Dangal Overseas and Worldwide Box Office Collection Update

Dangal Overseas and Worldwide Box Office Collection: Aamir Khan's Dangal is on a record-breaking run in China as it is about to cross 500 crores in the country. It will also overtake Dangal gross collection in India.

Dangal worldwide collection is now close to 1250 crores. The difference between Dangal and Bahubali 2 is still around 150 crores. The important 3rd weekend in China will give us a clear picture that if Dangal can chase down BB2 or not.


  • 1st Phase: $30.70 m
  • Taiwan: $3.43 m*
  • China: $74.63 m*
  • Total: $108.76 m


  • 1st Phase: 736.16
  • Taiwan: 22.13*
  • China: 483.71*
  • Total: 1242 Cr

23 comments on “Dangal Overseas and Worldwide Box Office Collection Update”

  1. Dangal must surpass Bahubali 2 but after 2nd phase run of Bahubali 2, it will be surpass Dangal .....

  2. Definitely....

    only 150cr...Dangal will catch it after this weekend...

    this weekend BB2 will be history...n if not then definitely in LT of Dangal in china.

  3. i am very confused i checked many sites one is showing 1385 for bb2 and one 1475.i checked wiki there BO 1500cr .then i checked next day it is showing 1998cr.TO WHICH SITE WE BELIEVE

  4. India Gross (Overall): approx. Rs. 1140 cr. [890 cr. NETT]

    India Gross (Hindi dubbed): approx. Rs. 601 cr. [432 cr. NETT]

    India Gross (Non Hindi): approx. Rs. 539 cr. [458 cr. NETT]

    Overseas Gross: approx. Rs. 250 cr. [39 mil. USD]

    Total: approx. Rs.1,390 crores

    1. Sehwg, Hayden,sngkra,jywrdne ne viv rchrds se jyda cntry mri to kya wo vv rchrds se bde glbl str hgye. Kngna aur kml hsn ne 3 national award jte to wo mdhuri, sridvi, rjniknt se bde sprstr hjyege. Prbhs ne bahubli 1 aur bhubli 2 jsi amar mov di to kya wo rjnknt se bda sprstr hjyga. Vese hi amir rajesh aur amtabh ke mukble kuch bhi nhi. Ajbhi amir ki mov ki cmprsn slmn, prbhs ki movie se hoti he. Uski mov ki cmprsn jams kmrun, hry porter, xxx, the avengers, james bond jesi movie se koi n krta. Islye amir sirf national actr he. Nhiki globl str. Baiching bhutiya India me no 1 footballer he to kya usko koi global footballer khte he. Smja parsaya. Rehmn ne 2 Oscar jte. Islye uski cmprsn intrntnl singr ke sth hoti. Schin ki cnprsn mohmmd Ali, Pele, maradona, messi, Ronaldo, fedrer ke sth hoti he. Lata Ji ke jtne hit song duniya me kisi bhi singr ne n dye hoge. India me abhu sirf 4 glbl str he. 1) modi 2) sachin 3)lata 4)rehman. Isliye yd rkhna amir KO global star mt smjna. Smja kya.

      1. Samaj geya year tera problem,, tera problem ,,,,,aamir don't have to compare with anybody,,, the variation of his role, movie and make them to huge blockbuster are only possible by aamir,, jony depp, tom, tom hanks, decaprio ,aamir all are great actors but one thing aamir doing very gd is that make the movie huge bussiness,, tom cruise is not versatile, tom hanks is great in versatility but box office hell no way, same decaprio,,, jhoony depp is versatile but not all his movies are box office successful,, all in one is called aamir and yeah respected actor,, tom hanks and aamir the most ,,srk going through bad phasr doesn't allow you to drag aamir with nonsense logic,, lata ji and Celine dion is different,,according to your logic I can say many,, betaa aamir china me almost thousand mar raha hain which is double than srk ki best movie, more over it is pure overseas collection not like south asian people people watching in usa, Australia, Arab,,,, if you don't like him that ok but he is a great actor have to respect that facts,,, srk has potential but it's not so easy to make movie like dangal whice connect with whole world,,

        1. Tu phle 1 mhne se prsya KO kya prblm he wo smj. Mene to srf 2 ya 3 cmnts kye he. Vo bhi srf prsya KO uski language me smjne ke lye. Tu prsya KO n smj pya aur muje smj gya? Amir aur uski mov kitna bhi gross kre muje kya. Bhle avtar aur titanic ka bhi rcrd todle. Me srf prsya KO uski lnguage me smja rhahu. Kbka thnk China. China ke log India se bhtr he khe ja RHA. Tuje lgta he ind me srf 1hi glbl str he. Mere ind mr KFI glbl str ho chuke he. Mere Ind ki great mov sholay, bahubli ki mjk uda rha. Ind ke Supr str aur mhnyk ki mjk uda RHA. Islye tu uska prblm smj. Me srf usko indrctly smja RHA hu k Chinese Chinese mt kya kr. India India kr.

  5. Haan ab to China ka hi Sahara hai dangal ko 1 St phase me to 746 CR hi hua ,aur bahubali 1st phase 1600 crore koi akal ka andha bhi difference bata sakta hai.dangal ko har ek din har ek jagah,chahe North ho ya South ho ya Mumbai ho ya phir ,America ,Canada,Australia,UK,gulf koi jagah nahi jisme ja kar dangal ko Na dhoya ho.bahubali footfall in India cross 10crore,aur dangal footfall in India 3.8 crore .so difference clear hai bahubali2>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>dangal. Chaho to sachai SE muh mod sakte ho

  6. dangal might touch 4000c in china. trend is up..... it might go 100 days in 1000 centers.
    it is historic for china box office. this kind of story not 1 china guy also listend till now......

    they can show this as epic for next generations....... this is best in ww..... hollywood asking remake rights..

    might tom cruise/ ameeeer can do. ;;;;;;;;;;

  7. bahubali 2 after 20 days
    From north it's total nett 451.75 crore
    From south it's total nett 462.25 crore
    Over all india nett collection 914 crore
    Over all india gross collection 1161 crore
    Overseas gross collection 269 crore apprx
    So WW boxoffice collection 1430 crore apprx
    This is authentic news ...

  8. The return from china is atmost 25% .. Thats for hollywood movies with established market.. In case of dangal its huayie which is making all the money..dangal was sold out movie there..

  9. So trend is dropp no we then on 26 may with
    New biggest Release
    So Dangal for only this week

    Lifetime 1550-1600cr

    Depends on Craze on Weekend mini 22-25 Maxi 30 MN

    Mini 120 MN lifetime maxi 140 MN 1000+ CR China

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