Dangal tops at the Hong Kong box office on Saturday

Aamir Khan's Dangal continues its global domination. The film which was recently released in Hong Kong has witnessed huge growth on Saturday by grossing a huge 1.55 million HK$. It debuted at number two on Thursday but has hit the top spot on day 3.

The trend is terrific as the film showed almost 100% growth on Saturday. The numbers are huge for an Indian film as it is a small market. Word of mouth is positive and the screens are expected to increase. Now it seems that Dangal will beat 3 Idiots record by a good margin to become the highest grosser in Hong Kong.

  • Day 1: HK$ 668k
  • Day 2: HK$ 791k
  • Day 3: HK$ 1.55 m
  • Total:  HK$ 3.6 m (2.95 cr)

18 comments on “Dangal tops at the Hong Kong box office on Saturday”

  1. TOP 3 Highest Grosser in HongKong.
    Dangal will beat 3Idiots By the end of Its Run.
    Even In Turkey Dangal Creating HAVOC.
    WW 10CR FFs On Cards.
    Biggest Blockbuster Of Bollywood-
    Undisputed King Of Asian Markets-

  2. SRK once said he wished to make a universal film one day like the Roberto Benigni oscar winning film. He dream of doing it Aamir Khan shows him how to practically bring such dream into reality. If your father told you about Amitabh please tell your child about Aamir institution legendary Khan

    1. Yet all you see is Aamir Khan not the entire other cast and the storywriter, screenplay, director who controls where the movie will go!

      Aamir Khan can direct and act! But this movie should belong to everyone in the cast not just Aamir!

      Dangal won the oscar?!

      Aamir once thanked Shah Rukh Khan, Yash Chopra and Karan Johar for paving the way for others to release movies overseas and opening new markets and setting records!

      Jaya Bachchan also once said on KWK show while sitting next to Bachchan And SRK that these two men are something extremely special the world gets after a long time and they have achieved stardom at young ages all around the world!

      A French director once said that if Oscars weren't manipulated SRK would've received an oscar a long time ago!

      Hugh Jackman (wolverine) once said that Shah Rukh Khan is God!

      Angelina Jolie once said that this man at a show had women screaming over him and crying so she asked who is it and she was told it's Shah Rukh Khan!

      Michael Jacksons brother and sister once said that the only megastar that reminded them of Michael Jacksons stardom was Shah Rukh Khan!

      Zayn Malik once said that he could not believe that SRK was standing infront of him and said he was the inspiration why he wanted to be a star!

      I got 100 more like this! So don't use a name you can't handle you idiot!


      1. Abe lallu Your hafeez saeed ki begun is nowhere in the picture and it's humiliating to compare such small local actor with the biggest global megastar aaamir khan. Keep your shahruk chanting away from this article as we don't give a shit about such small actors. Aamir is far more popular than hakla. Period.

        1. Are you an Aamir Khan fan or an Akshay Kumar fan?

          Was you born in India and then got arranged marriage in to the US?!

          Who's hafeez sahid? You uncle or dad?

          Local actor?! But I just named all international celebrities who know SRK?
          Can you name some who said something about Aamir Khan leaving out China celebrities?

          Thanks for your stupid comments.

          1. Don't worry about my background. I am Us citizen and don't cry just because you haven't been able to get visa for here. Hope you see the USA in your dream at least. ???

      2. Hahaha you say whatever you want I don't care, I know Aamir is huge around the world but calling Shah Rukh Khan a small actor lol that's just your ignorance and hate for him!

        The least you can do is accept the truth that's it!

        Aamir Khan is the biggest box office puller from India today, NO Doubt!
        But Aamir Khan is an emerging superstar while shah Rukh Khan was a superstar in the 90's and 2000's now he's gone past that stage!

        Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Akshay Kumar are the biggest contributors to Indian cinema since 90's - 2010

        After that it would be:

        Akshay Kumar
        Salman Khan
        Aamir Khan
        Shah Rukh Khan

        I'm not you, so Im not pissed to say that Akshay Kumar is the biggest contributor to the industry today without him good luck Bollywood getting a clean hit!

        Shah Rukh Khan is behind on this decade and needs bigger hits! But when it comes to one name shah Rukh Khan is the only legend amongst them who rules around the world much before these superstars!

        1. Abe idiot first of all its you who had been blabbering against aamir since last couple of days. I am not srk hater but I hate his idiotic halucination suffering fans who always try to degrade and talk rubbish against other stars. I don't like srk but I don't hate him either. I know srk is not a local star but calling him biggest contributor or biggest global star is exaggerating. He has somewhat same if not less contribution compared to his contemporaries. I am aamir fan and Akshay is my second favorite but I don't agree that Akshay is biggest contributor for the industry. If you talk about only this year then I agree he is but not for last year or years before. And keep your jokes to yourself. Aamir is emerging superstar? Ha ha ha. You seriously need a doctor for a treatment. Aamir is established superstar ever since his debut. It's just that he took many risks and signed Some of the worst films in the 90s and mela in 2000. Apart from that period he has always been consistent. Since 2001 he is consistent and mela was his last flop. Srk is no doubt a huge star no doubt but he can't be called biggest contributor. For me and most others who follow Bollywood, all 3 khans are parallel to each other as far as superstardom and popularity is concerned. And how on earth you are bringing Hrithik in the picture? He has mostly given hits with his father and now he is jobless. So how is such small star like Hrithik cant be counted in the league of khans and Akshay kumar. Akshay is also consistent since last year and I agree that He has contributed the most this year after aamir.

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