Dangal records unbelievable collection on 2nd Saturday in China

Dangal 2nd Saturday Box Office Collection in China: Dangal has done a gigantic $13.5 million (86 cr INR) business in China on the second Saturday. The collections are unbelievable and unimaginable, to say the least.

Today's gross in China is higher than the highest overseas weekend collection from Bollywood (held by Dhoom 3 which collected $10 million). It is also higher than the Bahubali 2 weekend collection in North America.

Dangal total collection in China has now crossed 300 cr. While none of the Indian films has not crossed 300 cr in all overseas markets combined, Dangal has done this in a single country. The film will set some crazy records in the coming days too.

  • Day 1: 14.67 ($2.27m)
  • Day 2: 30.30 ($4.69m)
  • Day 3: 35.86 ($5.55m)
  • Day 4: 37.23 ($5.78m)
  • Day 5: 22.58 ($3.52m)
  • Day 6: 24.89 ($3.88m)
  • Day 7: 25.02 ($3.90m)
  • Day 8: 39.27 ($6.12m)
  • Day 9: 86.63 ($13.5m)
  • Total: 300.06 Cr ($47.24m)

The worldwide collection of Dangal now stands at massive 1053 crore. The film is now chasing Baahubali 2 worldwide gross.

95 comments on “Dangal records unbelievable collection on 2nd Saturday in China”

    1. Aamir Khans fame in China is Unbelievable! What he has done at box office in china is unimaginable!
      People in China lovingly call him "Uncle Khan" haha
      100cr+ tomorrow!
      And then Tubelight will do its wonders!
      Every time you think the Khans are finished they manage to do something bigger than your imagination!
      Shah Rukh Khan is behind at the moment but hope he hops back into the game soon!
      But Aamir Khan is the biggest change in India at the moment!
      A Bahubali is big but not bigger than name KHAN!

      1. great story ....My name is khan....bhul gya kya ??

        sirf 50 lakh....

        great story k sath Aamir hona chahiye ....

        srk ko ab....life time achivment...dega....akshay kumar

        1. Okay you people have been saying that for over 20 years lol
          Ab gussa nahin hasee aathi hai dost haha
          You know very well that about 20 different actors have come and gone since he started but he is at his place!

      2. Don't give credit to Aamir khan alone.
        It couldn't be possible without raw actors like Fatima,sanya,zaira etc.
        They did an outstanding job.

        1. par bhai....esme salman hota....

          to yh movie b "sultan" bn jati.....

          .....aamir ki vajah se 10000 larkiyo me 4 girl li gyi....

          sabko real wrestling sikhayi gyi.....

          or china me b....great start aamir ki vsjah se mila...

    2. oh my god unbelievable
      others films ka day-wise collection kam hota hai pr Dangal ka to high ho raha hai
      Dakad chhori

    3. hahaha....?????....

      Nirja ko best movie ka ....national award mila.....

      Pink ...ko best social film ka....

      ye Dono mil kar b china me...1 crore b nhi kma skti....

      Dangal ka boxoffice...chikh chikh kr kh rha h.....National Award...fake h...


        1. bhai...tu kiska fan h...yha sbko pta h...

          or best social film vh hoti h....jo socity me big change kre....pink me negetive women impowerment h....

          or best movie vh hoti h...jo har tarah se perfect ho....jo jyada logo ko pasand bhi aaye...or critics b jise jyada pasand kre.......

  1. a kiya horaha Hai India ki movie India se Jada bahar collection karrahi Hai ..... isse Pata chalta Hai India ki aukat Jo apni movie apne hi desh pe kamanahi pati itna.... bcoz screen hi nahi Hai itna Jo kamaye ...avivi India me hazaro jagha Hai kahan screen nahi Hai . par agar Hollywood movie ki bat karo to Hollywood ki movie jitna vi bahar kamale par kamayegi desh se kam ....... main Indian hu par sach bat kahene me kohi problems nahi .

  2. Dangal final - 1600cr ww

    BB2 Final - 1450cr ww

    BB2 will chasing Dangal in 2nd phase.

    May be cross Dangal. .

    But it has to do well in china

    Otherwise no one will beat Aamir TILL TOH.

