Dangal Overseas Box Office Collection Report

Dangal Overseas Box Office Collection Update

Dangal is going from strength to strength in overseas box office. Till Friday, Dangal overseas collection stands at $4.2 million (28.49 crores). Some locations are yet to be reported so the collections can go higher. It has collected $1.74 million on Wednesday+Thursday and $2.46 million on Friday.

Here is territory wise box office collection of Dangal.


  • Thursday $718 k
  • Friday $953k
  • Total - $1.67 million (11.32 cr)

Dangal has the highest collection on Friday in Gulf. The total collection has crossed 1.5 million mark


  • Wed + Thu $727,580
  • Fri $ 772,439


  • Wed + Thu $101,923
  • Fri $ 107,251

Total: $1.70 million (11.59 cr)

The Friday collection is higher than the combined total of Wednesday + Thursday. However, the film will not be able to break Dhoom 3 opening weekend record.


  • Thursday $189k
  • Friday $313k
  • Total 502 k

Dangal had Thursday previews in the UK where it performed very well. The UK is not an exciting market for Bollywood anymore. Though the names like SRK and Aamir can guarantee good initial.


  • Thu A$ 5,800 [limited shows]
  • Fri A$ 245,079
  • Total: A$ 250,879 (1.22 cr)

New Zeland

  • Thu NZ$ 28,019
  • Fri NZ$ 64,820
  • Total: NZ$ 92,839 (43.31 lacs)

Dangal has already recorded the highest opening ever for Bollywood film in Australia. New Zeland has also shown jump after the shows were canceled on Thursday due to Earthquake.

It is important to remember that Dangal is not released in Pakistan and has probably missed 5-6 crore as far the opening weekend was concerned. With the just single day in India, Dangal worldwide collection now stands at a huge 69.85 crore.

Tell us what do yu think about Dangal overseas box office collection update in the comments section.

22 comments on “Dangal Overseas Box Office Collection Report”

  1. Thank u bollyarena
    Great going all records will be history in coming days..wait n watch
    No tv promotin no tours..no masala
    Only name Aamir...

  2. Dangal only lead in Australia, while other places Sultan is in top......and don't forget that all over World people celebrate Christmas more compare to EID (Which mainly celebrate in Gulf)....

  3. Didn't u learn anything except snatching credits from everyone ?firstly From SRK and now From Aamir also.for your kind of information Both Sultan and Dangal have almost same screen count i.e.4350 and ticket prices of dangal also not hiked so much (maximum 5% ).yes Christmas is best period but this time 25 Dec and 1st Jan are both on sunday.so their is head to head competition between both films.but Dangal will surely beat Sultan.and main point is in past 8-9 years (except 2012)Salman only gives HGOTY when there is no Aamir film in that particular year.

    1. Toh teri kyon jal rahi hai? And what do you mean by Salman only gives HGOTY when there is no Amir? 2012 Amir tha phir bhi Salman ki HGOTY thi. 2013 Salman nahi tha Amir ki HGOTY. Only in 2014 Amir has snatched HGOTY from Salman. If Amir starts coming every year then he wil struggle to cross 120 cr. He needs not less than a brilliant film to compete with Salman and it is not possible to make a brilliant film in 1 year everytime.

  4. @Prashant Abhishek, Snatching credit.....LOL

    Tell me one thing where were you when your fellow Srkians and few Aamir fan spreading negativity around Sultan movie, during it's run....I am just returning favor.....And don't you show hypocrisy, when Salman movie do great business, that time you say it's because of EID, Masala Genre (I mean seriously you stupid's even call BB, PRDP and Sultan a masala movie)....All recent 3 movies are from different genre Social Drama, Family Drama and Sports-Romantic Drama, but you all call it masala.....Dumbo 1st change yourself and your fellow srk fans then raise figure on others.....If you criticize other actor then be ready to face criticism for your actor also.....

  5. Mr parshant 2012 amir ki film talash thi jo 100 cr b ni kar pai thi smjhy or 2015 me salman khan ny HGOTY di thi smjhy

    1. talash non holiday thi beta....Dabang2 christmas release thi 2012 mein aur fail hue thi 3 idiot ka record todne mein...

  6. Dangal might be the first movie to get 800 cr worldwide or more than 800 crore......
    Movie is amazing,but let's see Japan and China likes a wrestling movie or not,it will be a big factor ......but ya picture should cross 350 crore mark because picture have amazing world of mouth in India.

    Best of luck amir ,u gave Bollywood a amazing movie to watch,to remember,to learn.

      1. Tum nothing ho...Mere bhai ...aamir ke aage agar salman aur srk dono milke v film mein aae as a hero toh v aamir khan k filme lok jyadaa pasand karengi

  7. @ tiger, I am clearly mentioned except 2012 in my comment.and I am telling Salman is giving hgoty in few years when there is no Aamir film that year.in 2015 There is no Aamir film came.read my comment carefully.

    1. So is it Salman's problem that Amir is not coming every year?
      Is it not the achievement of Salman to give a HGOTY just because there wasn't Amir film that year?
      You are just showing your stupidity with your dumb logic.

  8. aamir is the best of bollywoddddd undoubtlyyyyyy..............without aamir khan movie particularly srk movie so bad and more qualityless than aamir khan movieee,even salman also....lagan,rang de basanti,3 idiots,pk,tare zamin par,ghajini and at last dangal all those movies are very different and every massage is social and family consious which developed and increase the indian culture so far.........after the raja hindustani movie bollywoods movies internationally particularly asia very familiar figure day by dayyy....100 cr by first amir then 200 cr aamir..300 cr also amir then it is very learly understand and very true 400 cr also brek the aamirrr.....aamir khans dedication and hard work every movie for only realistic character not any bollywood actor can not it....srk and salman movie very childish movie than aamir khan movie and not able to compare totally..after all dangal is the best movie of the last decade very clearlyyy....aamir khan is the not only perfectionist as much as real king of the bollywood...and dangal break the all record hopefullyyyy....as a bollywood actor all indian citizen proud for aamir kahn...only for aamir khan they get one by one exceptional and international movie......i am bangladeshiii but i feel that aamir kahn is proud for not only india but also asia......best of luck aamir khannn sirrrrrrr.................

  9. In acting Aamir khan will leave Salman several miles behind. His portrayal in Lagan, tare zamindar par and many others have left us without doubt that Aamir is several notches greater than Salman. But stupid people like Salman.

  10. It is beyond doubt that Aamir will leave Salman several miles behind him in acting. Aamir's portrayals in Lagan, Damini, tare zamindar par and now Danial will be remembered for long long time. Salman' movies are best forgotten. Stupid people like his movies.

  11. Aamir is a far superior actor. His performances in Lagan, Damini, Tatare zamindar par and now dangal will be remembered for a long long time.

  12. Aamir is the real bollywood king. He was the first to make 100 crore 200 crore 300 crore n now surpassed 350 crore. Rest of all following him always...in fact many times salman himself said that aamir is best...

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