Dangal Reviews by Critics

Dangal Reviews by Critics

Aamir Khan's Dangal has received excellent reviews from critics. The average rating is which is the highest of this year. It is the best received film of 2016.

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  • Positive: 11
  • Neutral: 0
  • Negative: 0
  • Avg Rating: 4.1/5


Dangal Review by KoiMoi

Rating: 4/5

Must-watch! It is a rightly done sports drama inspired from a real story. Also sends out a strong feminist message. Dangal is inspiring, emotional and spellbinding. It is a ‘Dhakad’ film and a perfect end for 2016! A 4/5 for this.

Dangal Review by Bollywood Life

Rating: 4.5/5

Dangal is the film of the year for me. It is brave, gritty, honest and has a performance of a lifetime by Aamir. Watch it because I can’t think of a better film that came out this year which got your attention with such intensity. And yes, I loved Sultan as well. But Dangal sort of won my heart over.

Dangal Review by Bollywood Hungama

Rating: 4.5/5

On the whole, DANGAL is a masterpiece. A terrific film that stays in your heart and remains etched in your memory much after the screening has concluded. A brilliant film that restores your faith in Hindi cinema. Actually, it won’t be erroneous to state that DANGAL is the finest film to come out of the Hindi film industry in a long, long time and mark my words, it will be remembered as a classic in times to come.

Dangal Review by Hindustan Times

Rating: 4/5

This could be Aamir’s best performance till date. Yes, even better than Lagaan. A man making his daughters chase his dream. He cries, frowns, gets angry, looks old and tired, but is definitely one of us. When he shakes his head helplessly, you see a father in him. When he gets into a brawl, he is the brother you always depended on. When he wants to see you win, you know you have to perform. It’s not just his pride, it’s yours as well.

Dangal Review by Indian Express

Rating: 3/5

It could have easily turned into a vanity project, which is a clear and present danger. It could have been made more polished that it needed. But it stays real, because the star ratchets it up when required, and lets it go in the rest.

Dangal Review by Pinkvilla

Rating: 4.25/5

Give them a chance. To him and the Phogats, Dangal is an apt homage to their spirit. All you must want for Christmas is to watch this movie. This one is to cherish and for the keeps.

Dangal Review by Times of India

Rating: 4.5/5

What works wonderfully here is the writing. Director Nitesh Tiwari, along with Piyush Gupta, Shreyas Jain and Nikhil Mehrotra should be complimented for their tongue-in-cheek quality, peppered with humour and several poignant father-daughter emotions all through.

Dangal Review by NDTV

Rating: 4/5

Dangal is the kind of sports film that usually eludes Bollywood. It knows the rules inside and out and meticulously plays by them without ever succumbing to dreary predictability. Dangal is an outright winner - a film that will pin you down and keep you in its grip all the way through.

Dangal Review by Filmfare

Rating: 5/5

Dangal has everything that you’d ask from the perfect Hindi film. Its funny, dramatic, dark, serious, emotional all rolled into one seamless cinematic gem. It is the movie of the year. A film that deserves a standing ovation. A story so good that it will make you feel like a proud Indian. This is a truly special film.

Dangal Review by Mid-day

Rating: 4/5

He is, as he's been appearing during Christmas for more than a few years now, the annual Santa Claus spreading cheer among Indian audiences, enticing you to enjoy a fine bout at the dangal, this time, and a wholly enjoyable ride in the theatre, yet again. Don't think I need to say more. You won't miss this anyway.

Dangal Review by Raja Sen

Rating: 4.5/5

Dangal teaches us where rainbows lie in wrestling, and while it is a celebration of true greats — and true grit — this isn’t about one sport. India needs to watch this film for the way it puts the ‘her’ in ‘hero.’

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17 comments on “Dangal Reviews by Critics”

    1. ye mahaveer phogat ke naam pe mil gaye 3 stars bhi.
      tingu ko to uski height ke according milne chahiye the. dedh footiye ko dedh star (1.5*).

      1. Bro I am also an die heart Salman fan but this doesn't mean that we should disrespect aamir.... So plz don't disrespect him..... #BeingHumanFan

    2. ye to mahaveer phogat ji ke naam pe mil gaye 3 stars bhi.
      Tingu ko to uski height ke according stars milne chahiye the.
      dedh footiya hero = dedh star (1.5 *)

      1. Strict Indian Express (Shubra Gupta) gave 3.5 stars to Sultan.So,may be Dangal won't cross 300cr.I think Dangal might not be as entertaining as Sultan.

        1. Haha abhi bhi in lallu ke fans ko lag raha hein sultan top par rahegi..
          Sultan ka band bajnewala hein kal se..

        2. Correction .... Shubhra gupta gave sultan 3/5.... Link below

      2. ?Bada aaya salman ka fan .u r the person who don't know anything about film .Salman is far behind Aamir in acting.hamesha ek hi tarah ka film 'heroic'?

  1. omg... this is going on record books for sure!!!!
    i love salman.. but second comes aamir...
    so i am mighty happpy!!

  2. 3.5 enough... Nothing new in story.. India express given 3 bcoz they know old story like sultan..other critics Amir fan..

  3. The film can be seen only once. It will definitely goes as Classic. But BOxoffice point of view, it will do only 275 crores.

  4. The above review is the most authentic and true review of the film. I have watched the movie yesterday and it's a simply superb sports theme oriented film brilliantly executed by Aamir and his team. The film is truly inspirational.
    The plus points are :
    1. Performance of all cast including Amir, Sakshi, their daughters and the whole theme
    2.The typical Indian mindset for girl child
    3.The brilliantly peppy and humorous songs (Especially Hanikaarak Bapu, Dhaakad and Title song by Daler Mehndi)
    4.Some special moments such as Aamir and his daughter's confrontation.
    5.The girls fighting in Dangal with boys.

    The Negative Points:
    1. Film is a bit lengthy. Should have trimmed off some fight scenes in the second half.
    2.The second half towards ending showing too much emotions.
    3. The climax and closing was lacking a punch as similar other Aamir Khan films.
    4. Predictable climax.
    5 Could have done better editing and trim the duration.

    Overall 85/100

  5. No words for this movie a brilliant job/acting amir khan u rock it !!again awesome movie.. must watch .best movie ever❤❤

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