Dangal Day 7 Box Office Collection Update

Dangal Day 7 Box Office Collection: Dangal has a very good start on Thursday with a limited drop as compared to yesterday. The film is now nearing the end of its first week and Dangal collection has held very well on weekdays. In fact, the hold is record breaking as it has set records for non-holiday films on weekdays. Here is Dangal 7th day collection report.

Dangal Day 7 Box Office Collection Update

Morning Shows Report:

The morning shows were solid as the occupancy was in the range of 40%. There is a slight drop at multiplexes but single screens are steady. In last four days, the single screens have not dropped much but in fact it has grown at some places. They did not open better in the weekend and many though that the film will be driven by multiplexes only. But they come onto the board from Sunday onwards. As we reported a few days back that you need pan-India appreciation for a big number and Dangal has done the same. Now the only question will be that how big it will be. It has retained most of the screens in the second week which will benefit Dangal collection though the number of shows will be decreased.

Dangal Day 7 Box Office Collection Update

Today is the last day of the week and we have seen in the past that films tend to have more than usual drop on Thursday. But this may not be the case with Dangal as it is carrying one of the best word of mouth in recent times. It means that again Dangal Thursday collection will not have a significant drop.

Noon Shows Report:

Dangal has shown good trends in the noon shows too. There is a growth as the occupancy had gone up to 50%. The film is once again set for a healthy day at the box office. It is the best trending film in recent times.





End of Updates

Dangal 7th Day Box Office Collection Early Trends:

Dangal 7th day collection has been updated on the homepage. You can check it out in the link here => Dangal 7th Day Box Office Collection

Dangal has collected over 176 crore in first six days. Today it will become the only second film of 2016 to beat The Jungle Book lifetime collection after Sultan. We will continue to update this page with the latest reports. So bookmark it and keep visiting. Also, tell us what do you think about Dangal Day 7 box office collection update in the comments section.

48 comments on “Dangal Day 7 Box Office Collection Update”

    1. Why ur ass is burning don't worry srk will back . First look ranbir kapoor track record only Adhm is exception . We are waiting Jagga Jasoos how It will collect .

    2. Don't compare other lul actor's with The Mr,Perfectionist.The whole bollywood include Salman Srk,they still couldn't break pk.....it almost two years now Dangal...only Aamir break his record....

      1. Only Amir khan can do that, makes box office on fire with incredible quality movie.

      2. Yes, Only Amir khan can break his own record (PK-792 crore highest growsser of bollywood movie ever).Because Amir Khan makes box office on fire with incredible quality movie.



    if u believe than dangal not bigger hit than our local mumbai Sairat...ROI...its shows power of script.
    without script AMIR KHAN THE LAASH...92 CR. disaster..

    hence, Sallu or SRK work wihout good script and to support friends....HNY...FARAH KHAN....JAI HU Suhail KHAN...

    am big fan of SRK and admirer of Sallu...but i hate THE LAASH actor..since he wrote SRK name as Animal...

    1. Chuztpa ....

      I m also fan of Salman but Dangal is dangal after all ...a content driven movie..!!!

    2. 44.97 fir weekday pe 4.97 hahhaahhahha.....extraordinary word of mouth tha HNY ka hahahahhahhahhah

      Dangal Total Box Office Collection will be Fan BO + Dear Zindagi BO + Raess BO


      and hit or superhit is not decided by 100 cr or not , its by ROI and by that logic TALAASH is a HIT - SRK ek offbeat film ko Blockbuster bana k dikhaye to kuch baat hai .. Scriptless Hit movie to Housefull bhi hai HAHAAHAHAHAHA

    3. Thank you so much . Bcoz app a tu mante ho ki Srk aur sallu ke movie par scripts nahi hota . Ab kya kare acha script ke lya acha actor chahiya jo aamir khan hai. Srk Ko award show se fursat nahi milta salman laga hai acting sikhne ma. Tension mat lo sallu ek bar acting sikhle fer usko bhi acha script milega.aur dosri bat 3rd Sunday tak dangal ne 340-350cr inkam Karega .sab kahta hai sultan ka record todna hai sultan ne record konsa banaya jo todna hai.record hota hai jo pehle banta hai aur jo sabse higher hota hai jo ki pk ka hai dangal pk ka record todega
      Pk tu gaya. .......

