Dangal crosses 2000 Crores at the Worldwide Box Office

Aamir Khan's Dangal continues to shatter records and set new benchmarks. The film has now crossed 2000 crores mark at the worldwide box office. It has a third phase release in Hong Kong and Turkey. Here is the update of Dangal after the 3rd phase release.


Dangal has ended its box office run in China at $193.05 million. The film had some limited screening after its license was ended in July. Dangal is the 18th highest grossing film of all time and 9th highest non-Hollywood grosser in China.


Dangal is still running in Taiwan at limited screens even after 20 weeks. It has grossed $5.45 million so far though the final collections will be updated after 4-5 days. The film is the highest Indian grosser in the territory.

Hong Kong:

In Hong Kong, Dangal was released last week. It has grossed $1.22 million in the first 9 days. The film will beat 3 Idiots lifetime collection to become highest Indian grosser of all time.


Dangal had a successful two weeks run in Turkey. It has grossed approx $200k after two weeks. It is the all time grosser in Turkey too.


  • 1st Phase: 722.18 cr
  • Taiwan: 36.11 cr
  • China: 1245 cr
  • Hong Kong: 7.89 cr*
  • Turkey: 1.27 cr*
  • Total: 2012.53 Cr

Dangal is expected to have a fourth phase release in countries like Japan, Korea and even in South America region. It is truly a landmark film in the history of Indian cinema.

51 comments on “Dangal crosses 2000 Crores at the Worldwide Box Office”

  1. :D :D :D..
    It will cross 3000cr for sure if it releases in other countries like uganda, Zimbabwe, Portugal, brazil.. etc.. :D :D

    1. @jeet

      Bhai , kya baat boli tune

      Each country me 200++ crore????

      Lallu to 1000 crore k b sapne nhi dekh skta.....

      India me b ab 200crore mushkil h???

      Chahe Tiger zinda kre.....

      Yaar tum logo ka dimaag or IQ b kitni km h......

      Jo salmaan jese B grade....mindless insaan k Fan bnte ho....

      Or aamir jese aadmi ka kaam Dislike krte ho....

  2. Tell your Sallu to release films also who is stopping him to release in Uganda Sudan Kenya d d d appreciate good work man always creating negativity

  3. Abhi to baki stars ke fans mu chupane ka jaga bhi nehi payenge. Aamir the megastar. The record creator.

    1. lol MNIK and BB content kya ukkad liya. Bajrangi 1cr in hong kong and dangal 7cr. Feel the difference stardom.

    2. yeh toh har bande ko pata hai bollywood ki movie 500 cr bina stardom nahi kar sakti. Ullu for a reason. Gobar king 1cr in china and tubelight less than taalash in OS.

    3. stardom is what when
      non holiday taalash OS >>> Xmas Dabang OS >>>> Eid fusslight OS.
      with content

    4. @pratik

      abey Bahubali 1600cr cross hua ke nahi ya vahi pe latka hai..

      aaab ye record bahubali ya koi bhi aajaye Aamir ke shiva aur todke dikhade.
      hai dum to aajao

    5. @Pratik
      content is the power then we will see d Bahubali collection in china.
      i bet bahubali will not cross d3 in china forget PK

      AUR dangal ka china record to 10 bahubali bhi nahi tod payenge
      poor bahubali fans ..

      bechare 1 mahina bhi khush nahi rah paye.
      Aamir is the no.1
      Aamir is the Global box office kin
      Aamir is the Global megastar.

      mind it n get lost.
      think about bahubali...nahi to ghar me sher aur bahar bakri na ban jaye..

      1. @parshya just a quick reminder that before you attack other superstars, just remember that your Aamir Khan is a product of nepotism, he didn't work hard to get into the industry like Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar!

        One more thing there will be a day when you come to this site and Aamir Khan will be at the bottom of the list in highest grossers and that day I will say Aamir bacha hai!

        Because according to your stupid brain, whoever is successful for 4-5 years is biggest of all time!

        1. Mha moorkh....

          Srk ne MayaMemsaab me khub hard work kiya dekha h...

