Dear Zindagi Verdict: Hit or Flop

Dear Zindagi Verdict: Hit or Flop: Alia Bhatt and Shahrukh Khan starrer Dear Zindagi has performed well at the box office. The opening weekend was very good due to the presence of SRK. The weekdays had considerable drops but still they were acceptable.

The film received mixed reviews but it was liked by its target audience at high end multiplexes. No doubt that Shahrukh Khan's factor has helped the film to get a bigger opening but eventually it is the content that works after the weekend.

Dear Zindagi was made on the budget of 33 crores. The producers have already recovered the whole of their investment and it was a profitable venture for them before the release. The distributors will also be able to generate decent profits.  Let’s also take a look at Dear Zindagi hit or flop business economics.

Dear Zindagi Hit or Flop Economics

Production Cost
22 Cr
P & A
11 Cr
33 Cr
Distributor Price
32 Cr
Satellite Rights
22 Cr
8 Cr
4 Cr
Distributor Share
24* Cr
Overseas Share
16.1 Cr
74.1 Cr
41 Cr

Dear Zindagi Verdict: HIT

Thus, Dear Zindagi has recovered the whole cost and is expected to generate good profits for distributors. It is a huge profitable venture for producers as for them recovery will be around 82 crore which is the highest for any niche film. The distributors will recover their investment in the second week. It is a clean hit at the box office.

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In overseas, it has also emerged hit as the collections are more than 5 million. It is expected to beat bigger films like Rustom, Airlift and Housefull 3. But it is likely to fall short of another Alia Bhatt starrer Kapoor and Sons.

Also, tell us what are your views about Dear Zindagi verdict hit or flop in the comments section.

47 comments on “Dear Zindagi Verdict: Hit or Flop”

  1. Bollyarena Team where is the Srk Fee in this, you should add that too.....why you guys never add Srk fee....

    Add Srk fee and it is FLOP....

    1. jabardasti add kar dey fee. lage ya na is k liye add kar do q ki itna lifeless ye banda hai ki iske zindagi mei aur koi kaam nahi hai srk salman hit flop. aur haan srk is d producer fee tere baap se lega

    2. Beta tuuu kitna v chila le bap hai bap srk world ka dsra sabse amir actor beta hai koi actr jo iske aaspas aae

    3. jab liya hi nhi hai t kya apne se jod de ....uski production ki movie thi bhai thoda tk se padha liya kr tab bolo

    4. Wah 10min ka roll aur khud ka movie mean ek pocket se paisa dusra me daal le waise calculation se baithe baithe 50 Cr srk aur baki me Karan aur gauri sinde 3 no ko 3mahina ke andar ka movie me profit ho gaya

    5. Srk has not taken any fee! first know, then speak! its a hit and a fact at the same time

    6. SRK ke fee kyun add karenge jab usi ne paise dal kar film banayi he.....ab kudse paise thodi lega....itni bhi akkal nahi hai kya....

    7. Yes if you are calculating profit then actors ki fees to add karni hee chahiye..kyoki agar wo is movie me kaam nahi karta to kisi aur movie me karta..fees to leta na..

  2. 1st you said that it need 60cr plus to recover it's investment, and now you are declaring Hit in 49cr...LOL

    No wonder Srk is Media Made Star......ROFL

    No matter what you and media say, but DZ is a Big FLOP if it not cross 60cr mark.....
    Media always have an excuse for Srk......Plus don't forget Srk is big star and 60cr movie for such a big star is like a Disaster.....and don't give excuse of Niche movie, because according to you and Srk fans he has biggest fan following in Multiplex......Still collection is below 60cr.....which means disaster....

    1. Abe khali Dimag wale fan
      SRK fees dekho
      32cr distributor price 22cr satellite rights 8cr music rights 15 cr overseas Dist. rights 4cr other=
      Total 81cr
      81-31=50cr Profit

    2. Mainly SRK don't take fee for his film SRK has only said this

      On aaj tak. And dear Zindagi is hit

    3. Chhoti si pyari si movie hai, aur srk bada sa dare wala superstar hai jisne aisi movie me kam karne ki aur ise produce karne ki himmat dikhai.. to ab is feel good movie ki tarah aap v good feel karo aur collection dekh kar manlo ye hit ho gayi hai.. aur ek baat ab to shahrukh salman v dost ho gaye hain fir aap kyun dushmani nibha rahe ho..

  3. Raees become shivaay bcoz big budget and without actress music is also weak point collect approx 90 cr status flop
    and kabil becomes adhm bcoz tight budget known gorgious actress and music gives a solid boost collect approx 105 cr status superhit

  4. May be after disasters raees uncle srk do ranbir kapoor father role in ayan mukharji’s super hero movi. Else aliya sharda grand pa role in movies.

