Dangal is all set to crush Bahubali 2 worldwide gross

When Baahubali 2 crossed 1000 crore mark at the worldwide box office, it was thought that this record will not be broken for quite some time. But here comes Dangal which is all set to beat BB2 in a couple of more days.

Bollywood was feeling the heat after the historic performance of Baahubali 2 The Conclusion which literally tore apart all kind of possible box office records. But Aamir had yet again come to the rescue of Bollywood.

Here is the worldwide gross of Dangal and Bahubali 2 as of 20 May 2017.


  • 1st Phase: 736.16
  • Taiwan: 25.78*
  • China: 649.03*
  • Total: 1410.97 Cr

Bahubali 2:

  • India: 1190
  • Overseas: 273
  • Worldwide: 1463 cr

Dangal is likely to collect 80 crores plus today in China which will take the worldwide total close to 1500 cr. On the other hand, Bahubali 2 may also cross 1500 cr mark today after adding overseas gross. Dangal will take a big lead on weekdays as it is unstoppable in China. It can finish its lifetime run in the range of 1700-1800 cr while BB2 will finish at 1550-1600 cr after the 1st phase.

It is a proud moment for all as both Dangal and Bahubali have taken the Indian cinema to new heights.

58 comments on “Dangal is all set to crush Bahubali 2 worldwide gross”

    1. This is the article which we(aamirians) waited for long
      Thank u bollyarena...
      Acco. To bollyarena dangal to aaj he beat krdegi bb2
      And Monday tak sabke acco.
      Today collection-95-100cr(dangal)...

  1. Unbelievable who would have thought this came never in my head but to be very honest i had that believe in aamir khan and DANGAL that it will break BB2 record.

    1. Take 3000 weeks and try to cross Baahubali indian collections. Movies might earn billions in other countries but in India Baahubali will be the only film to do 1300 crore.

        1. It's a fact bro if you feel good about worldwide gross then I felt good about Indian Gross of course both are unbeatable. Hoping Baahubali fares well in the second phase which actually might not.

  2. Bb2 collection is 1538 crores not 1463 crores
    Please update bollyarena
    Dangal-1410 crores still behind 128 crores.

    1. @Sanjeev..what ever would you think and say but the fact is Dangal vl crush, smash and trash bb2 worldwide business in few days......apny nazek dil pe hath rekhna sanjeev bhaya

    2. Why Bollywood arena is giving fake collections...c rameshbala and koimoi collections..They are same as wikipedia

  3. That's R true trade figures
    Dangal today overtake Bb2??

    Bb2 today 1538+25 cr =1563+CR Makers fig.

    Trade fig

    1463+24=1487+ CR

    Dangal today makers
    1420+80+ =1500+ CR

    Real trade
    1410+80= 1490+ CR

    That is reality

    Both films proud for India?????

    1. What is reality adding ticketing fees close to 10 million when China box office said not to add ticketing fee in gross. Reducing the Baahubali collections and adding ticketing fee of 65 to 70 crores to Dangal and comparing them. Is this a reality???

      1. Bhava in 28 January
        China Market decided to Add ticketing price into Gross collection

        So Without To 93 MN
        Including To 102 MN

        Rahi baat hate ki

        To main Dono filmoki tarif karta Hun

        Mere Past k Comments check karo

        Both movie Proud for India? 1000 CR? nett
        #bahubali many Years Held it is
        Robot 2.0 800-900 CR nett but not cross

        Dangal collection in China ?1000+? cr Only beat Aamir Bahubali will 200+ CR in china
        With 5000+ Screen in October​

        So Dangal 2000+ CR lifetime Bahubali 1800+ CR

        So Both proud for India ?????

        1. Read the post made by China box office

          China Box Office @ChinaBoxOffice

          Replying to @TehAshish
          Use without fees. Grosses for movies released before 2017 are all counted without ticketing fees.

          It's unfair when you don't add ticketing fee in India and add for other movies. If you ever need a comparison make the comparison on a fair basis. If you can't do that then don't compare two movies.

          1. I have read it bhava?????
            Aaj ka collection 1501.64 Check
            Forbes.india websites????

            China 112 mn without to is 104
            For this data Ticketing price is 8 % intotal Gross

            WeekDays 120+ cr Total 3 week 1625+ cr
            Lifetime 1800+ cr without
            (Japan Hong Kong& Korea)✊✊

            Solid that tickets price 8 %minus From total

            So actual Collection may be 1710-20 cr ??

            For this is also All time Record

            Dangal with ticketing price not good also
            Bahubali2 With Manipulate 55+ cr ?

            Both think wrong

            But Neglected those think but phir bhi

            Both films In All time Records 1600cr + ??

            Proud for Indians????????????????Bhava

            If ulike it??????