    4. Fakir ! Never ever compair Acting & talent with God of acting ; Mr Aamir khan with anyone in bollywood there are several proof of acting the nation all ready known ! About Talash you mentioned good ; please look Fan very big whole in your pants.

    5. Record kab ka tut chuka hai

      HNY (hindi version ) 36. 31
      Dangal (hindi version ) 41cr
      Prdp (hindi version ) 40 cr

    6. This was the most senseless comment i have every read...
      Sorry dear i dont mean to hurt your feelings...
      But why we all are fan of Salman or SRK or Aamir...
      To see their good work and good films...
      So if someone is doing film without good script than thats a mistake...
      We all wait like fools for their movie (2 years in case of Aamir) and after that if we get a good movie with good script than its really worth waiting and if not than its not worth waiting...

      So don't be proud that if someone is earning without good script... Yaar we are audience we watch their movies for good script...

    7. This was the most senseless comment i have every read...
      Sorry dear i dont mean to hurt your feelings...
      But why we all are fan of Salman or SRK or Aamir...
      To see their good work and good films...
      So if someone is doing film without good script than thats a mistake...
      We all wait like fools for their movie (2 years in case of Aamir) and after that if we get a good movie with good script than its really worth waiting and if not than its not worth waiting...

      So don't be proud that if someone is earning without good script... Yaar we are audience we watch their movies for good script...

  2. Rickshaw wale bhi aenge abhi , lalman ki dariyadili ka dhindora pitne, jaise inko kitne paise de diye ho usne

  3. kyu thak rahe ho amir ke chamcho dangal tax free ka benefit hai varna 150 weekend rahta

  4. i think today will be 19.5cr... and 2nd weekend 65 to 70 and 2nd week 110 to 115 ... then pk will destroy on 3rd weekend or 3rd monday lifetyme will be 375 to 385 ... amir rules .... now all eye on tubelight will beat pk...

  5. Its just becoz of high tickets price and tax free status and holidays in school & college not merely on footfalls. On average tickets price and without tax free status it around 12cr.approx

    1. We will see after final footfalls of dangal which will cross bajiragi bhaijaan for sure.

    Final will be Dangal vs PK….
    day14-10cr……………….310cr…….Sultan out
    day16-13cr……………….332………BB out
    day17-18cr……………….350………DANGAL WILL BEAT PK

    Final prediction

  7. For Salman
    Tu silver jitta hein aaj nahi to kal tanne log bhul javenge

    For Aamir
    Tu Gold jitta hein misal ban javega.....

  8. Hahaha. Agr talash to phir b semi hit thi aur us bhonkne walo ka moh band kya tha fan flop ne hatters v aise hai jo apne aukaat bhool jate hai.
    And here dangal is a mindblowing film apne production koi karke dikhaye toh phir baat karna losers kisi ki kamyabi hazm nahi hoti

  9. salman is king of bollywood ... !!!!!!!!!!!!! and amir is kingmaker of bollywood ... !!!!! otherwise kisi ki movie tikti nahi hai .... 2016 ka record hi dekhlo .... !!!!! salman and amir is a brand of bollywood now .... salman ki movie aati hai to log kehte hai 1 bar to jarur dekhenge ... aur amir ki ho to yaar amir ki movie he to acchi hi hogi ... 1 bar to sab dekhle ....... bas yahi fark hai amir aur salman movie or other star movie...

  10. mujhe ek bat samaj me nahi aayi... dhobi ghat jab release hui tab ye kaha the....ahahaha talaash me the ke Pk kb aayegi ke?????

    or ha...race barabar walo se hoti hai...amir khan khud akela yede ke jaisa dod raha hai...ye script ki race hai isme tu sushant singh bhi 100cr karta hai....hahaha menas SUSHANT is better than Amir.

    competition to stardom ka hota hai...jo ke SRK or Sallu ka hai..log SRK or Sallu ko dekhne aata hai no matter box office me kitni kamayi hai secondary...

