Dear Zindagi Movie Review

Dear Zindagi Movie Review: This weekend, Alia Bhatt and Shahrukh Khan's Dear Zindagi will hit the screens. The film has been directed by Gauri Shinde and produced by Karan Johar and Shahrukh Khan.

Dear Zindagi Review

Dear Zindagi tells the story of Kiara (Alia Bhatt), a next door joyful girl. She has not gone through a relationship for a while and is facing issues in her life too. Kiara decides to see an unconventional therapist (Shahrukh Khan) which changes her life.

There isn’t much of a script in terms of storyline as it looks like an ordinary tale of any twenty plus youngster. But this has proved to be its biggest USP. Gauri maintains her focus at the self-evolution of a person who has many questions about life. She is no rebel and is also flawed yet she looks fabulous. The film deals with an important issue and even though get the main idea but it has been dragged at many occasions.

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Dear Zindagi Movie Review

The first half is slow and you get bored at places however the second half makes up for it. The editing should have been better as you can cut around 20 minutes easily. Overall the film’s pace is slow and also dull at places. The visuals are excellent. Music given by Amit Trivedi is not situational here as makers have tried to add glamour which did not go well.

It is not Gauri Shinde's best work as English Vinglish was better. Still, she has done a good job especially in the detailing of the film.

Dear Zindagi Movie Review: Star Performances:

♦ Alia Bhatt is probably the finest actress from the younger lot. She has done full justice to Kiara's role mostly through her pitch-perfect body language. You will get affection towards her character especially when she broke down in front of her parents.

♦ Shahrukh Khan has slightly more than an extended cameo and is there in most part of the second half even though it revolves around Alia Bhatt. He seems to be playing himself in the film thus he does not need to do anything different or experimental. He is charming mature, witty and instantly endearing as always.


What’s Good:

  • Basic Premise based on a serious issue
  • Storyline which remains simple mostly
  • Alia Bhatt acts well
  • Unconventional climax and feel good


What’s Bad

  • Strictly for the audience of high-end multiplexes
  • Slow pace


Dear Zindagi Review: Verdict

As told earlier, Dear Zindagi is strictly for the metro audience. Most of the other can find it hard to digest mainly due to slow place. If you liked Tamasha, go for.

Rating: 3.5/5

Dear Zindagi is a niche film which will have a controlled release. The producers are already in the safe zone but the box office verdict will depend on how the urban audience receives it.

Are you excited to watch the film in the theaters? Do write Dear Zindagi movie review if you have watched it.

25 comments on “Dear Zindagi Movie Review”

  1. Dear Zindagi Prediction:
    Day1: 7.5-8cr
    1st Weekend: 28-30cr
    Lifetime: 60-65cr
    It will be affected by Cash crunch and back to back releases.

  2. biased site Alia Bhatt's acting my foot..she has no potential to be a big star as her acting is below average...and srk ho gaya budha...5.5ft haklu...

    1. I am not her fan but
      Most of the current actresses don't even come close to what she did in "highway".

  3. Queen Alia & KING SRK in Dear Zindagi sureshoot Super Hit stay away frorm it Munni badnam and Shila ki jabani lover

  4. I Don't want to comment on movie and it's verdict before watch it, but after reading this article it looks like Bollyarena team try their best to save Srk starrer movie, his role in this movie is not just extended cameo, it is much more than that.....yes he is not playing the lead role, but he is definitely playing the 2nd lead role.......But what I can say, we all know that Srk always backed by media......This year his movie FAN was completely rejected by the audience, so to save Srk, media start calling it niche movie......Actually it's become a trend here any movie of Srk which did not do well they call it Niche Movie, but media forget that today audience is very much aware about these lame excuses......And also what's the use of so called niche movie or so called masterpiece, if audience don't like it, at the end from Producer to Director to Actor to Cameraman to even Spot boy, they all make movie for audience and for business, if the movie is not liked by the audience and it make loss for the Producer then it is FLOP nothing else, so no excuses please........

    I don't know the fate of Dear Zindagi, but if it FLOP, media will say it is Niche movie.......LOL

    1. Every educated person will easily know the diff bw niche movie and masala movie. Doesn't need any media or third class comment from third class person.

      1. And people who are educated, don't judge other people! It's just that pseudo literates act as if they know everything and consider others as illiterates!
        Dude ur comment doesn't even hv a class! Hypocrite(if u know wat does it mean u dickhead)

  5. I do not understand, y people can't appreciate good films? some of Indians r so much into who iz in it, if u love him, toh thik hai, if u hate him, no matter how good the movie is, we are going to spreading hatred towards it. that never happen in hollywood. there contents matter the most.. nobody care who is in it.. dear zindegi is getting amazing reviews worldwide, but so called morons still talking badly about it. everybody is giving raving reviews abt ALIA nd SRK's performances...

    1. Such an intelligent personality like u is copying the so called 'morons' by commenting shit over here! Y don't u go watch the movie Mr intelligent!

      1. still my point iz valid... nd whose comment iz shit, I do not hv to clarify.
        I will go and watch the movie ths weekend... at least I never spread negativity or hatred towards anyone. btw, intelligent hona buri baat nahi, kosis karo tum bhi ban sakte ho.. good luck.

  6. /* If you liked Tamasha, go for. */

    Tamasha was a FLOP at Box Office, even though it had Deepika who is much bigger star than Srk.....then you can understand what will be the verdict of Dear Dadaji.....

    1. U should live in a country where there are no autowallas, just buzz away from India if u got so much of issues!
      But actually u seem like a clown thanks to ur name! 'blockbuster' my foot

  7. so global star is coming
    he has given 30 days to this film
    and did extended cameo
    were akki shoot full film in 30 days
    if any actor who have mor than 10 min role means ur a supporting actor

    in billu srk did extended cameo 4 songs shoot in climax 20 min role overall 1 hr role include song runtime

    in last this a srk film
    if this film will hit or flop
    it will call srk film

    1. Akshay Kumar has nothing else to do! He makes movies and stays at home with his wife while shah Rukh Khan has millions of places to be at! Akshay Kumar has the lowest amount of advertisements and shah Rukh Khan has the highest amount of ads his brand value is the highest in India! 130+millions dollars srk has to be at places to maintain his brand value while Akshay Kumar only has movie to take care of and he gets bored of doing them so he wants to do new characters all the time according to you Aamir Khan is a stupid actor because he takes 2 years to make movie

  8. Review krna tumhare bas me nahi pr review krne se dur chale jana wo tumhare bas me zarur hai.... Plz don't review of any movie again

  9. Bollyarena you have made all the changes I mentioned as grammatical mistakes in the article ?
    You can hire my services, for part time ?

    1. Thank you for correction. There was confusion in your name with another user Salman Fan so could not mention you earlier. Upload your profile picture ?

      1. Pleasure.
        It's not criticism.
        You guys are doing fabulous job.
        I just mentioned it "For the love of bollywood" ?

  10. So boring movie ,I have ever seen . End was so so . Bt whole movie is so boring yr . Timepass b nhi thi

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