Dangal Vs Sultan Box Office Collection Comparison

Dangal Vs Sultan Box Office Collection Comparison: The much-requested Sultan vs Dangal collection comparison article is here. The day wise collections will be updated daily and there will be a comparison for each day.

Earlier this year Salman Khan's Sultan went on to become a huge hit at the box office. The film collected over 300 crore in its lifetime run and was eventually declared an all time blockbuster. At the end of the year, Aamir Khan has come with another wrestling drama Dangal.

This will be an interesting battle between Dangal and Sultan for highest grosser of the year. Since 2008, four films of Aamir Khan has not only went to become HGOTY but also of all time. He missed it once with Talaash when Salman Khan's Ekk Tha Tiger got the honors.

Sultan Vs Dangal Collection Comparisons:

Dangal Vs Sultan Box Office Collection Comparison

Let's first compare the release period. Sultan was released during Eid and had the advantage of one extra partial holiday. But still, it went on to collect 30 crore plus in the first five days of the extended weekend.

In the case of Dangal, Christmas and New Year holidays will fall on Sunday which means there will not be any advantage of National holidays. But then Christmas is the most lucrative festival as far the box office is concerned. Schools and colleges will remain closed which is a big edge as Dangal is a family oriented film.

Update 25 December:

Sultan won the first round as it would have smashed all-time opening record if it was a full holiday. No doubt it was partial holiday but one needs to remember that it was pre-Eid when Muslim audience tends to stay away from theaters and it actually did happen as Sultan was super strong on Thursday+Fri+Sat in Muslim dominated circuits. Dangal, on the other hand, had an excellent opening as there was no big director, heroine or chartbuster music. So the film opened riding on the stardom of Aamir Khan.

It would be unfair to compare the second day of both films as Sultan had Eid on the second day. It went on to record the highest second day collection ever. But even if we compare the first Saturday of Sultan (which is the 4th day) with Dangal, the former is ahead. Dangal recorded the 3rd highest 2nd day collection ever.

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Now coming to the future, the real battle will begin on Monday when word of mouth will come into play. Dangal has three weeks open run and can even get tax free status which will benefit big time. Thus if it manages to find appreciation in pan-India, it can cross 300 crore. Though it will not be an easy task especially in the masses. The article comparing PK, Bajrangi Bhaijan and Dhoom 3 will be published tomorrow.

Update 26 December:

Dangal has won the second round as the opening weekend is higher than Sultan. Though the Hindi version is less than Sultan but if we combine Tamil/Telugu versions then Dangal is ahead. It does not make much difference as the release of regional version affects the collections in Hindi version. If Dangal was not released in those versions, it should have collected more in Hindi as Aamir Khan commands a very good following down South.

Sultan will remain ahead for next two days as it was still in its extended first weekend. But Dangal can outclass Sultan from Wednesday onwards and will probably remain higher due to the festive period.

Update 27 December:

Sultan is ahead on the fourth day because it was still in the opening weekend. But if we compare the Monday collections of both films then Dangal is much higher. Now it looks quite possible that Dangal will beat lifetime collection of Sultan.

Update 28 December:

Sultan is still ahead after five days and will remain until the first week as the gap between both films cannot be covered in two days. But from today, Dangal will again start to beat Sultan in day wise collection as the later faced big drops on weekdays but Dangal is rock steady.

Update 29 December:

As expected Dangal has beaten Sultan on the 6th day by a margin of six crore. Though Sultan had five days extended weekend and has already consumed a lot of capacity as it collected 30 crore plus in all five days. From now on Dangal will remain ahead and probably will catch up Sultan in the second weekend.

Update 30 December:

After the first week, Sultan remains ahead of Dangal. Though Salman Khan starrer was a mid-week release and had Eid advantage in the extended five days weekend. On the other hand, Dangal did not have any extra holiday but it was released between Christmas and new year period which is considered the best for box office. Also to note that the word of mouth for Dangal is better than Sultan thus it is holding better. Sultan faced big drops on Monday and continued to do so for next few days.

