Final Update: Dangal Vs PK Vs BB Vs Sultan Vs Dhoom 3

Dangal Vs PK Vs Dhoom 3 Vs Bajrangi Bhaijaan Box Office Collection Comparison:

Now it is almost sure Dangal will be among the top grossers of all time. So it is time to compare the collections of Dangal against biggest grosser like PK, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Sultan or Dhoom 3.

Three of them belongs to Aamir Khan while the remaining two are Salman Khan starrers. It clearly shows that they are the biggest superstars competing against each other and none of them has even come close to them. Though Salman has not yet given all time grosser but he has come close.

First of all, will compare the release period of all the films.





Dhoom 3


Extra Holidays
Open Weeks
Tax free
5 days weekend
Brand Value
Competition from Baahubali


Dangal Vs Dhoom 3 Box Office Collection Comparison:

As far the trend is concerned, Dangal will beat Dhoom 3 lifetime collection. Dhoom 3 did have a huge opening weekend, higher than Dangal, but the later has crossed Dhoom 3 collection after the four days and probably will remain higher for the rest of days.

Dangal Vs Sultan Box Office Collection Comparison:

We have a detailed analysis of both films in a separate article (Dangal Vs Sultan Box Office Collection Comparison). Dangal is still lagging behind Sultan but that it is mainly because Sultan was still in the weekend. It is likely to cross Sultan lifetime collection too.

Dangal Vs Bajrangi Bhaijaan Box Office Collection Comparison:

This seems to be the closest battle as Bajrangi Bhaijaan Monday was higher than Dangal. But Bajrangi Bhaijaan was facing tough competition from Baahubali 2 which went on to collect 100 crore in Hindi version whereas Dangal has three weeks run. It will be a 50/50 chance as the picture will be clearer in the second week.

Dangal Vs PK Box Office Collection Comparison:

Aamir Khan is once again competition against himself for the highest grosser of all time. The biggest disadvantage for Dangal is that both Christmas and New Year holidays will fall on Sunday. If that was not the case then Dangal would have easily added 20 crore more in its kitty. But still one never knows where Dangal will land in the final run.

Dangal Vs PK Vs Bajrangi Bhaijaan Vs Sultan Vs Dhoom 3 box office collection comparison

Update 28 December:

After five days of release, Sultan is still at the top. On the other hand highest grosser of all time PK is at the bottom. But that film showed the best trends and had big growth on new year and Christmas. Though in case of Dangal, these holidays has fallen on Sunday.

  1. Sultan
  2. Dangal
  3. Bajrangi Bhaijaan
  4. Dhoom 3
  5. PK

Update 30 December:

Sultan has won the first week race while Dhoom 3 and Bajrangi Bhaijaan are at the second and third spot. Dangal remains the best trending film in the first week and is even better than PK which is the highest grosser of all time. It is now almost certain that Dangal will beat Dhoom 3 and Sultan. Bajrangi Bhaijaan and PK also seem in reach of Dangal but the picture will be clearer after the second week.

Update 1 January:

Dangal is all set to become the highest grosser of all time. The trend in the 2nd weekend is extraordinary as the collections are ahead than Bajrangi Bhaijaan and PK by a margin of more than 20 crore. PK also had an extra holiday of Christmas and Dangal had not. The second weekend record of Bajrangi Bhaijaan and PK will also be broken by a distance. After the two weeks, the collections will be more than 300 crore and it will still have enough time to cross PK.

Update 3 January 2017:

Dangal is now inching closer to 300 crore. The film is sure to be the highest grosser of all time. It will beat Dhoom 3 today, Sultan after two weeks and Bajrangi Bhaijaan and PK after three weeks. There is also a chance that it will become the first film to collect 400 crore.

Update 6 January 2017:

After two weeks, Dangal remains ahead of all the top highest grossers. There is a difference of 35 crore between Dangal and PK and if the trend continues then Dangal will finish its lifetime run at 370-375 crore.

  1. Dangal
  2. PK
  3. Bajrangi Bhaijaan
  4. Sultan
  5. Dhoom 3


Final Update 9 January:

After 17 days, Dangal has beaten all Bollywood films to become the highest grosser of all time. Here is the final comparison.

