Dangal creates history on 2nd Friday

Dangal has created history on the second Friday by collecting a huge 18.5 crore. The film has broken PK record by a distance which collected 14.65 crore.

The collections are phenomenal and if we compare it to the highest opening days of 2016, it will come at the 4th spot. Now the second weekend has all chances to go over 65 crore and the second week will be more than 100 crore which will set a new benchmark. It has also chances to cross Sultan lifetime collection in the 2nd week itself.

As far the lifetime is concerned we have reported it yesterday also that the trend has suggested that it will all the existing records including that of PK.



Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
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216.03 Cr

24 comments on “Dangal creates history on 2nd Friday”

  1. Whether we are srk fan or sallu fan we should respect what amir is doing and what he has done with dangal. People here are saying amir doing huge collections with content. But my friends just tell me one thing where does this content come from. It comes from acting. Research and the maximum effort which amir puts in his films. And also instead of acting we are judging an actor in terms of stardom. What is an actor who acts. Plzz get the meaning of actor right. Search the Google if neended. Amir is doing best an actor can do. Sunny leone alsi had stardom and fame. Ha ha ha

  2. OMG ???
    Now where are those guys who said they will leave Bollyarena if Dangal crossed SUltan??
    Leave SUltan it is going to cross 400 crore

    Now all those guys kindly leave Bollyarena and drive your rickshaws

      1. Do saal mein ek hi baar entertain hote ho parshya wo bhi collection dekhkar film to raddi hi hai.

  3. Tomorrow i will be going to watch #dangal once again with my 11 friends... Bahut ho gayi pehlwani ab dangal hoga dangal #boxoffice_on_fire

  4. Salman fans ki to nind hi udd gayi hein.
    Kare to kya kare iss Aamir ka....
    Kahi 400cr na ban jaye.....come on...

  5. Dangal figures are fake. Three khans do movies only for collections. They play with public emotions. So it is better not to give their movies a Dekko.Their movies are just c grade.

    1. Bro not three but two for sure...are konsa pot hole se army wala tuje pakistan me ghusne dega....logic...tht movie was the worst movie... I don't kno which chu... Audience went to see tht bb...

    Final will be Dangal vs PK….
    day14-10cr……………….310cr…….Sultan out
    day16-13cr……………….332………BB out
    day17-18cr……………….350………DANGAL WILL BEAT PK

    Final prediction

  7. OMG -- Aaamir Rocks....

    Greatest showman...I think he has touched now level of Raj kapoor -- and soon in next 2-3 years will cross and become biggest showman.

    Raj kapoor use to give such terrific big HITS in his own production direction...Bobby, Heena, satyam shivam, prem rog, Ram teri Ganga, sangm. (all were Block busters and record holders -- specially - Ram teri Ganga, Bobby, sangam)

    Aamir is giving - Lagaan , Dangal, tarein zameen par, Gajani, PK, 3 idiots.

    (4 major difference bettewn 2 showman-- comparission)

    Raj kapoor use to direct himself - and aamir directed one but yes other movies also has his direction (but hidden direction not official so doent count) -- so here Raj kapoor scores

    2nd -- Aamir seems to be better actor then raj kapoor - though raj kapoor was also a legend (but aamir has upper hand) - here aamir scores

    3rd - Raj kapoor - use to take help of sex symbols in every hit movie -- except heena and premrog...Eg ram teri Ganga, bobby, satyam, Mera naam joker -- and sex support was so huge that became one of the major reason of film HITS sex apeal was extra ordinarry and not seen even today.. but aamir makes clean films so aami has edge here -- aamir use to take help of smoothces but those in 90's.

    4th -- aamir no. Of HITS are more then raj kapoor.
    So here aamir scores -- but again giving blockbusters now is comparatively easy compared to those days -- as today 1st weekend business makes way for blockbuster (film like bodyguard get block buster status based on weekennd business) but having said that -- aamir's movie always scored from Mondays to 4th week...specialy tarein zameen par, Dangal, 3 idiot, Lagaan, PK.

  8. Hi Guys.........my first time here.......

    seriously @ Bolly Arena - u guys are doing a great job ......very prompt reporting, exactly what film enthusiasts desire....

    And yes collections are mind boggling. One must not forget that the film would have suffered a little because of demonetization and also largely due to holidays falling on Sundays!

  9. Demonetization holidays falling on Sunday so many odds yet Aamir scores. Legend of Indian Box office. Do not compare him with Salman or SRK he is in different league all together.

  10. @Lisa- Agreed the collections would have suffered due to no holidays and demonetization, but it also scored due to high prices and now tax free status. SO Kind off evens out. So ideally no one can make excuses either way ( in favour or against Dangal)

    What is Phenomenal is that the occupancy levels are also very high despite the high prices right from the start. As of now, it is behind Sultan because of 5 day weekend and 2 days extra of Sultan (Sultan started from Wednesday) but with the current trending, Dangal may break the Occupancy record of BB by Week 4.

    1. Dude....please understand that high prices etc are advantages to big films released during festive season!

      Dangal is competing with the biggest films despite having some disadvantages........not only competing but beating them hands down!!!

  11. aamir ka jawab nahi.. What a performance.. Hala diya box office ko bhai ne.. Pk to gayyo..

  12. Wow that's unbelievable trends I have never seen this kind of trends simple outstanding..each day dangal prove our prediction wrong this film on its record breaking spree..it's seems like amir competing himself and only amir can.break his own record hats off

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