Dangal again records historic collection on 2nd Sunday in China

Aamir Khan's Dangal continues to storm the Chinese box office. It has collected an unthinkable and unimaginable $14.18 million (91 cr INR) on the second Sunday in China.

This is the highest ever single day collection in all overseas territories. Dangal collection in China is higher than the lifetime collection in India. It has happened for the first time in the history of Indian cinema.

Dangal total box office collection in China is 392 crores in just 10 days. The overseas collection has gone over 600 crores. It is the first Indian film to do so.

  • Day 1: 14.67 ($2.27m)
  • Day 2: 30.30 ($4.69m)
  • Day 3: 35.86 ($5.55m)
  • Day 4: 37.23 ($5.78m)
  • Day 5: 22.58 ($3.52m)
  • Day 6: 24.89 ($3.88m)
  • Day 7: 25.02 ($3.90m)
  • Day 8: 39.27 ($6.12m)
  • Day 9: 87.66 ($13.66m)
  • Day 10: 91.0 ($14.18m)
  • Total: 392.50 Cr ($61.16m)

Bollywood was feeling the heat after the tremendous success of Baahubali 2. Once again Aamir Khan has come to the rescue party. Dangal worldwide gross has now crossed 1100 crores. The film is chasing Bahubali 2 and could beat it in the upcoming days.

111 comments on “Dangal again records historic collection on 2nd Sunday in China”

  1. रे बन्दे की मेहनत को किस्मत का सादर परनाम है प्यारे

    1. dangal release se phle hatters logo k thought...

      (1) Aamir to buddha ho gya h roll k liye , ab reel life khatam

      (2) Aamir ki body fir se shape me nhi aayi to ,....

      (3) hahaha...aamir baap ka roll kr rha h...ab koi hero ka roll nhi dega...

      .......fan k thought.....

      (1) aamir sir kya pagal ho gye h...jo esa roll kr rhe h ?

      (2) ye Mahaveer singj Fogat kon h ??

      (3) etni bdi success k baad...village movie ??

      (4) movie me koi masaala nhi h...es baar to gye...

      1. Dosto ....

        dangal....4 mhine baad b release hokar....etna jabardast business kr rhi h....

        to same time pr release hone pr kitna krti ??

        kyoki fan logo ne movie phle hi dekh li thi.....

        Ab dekhte h...same time pr "tubelite" ...chinease acyress k sath...kitna kmaati h

    2. BB2:dum hai tere me Aamir tune national champion ko haraya

      Aamir:Arey dil chota mat Kar tu international champion se hara hai

      1. While it's a good thing for Aamir and his fans let's do a fact check:
        The collections of China don't matter as the Indian producers do not get any share of that money. They have to sell the film outright.
        Also BB2 will release in other markets soon. This is a battle that Bollywood has lost badly. It's time Bollywood learns from this instead of focussing on what you are precisely doing : stars and their initials.

    3. @bollyarena friends

      chinease twitter friend bol rha tha...

      ydi aaj 3idiots release hoti to....3000crore...pakka tha...

      fir kon Bahubali...kon chuha-bali...????????

    4. who is megastar?

      Indicine : still ours bet on Sallu

      Sallu fan : bass Kar pagle aab rulayega kya?


      1. BB2 ne India mein ziyadha kamaya, aur Amir ne China mein...

        Prabhas is star of India and Amir is Star of China... Amir khan waise bhi thoda Chinese dikhtha hai ....

  2. DANGAL is the third movie to do more business in OS than domestic after HAHIK and THE LUNCH BOX

    1. What's HAHIK? And Shah Rukh Khan has many movies that have done more in overseas market than domestic!

      1. No,Lunch Box and MNIK are the only 2 movies apart from Dangal in OS than in India.But those were total overseas market but here in a single overseas country.Also both Lunch box and MNIK were underperformers in India while Dangal was ATG/ATBB in India as well.

        1. Yeah your almost right but check your memory because Dilwale made more in overseas market than in domestic!
          But Dangal has made a enormous amount of money from overseas! This record can only be touched by Aamir Khan! But in the 2000's people thought no one can even come close to Shah Rukh Khan in the overseas market so you never know what the future holds

          1. No, even in case of Dilwale OS gross of 178cr was less than it's 194cr ind. gross.(Nett 140cr).And 178cr OS gross was from total OS market and not from 1 single OS country.one more thing SRK never ruled overseas it was just NRI population watching his movies there not foreigners which is not the case with Aamir in China.