    Amitabh v.s Rajesh Khanna
    SRK v.s Dilip Kumar
    Sallu v.s Rajinikanth.
    Amir v.s bhumi pedenekar...she also gain and loose weight in 6 months so what new Amir khan did????LOL

    Amir kaaaan every time using sachin tendulkar for publicity.....or Raj thakrey...inke talve chat ta hai....

    i request SRK and Sallu pleas don not accept Amir ke movie invitation...chutiya publicity chata hai...

    1. Tujhe Toh Mallu Film Chahiya Kya.... Tujhe Asli Hindustani Film Kaha Pasand Aayagi... Saalon Sallu aur SRK ke Chamchon.... Mein Toh film achchhi hogi toh Aamir SRK or Sallu tino ko salam karta hun. Par tum logon jaisa bhakta nahin hun.

    2. Bhai koi bhi "STAR" banne se pehle actor hota hai agar vo actor acting hi na kar payee to kahe ka star and kahe ka stardum
      Tumhare star k ghar valo n bol diya ki aamir acting is better than yours ab to maan jao.

  11. Aamir khan rules
    1st 100 crore
    1st 200 crore
    1st 300crore
    And now dangal became first 400 crore

    #love u aamir
    #team aamirians

  12. salman aur srk ki film wo log dektey hai jo abhi jawani me hai yani kam demagh waley aur aamir ki film 16 se 80 years wale sab log dektey hain aur femly ke sath dektey hai qk aamir ki her film ek femly film hota hai
    good movie dangal from aamir sir
    estara film banana sallu aur srk jaisey bachoo ke bass me nahi

    1. 3 idiots ka jo ending scene hai jis mein aamir khan bacha paida krwa raha hota hae kya wo family scene tha

  13. ground reality is piracy affect collection by 70 to 80%. sultan ka pirated copy vo bhi fine print release ke date pe hi leak hua tha. Nahi to sultan 450 crores aramse kamata.
    Dangal ka fine print abhi bhi nahi aya hai.....agar sultan ki tarah ata to abhi tak 100 banana bhi mushkil tha.

  14. Senseless comments by Salman fans. Kaabil bano beta tum bhi ek din na ekdin HGOTY doge. PK ka record try karna next baar Dangal ka record break tum se na ho payega.

  15. I just stumbled on this site by chance in October this year and since then for me it has overtaken all other rival websites in terms of preference. Best wishes!

  16. where aamir is actor there aamir is all in all….you know or not which flim aamir is acting there director is just doll……..you must remember that aamir is not only best actor in bollywood but also successful director and producer………tare zamin pars director was aamir so u think that what i say….thugs of hindostan will break daangal record bcz one person has ability record the aamir khan movie whose name is mr,perfectionist aamir khan………and he is the king of kinggsssssss

  17. breking news... breaking news.... srk and salman movie oscar nominated hogaya which movie name is lagan....

    ha ha ha.....aamir is nothingggggg......

  18. I have a feeling that the movie will upthrone Raees releases and head to massive 400+ cores in India alone. Ghajni started with 100, 3 idiots with 200, Dhoom 3 with 250, pk with 300, now Dangal with probably 350-400. And then there's srk, which movies are struggling past 200 cores in the box office even though with tones of other casts. They talked about Taalash which relaases about 4 years ago in some 2000 screens. Fan was so big blockbuster that it collected humongous 75 cores. Lol. It releases in wide screen. Get a life ! Aamir is the real sultan of Bollywood !

  19. Sulata is best movie than dangal sultan ko sirf 1 ooen week mila tha phir b 300 kr diya agar dangal ke sath asa hoti to 120 se 130 hi hota

  20. No 1 amir hai
    Salman aur sharuk ko phir amir ka record break karne mai career hojate
    Phile gajini ka record phir 3 idiot ka phir pk ka ab tho dangal ka
    I can't understand how shahrukh is king

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