ARROUND 3 CRORE AND LIFETIME ARROUND 155+

      1. Yes it looks difficult. Bt still possible. Official figures r still awaited. Which may add 2 crore more to what it looks now. So atleast now Dilwale will be a hit in India which is great under such conditions. Worldwide superhit.


  3. Actually in india,we don't have any right collection source for films that is why estimated collections always has huge differences than real collection & so that Trade & producer figures are always different.
    Many films have big differences in figures like Krrish 3, HNY,PRDP,HS,KKPK & many more
    Many films have little differences in figures like D3,QUEEN,TWMR,2 States,PKPN 2 & many more.

    BTW little or big it doesn't matter because difference is difference.

  4. for haters going to shock...its sure shot Hit...

    means SRk bigger than Critics.
    SRk bigger than Story/plot (Masterpiece dekhnewale)
    SRk bigger than Politics
    SRk bigger than Any kind of clash
    SRk is much more than a SRK as actor...

    1. First of all do and learn definition of Hit. At the max, it will be considered as an average flick.
      Secondly, talking about clashes, he is beaten by Ranveer Singh this time as far as collection are concerned.
      SRK himself apologized for his intolerance statement so he accepted that there was impact on his film.
      Finally, if a movie stupid than only people who are stupid like you still go n watch.

  5. with so much negativity, ban in several states, low screen counts nd of course clash wid a another big, Dilwale still earning decent amount in its third weekend, which is great. I understand one thing, Christmas is is the best phase 4 movie release. Aamir's most of recent movies r christmas release.. that's Y they r such a huge grosser. and he choose content base movies most of the time.. So his movies indeed will do more business.. If dilwale, a so so movie can do that business wid so many problems that I mention earlier, think, how Raees will earn, if it will be a solo christmass movie? Sab record tod degi. So I think, those haters who are badly being bad mouth about SRK... they will eat their own words in near future. because He will back with bang...

  6. 2015 top 3 grosser .
    bb - 320 atbb
    prdp- 215 super hit
    bm- 180 super hit .
    Bollywood me to 3khan hai jahatak lagta hai amir ka to kohi film nahi aaya so amir ko 6oro .. par sayad srk ka movie aaya o kiya hai haan dilwale par o to top 3 me nahi hai .. kiya yaar ek 6otasa star ranvir sing ki movie top 3 me aagai par srk ke nahi aai . saal me 1 hi film banaya o vi top 3 me nahi ... o sorry sorry top 3 to dur ki bat hai a to hit vi nahi hui average ya semi hai .. kiya yaar a vi superstar hai . megastar to o hai jo humesa top pe rahe like Salman 2 film donohi top par ...

    1. kya yr why are you barking like a dog....... Remember one thing yr SRk is a "Baazigaar" "Kabhi kabhi kuch jitne k liya kuch harna bhi padta hai or har k jitne walo ko bazigaar kehte hain".... uff "Baadshah" kehte hain.........
      Wait and watch next years ia SRK's..... Fan movie domestic collection will be 400 crores and will make legend in flim industry.. and raees will als be blckbuster.......

      1. abe dogi fan 200cr par karle to bahut hai .. uska aukat hai nahi 250cr par karneka lolllll. aur fan ki story Jo hai 150cr par kar le to bahut hai . jab ayega tab bolna avi bokh mat

        1. khan bhai yaad karo salman ka YUVRAJ AND KIYA HAAL HUA THA us movie ka yaad aya ya fir yaad dilaye jane maan ka v

    2. banjrangdal ne ban kor ne se .india kom nehi 2week 200 cr se jada hota.worldwide 500 cro se jada hota.super dilwale.jai sri ram

    3. Salman ki film clash me aur tolerance me aayi hoti na to vo 100 cr. bhi nahi kama pati.
      5state me to release bhi nahi Hui to bhi 140 cr.+ India & 150 cr. + overseas and still continue..

      1. From bollywoodhungama. It's clearly mentioned there which days' figures are estimates & which ones are official. By the way, here only it is mentioned that Red Chillies have stopped releasing official figures. Surely there must be a valid reason behind this. I bet Dilwale official figures are much lower than 2 crores!

  7. 350 crore worldwide
    Phir bhi movie flop hai
    Sharam karo haters
    Tumlog sirf shaandar jaisi movies dekne ke layak ho
    Shame on u
    Srk rocks!

  8. Anyone can see that manipulation is in BM figure from second week in many sites .Current example is 1 jan

  9. Dilwale is worst movie I have ever seen...anyone with slightest brain or intelligence left they can agree with that...
    I think many posters cheering SRK are paid bashers as SRK is scared now doing all tricks...
    If you want to see what is real creativity is, you may want to watch bajirao mastani

  10. Ek baat note krlo bhai jab official figure out hoga to 100% total 17 days collection will be 150+cr..

    1. Jab official figures out hoga? lol.. Official figures are already released. Check on any other reliable sites & you will find the figures same as here. Of course, there will be discrepancies on the SRK paid sites. But who cares? Dilwale has failed to beat BM. Period..

  11. 3Cr se 2.75 Cr ho gye sunday ka wow bolyarena.

    There is no official confirmation for dilwale collection even taran adarsh dont know it..
    And by the overseas collection is 160cr go and check

  12. When red chilly started to give collection upadte haters started barking that red chilly calculator is on now.
    They dont know it that even taran adarsh is following SLB calculator.

  13. One Question bollyarena team day 11,12,13,14 Collections are Official(producers ) figures or trade estimates??? Plzz reply

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