Dangal Worldwide Box Office Collection: Crosses 900 Cr

Dangal Worldwide Box Office Collection: Aamir Khan's Dangal has crossed the 900 crores mark after its China release. The film is chasing 1000 crore and probably will reach there in a couple of weeks. It is now even beating Hollywood's Guardians Of The Galaxy in China.

Dangal is the highest grossing Bollywood film in India, Overseas and Worldwide. The overseas gross is highest for any Indian film beating Baahubali 2 The Conclusion. To achieve such a big number with an unconventional film like Dangal speaks a volume about the stardom of Aamir and the quality of his films.

While Baahubali 2 was a magnum opus made on a budget of 250 crores and was also supported by the unprecedented craze of 1st part, Dangal was a small original film set in the village backdrop. Thus Dangal has indeed achieved bigger than Bahubali.

While none of the actors has even crossed 700 cr mark worldwide, Dangal could do 1100 cr and could remain unbeatable for quite some time.


  • 1st Phase: $30.70 m
  • Taiwan: $2.70 m*
  • China: $23.04 m*
  • Total: $56.44 m

Highest Grossing Bollywood Movies in Overseas:

MovieCollection (m)Release
Secret Superstar$124.14*2017
Bajrangi Bhaijaan$74.25*2015
Hindi Medium$31.34*2017
Dhoom 3$31.082013
3 Idiots$26.02009


  • 1st Phase: 736.16
  • Taiwan: 17.42*
  • China: 148.67*
  • Total: 902.25 Cr

Highest Grossing Bollywood Movies in Worldwide:

RankFilmReleaseCollection (Cr)
3Bajrangi Bhaijaan2015626
5Secret Superstar2017571*
6Tiger Zinda Hai2017558*
7Dhoom 32013558
8Chennai Express2013395
93 Idiots2009392

24 comments on “Dangal Worldwide Box Office Collection: Crosses 900 Cr”

    1. @bollyarena ...


      aapne vh kh diya.....jo me khna chahta tha....par kbhi nhi kh pata...


  1. " The overseas gross is highest for any Indian film beating Baahubali 2 The Conclusion. To achieve such a big number with an unconventional film like Dangal speaks a volume about the stardom of Aamir and the quality of his films".

    this line is enough for haters........

    Thank u bollyarena for clear the doubts...hence


  2. I challenge Rajamauli come with non masala film then show the power...

    can he beat Aamir?

    NO NO NO

    Aamir(with non masala)>>>>>Bahubali2(sequal,hype,masala,supported by south north)

    1. then y amir begging rajamouli for mahabharatha??can he get ww recognisation without rajamouli??nooooooooooo nooooooooooo nooooooooooooooooo
      just c no.of screens 7500 screens n just 140 cr till now it means theaters rent is making it a loss venture in china but just having collections coated to get 1000 cr somehow n to prove something that baahubali avcheived...can amir do like role of baahubali n impress audience?????alll will die with laughter if he acts as a king....a bio pic need to b realistic but it included all commercial elements except heroine like last minute match in climax,coaching in delhi which never happened....try to beat baahubali with secret super star then all will agree with amir stardom....n illeterate cartoon baahubali is not masala film its poetic film.....illeterate get some education

      1. are bhai 6od ne....

        Parshy>>>>>>> aamir??????????

        parshya aamir se bhi great h......

        kai bar Fan ki diwangi...bhari padti h...star pr

        1. @yogendra singh chouhan

          fir to BOI , BOLLYARENA china box office ,taran aadarsh

          sab...fake data de rhe honge....jalkukde...

          bhai ye movie 1200 crore par kregi....manupulation ki kha jrurat h...


          kya aamir ka china me craze b manupulated h ....pagle..

