Dhadak 6th Day Box Office Collection

Dhadak has been steady on first Wednesday though the hold could have better. The film collected approx 4.06 crores which is 15% drop from yesterday.

It will cross the 50 crores mark in the first week. The film will need only normal hold on second Friday for emerging a clean hit which should not be a tough task. It is targetting for a lifetime total of 70-75 crores.

Day 18.71
Day 211.04
Day 313.92
Day 45.52
Day 54.76
Day 64.06
Day 73.55
Total51.56 cr


10 comments on “Dhadak 6th Day Box Office Collection”

  1. today there is a article on boi about Satyameva Jayate vs gold. The article was saying how much of a one horse race its going to be in the boxoffice because the producers won the first round in screen share. but my piont is by giving this article itself proves there is a real buzz around Satyameva Jayate and yes dilbar song is a huge hit , i dont know how much is inflated or not but the numbers are really insane in youtube. not only that the people are also really talking about this song everywhere unlike any other song, nora babes kamar nailed the song lol. few months ago boi wrote aritle where they dinouce every other movie even sanju and promoted race 3. i think this article is also bias. if there is a real buzz about Satyameva Jayate which i think now is than fking silly john in his long bollywood career will finally hit real stardom by beating one of the big fish of bollywood. lol funny year 2018 is

    1. Aamir's Tv show SJ-Flop
      john's movie SJ-flop
      kyunki indians ko sach mein koi interest jhooti story pasand hai like sanju
      padman ko reject kiya aur sanju dekhne chale

  2. SRK is really lost his mind. He is thinking about Rakesh Sharma biopic from past 6 months. On the other hand Aamir locked Christmas 2019 for Gulshan kumar biopic. Now he can't get festival release date in 2019.

  3. Yes BOI is a biased website already proven. They were promoting Race 3 like its a huge blockbuster and public shown the truth.

  4. @ modest fan challenge SJ will not collect more than 50 % of gold I have full confidence on akki can you accept it's up to you mate people like you will always underestimate him and from your comments I can see you are against him but trust me this is a 1 horse race and akki will thrash John SJ will collect maximum 60 to 70 crores in best case u try to degrade akki but he will deliver his highest grosser with this movie let's wait and watch

    1. @ abhijeet i dont hate akki i actually like akki . if you read my comment you can see its more about the double standard games that boi plays.

  5. @modest fan yes I can see but it looked like you were taking a slight dig at akki that's why I stepped in but at least you are sensible than many brainless bhaitards here accept ramiz raja who rarely visits bollyarena all are senseless bhaitards who are in fear that lallu will not even be in top 5 actors this year after his masala stardom got exposed this eid

  6. Abhijeet I rather enjoy taking a dig at semi star or mini star or the guy that look like star John than akki lol. But if you ask me which movie is showing more promise than I would say SJ over gold. I myself is
    Surprised by how SJ is hitting the right notes this time and gold is having tough time hitting the target. Boi knows this that's why they posted that article . The good thing about gold is that it has akki but the bad thing about gold is its directed by Reema karti . Boi remembered the good part and somehow forgot the bad part .

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