Update 31 December:

Dangal is now all set to beat Sultan in two weeks flat. The trend on the 2nd Friday was extraordinary as it recorded the highest collection of all time. On the other hand, Sultan collected just about 7.4 crore though it was also it's 10th day. Dangal is now competing with other biggies PK and Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

Update 1 January 2017:

Dangal has taken over Sultan after the first nine days for the second time. Earlier it beat Sultan in the opening weekend but Sultan again went ahead as it was still in its extended opening weekend. But now Dangal has taken over again and will remain for the rest of the days. It is expected to cross Sultan after the second week.

Update 3 January 2017:

Dangal is now inching closer to Sultan lifetime collection. It will reach there in about two days. From there it will start its journey to beat PK.

Final Update 5 January 2017:

Dangal has finally crossed Sultan lifetime collection in 13 days. It will earn at least 50 crore more than Salman Khan starrer. Thus Aamir Khan will not only deliver highest grosser of the year but also of all time. Though Dangal did not have any National holiday advantage but Christmas period is the best for box office.

Dangal Vs Sultan Box Office Collection Comparison

Important Notes:

  • Dangal was also released in Tamil-Telugu versions and their collections are also added.
  • If we add regional versions, the screen count of both films is in the same range.
  • The film which is ahead will be highlighted in green font.




Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
1st Weekend
105.53 cr
106.95 cr
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
1st Week
208.82 cr
197.53 cr
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12
Day 13
Day 14
2nd Week
271.03 Cr
313.50 Cr
Day 15
Day 16
Day 17
Day 18
Day 19
Day 20
Day 21
3rd Week
291.60 Cr
359.87 Cr
Day 22
Day 23
Day 24
4th Weekend
294.37 Cr
370.11 Cr
Remaining Weeks


You guys can discuss Dangal vs Sultan box office collection comparison in the comments section and can predict which film will be a bigger grosser.

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  1. Now that's called a '"BRILLIANT ARTICLE" Bollyarena Team....

    I am glad that you mention each and every point here.....Yes 6th July was a partial holiday but it is also Pre-EID period....and Yes Dangal is a Non-Holiday release but Christmas is a big festival and School and Colleges remain close.....

    I have no problem if Dangal collects more than Sultan, but mentioning all point is important.....Thanks Bollyarena Team....Great Article....

  2. If Dangal crosses 23cr on monday then i only want comparison b/w
    PK VS DANGAL...... for ATHG

    1. You have to wait for at least Tuesday cause ticket prices can still be high on Mondays as it is only the next day of Christmas.

  3. Hoe can u compare bullshit sultan(all time chichora salman) with great dangal(all time perfectionist amir)

    1. Cause this chichora Salman is far bigger Star than perfectionist Amir and bulshit Sultan is going be HGOTY against great Dangal.

      1. dude...u promise that if dangal beats sultan lifetime,,u will accept aamir a bigger star than lallu miya?

      2. biggest stars of bollywood.

        1970s-AMITABH BACHCHAN
        1980s-ANIL KAPOOR
        1990s-SUNNY DEOL
        2010s-AAMIR(salman comes close second)

          1. thanx man...finally happy that aamir has got what he always deserved....he never got box office success in 90s when he made legendary films like jo jeeta wohi sikandar and so on...people loved shitty films like beta,karan arjun etc..

          1. dude u have no idea bout sunny s popularity in 90s....he was a one man army...no big director or producer..poor music..still all his films got great openings...border and damini were watched again and again by people

        1. Your knowledge is very limited. Nobody in the Indian film industry have reached the level of Rajesh Khanna. He was 100 watts bulb and all others are only candle light.

  4. Indicine says they will still put their money on Sultan to be HGOTY. What's your take Bollyarena?
    On which film you will put money for HGOTY at this moment?

