Dangal continues its strong hold on 2nd Monday

Dangal has shown an excellent hold on the 2nd Monday. The film has collected around 13.45 crore which is a very strong number for the second week as the drop is under 30%.

As expected the hold is better in North India. It has also got tax free status in many states which are helping collections there. The film will easily set the record for the second week which is currently held by PK released in 2014.

It has now chances to be the first Bollywood film to reach 400 crore nett.

Note: The 2nd Sunday collection are updated to 32 crore.



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284.69 Cr


21 comments on “Dangal continues its strong hold on 2nd Monday”

  1. Great to see the collection of Dangal congratz Aamir khan fan another masterpiece and ATHG specially Parashya from a Salman khan die hard fan

  2. @bollyarena Sunday collection of dangal is updated from 31.27 cr to 32.04 cr plz correct it

  3. Very good collection
    Dangal will have to collect 9cr on friday for breaking 400cr.

    1. bro,it will definitely do more than 10 crores today...collection trends are similar to yesterday..just 5-10% less...ek baar 400 crore ho jaye...phir srk ki retirement to pakki...he would never be able to break dangal's record and lallu will need extraordinary word of mouth for tubelight then...

  4. is collection me doodh kitnaa or pani kitna....wo kahawat nahi suni...doodh ka doodh or pani ka pani....

    during festival 30cr+ after festival 13 cr...hahahah

    isko bolte hai stardom...bhaiso ki dangal...

    1. Dude, on first Monday sultan collected 15.5 cr after 38.2 cr
      so that means you are saying dangal is better than sultan.
      Both movies are blockbusters sultan was very good but dangal is epic.
      Enjoyy both the movies success.

    2. abey dumb man...just check sultan's second monday and then comment.......if it is to believe you then sultan should have earned more on second monday than dangal. because if dangal was collecting better due to festival period before which sultan didn't have then on normal working day sultan should have collected more than dangal. which is not happening. you dumb rickshawala.........and one more thing salman did release his film during christmas period dabangg 2.....why this film didn't break ATHG record ??...do you have any answer. By the way i also like salman and i don't have any problem with him.....only i have problem with the blind fans like you.......

  5. Rickshaji, kyun faltu mein muh khulvate ho?
    Sultan had first 5 days of 30crs+. From sixth day it could not even cross 15.5crs again!!
    Doosron ke gharon pe pathar mat pheko, jab aapka ghar pehle se toota pada hai.

  6. Itna shock laga hain tujhe Rickshawala. Are Salman bhi dega HGOTY tension mat le bas record break nehi kar payega.

  7. (Please rotate your screen for best viewing)

    Rank 100 Crs Pts 200 Crs Pts 300 Crs Pts Overseas Pts Total
    1. Salman Khan 600 400 600 100 1700
    2. Aamir Khan 100 600 300 200 1200
    3. Shah Rukh Khan 400 400 0 150 950
    4. Akshay Kumar 600 0 0 0 600
    5. Ajay Devgn 600 0 0 0 600
    6. Hrithik Roshan 200 200 0 0 400
    7. Ranbir Kapoor 300 0 0 0 300
    8. Ranveer Singh 200 0 0 50 250
    9. Varun Dhawan 200 0 0 0 200
    10. John Abraham 200 0 0 0 200
    11. Sushant Singh Rajput 100 0 0 0 100

  8. hahahahaahhaahahahahahahahahahaaha
    Sultan ka band baj gaya......maine kya bola tha tuze yaad hein na...Dangal 12-13 din mein Sultan ka band bajayegi.....

  9. No Doubt It will become the Highest Grosser of India but overall it is difficult to beat PK which is holding collection of 792 CR worldwide. The main Reason

    Dangal has not been released in Pakistan , for PK Pakistan collection were more than 20 cr.
    PK was released in China and Japan which gave it collection 100 Cr. so fair enough to say that PK is leading with 120 + from the starting only.

    Altough there is a rare chance of beating PK worldwide if Dangal Crosses 400 cr (nett) in India iteself.

    Then 600 (india gross) + 200 Overseas (gross)= 800 Gross

  10. Hi all

    We are fighting for Dangal to be ATHG but there are some facts which does not allow Dangal to beat PK and become ATHG worldwide

    1. PK pakistan collection. - 20+ cr
    2. PK china Japan collection. -100+ cr

    So Dangal has to cover these 120 additional from indian market only thus it has to do at least 400 + cr nett business in India which seems very difficult hence PK will remain ATHG worldwide whereas Dangal will become ATHG for India. Please comments.

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