            1. Hahah you have gone mad, okay you mr first answer we was not talking about gross or net!
              Secondly Germans, Russians, Arabs, Malaysians, French, South Africans, Africans, Eritreans, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and the list goes on all don't speak Hindi or Urdu and don't understand it as well but these markets were all opened by Shah Rukh Khan! And Pakistanis living abroad are not NRI,

              1. hahaha...

                duniya bhar me movie lga lene se koi global star nhi bn jata...

                movie chalni b chahiye...???????

                or kitni chal rhi h..sabko pta h...

                aamir germany me b release kre...vha b no1 rhega

                1. He did release it in Germany you idiot, what do you think Aamir Khan works everywhere, well no he doesn't, What Dhoom 3 made on the weekend in Germany, happy new year made almost double of that on the first day! People worship Shah Rukh Khan in these countries but what do you know! Stick to Aamir Khans ass and close your eyes and ears because you don't want to listen to anything else, for you only see Aamir Khans face, All the legends of Indian Cinema are nothing infront of Aamir Khan! @pk.ak and @Parshya you two are just some ignorant fools who are not willing to congratulate someone success or admit to achievements made by other actors!

                  One day Aamir Khan won't be able to give big hits like this then I'll see if you two idiots are still still here!

  3. Bollywood don't need to worry until it has Aamir khan. Right from the first Bollywood film to 100cr,200,300cr or overseas milestones in last 7 years. You have this man at the center point. After Bahubali lot of heat developing against Bollywood but Dangal success in China came as a rescue. Dangal is sure to touch and go 1400cr ww. Next 7 days will decide how big China collection can be from now as it grossed 60m$. I am expecting 100m $ at the end of third weekend in China

  4. Dangal China > SRK highest Grosser CE WW Dangal overseas > SRK highest & 2nd Highest WW

    1. Why are you comparing it with SRK?! Would you like to compare Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan whole career! From the 90's Shah Rukh Khan has always been a successful actor and now Aamir Khan has got his due so why do you want to ruin it for people by comparing! Aamir Khan is giving great cinema just celebrate that instead of comparing!

      1. bhai Aamir...tino khan me phla super star h..

        Dil , QsQt , hm h rahi payar k , jo jeeta wohi sikandar....

        srk to bhot late...hit hua h...

        1. Late but the best is always kept for last! I'm not saying anything bad about Aamir Khan, he's a great actor and I like him but I just think Shah Rukh Khan is a better actor that's my opinion!
          And for your information Aamir Khan gave hits when he came but Shah Rukh Khan took Bollywood by storm as soon as he came in!
          It will always be remembered as
          Dilip Kumar
          Amitabh Bachchan
          Shah Rukh Khan!
          But why are we talking about Shah Rukh Khan this is about Aamir Khan and his success so let's stick to that!
          Bravo Aamir Khan!

          1. @srk varun fan....

            you think ??kkkkkiiiirrran (over acting)

            bhai tumhare sochne se kuch nhi hoga...

            or storm????


            raja hindustani....ATBB
            dil chahta h....hit
            Rang de basanti...superhit

            or qsqt ,man ,dil ,hm h rahi pyar k ,jo jeeta vohi sikandar.....supet hit h hi...

            fir srk ne konsa storm laya...??????

            srk ka sammohan tod...or reality dekh

            @bollyarena...please post

            1. Shah Rukh Khans acting in darr was world class, people were terrified in cinema halls and that's what you call acting! People like you won't understand that, Aamir Khan gave his first blockbuster hit after 9 years into the industry and Shah Rukh Khan gave two All Time block busters in one year within 2 -3 years into the industry! And then after that Aamir Khan gave a few hits here and there because he wasn't releasing enough movies! You have to admit that it was Shah Rukh Khan that bought Bollywood onto the world map, it was him who had promoted Bollywood and India all around the world, doing concerts and interviews! Why do you think countries all around the world call him to honor him because they know how he had conquered the world, they have seen what Shah Rukh Khan had achieved in these 25 years!
              So open your eyes and respect other actors!
              Aamir Khan is doing better work than Shah Rukh Khan today and I openly admit to it, but you people just put Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan down, be careful because your wife might be a Shah Rukh Khan fan as most women are!