  5. what about ticket price.if you wanna compare films then pls don't compare them with collection. compare it with footfalls and you can see that difference of dangal and sultan

  6. Why salman fan giving excuses like ticket prices n footfalls..if u have megastar then...
    Plz dont give excuses...still Aamir fan not considering demonetisation..
    Nahi to accept karo tino khan statdom mein same hein..
    No excuses..

      1. Bhai ya log chidta hai ki amir jitna acting karlo, jitna bhi uski film kamay par tv aur news channel har waqt salman bhai ko hi bhaov deta hain Admit it . ??

      1. Whether he is aamir fan or salman fan, They always hate srk, It means that srk is top among 3 khans....

    1. Aare yaar amir Khan ka sirf akela laga rahan hain abhi koihibhi competitor nahin nikala islye jyada kamarahan hain

  7. In Sultan Bhai is the only Star. In Dangal Amir's daughter is the actual star... Thats why Sultan 4.5* but Dangal is 3.5*...

  8. In sultan bhai himself is the star but in dangal amir's daughter is the real star.so dangal 3.5* but sultan 4.5*

  9. Comparison of movies couldn't be done on the basis of collection.Because in india collection is more dependent
    on stars.If you really want to know which movie is better just check that out on imdb#3 movies based on sports this year,IMDB rating Saala khadoos -7.7,sultan-7.3,dangal-9.2 ,all three are nice movies but i guarenttee you that dangal is best of three so do watch the movie if you havn't yet.
    Now stop watching movies after knowing which superstar is working in it.See its content,direction,acting,and reviews.Out of three khans only this man is one who is not focusing on its stardom in the movie,and coming up with great contents,acting and direction.

      1. What so bad about Dhoom3? Can anyone act like him dual role pure perfection and flaws. Sallu can? Or Shahrukh?

  10. Itz not about fighting on this issue that which gets more now...
    It all means to top the list... Both are sports dramas ...
    And we will see which movie will collect more at the end in india and overseas.

    #Dangal is better than sultan

  11. Bhai ko amir se compare karo ...Koi problem nai ..
    But ye tesra kaha se aa gaya

  12. dangal is a super quality film, much much better than sultan.I think many people wanna see twice this film.some film make lots of money but some make history. It's unbelievable.

  13. Salman bhojpuri superstar hai masala movie.. acting to ata nhi south ke tara action ata hai.. sirf BOX office collection milta hai vo bhi bhojpuri audience se.. NO awards lolz 😂😂😂😂

  14. Salman himself declared the dangal most successive film then sultan so dangal of course will break all the records

    1. Aamir is an actor & salman is a hero; actor who act in a movie and salman is a hero shows himself.These r d difference guys remember

      1. absolutely
        its like comparing vin diesel ,tom cruise ,sylvester stallone ,bruce willies to
        tom hanks , christian bale, al pachino ,matthew mcconaughey ....

        you cannot compare two artist just because their movie earn big ...
        their genre should match

  15. Still wondering how it earned almost 45cr when it had only overall 70% occupancy and dangal had more screens , higher ticket prices , very high occupancy (90%+) and still it fell short by more than 2cr .

    How ????????

    Manipulation ? ???

  16. Feeling sorry for some dumb fans who are not digesting the fact that a classic film like Dangal has beaten an average film Sultan. They still want crap films on top.

  17. @Bollyarena
    We Want Comparison between pk & DANGAL
    Sultan to 10 Jan tak CROSS ho Jaegi.
    Everyone is Chasing AAMIR from Ghajini but
    Aamir is INVINCIBLE.

  18. Hello bro don't compare these three khan among them.they all are perfect in there own region.theu all are superb and fantastic so love them all.

    Final will be Dangal vs PK….
    day14-10cr...................310cr…….Sultan out
    day16-13cr...................332.........BB out
    day17-18cr...................350.........DANGAL WILL BEAT PK

    Final prediction

    1. Beta tum yahi rukhna.... Sultan toh PK ka record se toh sultan ka door hi gaand faat gaya.... ab dangal kaise marega dekhna.

