Deadpool 2 1st Weekend Box Office Collection

According to the estimates, Deadpool 2 has a decent first weekend of around 28.30 crores. However the trend of the film is looking poor over the weekend.

The Hollywood film had an excellent opening day of 10.05 crores. But it dropped on Saturday and did not show much growth on Sunday. It is a rare trend these days as such films tend to grow over the weekend. Deadpool 2 has fared poorly in the Hindi version which faced considerable drops on Saturday and Sunday. Probably Ranveer Singh was not a good choice for dubbing which has backfired.

Deadpool 2 is likely to face heavy falls on Monday in single screens and regional versions. Though with the help of the high-end multiplexes, the lifetime total can reach up to 50 crores.

  • Day 1: 10.05
  • Day 2: 9.0
  • Day 3: 9.25
  • Total: 28.30

In North America, Deadpool 2 grossed $125 million in the opening weekend which is impressive. However, it failed to beat the record of Deadpool.

7 comments on “Deadpool 2 1st Weekend Box Office Collection”

  1. KriArj made a business decision to produce Padman. Now they are feeling angry. Very angry.

    1. ??

      Seriously i can’t get over the business dialogue of Daisy and Decision/Angry dialogue of Anil. I don’t know when I was last this much entertained by dialogues in any trailer. No trolling or something but these are evergreen dialogues for me now.

    2. Padman is a sucess for all associated.
      Not a big money spinner but no losses either.
      Make your facts right @ Business Man!

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