  5. A quality movies rules everywhere and Dangal proved it everywhere. I wish the movie was better marketed down south because it would have done humoungous business. Aamir khan is one hell of asuper star, and his popularity in china means an eye opener for any Indian movies ! Legend for a reason.

  6. KIDS like srk OPEN small market (NRI LIVING). LEGENS like AAMIR KHAN open WORLD 2ND LARGEST MARKET(Non NRI living)

    1. So shah Rukh Khan is a kid hahaha without him there would be no overseas market!

  7. These are early estimates figure it may change it may even touch 100cr sunday wich is huge

  8. these are all fake collections --
    As bahubali 2 is scoring high-- dangal team is manupilation chinese box collections just to beat bahubali 2 worldwide collections -
    thanks dangal is out of theatres in India --
    nehi to collections 500 crores + ka le jatee
    fake collections - fake stardom - of Amir

    1. These are official Chinese box office numbers and makers can't do anything as Chinese right were sold.

  9. Some Chinese audience has made Twitter account just for aamir khan and some Indians bahubali fans are abusing them
    So sad
    Dangal is,crushing balloobillii left right and center lol hahaha

    1. Agar aisa hai to BB2 ne India mein Aamir aur pure Bollywood ka majak ura dia!! So rather comparing two great films why not appreciate both the success!!!

      1. Both are different movies one made on budget of 75cr and second movie on 500cr budgets

        1. Are you a noob? The second movie was made in a whopping budget of rs 250 crore and the combined parts costed rs 450 crores. Wait for 2.0 film made on a budget of rs 450 crores and let it shatter all previous records.

  10. Worldwide doesnt matter!!
    Kavi khusie kabhie gham had broken Gaddar's worldwide record in 5 months. Does anyone remember that?
    Domestic matters!!! Aise to K3g, om shanti om sab athg banjayenge!!!

    1. @Aadav

      bhava...ww hi mater karta hai...

      ghar me to koi bhi sher hota hai...

      china me sher banke dikhao.....

      bb1 ka haal maloom hai na billy bani thi udhar...

  11. Poor bb2 fans mera mazak udda Rahe the.. Aab bhutto..

    Kaha gaya wo Prabhas bollyarena user

    Sab gayab..


  12. Single China can beat BB2 collection in india

    This is the power of Chinese ?

    Shame on South Indian people could not give at least 200cr

    1. Bhai tu akela esa insan ha jo ekk film k lea apne hi desh ki adhi population (south) ko gaali de rha ha...kuch to sharam kar le bhai....or ye kya chinease power lga rakha ha sab jante ha sabse gaddar desh ha china....or ha ma kisi actor ka fan van nhi hu....jo movie acchi hogi vo chlegi chahe dangal ho ya Baahubali

      1. @indian ..

        bhai...tu muje ek bollywood movie ka naam bta de...jisne south india me....50crore se jyada kmaye ho...??

        or ye mat khna...ki vha...hindi movie nhi dekhte...

        me dubbed version ki baat kr rha hu...

        1. Bhai baahubalis k alawa tu kisi south indian film ka naam bta de jisne north me 30 cr se jada kmaye ho.....or to or robot jasi megabudget film ne bhi bss 20cr kmaye the hindi version me or vishwaroopam jasi megabudget or content wali film ne 11cr....or bollywood me dangal jasi content wali movie ek do hi banti ha or bhot saari films to south ki films ki remakes hoti ha....or aap log chate ho ki south wale unki hi movies k remakes ko baar baar dekhe or 100 - 200 cr ki kamayi karwa de???.....btw me north india se hi hu

      2. @INDIAN
        bro mere kehne ka galat matlab mat nikal..

        muze sirf itna keha hai ki Dangal acchi movie thi south ne dekh hoti to kam se kam 200cr ka buisness hota aur dangal dubb bhi ki thi par aisa nahi hua...

        south ke log hindi movies nahi dekhte...

        chinese dekh sakte hai hindi movie to south indian kyun nahi aur wo bhi itni acchi movie

    2. Prashya, We South Indians won't mind separating from India and become Independent. We rather be more prosperous and live happily than staying in India. If you North Indians do not like us.Fine we will live as Independent Nations. You guys join with China or any other country you wish. You guys are traitors and one day will make India into pieces.