  20. Bhai pagal Ho Gaya hain kiya . Sultan ek mediocre movie tha Dangal ATBB . Without masala without item songs only Aamir can create the records

  21. teeno khan top par hai sirf fan ki wajah se lekin ye desh ki izzat nahi krte @#$$
    aur tum kya enki side lete ho bullshitz

    1. Desh ki izzt tum jaise nhi krte.ye sb nhi krte to ye aaj itne bde star nhi hote.islea apna dimaag km chla

    2. Bolne s phle kch soch to lea kr bhai kiske bare m bol rha h.Desh ki izzt tum jaise nhi krte.ye sb nhi krte to ye aaj itne bde star nhi hote.islea apna dimaag km chla

    3. Beta Modi pakistan mei Nawaj Sharif se milta hai to wo desh ki baat karta hai...or bolta hai ki kismat kharab thi ki India mei paida ho gay tab to tum log chup rahte ho

  22. Bollyarena team aap log shyad 2011 ko bhool gaye ho 2011 bodyguard 148 cr ready 121cr aur dhobi ghaat only 14 cr. Aur ab ye mat kahna ki ye film amir ki nahi hai. Aur agar kahne ki socho to ek baar dhobi ghaat dekhlena. Aap ke bhi samjhme aa jayega amir ka rol kitni der ka hai.

  23. Dangal movie sirf ek baar dekh sakte hain dusri baar me boryat mahsoos hogi. Lekin sultan movie aisi hai aap baar bbar dekskte ho. Try karke deko apne aap samajh aa jayega

  24. Time will say everything as PK did
    If Salman is the biggest star why can't he be able to beat PK in 2 years by releasing 3 movies ,this Show Who is the biggest Superstar .

    1. Why Amir khan not able to break the records of Hum Apke hain kaun for so mAny yeaRs???
      What it shows? Who is biggest star

      1. Very funny... What record was Hum aapke hai koun?? Ghajini the record holder movie.... Think before speak

  25. “Sultan” had already crossed 100 crores (Rs 142.15) with third day collections dropping to Rs 36.62 Crore crores. Meanwhile “Dangal” did very well fourth with jaw-dropping collections between Rs 25.48 crores bringing the total collections to Rs 132.43 crores.

  26. Story of sultan was boring and rubbish ,and on the other hand story of dangal is great and based on real life incident ,and acting of aamir and all characters of dangal is great ,that's why dangal will be a big hit than sultan.salman ki film only uske Nam se. Chalti hai ,Na ki acting se,and aamir ki film uski acting and and movie ki story se chalti hai.

    1. so technically you are saying Sultan was hit just because of SALMAN as every other thing about movie was bad
      and DAngal is hit because of all factors including AAMIR ...

      so DANGAL has to EARN big by huge margin in comparison to Sultan o justify AAMIR is better

  27. Dangal is a superb movie of all time...... it will be a blockbuster support support hit of the year...... itv will definately enter 350 cr club.... love u aamir....

  28. kanjaro salo!!! koi kaam nhi hain ... Nobody watches a movie 2nd time until they just wanna watch it for lead actor /actress .. Dangal is a great movie but it lacks 2nd time 3rd time puller effect ... Salman says dangal is better than sultan , But aamir say he is just like an waiter infront of salman ...
    There is no point in pulling any movie down ... both deserve to earn big due to various reasons
    One more thing AAmir is great actor but he is not actually in center of movie ;Dangal is more about Geeta fighting herself rather than AAmir being in the center of script . More like a sports documentary with award winning performances. Sultan was more about Salman's character and made it 2nd time puller for hardcore fans. If aamir is better actor then this level of acting is expected of him nothing unusual.. But so called non acting mega star Salman who as per haters cant act can give such performances like BB and Sultan it becomes added advantage of his films .. Some will still say Salman din acted Even in BB and Sultan but guys a star can pull a movie to an extent only like ready and other bullshits... if movie is earning more than 250cr then there has to some good acting also

