Dangal takes the China box office by storm on 2nd Friday

Aamir Khan starrer Dangal has taken the Chinese box office by storm on the second Friday. The film has collected massive $5.81 million (37.27 cr) on the 8th day which is more than double as compared to the opening day.

There were two new Hollywood films King Arthur and Power Rangers also released in China today. But both these films could not withstand against Dangal and has grossed less than $1.5 million on first Friday.

Dangal total box office collection in China is now $32.09 million (211.08 cr). It is the first Indian film to cross 200 crore mark in an overseas territory. The lifetime collection could go up to $70-75 million in China and total overseas gross will cross $100 million.

Dangal is likely to show big growth on Saturday and Sunday and could come with some unbelievable numbers. It will set new benchmarks in China which will be hard to break in near future.

  • Day 1: 14.67 ($2.27m)
  • Day 2: 30.30 ($4.69m)
  • Day 3: 35.86 ($5.55m)
  • Day 4: 37.23 ($5.78m)
  • Day 5: 22.58 ($3.52m)
  • Day 6: 24.89 ($3.88m)
  • Day 7: 25.02 ($3.90m)
  • Day 8: 37.27 ($5.81m)
  • Total: 211.08 Cr ($32.09m)

69 comments on “Dangal takes the China box office by storm on 2nd Friday”

  1. Should be 500+ CR only in China 50 + CR also Taiwan

    Lifetime must be 1300+ CR

    Sat+ sun +8 days = 300+ Mini

    Remember This is not a Masala Commercial Movie

    Aamir is a such a legend

    Eyes on $100 Mn Overseas Fenomenon

      1. wow great ,

        Wanda multiplex bycott k...or...avrage 300-350 ticket price pr bhi....

        200 crore....

        sach me....Dangal storm in china....


        chinease log cheap , थकेली , movie nhi dekhte...

    1. Baahubali ye mat sochna hmne har man le h hm khan h khan kuch bhe kr skte h duniya p hukumat esa he nhi kari h
      Aamir srk salman die hard fan

    2. Chinese fans now gambling Dangal bo will be 700cr above in China...Some even say 900cr..

      In China Dangal is very hot,not like USA or uae,There are oversea indians...In China,all are Chinese buying ticket..another Awara in China

      500-600cr I estimated

  2. Tomorrow's prediction by Maoyaon :
    Dangal 100 crore
    GOGVol2 : 43 crore
    Dangal 2nd weekend will be around 230 crore in China ??
    Gap between BB2 and Dangal would be around 100 crores after this weekend ?

    1. ohh my god...
      agar aisa hua to BB2 is in danger...
      come on Dangal........ bb2 ka bajado band...

      1. Illiterate bb2 1000cr in 9 days Dangal still didn't do that in 2nd phase... Band means what bb2 did to baahubali ? ? lifetime biz at foot of bb2at end of 5 days ? Dangal band bajane keliye bb2 ready hi it will release in China and Dangal ka band Baja just like India ?

      1. It is achievable, very much,,, 15 m is possible but not tomorrow it possible in Sunday !!new Hollywood biggies are collapse ,anyway, weather it cross 100or not that doesn't matter but I can smell that dangal is going to create unimaginable number cuz I lived in China and know the feeling of Chinese people to sir aamir ,after tomorrow's Chinese prediction will change to 90m,

        1. great comment @thug bhai....

          ......real oversease collection h....B'cos...
          Usa , UAE , uk , me 90% indian hi bollywood movies ko dekhte h....

          ......pure oversease collection....

      2. @parshya,get ready BB2 is in real danger,Agar aaj 100cr na bhi hua. to 80cr to kam se kam hoga.Shows yesterday were abt 35k and today abt 52k.Every hater wld run away seeing today's collns.80 cr tak araam se hoga. aur aaj 1000CRWW bhi ho jayega dangal ka.

        1. @saurabh the reason y no film in Bollywood can even touch foot of bb is due to fools like u,parshya r few fans of Bollywood...dangal eyeing at 1000-1100 n baahubali at 1500...how can that b a danger baffon??? At 2nd phase Dangal did 1000which bb did at 9 days... N in 2nd phase of baahubali Dangal will b in dustbin just like in india

  3. Well well where are those Haters hiding look at dangal collections it's making India proud

  4. wow.....wow.....wow....


    what a collection!!!!

    ming boggling!!!!

    #Dangal is non masala movie

    DHAMAKA in china...

    #400cr in china

  5. 2nd weekend will be in the range of 200-220 dangal is chasing bahubali 2 like a boss with steady steps

  6. My Prediction was $30
    Dangal Crossed $30 on its 8th Day. Lol!!!
    1st Indian Movie To Cross 200Cr in Single Overseas Territory.
    Tomorrow will be the Biggest day for DANGAL in China.
    Advance Booking is over $2.5M
    This is Something Beyond Imagination.

  7. Boys and Girls!
    This is not Aamir Khan, this is the thought process and hardwork that goes into making a movie not just appeal to critics but to normal people like us too. It does not matter how old you're, it does not matter what Cinema you follow, His movies are coming out right as entertaining and as appealing that anyone has done that before.
    I have no qualms saying, SRK is miserably failing in trying to convey his cinema or his thought process. He's a thorough gentleman but, I am unable to understand what He's trying to convey from his body of work or from his ted talk speech. We can all laud it but, what was it that He actually conveyed...We all have a story of our life and Sorry but you being there up top need to deliver, Surma eyes and a few expressions aren't going to get you further. And you're 51 already. Same goes to Salman and what not. Make cinema that's worth rewatching or else people in China have access to torrent less to speak. I'm out.