      1. @Dev
        arey bhai muze sirf itna kehana tha ki Dangal acchi film thi kam se kam 200cr ka buisness south india se hona chahiye tha..par wo log film dekhenge tab na..

        wo khali unki film dekhte hai...dubbing kar ne par bhi khas collection nahi milte.

        aur idhar china me dubb ki hai par dekho kamal..aur idhar to hamare NRI log bhi nahi

    3. Baahubali in india all version 850cr+
      In hindi 430 cr in just 17 days

      Kon sa record dekh raha......neend se jag ja.....
      China me release nahi hua baahubali...waha chdd k ek jgah aisi bta jaaha tera dangal aage ho.....bta.......chal koi aur country ka hi bta de..

    4. Ye bhool gya dangal 9000+ screen 10 din me 390cr

      Baahubali 9000+ screen 10 din me 1000cr

      Kitta bhi uchhal kud kr le tu......baahubali no.1 hi rahega.....jiyo re baahubali.....??

  13. I think wordwide collection should be around 1190 to 1200 crore...coz movie 1100 crore yesterday...confusion.

    1. but but..according to u stardom matters,,,but dangal is flop in south india n it lags well behind overseas market except China..btw China alone is not alone overseas market...do u know that???

  14. KIDS like srk OPEN small market (NRI LIVING). LEGENS like AAMIR KHAN open WORLD 2ND LARGEST MARKET(Non NRI living).

  15. Looks like Dangal in China beaten BB2 in South India. Where are the fools now who were saying Prabhas better than Khans.

  16. That's so huge for Dangal the best. Bahubali2 soon to be crossed 1000Cr soon for India all languages. Inching towards 500Cr for Hindi version itself. Its own kind of benchmark. Bahubali 1& 2 will be released after dubbing in Chinese language very soon.

  17. Agar bahubali 2 ke hindi version ke collection nikal do phir bolo ke prabhas khans se aagey hai! bahubali 2 is good movie but khans tho khans hai! next film of prabhas will show his ahead or not.

  18. Bollyarena ne Jo poster lagaya hai article pe usse yaad aya

    BB2:dum hai tere me Aamir tune national champion ko haraya

    Aamir:Arey dil chota mat Kar tu international champion se hara hai

    1. Abe ye dekh india me bahubali Close 800cr Amir puri life me nahi todke waka ye record note kar le tu aur hindi verson me me buri tarah peet diya Dangal ko parshya

      1. @prashant

        bro ek baat batata hoon India me apni film koi bhi dekh sakta hai par china me chinese people dekhenge indian film?

        nahi na...fir bhi Aamir ne wo kar dikhaya..

        aur china me NRI bhi nahi hai pure chinese people hai...

        mere khayal se ye bahot badi baat hai jo Aamir ki film 2cr log dekhne wale hai..

        apni gali me to sab sher hote hai....

  19. Dangal was released when demonitisation was applied,so during demonitisation dangal had done so good business,
    BB2 was released when all money started to function like normal before,bb2 had no problem of demonitisation also,

    1. Aur chrismas new year holiday ......wo kon batega........yaha non-holiday and ipl time bhai poori baat bataya kr......kya demonetization lga raha.....50 din baad release hua uske....tab tak situation behtar ho chuki thi.....itti ki ek ticket bnda kharide le.....