  4. aamir the real overseas king

    srk is just media hyped or by his paid fans association
    China knows Bollywood indian film industry only because of aamir the real megastar

  5. I don't understand why some south peoples are saying spreading that dangal collection in China is fake
    when whole world is praising dangal
    some indian people are insecure because dangal will again take 1 st position

    1. China boxoffice is transparent and clear but some haters are spreading news that this is fake collection manipulated
      and the haters are bahubali fans Telugus instead of proud they are hating

  6. hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    maza agaya............

    AAMIR - The Biggest and Greatest Global Megastar...




  8. Todays prediction


    come on BB wale dum hai to china me ye record todke dikhado...

    only Aamir Khan rules...

    no chance for others.


    1. Dum Hain tho Indian Baahubali collections ki cross kar dho. At least half the nett collected in India. Crushed Dangal record in the Homeland of Aamir Khan. Lol

      1. @mahipal

        bhai...jab south indian b bollywood movies dekhne lge...to...possible h...

        bde aaram se...

        but...95% south indian logo ne...Dangal , 3idiots , bajarngi bhaijaan nhi dekhi hogi....cinema hall me to bilkul b nhi...

        ydi bahubali...bollywood wale bnate...to koi b south indian nhi dekhta

        1. You don't even know that Dangal collected 80 crores gross from south region in Hindi version. South also made very good movies but didn't get dubbed but most of the Hindi movies got dubbed and fared decently at box office. 3 idiots did well but due to language barrier. Bollywood never explored the south market not that south people don't watch Bollywood movies. Baahubali discovered and explored the potential of pan India just like Dangal did in China. Movie like Sholay DDLJ were industry hits in south if you think south don't watch Bollywood movies. Atleast concentrate on dubbing yaar and then complain about audience. Don't expect us to watch movies which were remade from south industry.

          1. srk fan @mahipal

            dangal 13 crore hi kmaye h south me ...vo bhi dubbed version me...

            or gross 20 crore se jyada nhi ho skta...

            kuch fekte ho ...tum to

            1. Thats your knowledge Dangal dubbed version collected 20 crores but Dangal hindi version throughout the south collected 80 crores. Can't u read English ??? By the way I don't like shahruk Khan but I love Aamir Khan movies. Barring Baahubali Bollywood movies up to some extent fared well at South box office but regional flicks never fared well at Bollywood box office. This shows which industry has greater support in alien territories.

            2. Dangal hindi version collected 60c and dubbed version 20c gross in south. Can't you read English?

              1. @mahipal

                bawla ho gya h kya....

                hindi version south me kon dekhega ??

                vhi jo North india k h....

                south indina ne to sirf 13 crore diye?

                1. Bhai go and search India box office. Bollywood movies play well in south in Hindi version only not with disgusted dubbing version. 10 to 15% revenue for Hindi movies comes from south. Metropolitan cities people watch. 80 crores gross came from south from all versions including Hindi and dubbed versions. Hindi version 60c gross and dubbed version 20c gross. Check it India box office. People watch Hindi movies in Hindi version in south.

                  1. @mahipal

                    bhai hindi version b...south me north indian ne hi dekha hoga na

                    dimag kya bhes charane gya h ?? lol

          2. @mahipal...

            Who told u that dangal earned 80 croree in south??

            It was 58 crore from south nd south teritory nd that means andra,telangana,tamilnadu,kerala nd all other area...

            Do u know how much bahubali2 earn in only andra?? 550cr or more gross. Dont talk shit here. Just yesterday my frd from south told me i seen dangal today very osm movie i asked y u didnt watch in theatre then he replied we normally dont watch bollywood movies in theatre.
            I agree there r some do but only 10-15% brother not rest.

            Nd y have problem if aamirkhan's dangal is doing good. Relax nd njoy bhai. I live in newzealand nd i watched dangal nd bahubali2 in theatre. First time seen that after dangal everyone clap for the movie nd during bahubali 2 everyone was whistling.

            1. Hell with your logic!! Baahubali collected 270 crore gross in Andhra and Telangana. Go watch dubbed South movies in YouTube. People say it's a great movie but they don't watch it in theatre's. They only watch it in TVs and online but not theater's. How many South movies did north people watch in theaters. Situation is way better we at least watch Bollywood movies in south in theater's but none of the south movies are not watched by north people in theaters except Baahubali. You need to have pan India appeal to make everyone watch in theaters. Can you tell me why Bollywood didn't watch south movies in theater? Then I can answer why south didn't watch Dangal in theaters. Baahubali made impossible thing possible by bringing audience to theaters through out India which no movie can dream of

  9. 2008 to 2017 har record aamir ne banaya
    But sirf 2 bar aamir ki record tuti
    1st : srk ka CE jo sirf 5 4 mahine ke lye tik payi thi
    2nd : ss rajamouli ka BB2 jo sirf 15 din tak tik payi aamir khan ke samne pata 10 sal me do baar ab shayed aur koi nahi aye ga


  11. BB2-Indias ATHG...............(1)
    Dangal-Overseas ATHG.....(2)
    Dangal-World Wide ATHG..(3)

    FROM (1),(2) & (3)

    #DANGAL IS WINNER.................India me har kar bhi world wide me jitne wale ko DANGAL kahte hai!!!!

