Dil Diyan Gallan Song - Tiger Zinda Hai

They were each other's calm in a storm. Watch Tiger & Zoya sway their way through Dil Diyan Gallan

Song: Dil Diyan Gallan
Singer: Atif Aslam
Music: Vishal and Shekhar
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

63 comments on “Dil Diyan Gallan Song - Tiger Zinda Hai”

    1. Only 2 Superstars survived the aftermath of Bahubali 2 Storm………
      This year 2017

      1. Akshay kumar
      2. Varun Dhawan

      N also G4 proved to be a Roaring success at BO for the rather below average year for Bollywood……

      Now Salman TZH has to do upto it’s full potential to put Bollywood in Good Stead…..

  1. Summary of Salman movies :
    Tiger Zinda hai 220cr just because of Christmas and masala action movie (hit )
    Race 3 120cr flop
    Bharat 90cr flop
    Dabang 3 135cr flop
    Kick 2 110cr flop

    Summary of Akshay movies
    Padman 110cr superhit
    2.0 300cr + blockbuster
    Gold 180cr blockbuster
    Kesari 225cr superhit
    Housefull 4 200cr superhit

    Akshay is now king of Bollywood

    1. Time for the re-union of Indicine group is coming close as the release date of TZH comes close.

      INDICINE UNITY GROUP members will be seeing TZH 1st day 1st show. All fans and haters invited. After the movie we all will go and party somewhere ?????

      sss, navin, tiger-the real king, ultron salmaniac, srk jabra fan are already in.

      1. Just can’t wait for the Indicine Gang to get together for the movie and then partying hard all night ??

        1. Bro adding you formally in our INDICINE UNITY GROUP

          We will all ensure TZH, 2.0, Raid, TOH, dwarf movie all are blockbusters ?

      2. Yaar @Javed miya too much of Pegs for your celebration techniques I can see 3 different brands on your comment....Lolz is it Desi or Foreign??

        1. I don't drink myself (never have & never will) but I couldnt find Pepsi/Coke option there so choose those in haste

          There was the option of ?? but I thought no one would be interested in that ☺️

          Now I found one option of juice i guess ? a more healthy option

          Next time only milk ? and juice ? in my party. Say NO to alcohol

          1. ?? Are you sure some people will not drink that? İ guess there maybe ...?

            Anyways just kidding ,i myself dont drink.

            1. This ? I also wanted to keep as an option specifically for 1 user here ? or may be 2 ...

              But then I thought the baby will start crying again. And it’s pretty hard to make him stop crying once he starts.

  2. 2018 summary
    Padman 110cr sperhit
    Gold 175cr superhit
    Race 3 120cr flop
    Thugs of hindustan 230cr hit
    Dwarf 160cr semi hit
    2.0 300cr blockbuster
    Super 30 45cr flop
    Raid 50cr flop
    Total dhamaal 90cr flop

    1. Yeh dono mission pai jayenge bhi ya nahin.

      End mein terrorist tang akar khud hi chor denge nurses ko. Realising that the spies will keep romancing instead of trying to save nurses.

    2. Parshya- sometimes you actually makes sense in your comments when you objectively analyze Aamir’s performances but most of the times, like the post above, your comments are motivated more by hatred for others than a genuine liking for one star. Do you get paid for that?

      1. @AP
        Dangal ke time sallu fans ne piche se vaar kiya tha..
        fir bhi fultan ka band bajaya Dangal ne

        Tubelight flop karke hamne sallu fans ko sabak sikhaya hai
        aur aab Billy zinda hai ki baari..
        wo bhul gaye Aamir fans sallu fans ka sath dete the uski vajah se
        sallu blockbuster deta tha..

        aab sirf distributor ki lashe bichayega...

        Aamir fans se panga nahi lene ka...

        1. Parshya calm down bhai. There is no need to target Salman and his films every time, by this you unnecessary creating hate for Aamir. Even if Salman fans said bad about Dangal before release, the answer already given to them by Dangal boxoffice performance.
          You can troll if anyone talking against Aamir or his films but why you post hate comments every time. Don't worry bhai, your,mine or any Aamir's haters comments can't degrade Aamir khan and his achievement. Let enjoy TZH and its performance.

  3. Summary of Salman movies :
    Tiger Zinda hai 220cr just because of Christmas and masala action movie (hit )
    Race 3 120cr flop
    Bharat 90cr flop
    Dabang 3 135cr flop
    Kick 2 110cr flop

    Summary of Akshay movies
    Padman 110cr superhit
    2.0 300cr + blockbuster
    Gold 180cr blockbuster
    Kesari 225cr superhit
    Housefull 4 200cr superhit

    Q tumlog akki ko badnam karte ho

    Akki 110 crore movie superhit
    Sallu 135 crore movie flop

    Isse samaj ata hai akki ka range kya hai and producer bhi heavy budget wala movied akki ko dekar barbad nhi hona chahte.....