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    Rows: #1–100, #101–103
    Rank Movie Title Distributor Gross Release
    1 The Fate of the Furious UPI $383,948,328 4/14
    2 Kung Fu Yoga n/a $254,531,595 1/28
    3 Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back n/a $239,553,888 1/28
    4 Kong: Skull Island n/a $168,188,002 3/24
    5 xXx: The Return of Xander Cage PPI $164,066,583 2/10
    6 Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Sony $159,548,686 2/24
    7 Duckweed n/a $152,405,087 1/28
    8 Buddies in India n/a $109,835,197 1/28
    9 Logan Fox $105,962,988 3/3
    10 A Dog's Purpose n/a $88,226,996 3/3
    11 Beauty and the Beast (2017) Disney $85,763,002 3/17
    12 Boonie Bears: Entangled Worlds n/a $76,630,780 1/28
    13 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Disney $69,484,899 1/6
    14 The Devotion of Suspect X n/a $58,320,490 3/31
    15 Shock Wave n/a $51,671,843 4/28
    16 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 n/a $49,536,788 5/5
    17 Passengers (2016) Sony $45,279,870 1/13
    18 Battle of Memories n/a $39,598,673 4/28
    19 La La Land Joy $35,916,658 2/14
    20 Sing UPI $31,379,920 2/17
    21 Ghost in the Shell (2017) PPI $29,327,947 4/7
    22 This Is Not What I Expected n/a $28,448,291 4/27
    23 A Chinese Odyssey Part Two: Cinderella n/a $25,947,618 4/13
    24 Love Off the Cuff n/a $23,716,301 4/28
    25 Assassin's Creed n/a $23,337,486 2/24
    26 Smurfs: The Lost Village Sony $23,279,744 4/21
    27 Big Baker's Unlucky Bear n/a $18,330,043 1/13
    28 Mr. Pride vs. Miss Prejudice n/a $17,834,422 4/20
    29 Cook Up A Storm n/a $17,658,952 2/10
    30 Arrival PPI $15,884,890 1/20
    31 Northeast Past n/a $15,208,575 2/3
    32 The Game Changer n/a $14,875,966 2/10
    33 The Missing (Bang jia zhe) n/a $13,887,720 3/31
    34 Dangal n/a $12,574,061 5/5
    35 Revenge for Love Xiying $9,242,543 2/14
    36 Extraordinary Mission n/a $8,619,962 3/31
    37 Love Contractually n/a $8,613,029 2/14
    38 Mak Dau Dong Dong Poon Ngo Sum n/a $7,093,313 4/7
    39 GG Bond: Guarding n/a $6,503,093 1/7
    40 Kubo and the Two Strings n/a $6,372,757 1/13
    41 La guerre des tuques (Snowtime!) n/a $6,272,750 4/1
    42 The LEGO Batman Movie n/a $6,114,589 3/3
    43 Ballerina n/a $5,770,423 2/1
    44 You Wan Mei Wan n/a $5,428,592 4/1
    45 Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV n/a $4,169,821 3/10
    46 The Blood Hound n/a $3,565,036 4/21
    47 Eye in the Sky n/a $2,523,370 1/13
    48 The Village of No Return n/a $2,307,393 1/28
    49 The Mysteries Family n/a $2,155,017 4/21
    50 Genius n/a $2,141,293 3/10
    51 Lord of Shanghai n/a $1,979,066 2/17
    52 Death Ouija 2 n/a $1,854,170 3/10
    53 Nerve n/a $1,719,814 1/6
    54 Savva. Heart of the Warrior n/a $1,497,226 4/29
    55 Mad World n/a $1,322,500 4/7
    56 The Door (2017) n/a $1,213,654 2/17
    57 Lighting Dindin n/a $1,149,860 2/5
    58 Little Lucky n/a $1,029,983 3/10
    59 Frightening Embroidery Shoes n/a $851,257 3/3
    60 Bridget Jones's Baby n/a $746,833 1/1
    61 Ghost in Barber's n/a $683,146 1/6
    62 Haunted Sisters n/a $677,053 3/17
    63 A Nail Clipper Romance n/a $636,257 4/14
    64 Snow in Midsummer n/a $620,823 4/21
    65 Lost in the Moonlight n/a $547,683 3/10
    66 Weeds On Fire n/a $536,012 4/7
    67 10,000 Miles n/a $508,820 1/6
    68 G.E.M.: G-Force n/a $476,613 1/6
    69 Young Love Lost n/a $451,772 1/13
    70 Wo De Shi Pian (The Verse of Us) n/a $451,030 1/13
    71 Bicycle Boy 2 n/a $436,810 1/13
    72 Haunted Dormitory: White Paper Girl n/a $378,192 4/1
    73 Sinbad and Mermaid Princess n/a $326,961 1/7
    74 Daughter (2015) n/a $307,697 1/20
    75 Midnight Soul Road n/a $267,460 4/28
    76 Spy Eyes n/a $213,635 3/10
    77 An Umbrella Conspiracy n/a $181,698 2/17
    78 Haunted Dormitory: Marionette Teacher n/a $171,807 4/14
    79 The Legend of 1935 n/a $149,706 3/28
    80 Fight n/a $120,354 3/10
    81 Hetian Jade Legend n/a $108,647 4/25
    82 Absurd Accident n/a $101,172 5/12
    83 Egg Plan n/a $77,571 1/20
    84 My Egg Boy n/a $72,031 4/14
    85 Intrude the Widow Village at Midnight n/a $62,334 4/27
    86 Journey to the Forbidden Valley n/a $54,176 2/10
    87 Inside: A Chinese Horror Story n/a $49,822 4/7
    88 Crazy Teacher n/a $40,601 1/24
    89 Doby & Disy's Dreamy Town n/a $35,852 1/13
    90 June and Arrow n/a $31,290 4/7
    91 Planning of be in Love n/a $28,855 3/14
    92 Donkey Magistrate the Sandal Princess n/a $26,438 1/20
    93 The Young with No Fear n/a $19,564 1/6
    94 Myth Kill Joke n/a $16,152 5/5
    95 Romantic Warrior n/a $14,484 1/6
    96 Nirvana (2017) n/a $11,560 3/17
    97 Eternal Love (2017) n/a $9,869 4/7
    98 A Idiot Lost In Xiangxi n/a $9,565 4/7
    99 I Will Be In The Music n/a $8,264 4/21
    100 Come On Murderer: The Legendary Thief n/a $7,402 3/17