          Thanks bol YRF ko jo use Roll diya.....

          Hmesha srk k dubte carear ko bachaya....

          Or gadhe.
          ....Aamir 1988 se great movie bna rha h.....

        2. @SRK and Varun Dhawan U.K Fans Base
          what a joke!!

          Aamir has given 5 out of 5 ATBB/ATHG on every xmas since 2008.
          tell me who will break this record.

          1. Trust me records are made to be broken, Aamir is a great actor but that doesn't mean you start attacking other actors, even BOI has classed Shah Rukh Khan greatest of your times, SALMAN second and Aamir third!

            A small news for you! At the times of K3G, U.K box office refused to admit the box office numbers given by cinemas because they wouldn't believe how a Bollywood movie can make so much money! That record was then broken by KANK, people thought these records will never be broken!

            In the overseas ranking all top 10 belonged to SRK, stardom!
            Them times also people were like Shah Rukh Khan can never be touched by and khans or actors in overseas but times change son Parshya, there will be a time when someone else will rule the box office charts, so respect the actors!

            1. And one more thing gawaar, next time think 100 times before barking against aamir. I don't give a damn to fake 2 rs BoI. Facts are written by reality and that says everything. Aamir is no.1 of all time followed by himself and then comes others. Period.

              1. Who are you calling gawaar?! You prob live in a small village with all cow shit going to public school, calling me gawaar, gawaar is fail Aamir Khan who couldn't even complete school, calling me illiterate,

                AAMIR KHAN doesn't even have the guts to stand up to an foreign audience and give a speech, I saw his video when he went China , they told told him this is our anceient monuments and AAMIR was like "oh yah yah very good very good" like he's coming from Tamil industry!

                Next time think twice before calling me illiterate, no 1 of all time! He's worth bullshit, 12.5 million income hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah stomached ache help me!

            2. LMAO. One more retarded comment. That's because aamir has 200% more stardom than your beggar 1ft shahrukh and lallu combined. They don't even have 0.01% of stardom of aamir. Get lost.

          2. Worldwide media, people, Fans, celebrities have all agreed to the fact that shah rukh Khan is the greatest movie star in the world , much more popular around the world than Hollywood celebrities, but we will not listen to all them people because Parshya and mahaveer have direct link to GOD who tells them that Aamir Khan is the biggest global movies star!

            Everyone is lying! CNN, California news, Africa tv channels, worldwide polls done BBC, Foreign countries where movies don't even release! They are all lying according to mahachuth and Parshya!

            Look at the difference:

            International media: A small movie from India storms the box office in China!

            International Media: Biggest movie star in the world to grace San Francisco film festival, Bret ratner; director of rush hour series and many more projects says it was a dream come true to meet him and he says his stardom was like never seen before, calling it eye rubbing UNBELIEVABLE!

            1. Abe dehaati chichore aukaat me reh hakla fan. I know your jealousy and frustration is due to aamir's unparalleled superstardom and fan following which your hakla and lallu will never be able to achieve in their 7 births so jealousy can be expected from loser like you. Stay in your limit you jerk. Aamir has far bigger fan following than hakla globally and aamir is referred as greatest movie star in the word ever and best actor of all time. Your hakla is piece of a shit flop actor with no fan following. Local star ke fan get lost. And who are bloody you to call aamir product of nepotism you 5th failed gawaar psycho? Your hakla and lallu are product of nepotism. Lallu never works as hard as aamir neither does srk nor Akshay. What aamir did in Dangal, hakla, lallu and gobar Akshay can't do that in their dreams so shut your mouth. Aamir is far more talented, loved , successful than all 2 rs flop Bollywood actors like srk, Akshay , salman and many more. They are nothing compared to global megastar and Baap of Bollywood AAMIR KHAN.

              1. Kisne kaha world biggest movie star show me, send me the linkk! Your 2ft AAMIR doesn't have 2% of the stardom Shah Rukh and Salman have, 2009 born star!