  • Dangal crossed Dhoom 3 = 12 Days
  • Dangal crossed Sultan = 13 Days
  • Dangal crossed Bajrangi Bhaijaan = 16 Days
  • Dangal crossed PK = 17 Days


NoDangalPKBajrangi BhaijaanSultanDhoom 3
Day 129.7826.6327.2536.5436.22
Day 234.8230.2436.6037.3033.86
Day 342.3538.2438.7531.5038.03
1st Weekend106.9595.21102.60105.34107.61
Day 425.4821.2227.0537.1021.71
Day 523.0719.3621.4038.2120.14
Day 621.2019.5518.0515.5425.52
Day 720.2927.5515.5512.9214.01
1st Week197.53 cr182.99 cr 184.65 cr208.82 cr188.99 cr
Day 818.5914.5512.8010.8210.01
Day 922.7217.1219.259.5212.04
Day 1032.0422.5524.057.4316.71
Day 1113.4510.089.3011.466.83
Day 1210.469.119.1015.187.26
Day 149.1213.486.033.724.61
2 Weeks313.50 Cr278.53 Cr272.28 Cr271.03 Cr257.32 Cr
Day 156.666.854.113.423.14
Day 1610.808.326.803.514.02
Day 1714.3311.589.072.145.75
Day 184.354.422.753.812.0
Day 203.213.462.451.301.73
Day 212.972.962.251.251.45
Day 221.941.821.451.150.80
Day 234.062.822.731.050.90
4th Weekend Total370.11 Cr327.83 Cr310.0 Cr294.37 Cr280.21 Cr
Remaining Weeks11.8111.05.985.82

Also tell us what are your views on Dangal vs PK vs Dhoom 3 vs Bajrangi Bhaijaan box office collection comparison in the comments section.

84 comments on “Final Update: Dangal Vs PK Vs BB Vs Sultan Vs Dhoom 3”

  1. Bollywood arena plz compare fan and dangal bcoz
    1 both are noncomercial
    2 no big heroine
    3 they play best their character
    4 no typical bollywood song

    1. why would he compare a big groser like Dangal with a non grosser ?? It doesn't make any sense.

    2. Gavn ka launda ji tum Dangal ko Fan se compare krne ki baat krtey ho bewaquf insan Jb FAN movie ayi thi tou us waqt India mein IPl bhi ho raha tha Or jungle Book movie bhi ayi thi jis waja se FAN
      movie ka business affect hua Dangal ke muqabale mein koi movie nahi or 3 open weeks hai Tax free bhi 4 states mein hai waise bhi christmas bada event hota hai christmas mein movies bohat zaida business krti hai

    3. It's no doubt that it was one of the finest performances of shahrukh but it was not the best film, it had limited appeal, the only thing better was shahrukh and vfx. Whereas in case of dangal, character performances are also great as well as it is being labelled as one of the finest sports film made ever in recent times. So comparison cannot be done.

  2. When it comes to sheer fan-following and the kind of craze that his films generate – from the biggest of cities to the smallest of villages – Salman is the benchmark of super-stardom. A man whose presence is bigger than the director, co-stars, script and the film itself.

    1. Salman:Sultan ko sirf Sultan hi hara sakta hein
      Aamir:Par Mahavir singh ji ne to teri chaddi phad di

    2. I can't believe salman 5.5ft ke fans are so frustrated...are accept tht dangal is better film and amir is bigger star than salman...are tum sare khano ki movies hamare akki se double tripple kamati he but who gives damn about that..kabhi beth ke calculation krna whos bringing more profit in industry..i hope ur calculation will get good answer...

  3. Dangal Dangal me Bollyarena tum Salamn ke B day bhul Gaye ho kya... Ek article to Banta hai Bhai ke naam...

  4. Three khans are just media & stupid fan made. we all know three worst actors can’t even act that’s why they need open weeks ,no clash , releasing on festive holidays , huge screen count , hikein ticket prices , inflated collections and so on….