    Rows: #1–100, #101–103

    2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2009, 2008, 2007


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    1. @khurram

      bhai...esme opning weekend ka hi collection h...12 milion doller...

      update hona baki h

  21. Only idiots watching bahubali again and again and this idioticy happened only in india, Dangal is showing real value of Indian cinema

  22. Dangal could have work anywhere because of its content, but it wouldn't be that big if Aamir wasn't there. The fact that Aamir has humongous fan following in china helps the movie grow tremendously. Some idiots come out of nowhere and start bashing Prabash is the biggest super stars of the country. Big lol. The fact that khans invested 20-25 years of their carrier as an actor make them what they are today. Prabash is not even as big star as Hritik today is. Khan ruled and today Aamir is the greatest of all period.

  23. Kids watch South movies; BB.
    Adults watch Po*n movies...
    Legends watch Aamir movies.

  24. Now tell , bahuballi a movie like which dont give any message and get so much money on bo , but afterall the true message giver movie by aamir khan wins , who truly diserve oscar and also deserve national award ...... But we really understand who we are and what we vote government , our soldieres dying ...

  25. Proud moment for Indian cinema... Let's feel proud about this instead of creating kiddish comparison between two entirely different type of movie.. & both films (Dangal & BB2) are historic & iconic
    Personally I'm feeling extremely proud to be an AAMIR-FAN.. "jahapna, tusi great ho!"

  26. What the collection Just too good

    Heading towards Bahubali

    Eyes on mini 100 CR In Single Day

    #Non Masala, no vulgar......,No atom,Non Actress

    No heavy Promotion

    No biggest heat Songs ,no too comedy

    Just Biggest Simple Truth Story & Aamir Hard work

    What a biggest Global star

  27. Bb2 first phase-1500
    Dangal China collection-800 cr
    Dangal worldwide collection -1600 cr
    Bb2 2nd phase minimum. Collection-300 cr
    Bb2 worldwide collection-1800 cr
    So don't get Happy​ Bb2 easily beat Dangal.

  28. How is possible, Bolly Arena????

    91cr. In one day.

    After boycott,,???? & Indian movie???

    Collect this figure,, it is not posdible,,,

    Bolly arena, proof that.. This is fake news

  29. Stupid people taking pride in success of films for the wrong reasons. If Dangal did well in China we don't have to call a movie about indian culture ie,bahubali poor. Ones greatness doesn't dwarf another's achievement. All credit to Aamir Khan for marketing Dangal so well in china. Team Bahubali should hire him to market Bahubali too.