    1. Joker stardom is when lifetime biz at foot of baahubali at end of 5 days ? ?
      #Dangal is d grade commercial entertainer in name of biopic
      #baahubali a poetic film

    2. Bb2 already in 1350cr illiterate cartoon Dangal is for 1000cr n bb2 releasing in China... B ready for band of Dangal records it's a passing cloud

  8. There are three movie which released today (actually one released yesterday) all are having more screen than Dangal but all of these three combine total is less than Dangal. GOG2 had close to 100000shows on opening day, Dangal had 28000 shows. Now in second Friday Dangal had 32000+ shows while GOG2 had 27000+. The best thing that footfalls of Dangal is more than twice than GOG2 although the collection is less than twice due to High avg ticket rates of GOG2.
    Ise kehte h dhamaka karna.
    Dangal is such a gem movie.

  9. u know one thing is clear ,this movie trend is better than pk,,,,,,,pk did 10m in just 10 days and ended with 21 ,,here is the math ,if dangal 10 days collection is 45 m then is going to end by 100 m,,,,,,tomorrow minimum 7,,,10m is possible chinse are crazy about aamir khan,,,this is real overseas collection not indian people watching it,,,,,sunday collection will clear weather it is going to hit 100m in china or not,sound like impossible but chinese are crazy about aamir,,,,,,,waiting for sunday collection ,anyway bb2 record is going to break next year with thug,,aamir fan take a sound sleep thug will be the best action adventure film that india ever made,,,,it is aamir !!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Yes superb collection,but bahubali jab China me release hoga to 250mn$ pakka SS rajamouli NE superb planning kiya hai .movie China me 14000 screen PE release hogi aur ticket rate fate aur furious ke equal hoga.wait karo bahubali tsunami ka .Sara jawab mil jayega.waise without China release bahubali 2 1500 crore complete kar lega iss weekend life time without China release 1700 crore world wide minimum.dangal maximum 1200 crore 500 crore difference without China release


  12. Baahubali 2 might not be a successful in China because they have seen epic war based movies before. Dangal had that freshness in the story which is creating huge records in China. But the amount of success that Baahubali achieved in India cannot be replicated in near future. Baahubali outperformed in each and every state which is not easy to replicate. Likewise box office success in China is something which cannot be replicated by any other movie. Baahubali 1000 crore gross in India alone and Dangal's success in China will be remembered forever.

  13. king Arthur is released and its the same genr like bahubali same war and action and its a big flop in china and same is going to happen wd bahubali

  14. i ask some chinese about bb2 .they said bb is bore to us.we have lot of war film better than this.so it will hardly works.

  15. guys many chinese on betting on weibo .some says it will do 700cr or another say 900cr

  16. as per lastest preiction dangal LT in china=145m$.they are increasing prediction every day 40m$to60m$to80m$to145m$. This is called Mega Madness

  17. 950 + 39cr= 989cr.sat prediction 100cr.sunday will be 10% more.bb2 ab dangal hoga

  18. Dangal worldwide 1500 crore looking easy now.Indeed great achievement.BAHUBALI 2 ka record tode ya na tode but itna collection baki sab superstars ke liye ek dream jaisa hogaya.
    If dangal does 100 mn overseas so please find if combined business of all releases in 2016 of Hindi films has crossed dangal or dangal alone sab pe bhari hai.

  19. I Guess the reason of amir's film doing great in china is whenever he try to close his eyes or smile he looks like chinese... ?
    just kiddin guys.. dont put a gun on me ha..

  20. bahubali 2 overseas collection
    two week grosses 285cr koimoi
    two week grosses $45m koimoi
    jio re saaho re bahubali
    release – chine,Japan,South Africa,Korea,hong kong,England
    overseas collection cross $200m
    wait and watch
    jio re saaho re bahubali 2

  21. bahubali 2 overseas collection
    two week grosses 285cr koimoi
    two week grosses $45m koimoi
    jio re saaho re bahubali
    release – chine,Japan,South Africa,Korea,hong kong,England
    overseas collection cross $200m
    wait and watch
    jio re saaho re bahubali 2

  22. what is masala and non-masala
    Agar ap kisi flim me action item song etc jo bhi cahiye masala ke liye aur isme story content nahi howa tu flim flop he
    u don't need masala to attract people
    u need good story and content jo ki dangal
    me he

  23. Good Congrats...Aamir well Done...
    I am movie lover and i just cant think kya kar raha indian cinema 1st bahubali 2 creates history then dangal woww i am a cinema lover i think this is a huge appreciation for indian cinema....
    but i think also Salman Movie Tubelight has good potential to do well in china it has also chance break bahubali 2 1st weekend collection because of china... and the chine actress in it that is the biggest factor for it...and it is very good because of aamir china box office is open for good indian cinema...
    Tubelight getting 8000 + screens in china including Imax because Transformers arrived same date in china and BB2 getting 14000 screens and it is releasing somewhere around diwali and christmas in 2nd phase waiting for that also....great Indian Cinema sab baat kar rahe ab Indian cinema ke baare me....

  24. ??
    Bahubali2 wale full tension me

    Unko laga aab koi nahi tod sakta bb2 ka record..

    Arey bhai iss Sal me hi tut sakta hai

    Aur phir TOH ke sath phirse BB2 KA band bajayega

  25. Total Fake collection......manupulation on hiegh level......Bahubali ka collection se dar kar apna movie ka collection badha kar bta rha h......150 Cr max tha is movie ka jo ki real collection hota.....total fake

  26. As raha hoon bb2 kuch din ke baad tu history.

    Ek bat hamesha yaad rakhna Aamir record banata bhi hai aur todta bhi

    Aamir-the biggest megastar ??

  27. Dangal movie toadys business in china might be close to 100 crs.This is unimaginable.Todays dangal collection is near about 50% of toatal china's business collection.

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