Dangal set to enter into Top 400 Worldwide Grossers of All Time

Aamir Khan's Dangal continues to smash records and create box office history. The film will be among world's top 400 grossers of all time very soon.

As of 16th June 2017, Dangal is at 411th position in world's highest grossers list. It just needs $3 million before it will enter into top 400. This is simply unimaginable as earlier none of Bollywood films were even in top 1000. Dangal is also 30th highest grosser of 2016 among all worldwide releases.

On a related note, Dangal has grossed $0.52 million on 6th Friday in China. This is a terrific hold despite the releases of too many Hollywood and local films.

DayCollection (m)INR (cr)
Day 1$2.2714.67
Day 2$4.6930.30
Day 3$5.5535.86
1st Weekend$12.5180.83
Day 4$5.7837.23
Day 5$3.5222.58
Day 6$3.8824.89
Day 7$3.9025.02
1st Week$29.59190.55
Day 8$6.1239.27
Day 9$13.6687.66
Day 10$12.5380.24
2nd Weekend$32.31207.17
Day 11$4.9531.73
Day 12$4.9231.54
Day 13$4.2026.92
Day 14$3.7324.08
Day 15$6.0238.80
Day 16$16.35106.03
Day 17$11.7175.94
3rd Weekend$34.82224.44
Day 18$3.4222.06
Day 19$3.1220.12
Day 20$2.7617.80
Day 21$2.5116.19
Day 22$1.8812.13
Day 23$2.8418.32
Day 24$6.5142.27
Day 25$8.0552.05
Day 26$6.3440.92
Day 27$1.7611.33
Day 28$4.6029.61
Day 29$1.7211.06
Day 30$3.9625.50
Day 31$3.5322.71
Day 32$1.408.98
Day 33$1.258.03
Day 34$1.177.53
Day 35$1.107.07
Day 36$1.086.94
Day 37$2.1213.65
Day 38$1.9312.45
Day 39$0.724.63
Day 40$0.704.50
Day 41$0.654.19
Day 42$0.644.13
Day 43$0.523.35
Day 44$1.348.63
Day 45$1.278.18
Day 46$0.523.35
Day 47$0.513.28
Day 48$0.513.28
Day 49$0.513.28
Day 50$0.150.96
Day 51$0.352.25
Day 52$0.392.51
Day 53$0.231.48
Day 54$0.271.74
Day 55$0.291.87
Day 56$0.231.48
Day 57$0.171.09
Day 58$0.251.61
Day 59$0.322.06
Day 60$0.150.96
Day 61$0.150.96
Total$191.15 million 1224.25 cr


  • 1st Phase: 736.16
  • Taiwan: 34.29*
  • China: 1176.60
  • Total: 1947.05 Cr

25 comments on “Dangal set to enter into Top 400 Worldwide Grossers of All Time”

  1. It's proud moment for Indians ?
    Haters in shock ?

    Aamir the biggest global megastar
    U have done it man ????

    Really proud to be a Aamir khan fan
    Kitna aye aur gaye Par Aamir Jaisa koi nahi..

    Tiranga sabse upar Lahraya

    1. Parsya khus ho jaa fake collection dekh ke
      Let bahubali release in China then watch what will happen
      Itna manipulation toh koi nahi karta
      Fake stardom hero
      Fake hero
      Fake deshbhakti

      1. @Arpita
        Manipulation to BB2 walone Kiya hai 1600cr bhi cross nahi Kiya hai aur Bol rahe hai 1685cr

        I m waiting for Dangal BTW Dangal n bb2 in china. ?

        Dangal aise dhoyegi bb2 ko china me Jaise bb2 ne Dangal ko dhoya tha India me.

        Hisab barabar...
        Semi final jitne se kya fayda final Jitna chahiye aur usse hi winner kahte hai..

        #Dangal will win final in china ???

    1. Hollywood movies are releasing more than 40000 screens, whereas in india screen count is only 8000. Its a much bigger figure than what was there 5 years back. Days will come when the screen count will be 10k+, 20k+, 30k+ and so on. Bollywood is able to create and its creating hollywood level movies. Like bahubali series, Robot series etc. Only matter of time to increase the multiplexes which is growing at faster rate.

  2. Har din koi na koi record set Kar rahi hai Dangal ?

    Wow Isse kahte hai movie banana.
    Aamir u r geneous..

    No one match ur megastardom whether it is India, overseas or ww

    Kaha Aamir the biggest global megastar aur kaha wo local star. ?

  3. May be 2maro TEPK will beat fusslight trailer views..

    I m very happy for Akshay..
    Come on replace Sallu from 2nd position.