  5. 1st day box office prediction - 50cr
    2th day box office prediction - 45cr
    3th day box office prediction - 50cr
    1st weekend prediction 145cr
    4th day box office prediction - 50cr
    5th day box office prediction - 45cr
    6th day box office prediction - 40cr
    7th day box office prediction - 35cr
    1st week prediction 315cr
    india life time prediction 450cr
    india grosses prediction 600cr
    worldwide grosses 900cr

  6. Dangal ne Sultan ka goorur tod diya............
    sultan ko sirf sultan hi hara sakta hein......waise BB aur PK se bhi hara hein wo bat alag hein....

    1. Don't forget my friend when bb was running in the theater bahubali was their for competition. N wat about talash movie which was failed to croosed 90 lakhs..

  7. 22 sal se hum yahi sun rahein hein ye ane do wo ane do leki salman mein dum nahi jo Aamir ka record tod sake….pahle BB se nipatlo bad mein PK,Dangal ki sochna….

  8. Bhai log Aamir does not compete with rest Khan's. He creates and breaks his own records. Maximum number of ATBB more than Big B baki to bacche hain . Phir wo Sultan Ho ya Baazigar ho

  9. sultan release se 1 week pehle kabali release huvi thi Jo RAJNI KANTH ki thi Jo 450cr. Ka collection ki....
    Isse sultan collection par effect huva...

    Big competition for sultan.
    2.The Legend of Tarzan (1-07-16)
    3.Great Grand Masti (15-07-16) and so on...
    But no competition for amir Khan movies like pk,dhoom3 and DANGAL ALSO it has 3 to 4 weeks time ......

  10. Yes you are right no one have the guts to release movies with Aamir. Singham 3 postponed to avoid the clash and it is now clash with Raees and Kaabil

  11. BA stop all these comparison. There is no comparison between movies. Who says no holiday advantage to Dangal. All colleges and school close for atleast 10 days. 3 big states tax free and very high tickets price even on normal days. Stop try to make fan wars on ur site to get maximum attention.
    Sultaan and BB are best movies and perform undr normal condition. One or two holiday doesnt matter but 10 holidays matter that too belong to youth and children. And when u mention clashes than BB is clash with bahubali which perform exceptional at north india still BB FIGHTS EXCELLENT. SO REAL KING IS SALMAN KHAN & BB. And three open weeks for Dangal also highlight.

  12. one think remember guys.... salman no need any positive word of mouth or content for make a blockbuster movie.. like aamir... talash get mixes word of mouth what happen?? fan get positive word of mouth what happen??? salman movies like ready, bodyguard, ek tha tiger, dabangg2, prdp all get mixed word of mouth,, firr bhi sab movies blockbuster hui.. samjhe... remember it... superstar no need any word of mouth........

    1. jab tak tere jaise rickshawale hain india mein,salman superstar rhega aur uske baad jaise coolies khatm hote hi govinda flop ho gya,salman bhai bhi khatm ho jayega.....great human and equally horrible actor

  13. Tubelight Eid 2017 box office prediction
    1st day box office prediction – 50cr
    2th day box office prediction – 45cr
    3th day box office prediction – 50cr
    1st weekend prediction 145cr
    4th day box office prediction – 50cr
    5th day box office prediction – 45cr
    6th day box office prediction – 40cr
    7th day box office prediction – 35cr
    1st week prediction 315cr
    india life time prediction 450cr
    india grosses prediction 600cr
    worldwide grosses 900cr

    1. Babab predictions tu aapne bilkul sahi kiya par film ka nam galat likh diya a prediction thugs of Hindustan ka hai tubelight ka nahi hai. never mind sach hamesha karwa hota hai

  14. aami ko bolo ek saal me 2 blockbuster de ke dikhaye firr baat karna shekhar bhai..... loll na jaane kaha kaha se aa jate hai.. cycle waale... hahaha..