    #Dangal is non masala movie

    #Aamir-the biggest global megastar

    1. Ye Non masala film wali ine hata de tu har jagh likhta h....acha h ki ye non masal film nahi h verna china me chalti bhi nahi itni fir.....aur india me is cheez ka koi fark nhi pdta Amir ko ki film non masala hai ki nhi.....

    2. @Parshya.. even handicaped people also dont like to give excuse then this is THE Aamirkhan- magaster he...

      Stop non masala nd all... be happy nd njoy. Hope i wont see more from u this excuses.

  3. Omg can't believe it wow unbelievable unthinkable just don't have the adjective for it

  4. It is not final Approx 95+ CR tomorrow Announces

    Sunday Must be $20 MN -23 mn around 150 CR

    Just Amazing

    1. Bhahut hoga bhai, that is yesterday collection. And more than that, saturday is the biggest day for overseas than sunday. It is not indian market.

    1. They are not so called global stars, Shah Rukh Khan has rocked the overseas market much before anyone else even entered the market! On about so called! Yesterday Shah Rukh Khan was rolling and today its Aamir Khan tomorrow it'll be someone else! But you can't take the respect away from Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan if tomorrow someone like Ranbir Kapoor is making it in overseas market!
      And you know what's funny when Shah Rukh Khan was the biggest thing at box office in overseas they said we don't care about overseas but now suddenly when Aamir Khan is the biggest at box office overseas it does matter now! Lol funny people
      So don't say so called you idiot! Shah Rukh Khan can even today pull millions of people to him in almost every country in the world! I think that makes him global enough!

      1. SRK never rocked an overseas market,it was NRI's wastching SRK movies.Not the case with Aamir in china.

      2. SRK was the beneficiary of a quirky combo of increased diaspora migration plus Aamir's absence in the 2000-2004 period. Starting from the mid to late 90s, with the courtesy of the H-1B visa, more than 2 million Indian programmers made their way to the US. This migration tremendously increased BO prospects of Indian movies. Before this event, the desi population out west could barely push a hit movie to $1M in collections. But after the huge influx of this new desi diaspora, the BO collections of all Indian movies (ie both Bwood and South-Indian) increased significantly.
        SRK's biggest OS hits came in the 2000-2004 period, precisely when Aamir had also taken a self-imposed hiatus. K3G, KHNH,MHN etc were the beneficiaries of this period. But, as soon as Aamir came back with RDB/Fanaa, SRK's OS sheen started dulling away. Post Ghajini, Aamir has kept setting BO benchmarks in the West with his movies, while SRK has simply floundered.
        And now with China, Aamir has actually become a path-breaker. In a country of negligent Indian diaspora, he has conquered the local audiences with his social-conscious brand of cinema. It's gonna take a huge change in the mindset of the other 2 Khans to even try to accomplish this feat.

        1. SRK was nowhere from 1988-1991, what has Aamir done in that period in overseas.,?? SRK has been giving overseas blockbuster since 1993, his career didn't start in the 2000's decade. In spite of debuting 4 years after Aamir, he has given 5 times more overseas blcokbusters and HGOTYs in overseas. So don't underestimate his contribution.

  5. bhai koi batayega ki china ki highest grossing movie ki 2017 ki list me dangal ka naam kyon nahi hai...
    aur dangal ke china ke collections kis china ki box office website me dekhne ko milenge...
    please tell me....

    1. bcoz chaina ke collection ke hisab se dangal ka kamai utna vi Jada nahi Hai ...bcoz chaina me screen 40000 Hai to sochle chainaki movie ka collection chaina me kitna hoga . aur India ka 20 rupees = China 1 rupees... to kahan se dangal chainake highest grosser me aayegi

      1. what a duffer u are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! indian 9.32 rupees = 1 chinese yuan,,,,,,it is not 20 rupees ,,,dont try to confuse people ,,,,,,

      2. Bhai mere china me collection yuan me count nahi hote overseas movie ki ya phir koi bhi bahar ki movie ki yuan me count hote bhi hai magar toh bhi Box office Mojo me collection dollar me show karta hai so if there is dollar 4.5 Crore Dollar to top 100 me toh aayegi hi na???
        lekin list me 1 Crore dollar ki kamai karne wali amovie ka naam bhi hai but Dangal Ka naam Nahi hai isliye puch raha hun kaun si chinese website me Dangal ke collection dikha rahe hai...