    1. 2nd position?? Lol who? Salman is ruling boz office from 2010 and still in 1st position. Amir is in 2nd. From 2-3 movies no one can cone to 1st. If so then varun gave all the hits. Is it mean he is in 1st?
      Mat hasawo yaar....

      1. Tum mat hasvaoo @mhadev yrr
        Salman on 1st
        Joke of the century ...
        Aamir is 1st because he not only give abb but athg in a row
        While varun give only hit with
        110-115cr collection....
        Get some brain u mentally retarded person...
        Then comment...
        Salman at 1st
        Srsly I am dying by laughter after read that....

        1. Tiwari beta fake collection dekh ke khus ho jawo.
          Boxofficeindia aur other website dekh then comment ok. Talaash kar ke baith tu.
          Pagal log bhi aamir ke fan hote hai accha lagta hai..
          2-4 din mein toh tum log Aamir ko king khan bhi declare kar sakte hai..
          Hahaha #ROFL ?????????

          1. Aamir has beaten Salman every year from 2008 barring 2012 when there was release of both in the same year.That's y Aamir is bigger and undisputed no.1.Plus 5 ATG/ATBB in last 6 movies.Case closed.

      2. Abey pagal,every movie apart from Talaash since 2008 is an ATG/ATBB and u r comparing this to hits.ilaaz kara ja kar apna.Criminal fan kahi ka.

        Aamir is undisputed no.1 since 2008.

        1. Yeh dekho Judge or may be judge ka beta bhi Amir ke fan nikle criminal batake.
          Amir gives 1 mega hit 8n every 2-3 years but salman is giving 2 mega hits in every year.
          Please yaar tu near ke theatre nahi near ke pagalkhane jaa re... sudhar jayega...
          hahahaha ????????

  4. Kal 44th day ka all time record hoga China mein phir.Kam se kam 8-10 daily records honge china mein.Hila diya saare haters ko.sab coma mein hai.

  5. BB2 will release in china in September with 4000 screens

    They r expecting 300cr ??
    Accha mazak hai..

    Karo bhai Jo bhi karna hai Karo lekin Ek baat hamesha yaad rakhna
    #Dangal unbreakable.

    Aur 5 Sal wait Karo for bb3..
    Till then enjoy Dangal's success with Aamir's fans. ??

    Arey re re haters to rone lage ?
    Don't worry iss bar bb2 china nahi jeet payega Kyunki uska panga Aamir the greatest and biggest global megastar se hai ?

    Jor lagao Jitna Chahe Utna..
    Par koi fayda nahi Hoga 400cr ka gap hai ??

    Dangal ka record todna mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai re bahubali.
    Aamir destroyed mahishmati Kingdom in ww. ?

  6. Ye sab china ko kamaal hai barna itna collection nahi hota amir is chinese star not a global ?

  7. Well it's not easy to crack china you crack china you crack Asian market plus aamir is no.1 in America doing well in Europe and gulf also so he is a global superstar btw dangal is also going to release in South America bb2 target is 300m yen but I doubt if bb2 achieves Pk target aamir is popular over time there no one went to see bb1 in china bb2 hype will ensure 15m max but I can't see more than that.

  8. One Man Armed Industry Wait the Legandary Khan Til his International Thugs of Hindustan Action/Adventure' Hits the Boxoffice Next DIWALI ' Man Without u mr Aamir Khan Bollywood Would have Been Suffered Much and Still It is Tragedy That Indian Media Will Never Cover up How Gift Actor u Are ?

    1. bhai @movie lover

      indian media ko sirf pese chahiye , or Aamir deta nhi....

      fir b jak marke b , Aamir k bare me chapna pad jata h????????????????

      ydi esi success srk ko mili hoti , to vo rat din Forbs , cnn ,bbc , or indian media ko call kr kr ke.....

      news dene ko khta , thodi jeb b bhar deta .

      or kai news vale "Biggest star of Galexy" b likh dete?????


      bhai , aakhir tune ye to maan hi liya...Aamir china ka b MEGASTAR h,

      sallu to india ka b nhi bn paya h????????????????????

      @sufisab ????? shi pkre h...

  9. The mega star of china!! :D
    These articles are of no use..
    Follow the genuine site boxofficeindia.com for more details on Chinese collections by dangal.. :D..
    so aamir can be truely called china star!

  10. Salo tum sare kamene h q acchi film ko sport karna chahye chahye kesi ki bhi h itne jalte q h good film par bb2 dangal bb bhaijan good films h story wise dangal aur bb and action bb2 good h

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