  15. Comment:yaha sare hai specially Tiger and parshaya Abe jaha amir salman friend hai whi tm dono kutto ki Tarah lad rhe phle jao dono khan ki .1% popularity gain kro fir ldna iski jagah padhai likhai kr lo jyada kam ayega

  16. Salo Pk ka lifetime collection 600crore that Jo China air Japan me release hone we uska collection 750 crore ho gya SALMAN ki BB China Japan me release nahi hui thif

    1. Abey beta rajeev,aamir is no. 1 to 10 in china and japan.BB,Sultan PK ka 10% bhi nahi karti china,japan mein.there is no demand for salman movies in china.

  17. I can't believe salman 5.5ft ke fans are so frustrated...are accept tht dangal is better film and amir is bigger star than salman...are tum sare khano ki movies hamare akki se double tripple kamati he but who gives damn about that..kabhi beth ke calculation krna whos bringing more profit in industry..i hope ur calculation will get good answer...

  18. In 1st Week
    Dangal is way ahead of SULTAN,PK,DHOOM 3,BB.
    Dangal didnt have any full Holiday
    Neither Commecial Entertainer nor Big Co-Star.
    Everyone Knows but they wont Accept
    If XMAS had fallen on any other Day.
    Dangal would have Crossed 225 Cr.in first week.

  19. From Ghajni to Dangal evry time slman and srk fans sang
    Ab ye film ane do o film ane do fir dekho. 8 saal ho gye ye sunte sunte.
    Or ye to bolo dabangg 2 kab ayi thi Don 2 kab ayi thi tab q nai tod payi 2no films 3 idiot ka record.
    Ha BB me o baat thi jo p.k ka record tod sakti thi lekin todi nai na. Or tod b deti to ab to DANGAL ho hi rha hai.

  20. Last year Bajirao Mastani or Dilwale movie ka clash hua Bajirao Mastani ne 184 crore ka india mein business kia or Dilwale ne 148 crore ka business kia un ka total kia jaye tou 332 crore taqreeban banta hae yani ke agr clash na hota tou dilwale 200 crore ka business kr jati or Bajirao Mastani 250 crore simple baat yeh hai ke Christmas mein movie automaticaly business zaida krti hae SRK ne tou is saal dono movies ko beghair event ke release kia ab salman khan Sir or Aamir Khan Sir bhi beghair event ke movie release kr ke dekhe taa ke pata lagge wo kitne pani mein hai Aamir Khan Sir ki Secret Superstar beghair event ke a rahi hai dekhte hai kya banta hai

  21. Comment: salman agar 5.5 ft ho. Tu becara amir ketna ft hoga vai,tumhara bat se mojhe eh somojh me aya keh amir ne 6.5 ft hoga.

    1. Lol tere chu....sare khans 5.5ft ke uper nahi he...jab tere khans abroad aate he tab sare gore puchte he is he an actor hahahahahah...

      1. Abe actor ka matlab acting karnewala hota hai hero nahi hai jo stunt karega aur ladkiyo se chata khaega har movie me akki ki tarah height doesn't matter

  22. jis ka jo trend chal raha he wo chalne do...Amir ka 100 200 300 an sayad 400 bhi...wo bhanane do na ...discussion Karne se kuch nahi hota. ...salman ka sabse Jyada 100 cr club.
    ..usi ko agge barawo. ..oho ab yad aya...kyo salman fans Amir ke piche pare he...wo sabse jyada 100 crore club ka record to khatre me hai.....
    Salman -10 100 crore movies
    akshay -6 100 crore movies
    akshay kr Ek Sal me 4-5 films karts hai...to sallu ka wo record jaldi toot jayega...sallu ka openings ka to record hai na....usi se santoost ho jayo.

  23. i am fan of both salman and amir sir.. dangal is a much better film than sultan really.. but is bellow the 3 idiots and bajrangi bhaijaan..... but overall it is excellent movie after 3 idiots & bajrangi bhaijann..