                Hahahahahah where I live we don't even have 5th level and Fail is AAMIR from school, couldn't even complete his education so started posting poster of his movies on rickshaws hahahah you can check it on YouTube his first movie posters he went around himself begging everyone to watch his movie!

                He is a product of nepotism,if it wasn't for his family he would never be in movies, shah rukh would have done something he's always been clever at everything and a perfect businessman, but he still worked hard.

                Not Baap of Bollywood, he is baap of Fatima sana sheiks child lmaooo!,,,

        3. Just for this @Bakri and varun dhawan U.K. Fanbase

          Few days back there was a news that Bollywood Actors like Amitabh, Aamir, Salman, Priyanka, Deepika and some others gets an invitation from Oscar, but our so called global star (according to his fans) Srk did not get the invitation…..I was wondering that why he didn’t get the invitation, so I search about it and this is what I found,
          According to the Oscar organization “The basic requirement is that a candidate must have demonstrate exceptional achievement in the field of theatrical motion pictures”

          I don’t know why his fans shouts all the time that srk is a global star….LOL….He is little bit famous only because of YRF and Dharma production house….he hasn’t achieve anything big in the film industry….yes he was a little bit consistent last decade but only in giving semi-hits and hits that too with the help of YRF and Dharma production house and also because of Red Chilly Calculators…..He is not the Global star, actually he is a Media Made Star….LOL

          1. He's given India its longest running movie, there countries president comes over and says shah rukhs dialogue, there countries celebrities and directors are his fans, Harry Potter girl Emma Watson follows SRK and the only Indian she follows, Michael Jackson sister says the only Indian movies she's watched are of SRK! Hugh jackman considers him god of India! After all these factors and many more if oscars still think he is not capable then they can put the oscar up thief ass!

            But the real question will AAMIR KHAN go or decline the invitation?
            And if he goes, does he Respect America more than India?
            AAMIR KHAN doesn't go to any shows, now don't say oscars are rigged because everyone in Hollywood knows they are!

            So will AAMIR KHAN go if he does he's the biggest hypocrite in Bollywood!

  4. This is an incredible achievement. Congrats to Aamir & his fans.

    TOH is eagerly awaited. Surely it will create another havoc at box office.

  5. Ye pratik thora mental hain sayad haar baar ek hi comment karta hain, ya phir Salman ya SRK ka fan hoga jo Tubelight ya JHMS shock se abhitak nehi nikla

  6. wowowowow
    maza agaya...

    really Aamir is Aamir .No one can match his Global Megastardom.
    hats off.

    1. @above comment
      i dont know how this emial id n user name showing in my browser.
      by mistake i post this comment as user archie.

      otherwise bollyarena users will say Parshya n archie both r same thats why i clear dis confusion.
      @bollyarena ..solve the technical issues.

      1. Yes bollyarena there is an issue in ur site which shows other ppls ids and password in browser sometimes... Pls resolve this issue at earliest...its serious

  7. wowowowow
    maza agaya...

    really Aamir is Aamir .No one can match his Global Megastardom.
    hats off.

  8. sallu fans waiting for historic box office collection of TZH.

    arey paglo iss bar distributor suicide na kare aisi dua mango.
    Sallu kabhi Aamir ka record nahi tod saka hai aur nahi todega.

    bhagte raho PK ke piche...
    poor sallu fans.

      1. @Morteza
        thanks bro...

        Muze sallu fans ki bajane me maza ata hai....

        sallu fans bahot udd rahe the Dangal ke time...
        aab bhugto...Fusslight ne to inko aisa rula diya ke ye moo bhi dikhane ke kaabil nahi rahe.


        abb TZH ke time aajayenge ...ye hoga wo hoga ...hota to kuch nahi.
        kitne chance loge sallu fans...3 chance to gaye ..chalo aur ek sahi

        TZH will be d fourth chance to beat PK...forget Dangal ..wo tumse iss janam me nahi hoga.

        1. You can say whatever you like @parshya

          Everyone knows th power of SALMAN Khan I much greater than Aamir hahahahahaha you keep telling yourself this, one day Aamir will go wrong with his movie content and that day you will be ripped out by all other superstar fans!

