Dangal Satellite Rights sold for a record 75 crore

Aamir Khan's Dangal has been trending all over as the buzz and excitement are reaching at its peak. The film is aimed for December 23rd release.

Aamir has sold satellite rights of Dangal to Zee Cinema. The deal was cracked a few days back. Though no official announcement is made yet but the reports are suggesting that the Dangal satellite rights are sold for a huge amount of 75 crore. The minimum guarantee in this deal is 55 crore, while further 20 crore will be given if the film crosses a certain benchmark (like 200 or 300 cr).

If the reports turned out to be true then Dangal will break the record of Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3 which was sold out for 65 crores. Aamir Khan himself has produced Dangal along with Walt Disney which holds 30% of the share.

Dangal is being made on a moderate budget and all the costs have been recovered even before the release.

15 comments on “Dangal Satellite Rights sold for a record 75 crore”

  1. Aamir sirf ATBB/ATHG deta hein......no blockbuster no superhit......
    "Bhed ki haha kar ke badle sher ki ek dahad hein pyare Dangal Dangal"

    1. 3-4 free weeks, best release slot (Christmas), Without clash, 2-3 saal ke baad aata hai, badi star hai... toh kyun nahi blockbuster hogi?

  2. It won't cross 220 cr. Mark my words. Amir is nothing without Raju Papa and big franchise films.

        1. Lallu ka stardom..
          9 times failed to break Lagaan’s Record,
          4 times failed to break Taare zameen par’s(break by Ghajini) Record,
          4 times failed to break Ghajini’s(break by 3idiots),
          7 times failed to break 3idiots(break by Chennai express) Record,
          1 time failed to break dhoom3’s(break by Pk) record, 3 times failed to break pk’s Record and still Pk is Highest Grosser

    1. Thought my comment will get many dislikes but likes are more than dislikes. Looks like Amir doesn't have many fans?. Now please don't say his fans watch films in theatres instead of barking on internet. Admit that his films work because of word of mouth and not because of stardom? which he doesn't have.

    2. 700 crores . Note it down. Abhi to sirf up me film tax free hui hai. DANGAL pure india me tax free na ho jaye kahin hhhhhhhh

  3. Everything Aamir got this time If dangal got 350 cr than there is no doubt Aamir is biggest than salman in term of bo

    Many people will think why 350 where salman highest is 320 but here I want to tell Aamir takes long time to come like one movie in 2 yr so he need to get big

    Best of luck Aamir

    Although I m salmAn fan but like Aamir too

    Only one thing I don't like in Amir that he do very less movie at least he should do one movie in one yr

    If he do same way than people might be lose interest on him

  4. 200cr enough.. practically money issue in rural area and urban also.. might be struggle to 300 cr

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