          "ku6 b bolta h"

  3. Great....News For AAmir Fans...
    But no @Bolly arena
    Bahubali 2 vs Dangal
    if you are a Aamir Fan then Dangal is best indeed
    but if you a Movie Fan then Bahubali 2 was Far Ahead than Dangal 1000 crore in 9 days or 10 days and 1000 Crore in 2nd phase after 6 months what you are saying Bolly arena ki agar china me bahubali 2 release ho aur 500 Crore ka business kare if i say if toh bhi Dangal better Movie hai
    you are saying ki Bahubali 2 apne 2nd phase ke baad 2000 Crore karne ke baad bhi Dangal Better Movie hai So i must Say Bolly arena you are Wrong if you are competing a movie with other Movie so Compare both Movie in his 1st Phase.
    Dangal 718 WW and
    Bahubali 2 1500 Crore WW expected...jo ki kafi possible hai...
    agar Dangal China Me nahi chalti toh fir kya hota??? you still say it was a better Movie than Bahubali...2
    i am not a critics to anyone criticise but one thing for sure ..if you comparing a Christmas release 3 open weeks and 2nd phase me China Collection add karne ke baad
    haan aur yeh wohi china hai jiski cheez anything india market me mat kharido yehi log nare lag rahe they kuch din pahle lekin Dangal ke aate hi baat badal gayi aur Dusri taraf ek April Release Movie With IPL agar hindi me collection karke hi itihaas rach de woh Movie Dangal Se Better kaise nahi hui as you are try to say north india ke log chutiya hai jo Bahubali 2 ko 500 Crore pe pahuchane me lage huye hai.
    China ke collection ki baat bhi karoge toh bhi WW bahut aage Hai bahubali.2..aur haan Prabhas is a new Star is borning know and aamir is a global star who already give mega blockbuster like PK 3 Idiots Dhoom 3 etc. and you comparing both star movie and saying is Dangal is better.
    no chance a new generation Star Prabhas Bahubali 2 is Far Better then Dangal in terms of Movie in terms of Collections in terms of everything..
    main janta hun bahut log dislike karenge meri comment ko but jyaadatar Aamir fan But Sab meri puri comment pade fir prakriya de.... Kyunki Bahubali 2 and 3 Idiots jaisi Movie se Hi Star Bante...Hai....

    1. You are talking about Christmas weeks than what about this period of April-May. Last year jungle book did 190cr without any pre hype just because of content.
      Bahubali doing 400cr + is nothing out of world situation. Do you remember what was the first Bahubali collection in all over India that was 419cr net, in which 115cr from Hindi market. So if first movie did only 115cr than how you are comparing Dangal with Bahubali 2. Dangal wasn't a sequal or extention. Second thing south industry didn't supported Dangal which it self was a masterpiece if it wasn't than it didn't success like this worldwide.
      I don't support any one here that Dangal is bigger success than Bahubali2 but I don't agree with anyone who thinks Dangal is nothing in front of BB2.
      Are bhai jab Dangal me first phase me liye the 700cr+ that time Bahubali part 1 had only 586cr ww. And only 4 films other than all India crossed 500ww till then including BB1.
      And after BOI tear jerker article, do you satisfy with Dangal Chinese collection or it is still fake?

  4. hats off.
    Btw who else has seen BOI article about Dangal heading for 1000cr. As per their wording its a small achievement as Bahubali 2 did that in 10 days. So from now If any Salman films do 300cr or 400cr that is small achievement as Aamir and Bahubali already done that. If any film cross 100cr in overseas single territory, it is small as Aamir done it twice and Bahubali did once.
    I have said BOI only report according to wind flow. Most Cunning website.
    Let's see their words when Tubelight and other big films releases. Butter lagana phir shuru.

    Congrats bahuhali to becoming highest grosser in Hindi version by breaking Dangal collection of 374cr. 450cr is on, let's see it will cross 500cr or not. 90% chance are there.

  5. why bahubali falied to beat PK even if PK is non masala movie..

    this clears that bahubali2 is coz of hype,masala,sequel,brand,suspense of why kk.


  6. i will just copy past a couple of lines from your article "To achieve such a big number with an unconventional film like Dangal speaks a volume about the stardom of Aamir and the quality of his films. "

  7. tell me which south movie crosses 700cr ww except bb2.

    Aamir has two movies (PK,Dangal) almost crosses 800cr ww

    n both r non masala films...

    so wait for masala film TOH..

    Aamir kya chiz hai pata chalega...

    1. South indian movies even didn't cross 300cr except bahubali 2 and 1 telugu their biggest hit after bahubali is khaidi no 150 worldwide grossed 150cr and tamil biggest kabali worldwide 289cr even they can't touch badrinath ki dulhania' worldwide gross 230cr

  8. Aamirs next target will be 1500cr ww...

    Aamir will thrash BB2 ww next diwali 2018.

    wait n watch..

    Aamir-The Global Megastar

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