  24. No one has courage to release films along with AMIR SIR'S FILM.. IRONY is that even after 2 weeks they scared to release their film.. Even if SALMAN & AMIR KHAN'S film release in the same week(though never ever will happen may be), SALMAN will be chasing AMIR after first weekend & after couple of weeks SALMAN' S film will be vanished.. And it's LEGEND AMIR SIR all d way.. # FACT

  25. Dangal cristmas nd new year ke waje se hit hui, school and colleges r closed for 10 days.
    bb nd sultan ko bas 1-1 hi holiday mili eid ki.
    Bb ke time bahubali release hui thi, 2 movies b hit rahi.
    dangal ke time kohi b compitation nahi 3 weeks tak.

    salman kohi b film banale saal me 2 ya 3, poore film blockbuster hoti hain.
    na aamir ki tarha 2 saal ku 1 film sirf bb se 20 crore zaada kama paayi India me.
    sallu is the best becoz salman ki blockbuster movie aamir se zaada hain.

  26. Hello BOLLYARENA.. Its me dean Ambrose with new name, hope u remembered me, I am one of ur biggest fan, I was not able to post any comments from the past 6 months..but now I am happy...to be back.....plz tell me the reason why I was unable to post any comments.....

  27. people who are comparing salman and aamir shud know that jeetendra also gave many blockbusters in 1980s,but no one remembers that guy now...box office collection k sath sath film badhiya bhi honi chahiye..jo ki sirf aamir ki hi hain...salman ki haalat bhi jeetendra jaisi ho jayegi!

  28. Holiday season, belated pirated leaks compared to sultan, tax free status, once in 3years appearance of amir....all these factors helped dangal. Salman shud ensure tubelight doesn't get pirated so quickly as sultan if he wants to open 400 cr club.

  29. Its about era. SRK ruled box office from deewaana in 1992 to Veer Zaara. In that era aamir only gave 2 hits QSQT and RAJA HINDUSTANI. Salman was nowhere to be found as he struggled to give solo hits. Even HAHK and MPK were run coz of family drama clean movie status of barjatya films and music. Now the era has changed. After WANTED salman has found a strategy to give hits like once govinda did. His movies wont be remembered 5 years from now. AAMIR has earned the respect he has today. From LAGAAN till now all his films are classics. ALL to be remembered.

    So its all about ERA. Salmans era may end anytime as he doent knw how to act other than his formulae films. To survive SRK must make right choises as AAMIR.


    1. SRK ruled from 1992!! Boss, ab itna bhi mat pheko. SRK did not even have a single ATG in that supposed period of reign. He was neck-to-neck with Sallu until 1999. He did break out from 2000 until 2005, but again with a caveat: Post Lagaan and the tremendous goodwill it generated, Aamir Khan was conspicuously absent with a 3 yr hiatus until 2005. Had Aamir not taken a 3 yr layoff from 2001-2005, SRK would not even have had that brief 4 yr rule. The proof lies in the pudding. When Aamir came back, he gave opening records with MP, RDB and Fanaa. From 2005-08, there was no clear #1. And after 2008, Aamir has gone to a diff stratosphere altogether. SRK was never a clear #1, he was a self-annointed usurper. He got so over-confident that he started downgrading the legacy of BigB, by even re-making classics such as Don. All that hubris led to his downfall and his current state of affairs.

  30. you all are missing the real fish here. Don't do by box office report it does not capture the euphoria. Throughout 90's Aamir and SK were enjoying moderate success but what aamir is now, SRK was then. People used to crave for his movies to come. Now, I hope you are not dumb enough to compare the success of 'rangeela' with that of KKHH or DTPH. Amir is setting the trend now which SRK did as a debutant. He brought the concept of a negative hero.
    Don't for Darr, Baazigar, and all were hits by the way.
    I am not undermining Aamir as he was always good but SK was a pony with no spine to give solo hits.

    So, it's bout ERA. Thats era belonged to SRK with hits like DDLJ, KKHK, DTPH and on and on. He was the trend setter of the modern era post 2000. He taught you romance.

    So, when you say SRK, just remember that he has become the success bar where other actors are compared to. Aamir can never attain the euphoria that was enjoyed by Dev Anand, then Rajesh Khanna, then Amitabh and finally SRK. Superstartdom is not just about money.

  31. salmaan or amir dono dost h .....fan following me salmaan sabse aage h...

    par salman or aamir se etni kutai k baad bhi srk k fan bol rhe h

    "srk world ka best acter h"....god of acting h...

