Dangal can beat PK record and might do 400 crore: Trade Analysts

Aamir Khan's Dangal has released yesterday and is already winning hearts and the box office too. The film which collected 29.78 crore on opening day, is expected to shatter some records in the lifetime run.

It was Aamir Khan who founded 100 crore club with Ghajini, 200 crore club with 3 Idiots and 300 crore club with PK. So there are many talks that Dangal will create a new 400 crore club

Trade analysts are feeling that Dangal will become the highest grosser of all time and can also enter into 400 crore club. Komal Nahta says, "This will definitely be the biggest films of all times. I am sure Dangal will surpass PK's lifetime collections. While 350 crore looks definite, don't be surprised if it crosses the 400 crore mark too."

Taran Adarsh said, "There is a clear three week run and the film caters to the family audience which will be a huge plus. The film is definitely worth a repeat watch which is the sole factor in putting up a massive lifetime total. So yes, all this looks positive for Aamir and his team. And yeah, 400 crore is a possibility for sure. But 320 crore plus is guaranteed, no matter what."

We are expecting 305 crore lifetime collection of Dangal. The biggest disadvantage is that Christmas and New Year holidays will fall on Sunday. If that was not case, one would have expected the film would cross PK record. Though one never knows as the film caters to the family audience and will get tax free status too. The final prediction will be updated tomorrow.

Do tell us what are your thoughts about Dangal lifetime collection in the comments section.

45 comments on “Dangal can beat PK record and might do 400 crore: Trade Analysts”

  1. dont know about 400cr(because cristmas n new yr holiday falls on sunday) but definitely 370cr...

    1. @parshya dangal should collect 350+ crore......the movie is absolute extraordinary just wait and see what happens?

    2. har saal Christmas pr laata h movie....pure one mahine tak koi competition nhi hota phir v iski movie aaj tk 350 v nhi kama paayi....salman khan is real star bahubali k againt 320 crore kamana bahut badi baat h..bahut badi....bahubali is one one the greatest movie but uske saamne 320 kamana bahut badi baat h...love u sallu....

      1. 3 idiots k competition me Avatar thi😂😂😂
        jo pure world me no 1 movie thi except india cuz ynHa 3 idiots no 1 thi!! and Sallu b eid ya diwali pe hi lata hai even uski jai ho 26 jan reLease b nhi bach paai! bhai ko bolo eid per hi aae:?😝

    3. 370cr is it ajoke hardly it will be in 300 just like sulthan...nothing more and its already running towards flop in telugu,tamil versions so they can add only by miracle 7cr to total

      1. Just see the 13th day collection and it reach 304Croro in india. definitely it will cross 370Cr no matter whats.. Outstanding Acting of Amir Khan.. No comparison

  2. In Aamir's movie biggest Superstars are Script, High Ticket Price, 3 Week free run, Plenty of Holidays....These are important character of Aamir's movie which help him to give HGOAT.......Without it.....LOL

    1. Let me give you an advise bro. Don't try to prove Salman is bigger than Amir cause everybody except Amir fans know that and Amir fans won't accept that however hard you may try.

    2. The question in front of me is not how to prove Salman bigger than Amir cause truth doesn't need proof. The only concern for me is if Sultan becomes HGOTY or not.

  3. Dangal is a great movie...
    Everyone will be happy if movie collect 350+ cr or 400 crore........but demonetization will be a big factor in this case,the ATM s are available now but condition is not good in the whole country so if movie cross 300cr mark then I think it will be a good achievement...........so now let's see what happens??

  4. Komal Nahata has made a joke of himself several times in the past and he is doing same now.

    1. why r u in hurry bro...wait till monday after that u can troll me,trade analyst and Aamir fans.....
      but in reverse case we r ready to troll salman fans.....
      u salman fans wants salman on top and we Aamerian wants Aamir on top....lets see who will win at the end...
      Ek bat bolta hoon debate karne mein maza ata hein.....lekin healthy debate chahiye.......
      Fan war hona chahiye tabhi to comment padhne mein maja ata hein........

      1. Don't worry we will trol you nicely after Monday

        Be ready

        After ranbir fan now is your turn

        I like and respect Aamir but want to trol dumb fan like you

    2. I wonder y tiger is disturbed u consider salman khan bigger superstar than Aamir Khan yet Salman Khan did 3 films without breaking the record of Aamir Khan movie and u are now praying for Dangals failure, i never thought there are salman fans that are not happy with Aamir Khan's movie collections i thought ITS only SRK fans.

  5. Komal Nahta and Taran Adarsh are most credible trade analyst. I never saw their prediction went wrong. Happy to know that Dangal definitely cross 300 crore mark even demonetization affecting its business. It proves again that Khans and content is the king.