    #DANGAL is the biggest DANGALBUSTER movie of this CENTURY

  12. DANGAL=649cr(16 days in china) BAJRANGI BHAIJAN WW =626CR CHENNAI EXPRESS WW= 395cr

  13. Sultan's 16th day collection in India:- 03.51 cr Dangal's 16th day collection in China:- 104 cr. RIP SON OF EID.


      1. @mahipal

        bhai ese hi gross collection khte h....

        or bb2 k 1500crore b gross collection hi h

        1. China box office officially confirmed not to add ticketing fee but they are still adding it. Baahubali didn't add ticketing fee to it's gross!

          China Box Office @ChinaBoxOffice

          Replying to @TehAshish
          Use without fees. Grosses for movies released before 2017 are all counted without ticketing fees.

          Till Sunday Dangal collected 103 million without ticketing fee. If you want to compare both movies do it on fair scale. Adding 10 million ticketing fee for Dangal but not adding bookmyshow ticketing fee for Baahubali. How fair is this comparison??? You tell me.

  15. lol

    470 nett Hindi
    250 Cr Telugu
    250 Cr Rest of Languages

    970Cr All India nett

    1300Cr All India Gross

    Worldwide collections 280Cr

    Total WW Gross ~1600Cr …. Second is Dongal 360Cr All India nett.. lol

    BTW Only nett collections are Genuine and come to Producers pocket not WWGross.

  16. @BOLLYWOOD ARENA .. you last para "It is a proud moment for all as both Dangal and Bahubali have taken the Indian cinema to new heights." is beautiful BUT FOR AAMIR FANS its historical yes in a couple of weeks aamir khan again at the top.......and we all aamir khan fans challenge all other stars "" CATCH AAMIR KHAN IF YOU CAN....

  17. Stop comparing these two films. Both films have performed at a supreme level and have taken the Indian Cinema to next heights. While one film has opened the market for Indian films in a non traditional country(true overseas public) and represented India at a world level, the other film has showcased the true potential of Indian market for an Indian cinema.
    It's time to celebrate the success of both the films. Stop comparing and start appreciating.
    PS- I am an aamir fan(now a prabhas too :P)

  18. After first phase dangal 742 cr.
    After first phase baahubali 2 1650 cr.
    Bhai Abhi BB2 bahut desh me release honi he baad me dangal dangal Karna

  19. I praised BB2 once then came some stupid South people who started to compare Prabhas with Khans whereas the truth is BB2 is nothing without Hindi collections. Now Dangal will show the potential of Bollywood being 1/3 rd of BB2 budget.

  20. For the sake of all Aamir khan fans who are disappointed session Bahubali 2 beating the hack out of Aamir in India, Dangal must be re-released for the 2nd phase with 4500 screens -pan india. This will definitely ensure another 500 cr business in India and total worldwide cross of 2000+ cr...

  21. Bahubali 2 release second phase dangal wil be in japan, honkong, korea,,, tension nahi leneka!!!!

  22. Agar Dangal bb2 ka record crash nahi karta (which seems likely 2 weeks ago) phir bhi Dangal ek great cinema hi rehta.. Salute to AAMIR sir... Such hard work for a movie really deserves this level of success.. Kudos to the entire Dangal team..
    P.S.- Kudos to BB2 & it's entire team also.. U guys also have done a tremendous job.
    Please don't compare these two films to degrade anyone of them
    Thank you!

  23. Ameer khan's last 3 movies lifetime collection domestic.

    1 Dhoom 3 =287 Crores
    2 Pk =338 Crores
    3 Dangal. =388 Crores

    Total. =1013

    Baahubali 2 =973*(23)days

    1. Bahubali ko chhod do to Prabhas k baki filmo ka collection kitna hnga.
      Amir ki har movie record bnati h.
      Prabhas or south movie k pass bahubali k ilawa kch nai h

  24. @ PARSHYA BROTHER. I Liked Your Word DANGALBUSTER KKKK U Are The Most Entertainer Commenter of Bollyarena and I Think Some Times INDICINE SITES All Users, Keeb Going We Are Aamirians Fan Gangs and I.m From Africa in A Indepentent Country Named Somaliland, Hugely Admired Aamir Khans Hard Work Since Long Time

  25. After 5 month dangal enter in 1000cr club

    Babubali 2 just 15 days...1000rc

    Let release bahubali 2 in China then will see which movie will create the records. So all amir fans please wait

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