Dear Zindagi 10th Day Box Office Collection

Dear Zindagi 10th Day Box Office Collection: Dear Zindagi collection has maintained a solid pace at the box office despite being into the second weekend. The Alia Bhatt film has made it to the 50 crore mark and will add more crores to its box office collection before this week ends.

Dear Zindagi 10th Day Box Office Collection Update

The film is performing well on the second Sunday too. It started the day with around 30% occupancy in the morning which is about 10% higher than yesterday. It has picked up further in the noon shows. Though the evening shows will be low as the weekend has ended. As of now Dear Zindagi 2nd Sunday collection is expected to be in the range of 4 crore.

The film has witnessed good upward trends in Mysore. In fact, it is proving to be a strong competitor for Kahaani 2 in Mysore. It should have been the other way around but Dear Zindagi has found huge appreciation there. Both films are also facing neck to neck in West Bengal as DZ is doing very well in limited screens. Earlier the film sustained very well on its second Friday. Later on, it showed very good growth despite the competition.

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Dear Zindagi 10th Day Box Office Collection

Dear Zindagi has collected 52 crore in the first 9 days. The second weekend will be around 9.75-10 crore. After the end of this week, the film will emerge a hit at the box office. Looking at the trend it seems that Dear Zindagi  is looking to finish in the range of 65 crores. Another big film Befikre is releasing next week which will take a lot of screens away.



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52.75 Crore


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10 comments on “Dear Zindagi 10th Day Box Office Collection”

  1. Dear Zindagi is a looser. 65 Cr for a Global ? King Movie is a disastrous figure. A new low for Global ? King.

    1. Virat, to understand the maths behind calling a film hit u need brain, which unfortunately u don't have.

    2. U idiot dear zindagi had crossed 100 crores worldwide on its 5 th day itself
      And read it above , it is emerging to be a hit

  2. Well going DZ all the best to cross 65 or even 70 by its end of run. To emerge super hit.

  3. It's good news for srk as mysore started liking him...
    Mysore being a VHP area...
    Also saw some.growth and likers in Mumbai in RSS area...
    Really good news for srk....

  4. Aeey Idiot Q Virat Kohli ka naam Badnaam krrha he ha....hatade apna username virat Kohli ki jagah me Kuch fuddu type rkhle.... and Ha SRK k lye kuch bolne se phle ja thodi information lele

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