    1. Very funny... What record was Hum aapke hai koun?? Ghajini the record holder movie.... Think before speak .. Is tariya bakwas nahi karte chhore... Aamir k samne sabhi fisaddi he... Dangal Creating records Day by day

      1. Chore laagta hain tu charo khane chit ho gya hain
        maine kanhi koi comparision kiya hi nhi hain
        what i am trying to say you cant compare AAMIR and SALMAN because

        its like comparing vin diesel ,tom cruise ,sylvester stallone ,bruce willies to
        tom hanks , christian bale, al pachino ,matthew mcconaughey ….

        you cannot compare two artist just because their movie earn big …
        their genre should match

        do you think PRDP will even earn 10 CR if AAMIR was in the movie instead of SALMAN
        THERE is diff between ACTOR and HERO these are two diff genre and art form

        The actor usually get a movie which has potential to do well without him also like DANGAL PK RDB

        But an hero usually get a story line which will not do well without them like

        Thats the diff between HERO and AN ACTOR

  29. Aamir and his fans are intellectuals. SRK and his fans are emotional. But, Lallu bhaijaan and his fans are ullu. And if one goes by the market, no one remembers how much Mughal-e-azam , Sholey or DDLJ gross collections are. What people remember is the movie and lallu bhai has not given single movie that could be remembered down the history.

    1. completely agree with u bro...tere naam and bajrangi bhaijan are his only 2 movies that are worth remembering ..srk and aamir have many like these.....

  30. salmankhan is great actor and he is always do supurb movie so don't compare with amir bcoz he is always small than salman and sultan is biggest movie

  31. Don't compare movie based on collection or movie stars. Even though sport is same both are Totally different.
    In sultan u cant find even rules of wrestling, but the Dangal gives deep knowledge and inspiration about sports.
    You can say Dangal is working for Indian sports whether Sultan is just for entertainment.
    This is main difference.
    Salman fans also knowing that Aamir Story selection is awesome
    I m fan of all three

  32. dear god,
    have mercy on "ok janu"..they are heading for a suicide on jan 13..lolzzzz...

  33. Best film of Aamir is andaz apna apna because there is Salman and best film of SRK is Karan Arjun because there is Salman. Salman Khan haven't masterwork movie? I'm italian and i have all Salman films in dvd. Have you see Maine Pyar Kiya, Hum Aapke Hain Koun, Saajan, Khamoshi, HDDCS, Tere Naam, Wanted, Dabangg, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Sultan? What film of SRK and Aamir is at the same level? None. The one and only legend of India is only Bhaijaan.

    1. Tiziana you saw Salman Khan's movies... That's why you don't have sense of movie and you couldn't know the difference between masala movie and classical movies... Shahrukh and salman deliver masala movie and Aamir Khan delivers classical movies... Aamir is diamond, salman is gold and shahrukh is silver...

      1. ANd thats the very reason you cant compare them only
        there is no point in comparing interstellar or inception to FAST & FURIOUS , Mission Impossible

        Put up a chart for PK vs DAnGAL
        SULTAN vs BB

        that will be fair comparison

        Irfan there is nothing wrong in being JABRA FAN but comparing yourself to a german in urdu speaking competition and declaring your self winner doesn't make sense

  34. Have u seen Rang De Basanti, Tare Zameen Par, Dangal or Three Idiots. Yes those are in different level higher than any Salman Movies.

  35. I have see tare zameen par italian dubbed in Italy and really not liked. Aamir is a fake actor and is ugly. No acting skill, no beauty, no talent, nothingh. Only tax free, one month holiday, office and school closed, highest ticket price, no clash. If Dangal is so beauty why not clash with 600 crore movies like Bahubali and Kabali? Only Salman can do 600 and more crore with one open week and a hard clash. This is the power of the only megastar of India: Salman Khan.