    2. twittet par ...china box office ....dekh...

      or BOI pr...200crore ki news phle aa gyi thi...ab 300 crore ki b aa jayegi...

      1. But bhai mere Box office Mojo does not showing anything.. like that if you are following China box office in twitter there has to be a official website toh hogi like BOI BOA
        if there is china box office in twitter who is giving collection day by day toh BOX office Mojo is cheezj ko kyon nahi show kar raha hai aur BOI ki website pe bhi koi update nahi aayi hai ...kal shayad aa jayegi but.....????

  6. dangal has crossed OS of every movie in 9 days.chinese site predicting 705cr LT in china

  7. For film to beat bb2 worldwide it needs to do 1700cr ww as I think bb2 1st phase will be 1500 and will do 150 max in 2nd phase as film may do 50cr max in china.

  8. Hey Guys come on .....
    Don't be so mean....
    Both Dangal And BB Are Great Indian films... Both deserves what they are collecting at BO...
    Be Proud to be Indian
    Be Proud to be fan of HINDI Cinema.

  9. Highest overseas figs of a non-Aamir movie: Baahubali 2: $37M so far [237 cr] Dangal 9 days in China alone will be apprx $47M [301 cr INR]

    1. Bhai.sreen ratio bhi dekh..... 2500 screen and 9000+ screen k collection me difference toh aaayega hi na......but 3500 hindi screen pe baahubali..aur 4200 hindi screen pe dangal ka collection india me wo bhi compare kr sakta hai.....

      413 cr in 16 days baahubali 2
      375 cr lifetime dangal

    1. bhai saap nahi sungha hai...
      boi ke hisaab se dangal 714 Crore hai 1st phase me
      agar yeh news sahi hai china collections ki aur fake nahi hai toh 714 + 300= 1014 Crore ho gaye hai BOI ke hisaab se kal update aa jayega agar nahi aaya toh woh BOI china ke Distrbutors ke tax ke hisaab se Monday ko update karega collections ..

      1. Boi k chelle, dangal ne china me 300 cr kr diya. Ye sirf dangal k liye he nhi puri bollywood k liye ek new market bna di h aamir ne. Or is badi news per kitne article aaye boi per??? Ek aya wo bhi but lga kr dangal ko nicha dikhane k liye. Tere boi ek chor site h

      2. Juz wait n watch if tubelight do good business in china den BOI will made the article in 1st hour . BOI never support aamir and once Aamir told that BOI din't know how to track big movie in small town.So it juz BOI's egoistic that make them not to support Aamir..and u
        still following that site which have no positive spirit to accept the reality..

  10. Tomorrow 130-150cr,
    Only Aamir can do it.
    Aamir is the greatest star
    bollywood ever produced.
    Hats off to Mr Perfect.

  11. #dangal records phenomenal occupancy in china territories about 25% which is just fantastic. Dangal works because Chinese themselves are forcing them to go theatre to watch the master piece. Aamir is some famous there now and hopefully he keeps going with his popularity there. Great stuffs ! Bahubali 2 and Dangal shouldn't be compare. Both are Indias pride. Today it might slow a bit which should be comfortable over $10m.

  12. Aamir to best h sharma..par tere salman ki kya aaukat thee 2008 se phele..!!!!flop pe flop deta tha..kaam se kaam srk flop to nhi de rha apne worst phase main..!!!aur tera salman khan kabhi no 1 pe nhi tha phele srk tha aur aab aamir..!!

  13. Unbelievable collections really to say the least 150 crores guaranteed for tomorrow dangal dangal

  14. 1600cr total,, yeah,,,,,first 10days 60m,, end with 140 as pk trending,, means,, 800/900cr,, it is thugee collection I must say

  15. and now amir is biggest superstar in worldwide from india ...

    china ko to lut liya ... look now sunday 150 cr plus then i m not surprise .....

    ab dekhte hai salman china ki actress ke saath kya kar sakta hai ... china me ...

  16. all india lifetime collection china me 10 din me cross ho jayega ...

    ab socho china me 1 not masala movie kitna perform kar rahi hai ...

    this is amir stardom power in china ..

  17. I hope that Dangal beats BB2 to answer the fools who thought by doing Bahubaali certain Prabhas becomes bigger than the Khans and South beats Bollywood.