  30. Amit u misunderstood,,
    I'm only saying that how much so earned,
    Bcoz 1st day - 14cr. & surprisely really surprised to me.. 10th day - 91cr. Collect how??
    Publicity good=movie supethit??
    Is this cortect?
    If this is true then why did not it happen in india???

  31. Except baahubali series how many south moviea has faired well in north region?.. No one. Clear that content is loved not the stardom.its bocoz of stardom movies gross in weekend. Movies continues for its content.. Dangal was released in south but in hindi version..tamil and telugu version was minimal..and so was the collection (15cr)on the same no of screens bb2 got released ...imagine if north people would have made to watch in tamil or telugu version...how it could have grossed than?so distribution is important for a movie's success.. All bollywood producers want to gain all the profit..but bb production distributed it to different production houses(dharma for hindi)...so just respect the success of these two great films...don't mislead people.

  32. Sharma karo sab.....
    Kya south kya north...
    Ek country tho hai...
    Sirf aur sirf movies ke liye itna ragad ke lad rahe ho...
    Jaake kuch ache kaam karo aur naam kamao desh ke liye...
    Website meh ladai kar rahe he..dusre naam pe
    Jo movies karte hai..(artists)..un logonko aisa feeling nahi hota sirf fans meh itna jealous...aise fans ki wajah se hatred ness badh rahi hai logo meh....
    Hope you all understand

  33. All India collection stands at massive 804 crores after 15 days. The film has crossed 1000 crore Gross in all India. It could slow down in South after the third weekend and then it will be Hindi version which will contribute most to Bahubali 2 collection.

    The worldwide gross is now close to 1300 crores. It will finish its lifetime run over 1500 crores in worldwide. Meanwhile, Aamir Khan’s Dangal has started to chase Bahubali 2 after its release in China. It will be a tight race between both films for all time number one film.

  34. Just a joke
    Salman : Aamir jaisa worldwide success kab milega.if I broke dangal record also by tubelight or TZH in India mere 1000 crores to mushkil hai.

    SRK: Bhai tu to atleast domestic ka king ho gaya hai,mera to West Bengal me bhi paata Saaf ho gaya hai?

    Akshay:just chill buddies.saal me 4 movie banaao Aamir ke jitna collection karloge.

    Hrithik:me kya karo.i don't have any movie.let it be I"ll watch dangal again & celebrate the success of dangal

    Aamir:thank u all for praising me.Lets make big films & give what audience want.

  35. We have a idiot among us who spew venom on South Indians,...am proud of BB2...that Parsay shud be blocked immediately by Bollyarena...bitter fact for him..phase 1 BB2>>>> (PHASE1+2 OF DANGAL)..Phase 2 collection will add more salts to his injury..mark my words..

  36. Bro you guys only started South Indian you told this is a South Movie and degraded Bollywood where as you know that without Hindi Market BB2 is nothing. Now Parshya pointed the bitter truth and you cannot accept that. If you are brave enough admit that BB2 is nothing without Hindi Markets where as Dangal do not need South Collections to prove its worth.

    1. c the population of china..btw do china represents global...??? BB2 has thrashed Dangal every where in NORTH AMERICA, AUSTRALIA EUROPE MARKET..ETC... Trust me population matters....this combine market cant even be half of china..yes DANGAL create storm in CHINA.,..But BB2 created this Tornodo WW as it made it to top 3 in
      NORTH AMERICA market.,.

      Who knows if BB2 release in china in phase 2..it might create storm there..abhi toh phase 1 khatam nhi hua hain,...Phase 2 bhi baaki hain... my prediction according to starcast..,., Prabhas will defeat Aamir khan by 300cr overall....n this record will broken by 2.0 next year...

    1. correction - China's collections are gross figures.....Gross India all languages is around 512 cr.......

      China should easily cross/touch 600 crore!!!

  37. Kids compare between AAMIR and other Khans
    Men compare between Shahrukh & Salman Khan
    Legends compare between Fardeen Khan & Zayed Khan ????

  38. BTW, Bollyarena.. u posted the teaser of the upcoming Bengali film "Boss-2".. now it's trailer is out now which was trending at #No.1 for a few hours on YouTube upon it's release.. please post the trailer in your regional film section

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