Dangal Movie Tweet Review

Dangal is just two days away from release and it is already creating the buzz which is associated with classic and record breaking films.

On Tuesday, Aamir Khan held a special screening where Bollywood stars, as well as members of Mahavir Singh Phogat’s family, were also present. Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar was also a part of the audience. Check out Dangal Tweet review below.

Prasson Joshi: “#Dangal Landmark performance by Aamir, hats off 2the girls& Nitish 4 a nuanced layered emotional experience.”

Tushar Kapoor: Speechless! Infact, at a loss of words to describe how well this film surpasses the expectations that come with an Aamir Khan film! #Dangal… Beautifully emotional, realistic & oh so suspenseful, a feat rarely achieved by a sports film of human spirit! Epic! #Dangal.”

Arjun Kapoor: What a film #dangal is !!! Such an important event for the women & sports in our country @aamir_khan inspires us again, spellbound & in awe.

Milind Deora: Take a bow team #Dangal. Outstanding screenplay, music & performances by @aamir_khan & cast. What's verdict on @starwars #RogueOne tweeps?

Ashutosh Gowarikar: Dangal is a tour-de-force!! Women empowerment in its superlative form! Long live Phogat! Long live Aamir!! And the GIRLS!! @aamir_khan

Chaandni: Just watched #Dangal. It doesn't happen very often that a film leaves u feeling so inspired!Absolutely brilliant in every [email protected]_khan

Amog Ranadive: Dangal is fantastic. That is all.

Avinash Gowarikar: DANGAL OUTSTANDING! Honoured to see it with the real MahavirSingh & GeetaBabita @aamir_khan you just keep raising the bar of Indian films

Tahira: Finesse is what this movie is about #Dangal absolutely loved every bit of it! So proud @Aparshakti ! Casting extraordinaire @CastingChhabra

Anil Kapoor: #Dangal was an emotional experience for me. Even today, a father's struggle with society & self for his daughters is very real...

Aamir Khan will hold another screening of Dangal today for the media. It clearly shows that actor is extremely confident about his film.

17 comments on “Dangal Movie Tweet Review”

  1. Dangal is content driven film and these kind of films needs strong word of mouth (testimonials). seems Aamir khan is ace marketer and he knew it. that's the reason he broke his own rules and made screening of his movie to several biggies to use their testimony as a marketing tool.

    Great going, have booked my tickets and looking forward for this one.

  2. That's the difference between Salman and Amir. Amir needs a classic to give blockbusters and ATBBs while Salman needs mixed WOM for blockbuster and mixed to positive for ATBB.
    Remember, no one called Sultan a classic. Bajrangi Bhaijaan's WOM was probably as good as PK and hence it almost broke the record. It would have easily crossed PK if had not clashed with Bahubali. Bahubali even after its first week made around 70 cr. in Hindi version.
    According to BOI BB lost 10-12 cr. in first week only in the South due to Bahubali means around 20 cr. in lifetime only in South and at least 15 cr. due to Hindi version. So with PK like release date it would have done 355 cr.
    It's okay now. Next Christmas is ours. Though TZH may not carry WOM like BB and PK but it will show what Craze and Hype actually means.

    1. Hahaha rote raho..sallu kabhi ATHG Nahi dene wala..its challenge to all sallu fans..PK ki bat jane do sallu ne BB ka record todne mein 2 chance (PRDP n SULTAN) ganwa diye aur abhi aur 2 Sal lagayega.....aur uske fans usko recordless megastar bulayenge...
      Harshali malhotra aur kabir pappa ne bacha liya nahi to 233 pe hi atak jata..thanks to Aamir, lallu ne script mein change karke sultan banai..nahi to lallu kabhi 250cr ke aage nahi jata..
      Its open challenge to all sallu fans agar dam hein to 2017 mein 2 chance(fusslight,BZH) leke "PK" ka worldwide record todke dikhao..
      Those who does not know.. PK-792cr

    2. Ghajini or dhoom3 or pk r no classics!! All records shattering blockbusters!! Dont just ramble anything to prove ur point..... only dangal has been one film which qamir has showcased like this coz its a biopic n no top heroine n no baby ko bass pasand n 440 volts mass elements like sultan!! Sultan was a mass film n dangal is a BIOPIC!! understand the difference n if aamir breaks records with even a biopic it will just prove y aamir is the real emperor of indian cinema!!

      1. PK had arguably best WOM of the decade and no need to talk about Dhoom 3. Only Gajini's credit can be given to Amir and Gajini also had positive WOM.
        Salman's only film in recent years with extremely positive WOM is BB while Amir has 2. PK and 3 Idiots.
        Salman's only film with positive WOM is Sultan and Amir's one is Gajini.
        All other Salman films had mixed WOM and still all blockbuster except one average and one superhit. Only one Amir film not having positive WOM was Talash and you know its fate.