  18. u know what does it call 'khan'' in indian cienema,,,,,,bouncing back to to game and beating the opositon is called khan,,,aamir,salman and sharukh are not only superstar in reel also in real,when people of india about to forget the meaning khan ,came aamir to remind

    1. bhai ...rajkumar....

      aamir ka virodh krne se phle...

      aamir ki movie....Rangeela...Dil chahta h ...gulaam...sarfarosh..1947earth....Tare zameen par (directer)...mann..dil h ki manta nhi....jo jita wohi sikandar...andaz apna apna....Raja hindustani....Rakh...akele hm , akele tum ......rang de basanti ...dekh

      sari chod k...Rangeela...dekh le.......................

      Fir tuje srk ki side lene ki jrurat nhi pdegi....

      ab tum yh mat khna....ki muje...Bazigar ,darrr...ddlj...Mohbattey .......dekhni hogi?????????????????

  19. SRK + Salman + akshay + rajamouli + rajuhirani will proudly tell their children that once we were compared with Aamir Khan DANGAL 1000CR WORLDWIDE

    1. [email protected] you make me laugh and just made my day man! I love you! Your man full of humour and I must say a very jolly funny guy! Let me expand on the joke when Amitabh Bachchan dies he will say "Bas Aamir Ko Dekh Liya Marne Se Pehle"

  20. well,i am a chinese,and i have to say that,dangal is amazing,but in china,the box office in sunday will not higher than the one in sunday

  21. Dangal ka china me second week ka collection dekha ke aisa lagra hai ki wo abhi release hui hai China me.I m proud to say that dangal is Indian film

  22. meri aditya chopra se request hai ki thugs of hindustan ko india china me saath saath release kare. lekin rustam film bi baat hi alag hai. akshay best film in business is rowdy rathore ..kaash rowdy rathore bhi china me release ho pati ...

  23. Oh Man: The Greatest Asian Cinema Lengend and Bollywood Huge Megastar MR AAMIR KHAN u Really Saved Bollywood Honor From Tollywood Baahabuli INVADER, Which Try to Dominate like there is no Man Who Can Protected Bollywood from aut side INVADERS Like Baahabuli 2 Telugu Movie Though Iam Admitting How Good and Dedicated and Effort it is Makers had Invested, But Wait Till The Legends TOH Will Hit The Cinema Next DIWALI

  24. This is Unimaginable, Unbelievable, Unmatchable. AAMIR KHAN is a full mode to shake everything in #China. Love from Pakistan

  25. Dangal should be dub in english also, because in Hindi language it was seen by only nri person

  26. Bjp and Rss have demanded it's ban in China too. They protested against Dangal in India stil it collected 387cr.

  27. Hi guys i read all the comment. A lot of guys here who Said that Bb2 will make big in 2nd phase. If any of one want to bet with me i will .. BB2 will not cross 100 crores rs including china,Japan,Russia,korea. Bcoz They laready watched much better movie on Kingdom battle. U also appreciate Lord of the Ring its truely a magnificent. So what will BB2 earn in 1st phase likely 1500 cr. So it will be reach 1600 crore including 2nd prase if they realese

  28. Looks like fake numbers just to compete with Bahubali. Such a shame Aamir Khan. He wants to prove the whole India that he's a box office king. Mr Aamir Khan u can't fool people with such fake numbers. Looking at the trend 3rd Saturday would be 100cr. Lol.

    Bollywood Arena what is the status of Bahubali in China?

  29. Now come to the Point Why Dangal Making Big on China ?
    Dangal has a unique quality Its content Appeal the Small center as well as big center too. Family audience loves the movie. Dangal give a msg while.entertain audience. BB 2 is lack of these thing. There is nothing for social msg so its hardly make more than 20 crore in china

  30. Producers will publish these numbers, this is just to create hype bro they are putting up huge numbers for Dangal. Dangal is a great movie no doubt but no match with BB2. One time watch movie.

    To be frank I don't believe 80cr on Saturday, that's fake.

    Chinese media not praising Dangal that much and from where are these numbers are coming from.

    Hard to believe in Reality. Shame on Aamir Khan.

  31. dangal note bandi ke time release hua tha uske baad bhi Hindi version mei 385Cr kmaya to socho agr iss waqt release hota to kitna kmata

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