Dangal continues to receive terrific response in various screenings

A few weeks back Aamir Khan held the first screening of Dangal for Shabana Azmi and his close friends. The film received an extraordinary response from everyone present at the screening.

Aamir Khan likes to keep everything under wraps. However Dangal seems to be an exception. Now the actor has been showing the film to a lot of people in various screenings. Aamir has received a lot of accloades for his performance in Dangal as it has been termed his career best act. The film is also lauded as one of the best to come out in Bollywood.

Reportedly Dangal is 2 hours 45 minutes long. It has a mixture of humour, emotions and inspiration. It is very much different from Salman Khan's Sultan which was based on wrestling. But Danagal is more about women-empowerment and father-daughter relations.

Karan Johar also praised the film by calling it best film of the decade. He wrote,

"Just saw DANGAL...haven't seen a better film in a decade......speechless!!!!"

21 comments on “Dangal continues to receive terrific response in various screenings”

    1. Lol.Amir is the only khan to avoid high pramostion .he never come to any tv show or c class prmosion like salman & sarukh.note my word dear, Amir is a brand and dangal set a new banchmark with 400 cr club.talk with me 23 Dec.

    2. Lol!!
      That same insecure khan said
      'Only SALMAN can break PKs record'
      Same insecure khan praised Sultaan &BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN & said
      'BB is an OUTSTANDING Movie,
      I will be happy if BB breaks PK record.
      Grow up If you cant spread love atleast dont spread hate.

  1. Amir khan the only khan to avoid high pramostion. He never come to any tv show or c class prmosion like salman & sarukh.note my word dear, Amir is a brand and dangal set a new banchmark with 400 cr club.talk with me on 23rd Dec.

  2. @komal nahi nahta; you Idiot we Salman fans never insecure from anyone like you Lungitards, we believe in hard work and force success to follow us.....We (Salman Fans) don't care if Dangal collect more than Sultan (we will happy if this happens) because we always believe that Salman should compete with himself and not others......

    Only those who are insecure and have not confidence on himself or on their Stars will be jealous....

  3. Who is k johar .who saw hero.mirzya etc which all are crap .and told all are good movies .but what happen .don't believe any one .first saw then bark

  4. Ho gayee Bollywood arena ki chamcha giri
    Same u do with mohenjodaro. Stop praising movies before it's releasing.
    U seem to partial with some big actors.
    Bad precedent.

  5. I really dont understand why BHAI FANS are insecure.
    We Aamir fans celebrated BBs Success along with them.
    They are posting irritating comments on the first page of every AAMIR related article.

    1. @AAMIR-THE MEGASTAR; relax bro, it happens in all fan base, I can give you the name of those Aamir fans who bash Salman on his every article.......I am big Salman fan, but I also enjoy the success of Aamir's movie, just like you.....I can also tell you the name of so many Salman fans who support Aamir, so just chill..........Before Sultan release so many haters (even some Aamir fans) try to spread negativity around the movie, but now they all are hiding.....So my advice to you is, let the movie talk.....

  6. best of luck Aamir Khan, I am from Haryana and thanks for making a movie on Mahavir Phogat ji- a true fighter who stood up against narrow thinking of our society and trained his daughters for wrestling which is supposed to be only for boys. and i am sure that you have done justice with Phogat ji's role.
    Thank you so much Aamir sir. surely gonna watch this movie first day first show.
    and request to all aamir fans, yaar gaaliya mat diya karo please. it's a humble request.

  7. Aamir Sir is d only megastar( acting wise & box office too) in Bollywoo. Salman Sir may b terms as a megastar but He doesn't know acting. His acting skill is really poor (facts). Yes HURRICANE is coming that's for sure. Fingers crossed. # Love & respect AAMIR SIR & DANGAL.

  8. is ko bolo ye sab ko film 3 mahine pehle bata ta hai fir jo sab ko pasand aatah hai usko rakhta hai or jo accha nahi hota finla me kat deta hai..dosro ko ullu banata hai...ab review aap ko pehle hi mil gaya tu time hai kato or reeshot karo...picutre hit...same he did with 3 bandar..PK...one thousand aam janta had secene this movie before relase than he reshoot portions....
    i remember the memorable scene from 3 idiots have come to one of the mill worker mind whom he show this movie ...the pencil wala secne why astronauts not have taken pencil instead exp. pens...this portion he reshot and again he rshoot last scene of explanations of pencil ang gravity...bla blah..

    tu film tu hit hogi hi na....sab ko dekha ke advance me..
    this is called Amir honesty....he is the most HYPO than other khans...

      1. parshaya...tera tu the end hua tha or tere tingu ka bhi the end pehli hi movie me hua tha...hero wo hota hai jo har ke bhi jeeta ta hai...

        THE LAASH actor....mage block buster..hahaha...

        boycott THE GIRL...sorry DANGAL....

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