  5. @salman fan u forget that bolly arena gives the vedict as per the collections running and dont forget that big stars like salman, srk, amir, they r getting setillite rights not fees....

    1. Silly mistake in ur comment dude!
      "Big stars like Salman, amir, 'not srk'"
      And vaise bhi only Salman and Amir takes the satellite price along with profit sharing through a certain percentage! Other stars dnt get it, movie itni nhi chalti Na unki ??

      1. salman collect 300 cr good ..but acting was flop show..only up , bihar people watch ..simple masala movie like bhojpuri movie..thats why salman shooting in up , bihar...amir ,akshay srk acting is very good as compare salman...use acting nhi ata isliye movie me jada dialoge nhi bolta sifr fight and tp chutya type songs and...dance like monkey ..always some body part move..heheheheh chutya actor ki ye thi kahani..real fact.

        1. People like salman's acting that's y his movie earns more than 300cr unless that is srk ehose movie finishes under 50cr lol

          1. First see how many salam khan
            Has given flup and how many SRK .(SRK ka main role nahi tha )

            My friendly request is that please dont compare SRK and Salam khan.

  6. Srk haters ko shayd ye pata nhi h ki uski last film FAN jiska verdict flop h
    agr profit loss k Hisab se dekha jaye to wo v Hit h qki usme involved sare log profit me h chahe distributor ho ya producer .

    wait koi bhole usse pehle ye clear kr Deta Hun ki Yash Raj Banner khud apne pas rkha tha distributor rights

  7. I am requesting those guys don't know movie analysis should not post anything here.how fool uneducated people.they still don't.t understand that a producer of a film not important star in movie or not but never taking fee.if shahrukh fee includes in production then how. Salu khan dabang declared bb.because dabang was also salu khan home production.if his fee cut of total income mean dabang is a big flop even disaster .

  8. @gavn ka launda mark my words hritik stardorm will be finished after kaabil, Ranbir Varun Raveer popularity cost him, and for SRK remain legend if he retires at moment but upcomming line up Imtiaz, ALR, Adi chopra, SLB, dhoom4 Don3 KJO next, Mai hoo Na 2 indicates srk again earn his number no1 spot, hritik will no more superstar after kaabil, mohenjodaro open 8cr kaabil openning also bellow 10cr and sanjay gupta enough for raees success

  9. Hahahaha srgay fans...its utterly disgusting to here from bollyarena that film is hit...so callled young great actress and so called mars ka sabse bada superstar and released for multiplex audience where ticket prices are hiked to 300rs at weekend and still can't reach a respectable rotal..shame on u bollyarena for saying hit, niche film etc...how much u like to back srgay...

    1. akki ... ye salman akshay amir ki movie nhi hai..DZ movie not for up,bihar... DZ movie standard for standard people.... DZ review from UP,bihar audience -> kuch samaj nhi aya..aliya good..hahah ..so thats fact why release in high end multiplex movie ..u r also gavar like up peoples..hehehe

  10. Whatever you guys are saying its fine but that's the truth most of the action genre movies of sharukh khan are not working good couple of movies may be exception but the truth us that in action he doesn't look good rather kooks awkward

    I am actually bit confused about Raees may work at box office or not. First in making since ling then Postponed its release too. These tactics are not good for any movie as people loses interest as the time pass in.

  11. Dear Chakki and SalWoman pans, SRK is the producer of the movie and no movie producer in the world pays himself. The movie will make huge profit for producers and since SRK is the producer himself all the profit will be taken by him.
    You just calm ur tits, buy a burnol and apply it on the burnt area ..

    1. So Akki fans should apply burnol coz their idol gave 3 100 Cr grossers and srk is struggling to reach 60crs! Nice logic ?

      So Salman fans should apply burnol coz he gave an atbb which collected more than 300 crores at the domestic Bo! And srk's fan with less than 85 Cr collection ws a flop! Logic ?

      Y dnt u put ur comment in and run away from here before being shaved from top to toe ??


  13. salman ke sab c*** fans milte hai...salman bhi hi hai...bhojpuri movie se coolection statr kiya hai ..dabang hahahah

  14. srk dear zindagi clear super hit Aaj ka collection approx 2.50 crore 57 and 2.5 total 59.5 domestic market me. He arms few days 15 crore approx total 75 crore. Then dear zindagi clear super hit.

  15. Srk is the king of bollywood....... Bcoz his acting gorgeous.... He does not release his movie in eid and diwali..... Yeh kabhi festival ka sahara nhi leta...... Ha fan kuch kam chali.... But

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