Dil Dhadakne Do Review

Dil Dhadakne Do Review


Dil Dhadakne Do is an upcoming comedy drama film directed by Zoya Akhtar. The film stars Ranveer Singh, Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, Anushka Sharma, Anil Kapoor and Shefali Shah in the lead roles. It is scheduled to release on 5th June 2015.


Zoya Akhtar last film was Zindagi Na Mile Gi Dobara, which was a landmark film in the history of Bollywood cinema. So expectations attached with this film are huge. Though the trailer of the film had a mixed response while the music has been just decent but still the director's name is enough.

Dil Dhadakne Do Review: Story

Like Zoya Akhtar other films, Dil Dhadakne Do is also related to elite class family and their problems. The story of the film revolves around dysfunctional Punjabi family. Kabir Mehra (Ranveer Singh) is a rich kid who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His parents Kamal Mehra (Anil Kapoor) & Neelam Mehra (Shefali Shah) wants him to take over their family business. They also want him to get married with Nuri (Ridhima Sud) who is a family friend. But Kabir Mehra does not want this all. He loves planes and his dream is to become a pilot. Kabir eventually finds a girl Farah Ali (Anushka Sharma) and fell for her. Though they both are completely different personalities.

On the other hand their daughter Ayesha Mehra (Priyanka Chopra) is married to Manav (Rahul Bose). But apparently she is not happy with this marriage and she wants divorce. She is actually in love with Sunny Gill (Farhan Akhtar) who is a photographer. They both were in a relationship for a long period of time.

Despite all the money, Anil Kapoor’s company is facing bankruptcy. To find a way out he decides to use his marriage anniversary as a pretext to arrange a celebration on a cruise ship and use it as an excuse to fix his son’s (Ranveer) marriage to his competitors daughter for the sake of an alliance.

In the mean time Neelam Mehra announces his son Kabir engagement with Nuri. A lot of confusion creates when Farah Ali came to know this. Will Mehra family be able to survive their company? Will Kabir Mehra be able to convince his parents to accept Farah Ali or will he just surrender to his parents? Will Ayesha Mehra take a divorce and get back with ex lover Sunny Singh or will she just stay with hes marriage with Manav? The movie explores the different kind of human relationships.

Dil Dhadakne Do Review: Direction, Editing, Screenplay

There is one problem for Dil Dhadakne Do. It will always be compared with Zoya Akhtar's last film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Though the feel and theme of the film was looking like same as ZNMD but Dil Dhadakne Do is completely different film.

Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar’s story is novel and the philosophy of taking each day as it comes and making the most of it because one is not sure about what the tomorrow has in store for him, is quite interesting. Their screenplay is good, interesting and even well-knit but several sequences cater to the multiplex audiences only.

The first half of the film is very good and engaging but in the second half, film loses its grip. Though it picked up the pace in the later second half. Zoya Akhtar’s direction is very good. But her choice of subject and narrative style will appeal mainly to the classes. Music (by Shankar Ehsaan Loy) is a mixed bag. Two songs, Gallan Goodiyaan & Phir Bhi Yeh Zindagi, are extremely pleasing to the ears. The rest of the songs are not very good and they, in fact, slow down the pace of the film. Lyrics (by Javed Akhtar) are appealing.

Background score, by Shankar Ehsaan Loy, is effective. Carlos Catalan’s cinematography is excellent and captures the various beautiful locations of France, Spain & Turkey wonderfully, making the film a visual delight. Editing by Anand Subaya & Manan Mehta could have been better. Approximately 20 minutes of the running time of the film actually ought to have been edited out, because the film is too lengthy and boring in parts especially in the second half.

Dil Dhadakne Do Review: Star Performances

♦ Anil Kapoor looks like a million bucks and acts just too wonderfully. He is completely in character and shines as a grey haired dad. His dances, of course, are a delight to watch; he is grace personified in them.

♦ Ranveer Singh springs a great surprise with his fabulously nuanced performance. He is excellent in the light-hearted scenes. However, he could have done better in the emotional scene with his parents.

♦ Priyanka Chopra is back with a bang with Mary Kom & now DDD. Delivering such a power packed performance, she gets every note right, every shade of the character correct and emote every emotion to perfection.

♦ Farhan Akhtar is remarkable and excels in his layered performance. He is endearing, supremely confident and competent.

♦ Anushka Sharma looks ravishing and she underplays beautifully. Her performance shows that she has matured greatly as an actor.

♦ Shefali Shah does very well in a difficult role. She stands her own amongst the other actors.

♦ Rahul Bose, in a short presence, is his usual competent self. Zarina Wahab is convincing. Radhima Sud (Nuri) support well.

♦ Pluto the cute dog of Mehra family is the show stealer. We will not reveal, because there is a surprise in the film.

What's Good

♦ Zoya's First Rate Direction

♦ Ranveer-Priyanka Sibling Chemistry

♦ Cinematography

♦ Script

♦ Pluto


What's Bad

♦ Slow Pace

♦ Class Appeal Only

♦ Music

♦ The Emotional Touch

Dil Dhadakkne Do Review: Last Word

The film explores the different dynamics of relationships beautifully. The film has high dose of humour, emotions and drama. On the whole, Dil Dhadakne Do is a film for multiplexes, the city based audience. However it does not have much for the masses and public in small centers. Go for it you are bored with typical Bollywood masala films.



Dil Dhadakne Do Review: Business Rating

Dil Dhadakne Do will have a very good opening in urban multiplexes and if the content is clicked with the audience then it will rule at the box office. Otherwise film may find it tough to recover its cost.

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