    1. Hi Tiziana!!!
      Wish you're very well. :)
      I'm Aamir Khan's Banaladeshi fan.
      here is a list of aamir's best film.
      I think Salman & Amir both are very good actor.
      and I have a request to you plzz collect those movie from the list and watch with a positive mentality. you'll learn that didn't get ever in your life. :)
      1. Qayamaat se Qayamaat
      2. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar
      3. Andaz Apna Apna
      4. Sarfrosh
      5. Lagaan
      6. Dil Chahta Hai
      7. Rang De Basanti
      8. Taare Zameen Par
      9. 3 Idiots
      10. Pk
      11. Dangal
      12. Gulam
      13. Gajhni
      He has done only 40 movies and 13 are classic of them.
      Thank you so much!!

      1. raja hindusthani is also creates history brother........all time blockbuster

        one of the best movie his carrer

  36. Hope you are not drunk. Or somebody shown u Sultan having labelled as Taare Zameen Par. ?

  37. Haha....srk k ki raees ka trailer dekho....sab gabraye hue h....sab 1000 baar trailer dekh rhe h....ek dusre ko support kr rhe h...10-10 baar movie dekhne ki request kr rhe h....or raees ko 400 caror tk lane ki dua mang rhe h...........

    1. Matlab hi nahi Banta
      Pehli Baar clash hai kaabil se
      Doosri baat xxx ka bhi first Sunday hai

      Aur Teesri important baat 2 hafte baad hi Jolly LLB AA rahi hai

      So ye movie ka business around 200-250 crore ke aas pass hoga # raees


  39. I don't know why people are forgetting that SRK is the only actor who has won when it comes to clashes.
    Salman solo realese with great stories yet fails
    If HNY can do 200 crore then you it is because of SRK
    One thing I can is that SRK does not know how to read script
    Well he is hosting filmfare this year again coz screen awards were boring due to salman khan
    8th January stardust awards are coming on colours
    Honestly salman does not know to talk o act

  40. I'm an italian girl. I have more of 300 hindi dvd (hindi, tamil, telegu). I not like actors as Aamir, SRK, Rambir Kapoor. My favorite actors after Salman are Nawaz, Randeep Hooda, Prashant Narayan, Rahul Bose, Akshaye Khanna, Emraan Hashmi. My favourite films: Chameli, Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta, Hulchul, Hum Ho Gaye Aap Ke, Aashiq Banaya Aapne, Zeher, Ishaqzaade, khoobsurat, Highway, Pyaar Ke Side Effects, Saathiya. Why Salman is the one and only legend of India? Best film of 80 is Maine Pyar Kiya (1989), best film of 90 is Hum Aapke Hin Koun (1994), of 2000 Tere Naam (2003), after 2000 Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015) and Sultan (2016). Aamir is an overrated actor. No clash, five open weeks, fake reviews, tax free, office and school closed, biggest festivity in the world. Think Bajrangi Bhaijaan on Christmas, five open weeks, tax free, no clash, ecc. Sure 400 crores. This is the power of the one and only legend of India.

    1. ? hahhahhahhahhahhshahhahsha
      You have to go for check up...i think something wrong with your bheja.

  41. Salman ke fan sab bekar hai.... Raees dekhna.. Pehle hi din 300 crore kregi... Aur 1st weekend mein hi 1500 crore kregi pakka... Dekhna raees titanic, ka bhi record tod degi.. Aur kam se kam 20 oscer awrd jeetegi... Total 10000 crore kamayegi... Salmn k to itna 10 janam mein bhi nhi kama payegi

  42. Sultan Already beaten by Dangal. At this time dangal on 270crore and sultan was on 236 crore by the 10th day.And some people says Salman has more stardom than Aamir, yea it is true but you have understand 1 thing that Salman is always active on the television but Aamir usually doesn't come on tv.