  32. Dangal crossed Dhoom 3 = 12 Days
    Dangal crossed Sultan = 13 Days
    Crossed BB = 16 Days &
    Crossed PK = 17 Days
    And Bhaitards are crying FREE RUN, FREE RUN
    AB Kya Chahte ho 1 Week mai Bhai ki Saari Movies Cross karde????
    Yahi Chahte ho to Koi Nhi Your wish will be fulfilled after TOH release.

  33. Why didn't srk release his film on Christmas clash with aamir. Srk Sab producers se date shift ki bheek maang raha tha waise bhi aamir se nahi banti uski lekin clash se uski phat gai bhai ke saath bhi matlab ki dosti hai bhai real friend aamir.

  34. Best indian actors list as IMDB
    1. Amitab bachan
    2. Dilip kumar
    3. Amir khan
    17. Shahrukh khan
    57. Salman khan

    1. The list that puts Om Puri behind SRK and Dharmendra before Irfan Khan is definitely questionable. Don't get blind in supporting someone and make a fool of yourself.

  35. it is do obvious now.. sultan got one bloody open week compared to 3 each for dangal and PK... imagine if sultann had 3? it would hav easily collected another 20-35cr..surpassing PK...

    1. 50 din theatre mein thi aur kitne din chahiye...kuch aur din ruk jati to sholey ka record todati

  36. So at the end of 2 weeks, PK was at 278.53cr, BB was 272.28 Cr and Sultan was 271.03 Cr. The gap between PK and the other 2 was hardly that much (<6cr and <8cr respectively).

    If the BO power and hold of Sallu was indeed for real, then by the end of their runs, this gap between PK and BB/Sultan should either have shrunk or at least maintained the same. However, this tiny gap of less than 7-8cr substantially yaaaaawnnnneed to wide differences of 20cr for BB and 40crs for Sultan!!

    Even more revealing is the comparison between Sultan and D3. So using the same analysis as above, Sultan with much better WOM and releasing 3 yrs after D3 should have widened the 14crs gap vis-a-vis D3 from the end of 2 weeks to the end of its run. However, remarkably, this gap remained stable at 14crs !

    Open weeks can be factored in only if these behemoth movies had faced some other huge movies with huge screen counts. However, every movie that released subsequently was not big enough to substantially reduce screen counts. If a movie is well liked, people will flock to see it at the theater it plays at. If screen count reduces from 4000 to 2000, we should be seeing the totals also reducing by not more than 50-60%. However, in all these instances, the totals from 1st week to 3rd week crashed for the Salman movies.

    Nothing more needs to be said about who is a bigger star.

  37. Also another factor that gets widely ignored is Distributor Share. The profit sharing between Producers an Distributors is always lop-sided: Producers get larger share in the earlier weeks and Distributors get larger share in the later weeks. In other words, Producers always eat the malai and leave the crumbs for the distributors. So what good does it do for Distributors if a movie makes 70%+ of its total in the first 10 days itself? The classifications of Hit, SuperHit, BB, ATBB etc are made from the Distributor Point of View. If your starpower can only create First Day or First Week records but cannot hold for later week runs, you are not doing any favor to Distributors.

    1. beg to disagree.
      how much ever bad the film tht is releasing aftr.. it still needs over 1000 screens which wil eat up sultans or BBs collection even if it runs to packed houses... the collections will def dip there after.. and will slow down subsequently..
      For BB.. bahubali ws a big threat and ate up a good 30-40cr down south as the later went juggernaut..
      Sultan had only one open week..
      however.. not taking away anything from dangal and PK.. what i am trying to say is.. yes.. they were lucky to get 3 open weeks

  38. SRK and SK are real super star but Aamir Khan is best actor than other khan,Kumar,Dewgan and Roshan.

  39. hahahahaha bas karo sab pehle khud ki capacity badao yaar dusro ki kyu dekh te ho g**d

  40. Comment: Aamir deserve filmfare best actor award. but may be srk win it. because Aamir did not attend award ceremony.

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