    1. @Filmygawar
      Tu kabhi bolta hai tzh =50cr first day
      kabhi bolta hai TZH=220cr aur wo bhi xmas ke karan

      abey tu kehna kya chahta hai ?
      TZH ki tarif kar raha hai ya usko flop kar raha hai..

  4. Sallu extreme negetive word of mouth movie

    Tubelight - 120 crores kiya

    Akki extreme positive word of mouth movie

    Toilet - 135 crores

    And some idiot fan of akki salman se compare karte hai isko.....

    1. @Filmygyan
      Eid bhi toh thi Tubelight ke sath wo kaun batayega bhai..

      agar eid nahi hoti toh Tubelight -50cr bh nahi karti

      1. Abe prani of dumbistan agar Eid nahi hoti to Tubelight 50cr karti means 55% less than what actually it's collected
        If we goes with your logic than
        Cristmas is more bigger and bigger than Eid so with extremely Positive reviews and the profit is almost double there compared to Tubelight bcoz of Cristmas
        So now according to you agar dangal normal weekend me release hoti to 100cr bhi cross nahi kar pati
        #Point to b noted China K maal ki guarantee or warranty sirf Cristmas pr rahegi without Cristmas sawari apne saman ki khud zimmedar hai!!!

  5. Only 2 Superstars survived the aftermath of Bahubali 2 Storm.........
    This year 2017

    1. Akshay kumar
    2. Varun Dhawan

    N also G4 proved to be a Roaring success at BO for the rather below average year for Bollywood......

    Now TZH has to do upto it's full potential to put Bollywood in Good Stead.....

  6. Chartbuster song.

    Both Salman and Katrina looking great together.

    And Atif Aslam rocks as always.

  7. look how the haters are jittery and nervous ????? :D OMG

    Coming to the song... OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!.. soooo sooo sooo beautiful and mannnnn... salman is so handsome at his age and kat is at her sexiest best!!!!!

  8. Joke of the year..
    Aamir release his film flopstar in china.. lol

    News of the year..
    Swag se swaagat crosses staggering 50m views and bloody 700k likes!!!
    TZH trailers is now at 980k likes.. woooow

    1. That was past bro.

      I don’t bash or SRK SRK anymore. There is a impostor who uses my name and bashes SRK & Akki. Ignore that impostor’s comments

    2. THANK YOU

      srkay Sucks
      salman and aamir Rocks
      wat u mean by "he is still a srkay hater"
      i hate srkay becoz of her fake acting style

    1. From when kiss scene,intimate scene comes into impure love ? Sex is symbol of love, an integral part of romance. You could say a neat and family romantic song.

      1. What qualifies Sex to be a Symbol of love????
        90% of bollywood Love movies dating back 70s do not give any importance to Sex till the End of the movie rare cases ..after marriage in those movies.
        İ aint no saint, i know we are in a modern era though but for me Pride,Respect and Dignity are the Symbol of Love!

  9. Parshya aunty amir sir ki biggest hits kaun kaun si filme h??

    And: ye bhi koi puchne ki baat h,,,Mela,parampara,,,aatank hi aatank,,Mann,, baazi,,,1947 earth,,akele hum akele tum,,mangal pandey..love love love,,, tum mere ho,,,jaawani zindabaad,,,big LOL

  10. Swag se swagat is the best salman video song tis decade it equals or beats Jumme ki Raat

    1. Really, give me a break bro. swag se swagat or jumme ki raat won't even come close to ETT Mashaalah song. This swag se swagat is neither much popular nor loved by majority yet. Don't go through on yt likes and views.

  11. Any song sung by Mr. Atif Aslam can't be liked by me with one or two exception. Atif has been hugely popular in India and his songs became big hits too, but he is probably only popular singer whose not a single song in my playlist yet. Anyways I know this will also do good but for how long we will see.

  12. Songs sounding like a remake. In the next few days it will be revealed.

    Kat with her botox looks a complete mess. Pakistani Raw agent OMG what a joke.

    Another Tubelight coming!!!

  13. These people only talking hatred cannot appreciate even an excellent song..........If it was somehow bad I can understand their complaints but here it is not the problem.........

    I love Aamir-Salman-Shahrukh-Akshay-Ajay-Hrithik and all other actor movies........Only condition is that movie should be entertaining and good......What should I do to stop this social media unnecessary fan war??????

  14. great song. scale , look, chemistry. music everything is perfect.
    swag se swagat has crossed 50 millions views in youtube and i think this song will also join that.
    i have never seen any song of salman getting better response than swag se swagat in you tube in recent years. trailer has also crossed 50 million views.
    so if i go by the trailer and song response it's far better than bajrangi bhaijaan which is the biggest opener for salman on a working day. in terms of scale and look bb looks like an ant in front of tzh. so we can expect it to become salman's first 30 crore plus opener on a working day as bajrangi itself opened 27 crore net 2 years ago. but can tzh get past that 35 crore figure on day1, only time will tell that.

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