      2. Amir is the Emperor of Indian Cinema? Please tell another joke.
        If Amir is emperor then who are Salman, Srk and even Rajnikant cause you said Indian Cinema. Only Amir fans call him no. 1.
        Indicine and BOI says Salman no. 1. Google searches say Salman no. 1.
        Opening records say Salman no. 1.
        Ormax media poll says Salman no. 1.
        Salman tops Times Celebex rankings for almost half of the months of year.

        1. Go check any trade site n u will know even a dark slow niche film like talaash released on non holiday still it did almost 100cr india n one of the top 3 hits of the year overseas....only aamir can make any movie work irrespective of genre.... talaash dint break aamirs own records coz it was not a boxoffice friendly film but it was a hit check any trade site.... salman can do only masala movies n make dem work n even then a masala film like jai ho flopped.... overseas aamirs movies r way ahead of salman!! And times celebex even sunny leone makes it to the top some times doesnt mean she is the top heroine its just about how many award shows n marriage parties u do mujra in like srk n sallu!! Aamir keeps a low profile n lets his stupendous work do the talking n noone in bollywood has the range n diverse body of work along with boxoffice records of aamir!! Even big b said recently that aamir is the great actor not him.... he never sqid dat bout srk or sallu even though he worked with them in many movies....even a biopic is gonna smash it amidst demonitisation now!! The trailers broke records for highest views of an indian film on social media already n now aamirs own record of pk is the next challenge!!

          1. First thing is that Salman doesn't do mujra at weddings and other functions. Now let's assume that Times Celebex rankings don't matter as you are saying but what about other points I mentioned?

            1. I answered all ur points wat bout the points i raised?? Y cant sallu do any other genre other than masala to make films work??

  3. ACE Aamir does it Again
    He is Going to Rewrite The BOX OFFICE HISTORY.
    You can only Arrange the Special Screening when You are extremely confident about Your Product.
    Even Kabir Khan Invited from AAMIR to Saif,Kareena to Jacqueline Everyone for a Special Screening of BB.

  4. These celebrities have said the same thing for FAN and Mohanjodaro, but what happen to all those films, I think we all know, even media is paid right now, so don't trust on media screening too.....only Audience response matters rest all are useless.....

  5. @Tiger & @Salman Fan
    Thank You Guys
    Atleast You Guys have removed your Mask.
    You are AAMIR khan Admirer?? then
    Even HATERS (e.g.SRK Fans & Akki) are better than You Guys.
    Atleast they are not Spreading negativity saying Celeb Reviews & All these things are Useless.
    PK had arguably best WOM of the decade??? LOLWA!!!
    BB had the Best WOM & Movie
    appealed to every section of the audience.
    Dhoom 3 is Frachise so You wont give Credit to Aamir Lol!!
    They choose AAMIR over Salman bcoz they knew Only Aamir can deliever HGOTY+ATBB+ATG.
    Now they are not even planning Dhoom4 with Salman.
    But instead of that They are doing
    Thugs of Hindostan with Aamir Again.
    Nothing against Salman
    He is a MEGASTAR but giving credit to Salman only showing Your INSECURITY & JEALOUSY.

    1. Except Amir fans everybody knows why Dhoom 3 smashed records. Talking about Yrf they are not planning Dhoom 4 with Salman cause they are doing TZH. Also they choose Amir for Dhoom 3 cause star cast of Dhoom series gets bigger with each film. If they had cast Salman then there is no bigger star than him for Dhoom 4.
      Instead they did Sultan with Salman as they knew that Salman neither needs popular franchise nor excellent WOM to give a huge hit.

      1. Tere dimag ka ilaj kara...
        YRF pagal hein kyua 150cr lagne ke liye.. Wo chahti to lallu lo le sakti thi par 3 din ke bad film pit jati...bata sallu ki konsi movie ka budget Sabse bada hein..abhi tak ek bhi movie 120 cr ke aage nahi..
        Aab bandar zinda hein uska budget 130-140cr hoga... Lekin tu TOH ka budget kam se kam 160-170cr hoga..aab bol YRF pagal hein jo Aamir par itna paaisa laga rahi hein..aabe lallu ko kaun janta hein china mein..

  6. Lol u urself keep saying n admitting salman doesnt need word of mouth which means h r accepting he does crappy films n he had a terrible run from 2000 till wanted....so its a good thing for u dat he does crappy films ?? U just happy with baby ko bass and 440 volt!! Dhoom 3 smashed all possible records with minimum publicity coz of aamir factor.... it was frankly the weakest dhoom film but it still holds highest first day collection for non holiday first day and its lifetime humongous collections were record breakers in india and overseas till aamir himself broke dem with pk

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