  6. 2-3 sal me 1 film to best Hoga hi aur Kuch kaam hi nahi hai. Saal me 2-3 film Kare to aukad pata chal jaayegi . Koun kitne Pani me hai

  7. even on monday ticket price are higher side . aamir khan trying for tax free saying it is social and patrotic film. But earning himself with high ticket rates.

  8. Hehe so funny komal and taran ..sir it will do hardly 300 cr ..! They both are talking about 400 ..
    400 club will be open by salman khan if TZh apperciated like bb and sultan !

      1. When you are Aamir was sticking to get 5 cr salman started 10 , 20 and 50 cr club in 90 who is releavent today time by 300-400!cr

        First check reality than bark here

        Otherwise you will called. Big dumb

  9. Dangal life time will collect not more than 285 for sure. Dangal is just average film plus Christmas and new year coming on Sunday. Mark my words, it will not go morr than 285-290 crorrs.

  10. parshya bro liked your comment for healthy debate
    so dont argue with comments like dangal flop , cant cross 250cr etc

  11. Factors Against Dangal:
    1) Demonetization
    2) No Extra Holidays
    3) No Item Songs as well as average to good songs (not chart-busters)
    4) No Top Heroine
    5) No Commercial Aspect
    6) South Region not performing too well
    7) No Raju Hirani factor

    Factors Positive for Dangal:
    1) Aamir Khan's movie, on Christmas
    2) Excellent Word of Mouth
    3) Open Weeks and No Competition
    4) Awesome publicity and marketing

    I think Trade Analysts have totally lost it. Either they are high, delusional or they are being paid. Best case, Dangal can go on and cross 300 crore domestic. Forget 400, 350 or PK, it might not even cross Bajrangi Bhaijaan. With excellent world of mouth, repeat value is the most important factor for a movie to score very big for ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER status. Even though this might be the best start for an Aamir movie (other than Dhoom3), weekend looks 100+ surely, but whether it keeps momentum or not, that will be worth watching. If Dangal remains excellent, then it will score 300+ otherwise it might fall short of 300.

    My prediction: 290-310 crores.
    It will definitely be ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER, but it will be in very close competition with SULTAN for HIGHEST GROSSER OF THE YEAR 2016.

    1. So many word yet you turned out to be completely wrong

      It's well on its way to break PK's record

  12. No matter how the LBO of DANGAL but one thing is crystal clear that SALMAN is a big "zero" compare to AMIR KHAN (acting skill). Though SALMAN is a supersat but in every aspect AMIR KHAN is way ahead not only Salman but rest in the industry. . #Fact

  13. I'm agree with hassan..... Dangal move around sultan which is highest grossing movie of 2016....

  14. i rely dont knw why ppl comparing sultan and dangal..! dangal is a mSterpiece and sultan was masala one tym movie..! sallu fans RIP
    actng k regards toh kch bol hi nhi skte Sallu bhai ki
    toh collection pe aagye
    ab collection b gya hath se toh holiday pe aagye
    phie stardom per aagye🤣😂😂😂
    bhai aamir ka stardom thetare me dikh rha hai! aamir k fans chillate nai hai pura saal dey jst go and appreciate da work of aamir and feel proud.! pk k baad sallu bhai 3 baar aagye !bt abhi tak toh unse kch hua nhi..! festivls k vjhse movie vahan tk pohch b gyi vrna 🤣😂
    and abhi ek cmnt pdha tha usme koi buzurg keh rhe the k salmaan ne club strt kie 10-20-30-50 k 90s me
    wen aamir was sticking to 5 crs
    OMG in whole 90s sallu had 1 hit only HAHK i think😅😂
    and ppl who claimng dangal will go 300 only or even less den it😂😂
    morons what do u xpect dangals earning on 31st and 1st ?? 5 crores??
    atleast 50 crores will be raked on 31-1jan.!
    196 done
    minimum 15 friday
    50 new yr eve plus new year
    275 around sunday tak ho lenge.!
    and rest days me dangal will earn 5 crores only😅😂 watta logic-!
    330 toh bhai ho gye!! anyhow
    even it has chances to go ovr 350 😘😍
    worst case m 330 done!!
    salman bhai ab chahe eid le aao ya kch b ye toh aapse hone se rha😂
    while ppl post a comnt
    i m postng an essay😂 bt
    bhed ki hahakar ke badle
    sher ki ek dahaad hai pyare😜

    Admit it
    nikker aur t shirt pehnkr aaya CyClone😍😘 on bO

    Boht ho gayi pehalwani
    ab dangal hoga

  15. Salman is a star not actor, and amir is a actor not star he has a acting skills while Salman has nothing I remember all movies and small never make a movie which people remember after watch aaj take koi movie nominate Bhe hue hai Oscar ke liye drama Matt karo ye Salman ke fake fans

  16. Outstanding Movie.. in 13th day 304crore in india.. definity cross 370 crore. or more.. no one near to that buster. even PK bhajrangi will easily be beaten by dangal.. on 14 to 15 day. :)

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