          1. Good joke, keep it to yourself you gawaar jerk. Salmon bhojouri flop star is nothing in front of megastar aamir khan. Everyone knows Aamir’s power is much higher than salmon fish khan. And talk about your sharuk not salmon because sharuk is out of competition and he is not even worth comparing to aamir’s shit forget aamir himself.

  9. pet bigadne par jo ankho ki intensity hoti hai wo wala TZH ka photo dikhane ke liye sallucine ke pass time hai par Dangal ka hong kong collection dikhane ke liye time nahi aur wo bhi ek hafte baad.

    isse sabit hota hai indicine is biased site.
    unko khali sallu chahiye.

    wo ye kabhi nahi bolenge eid ke karan 115cr hua fusslight ka collection par ye jarur kahegi TEPK ko sabse accha holiday mila nahi to collection kam hote.

    maine sallucine jaisi biased site nahi dekhi.muze to sallucine ne parmenently block hi kar diya hai.
    wo itna dar gayi hai muzse.


  10. sallu ka stardom pura expose hua wo eid ke bina kuch bhi nahi....
    aab race ko aise bhagayega ki eid 2018 ko release karega taki public ko ullu banake eid pe kama sake.

    par aab ye nahi hoga sallu fans ..ye public hai sab janti hai.

    1. kya bhai.....koi aur kaam nahi hai kya??

      If you are truly a Aamir fan.....then behave like him....learn from him to give and take respect to other people work.....stop behaving like some other actors fans.....hooting , shouting ,irritating,always commenting trash.....

      who is stoping you to praise Aamir????...but it does not mean that you always abuse other actors.....

      Avatar made 18000 cr ....what we get from it????? who was the actors????? no body remembers.....but yes people remember their characters and their performance.....

      Dangal is masterpiece movie which is being liked due to its powerful script and female support theme.....Stop behaving like it is only due to Aamir.....If that was so....why need co-actors and director????
      Aamir could have transformed him into each of the characters needed.....!!!!!

      1. @MK Yes I agree with you that dangal didn't work just because of aamir but script and female theme also was huge factor just like bajrangi bhaijaan, hum aapke hai kaun, DDLJ, kuch kuch hota hai, sultan, and many other blockbusters which were huge not just because of Salman and srk but they were masterpiece and major,madhuri factor and content also played huge to make them blockbusters. Now happy???

      2. @MK

        Bhai avtaar to hazaro me ek bnti h...

        Par aamir hi dangal jesi kai bnata h ??

        Ydi same script k sath salmaan bnaye to ,

        Vh Lultan kyo bn jati h ??

        Or bhai hm to ye sunte aaye the.....

        Ki bina Msaala , super hit song , no 1 heroine , no 1 directer prodicer ,

        Kbhi ATBB movie nhi bnti....

        Ye Script ka rona...kb se chal rha h????

  11. This is unbelievable.. AAMIR AWESOME KHAN.. He is taking Indian cinema to a new level.. Hat's off Mr. Perfectionist...

  12. agar secret flopstar crosses 100cr..i will agree on aamir's stardom...
    bolo aamir ke chamcho.. .. deal????

    1. ullu fans aamir ka cameo hai. Phir bhi more than tubelight ww hoga. Uss hisab se HERO criminal ki movie hai. That not cross 50cr. LOL!!!!!

      1. abey pandurag.. in hero.. he had a song.. dumb fellow..
        taare zameen par is called aamir film because he had a chunk of role.. if secret flopstar is similar.. thn no excuse!!!!

  13. When other actor's films cross 100 crore, fans like MK be like 'power of our Star'....

    When Aamir khan movie collects 2000 crore other stars fans like 'it is not bcz of star'

    Height of hypocrisy

    1. I am a fan of quality cinema only....not like others hooting and abusing others....

      I respect people work..whether he being a superstar or aam aadmi.....

      Stop thinking everyone is just same....God has made us different from one other being a same specie......called human being.....

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