Dangal creates history on Sunday

Aamir Khan's Dangal has created history on Sunday as the film has collected a huge 42.35 crore. It also includes Tamil and Telugu versions.

This is an unbelievable number, to say the least. If we compare the producer numbers, then it is the second highest single day ever behind only Happy New Year. The total weekend stands at 106.95 crore which is the third highest of all time only behind HNY and Dhoom 3.

This is, in fact, a great achievement as Dangal has only one holiday which also fell on Sunday. The film has also emerged blockbuster and it will be interesting to see how big it will be.

  • Day 1: 29.78
  • Day 2: 34.82
  • Day 3: 42.35
  • Total: 106.95 cr

Dangal has also terrific hold on Monday. We are updating the collection on the web. You can also check in the link here. Dangal Monday Box Office Collection Update: Terrific Hold

11 comments on “Dangal creates history on Sunday”

  1. Top weekend collection belongs to Aamir...if we dont consider happy new year because we know all the reallity...
    Sultan..one n half holiday
    Dangal..only one.. still breaks sultan..
    Weekend and life time belongs to Aamir..
    Aab bolo haters... Dekhlo Aamirs stardom..

    1. Acc to trade figures dhoom 3 toh top 3 me bhi nahi weekend figures mein! Aur ye 1 and half holiday kya hota hai chutiye? Sultan ka dono din partial holidays tha toh 1 hi holiday hua! Abey khud ko Khush karne liye kuch bhi bolega kya!
      Bichaara amir, record aisa banaya Jo 1 saal bhi dhang se nhi tikne vala ?? aa raha Bhai next year 2 movies k sath, amir 1 saal mein 1 movie kar le vahi badi baat Buddhe k liye ??

  2. After so much effort and much crowd in theatres and it was almost 100% collections more screen count and still can't beat HNY. Now it confirmed that HNY figures were fake and manipulated
    Shame on SRK and Farah khan

  3. Brilliant Aamir as always,Dangal will definitely break pk record. Believe or not believe sallu fans but Aamir is great than salmon.

  4. Saala Khadoos Was the most underestimated movie this year.
    If u are a true movie lover u can easily jugde it .
    it was a masterpiece in every way.
    But we are Indian.

  5. congratulations team dangal. u deserve applause coming your way!!
    feel good when such movies make money.. rather than movies like MNIK, RNBDJ, JTHJ, chennai express, HNY..piece of craps really

  6. tiket hi gh rate kar ke bhi tu any ka weekend nahi tod paaya shame on you aamir

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