  43. "दंग किया अब तक , करेगा हमेशा" , कही थी मैनें यह बात जब सिर्फ announce हुई ही हुई थी making of दंगल , आगे भी बेहतर रहेगा आमिर फिर हमेशा, मान लो मेरी ये *गल* !!

    1. AAMIR KHAN is the best actor of Bollywood and highest record maker jis ki films itna buisness karti hen kk saaaalon tak koi bhi break nhi karta na srk na salman

      And SHARUKH ki to overacting hi khatam nhi hotie

  44. Lol? Nowadays salman is rocking...salman and amir are creating records and breaking records of eachother.. srk back to back flop dilwale bakwas collection fan??? 85 cr. dear zindagi ik dam bakwas movie and bakwas collection.. or salman kick blocbuster prdp blocbuster bhajrangi bhaijaan blocbuster sultan blocbuster... sooo salman is the real hero

  45. Salman bhale hi kuch bhi ho,lekin uska jo dusra side he wo use sab actors se age rakhta he,he has Heart With Gold

    1. haan...vo chahe hiran maare...co stars ko thappad maare....car chala k ek aadmi ko kuchal de..but he has a heart of gold..isnt it?u fool

  46. Aamir ke fans yetta khush mat ho.
    kyuki dangal ko 10+ days clg school holidays mili + new year holiday + cristmas ka advantage tha , warna 200pe bikhar jaati.

    salman is the best eid ki 1din holiday me 300 cr banati hain.
    Bb ke time bahubali ku tak kar di.
    sultan ke time drishyam nd mny more films.
    Sultan bb 100 time dekhoge to b boar nahi hoge.
    dangal ko 2nd time dekhne me boar aaraha hain.

  47. hw disgusting have u gone mad
    kuch kehty hy ki aamir ki movies me massala songs itm song nhi use krty to Pk me kya dikhaya hy.....ganduo and don't forgets BB's collection and salman's acting In it....He is superb and Wat aamir did in pk about our'z religion based movie na ye to Muslim nhi hy ......love you sallu bai don't read his comments just keep giving us movie like BB

  48. Three khans combinedly couldn't get a single national award ever for their performances... National awards are the only valid proof of acting prowess...

  49. All time classic :

    LAGAAN... and i think DANGAL shld be in dis league.

  50. Dangal ne to kamal kiya hai ab tubelight or tzh bhi kamal karengi robot 2 ke sath bollywood hil jaega

  51. With all due respect to both actors......even though there was 5weeks window without competition for dangal don't forget that it has earned well during the financial crisis of demonetisation in India.......agar demonetisation nahi hota to bahubali ka bhi record break hojata......... the world simply don't call Aamir Khan the perfectionist.

    Anyhow Salman Khan and Aamir Khan only two actors in Bollywood to produce 300cR+ movies and they are good friends. When they are not arguing then why should we......there's nothing wrong to praise your favourite actor but that doesn't mean you should hate all others. True gentlemen respects others even if they are not on favourites list

  52. What i really liked about this site is the chat directed to Ms. Tiziana. Really the comments are favs. Really enjoyed every bit of it. A suggestion for Tiziana, pls. do not make comments for the one you dont know much. Aamir is on a different level of acting and no comparison with Salman. Yes Salman has given bigger hits as well, but still dont say that Aamir doesnt know how to act. pls. good suggestion and suggest you to consult with a Doc. Sorry...

  53. amir is amir, no-one had that prefection as he is the only one to have such dedication. His movie cant be compared to others ,becoz his movie is masterpeice in itself...... :)

  54. Yaaro salman is the best top 10 handsom people in the world me 7th no pe hai
    U r all talking about batla cchota aamir khan
    So r u mad
    India ki aan baan shaan sultan ali khan
    Salman khan

    1. Amir khan is the best actor I love aaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrr khan

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