Dangal shows massive growth on 2nd Saturday in Hong Kong

Dangal has shown massive growth on its second Saturday as it grossed HK$ 1,865,934. It is the highest single day so far for Dangal. Needless to remind that it is also the highest single day collection for an Indian film.

The film has yet again topped the Hong Kong box office. These numbers are simply historic and it seems that 3 Idiots record will be history pretty soon.

  • Day 1: HK$ 668k
  • Day 2: HK$ 811k
  • Day 3: HK$ 1.57m
  • Day 4: HK$ 1.57m
  • Day 5: HK$ 687k
  • Day 6: HK$ 841k
  • Day 7: HK$ 720k
  • Day 8: HK$ 852k
  • Day 9: HK$ 1.04m
  • Day 10: HK$ 1.86m
  • Total:  HK$ 11.57 m (9.46 cr)

Meanwhile, Dangal has crossed 2000 crores mark at the worldwide box office. You can read the detailed report here Dangal Worldwide Box Office Collection Update: Crosses 2000 Crores 

19 comments on “Dangal shows massive growth on 2nd Saturday in Hong Kong”

  1. This is super the film is just awesome just when you think it can't get any better dangal just keeps surprising us.

  2. I WANT SRK TO DO CONTENT MOVIE And it earn 600 cr. Then we will see what his fans say CONTENT or STARDOM.

  3. its about universally appealing content

    content to swadesh, talash, masan mai bhi hai....parr appealing nai hai

    dangal ww footfalls nearing 10cr. insane

    1. EXCUSE EXCUSE EXCUSE!!!! TAALASH mein konsa content tha. Before Dangal trade said that it would not do in OS Bcuz it connects with INDIAN SENTIMENTS. China, HK,TAIWAN, turkey have no problem regarding women rights and empowerment.

  4. Achcha agar Aamir khan ki script choice itni hi achchi hai na to vo
    Mayabazar(1957) se zyada achchi film karke dikhaye phir pata chal jayega uski script choice ki aukat India ki best film ke aagey kya hai
    Lets see which Aamir khan movie can challenge Mayabazar in terms of content
    Rang de basanti - No
    3 idiots - No Never
    Taare zameen par - big NO
    Lagaan - no way
    PK - Nyooo
    Ghajini - what a joke yaar
    Dangal - yeh to rehne hi dey

    1. Sorry to say, we never even heard the name of a movie called Mayabazar before, so don't there is need to compare wirh the same because in same year i.e. 1957, Mother India shattered records.
      Dangal need no comparison, it as diff kind of movie to its own and the numbers doesn't lie.

  5. Baap aakhir Baap hota hai. Srk hakla and bhojouri lallu salman will never achieve this kind of megastardom in their lives. Aamir is Baap of both in stardom. Their ekka dukka fans better stay in their limit before blabbering rubbish against the Baap of bollywood.

  6. Sallu fans :Sallu ki film chali to stardom aur Aamir ki film chali to content ?

    WA kya logic Hai to ek baat batao Sallu abhi tak Aamir ka record kyun nahi tod pa Raha.

    Agar Aamir tubelight karta to 200cr ke par le jata eid pe.

    Aab ajayenge talash pe to talaash nahi remake thi nahi holiday release thi nahi action thi fir bhi 95cr Kiya aur wo bhi 2012 ko 1200 screen me

    Aur jai ho Republic day Jyada screen
    2014 blockbusters remake fir bhi 112cr

    Arey excuses Dena band kardo.
    Tumse na ho payega.

      1. No it's stardom you daffar psychopath drama queen hakla fan. We call it content when DDLJ, HAHK,KKHH became blockbusters. This is megastar Aamr khan not some chongu mongu statdomless actors like srk. Aukaat me reh.

        1. You wanna be abusive you son of a bitch, go give it to AAMIR ass, and then he can give it back to you, who you calling stardomless, who even knows AAMIR truly tell me one big celebrity who knows Jackie chan that's it, Bret rather called Jackie chan and Jackie said he'd like to speak to shah rukh Khan and he said to him I've heard extremely good stuff about you I know who you are for the world! Power but AAMIR went all the way to China to suck his penis for Dangal!

          1. The kind of language you SOB use proves what kind of upbringing and background you are coming from. Yeah thanks for proving your 3rd class vulguer background and representing to the world what kind of gatarchaap fanbase Srk has. Poor flop actor with shameless backward community fanbase with no life.

  7. Comment:srk is no. 1 globally hero.... Isme koi sak nhi hai... Film chale ya na chale 'badshah always badshah' amir,salman,akshay to usk age to chuhe hai, jo khuch din k liye fudak rhe hai fir wapas sher ayega....

    1. Shero ka to zamana hota hain suna tha, ye kaisa sher hain jo wapas aayega ?? LOL lagta hain billi hain.

      1. Shah rukh was never gone, Aamir went missing and then came back so billi kaun hai we all know lol hahahahah

        Btw when are Aamir Khan and Fatima Sana Sheik getting married, she's his daughters age and look at him! Eeewwwww man!

        AAMIR tho billi bhi nahin tarki hai, bloody rapist face! You give one bad comment we will give 10 times worse back to you! Hehehehehe ?????

  8. Aise Aamir to samne karta hain SRK jaisa nehi jiska secret affairs ko leke Page 3 aata hain. SRK to baccha hain re usse pehele Aamir aaya tha. Aur abhi bhi hain ha billi hota to biche me chala jata SRK jaisa. LOL

    1. SRK was never ever gone he has been giving the industry something all along, why are you ,Yong for check AAMIR khans filmography he was gone for some time chuha, secret affairs as far I know that man came to the industry married and told everyone this is my wife, AAMIR Khan lied about his wife and said I am single why? Because they said to him you won't work if you say you are married now what huh?

      Us besharam main itni himmat nahin ke woh sabko keh sake she is my wife, and you are his fan shows how much dignity you must have! And then he left her and got married again and now a little girl, this is disgusting man!

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