Dangal is like a Rajkumar Hirani film: Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan has started promotions for his upcoming film Dangal. In a recent interview, Aamir revealed that Dangal is a unique film.

“What attracted me about Dangal were its moments of humour. It’s like a Rajkumar Hirani film. You are trying to say something but say it in the light-hearted matter. The humour is the surface level of that film. With Dangal, we have the same deadly combination of humour and dramatic moments.”

Aamir also talked about the newcomers making their debut in Dangal. “All these girls come from city background. For them, they had to transform themselves in their first film. When I was doing Qyamat Se Qyamat Tak, I was in my comfort zone. I was doing all that was normal for my age. But these girls had to learn wrestling and had to adapt themselves into the characters from a small village in Haryana. They are as passionate as I was 25 years ago. The thirst is same. But in this film, they are ten steps ahead of me.”

Directed by Nitesh Tiwari, Dangal is carrying excellent buzz in the trade. The response at earlier screenings was terrific which has further raised the expectations. There are reports that Aamir has also held a screening for Rajinikanth and has asked him to dub for his character in Tamil version.

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3 comments on “Dangal is like a Rajkumar Hirani film: Aamir Khan”

  1. Yes this will be like rajkumar hirani movies...we have already seen in trailer n song...so get ready for Dangal storm from 23 dec.my heart says it will be the biggest grosser in the history of indian cinema..wait n watch..Aamir never disapoints..surely it will high on conrent..haters will again shocked on 23 dec by Dangals excellent report.

  2. One observation about Aamir.. he always use newsmaker's names in his interviews so as to make it viral. U check his interviews he always mentions names like srk, salman khan or other biggies.

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