Dangal 6th Day Box Office Collection

Dangal 6th Day Box Office Collection: Dangal released with high expectations and the film has lived up to all of them. Even the festive season has come to an end, Dangal collection is very much steady on Wednesday. Below is the complete Dangal collection report.

Dangal 6th Day Box Office Collection Estimates

Dangal is showing excellent trend on weekdays as the hold is record breaking. According to the official figures, Dangal 6th day collection will be in the range of 21.20 crore. It will become the first Bollywood film to cross 20 cr in the first six days with a single holiday.

North India is very strong and is on its way to record the highest collection of all time. The film is equally strong in single screens and multiplexes. Now the festive season has ended but Dangal collection is still having an extraordinary hold. The family audience is still coming big numbers in the evening which indicates that the film has one of the best word of mouth in recent times. In fact, the trend is better than biggest blockbusters like Bajrangi Bhaijaan or PK. The housefull shows on non-holiday are rare these days but Dangal is doing wonders.

Dangal 6th Day Box Office Collection

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Dangal 6th day collection is again a great result with less than 10% drop. The terrific word of mouth has helped the film to maintain the pace after the weekend. Dangal box office collection in 6 days will be 176 crore. It will cross the lifetime collections of last year's Christmas release Bajirao Mastani tomorrow and has already crossed Dilwale in just 5 days.

The trend is suggesting that Dangal will break PK record and will become the highest grosser of all time. PK collected 24 cr on Christmas and 13 cr on new year holiday, though, in the case of Dangal, both holidays will fall on Sunday. But Dangal is already leading as there is a gap of 25 crore between both films which means the holiday advantage can be negated. If the same trend continues then Dangal collection will cross 300 crore in the third weekend itself.

Dangal 6th Day Collection

21.20 cr



Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
176.98 Cr

Also, tell us what are your thoughts on Dangal 6th day box office collection in the comments section.

73 comments on “Dangal 6th Day Box Office Collection”

  1. Unbelievable. . Outstanding.. This is content KING MEGASTAR AMIR KHAN POWER.. A TRUE SILENT KILLER(destroyer) OF BOX OFFICE. ..

  2. Who told u BA that festival fever end? School and colleges closed till jan. 5 and tickets are high at maximum places and tax free 3 states and what else u want. Dangal is riding high on all these factor more on tax free & high tickets prices not on foot fall.still 20 atleast must 30 on each week day and 40 on weekend to show his star power.

    1. ??? Are you in India or Abroad i think you didn't heard about DeMonetization (Note Bandi) in India which has already highly Effected Many Recent Film's There is No Lead Popular Actress/His statement of intolerance have raised to many BoyCott ralies no Dangal is not a commercial Film like Sultan/Dhoom 3 no ChartBuster Songs even The Film poster looks like it is a boring Film ............
      But is Working & Creating Records Only & Only Bcoz Of MegaStar Power Of Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan

      1. Above all things you mentioned like no heroine, not commercial there is WOM.
        WOM is the most important thing. If Dangal had only positive WOM(Not extraordinary) then it would have done les than 225 cr. If it had mixed WOM then less than 180 cr.

        1. y r u such a fool....salman is a pathetic actor(great human ,no offence)..taking his part against a great actor like aamir khan...in terms of acting

          aamir >srk>>>>salman khan(only 3 good performances,tere naam,bb and sultan)

      2. Who told u that dangal is not a commercial movie. Is aamir donates all his earning from movie for social cause. He is smart business man. 3 open weeks, tax free status on the name of social message, high tickets price on even week days. Well played mr. Aamir khan

        1. Now salman fans will say that wait for TZH and Tubelight ....like they said after pk release that bb will break all records of PK...so said for his fans....lolz

      3. I agree,he's truly perfectionist...no comparison of him in bollywood....People watching the movie because it's worth to watch...congratulation Aamir sir...#love you....

      4. Stop complaining that Dangal has the benefit of festive period, schools and college closure and tax free status in few states....no one is stopping other actors from releasing their movies in the Christmas/new year period....if an actor wants his film to benefit from the festive period, he can release his movie in the christmas period as well...but majority actors dont have the guts to compete with aamir khan....salman khan released dabangg 2 during christmas/new year period and the dabangg made below 160 crore.....

    2. Tax free is only implemented in haryana and in other states it's yet to be implemented. You will see the difference when UP implements it.

  3. My Prediction for Dangal will be around 300 - 350 Cr....but it might fail to cross 400 Cr...Let see what happens....if it fails to cross 400 Cr... then Amir had to wait for Thug of hindustan for upcoming film...in 2018

      1. Tiger tu billi hojainga aaj se sultan ka aaj ka last din tha ab dangal ki ginnti aaj se shoro kar

      2. Abhi tak pk wont cross Sultan &
        Now When Aamir fucked all the Records without Any big Co-Star & Any Commercial Elements
        And After Defeat Now Shamelessly You are Saying
        #TOH wont Break any Record.
        Before TOH,TZH will release
        & Want to Bet
        It wont cross pk forget DANGAL.


  4. Dil jeet liya iss line ne...
    " housefull shows on non-holiday are rare these days but Dangal is doing wonders"

  5. Lifetime most probably 325-330 cr. It is proved again that only 3 things work on box office Salman, Dhoom franchise and content.

    1. salman 's biggest blockbuster is "MARIGOLD"...total collection 1 crore,budget 18 crore..hahaha..

      where was salman from 2000-2009?
      classics like god tussi great ho,lucky,kyunki,london dreams,veer,garv,,jaaneman ,babul ,hello ,yuvraj and the list is endless....

  6. Accept your updater arena but film will not break sultan weekly record 208cr....... But dangal will be make another recor surly!
    Aamir home production blockbuster aamir power:-)

    The Way Aamir is Dominating this Multiplex Era is TREMENDOUS.
    Aamir is way ahead at the moment.
    His fan-following especially at PLEXES is light years ahead of everyone else.

  8. no one can beat aamir khan. only aamir khan can beat his own record
    how much is expected from next sunday ...?

    1. I think it will collect 21cr on Wednesday and 19 cr on Thursday
      Friday with weekend ticket rates will hold to 18cr on fri
      26cr on sat
      30cr on sunday
      Then 2nd Monday is crucial.

  9. Dangal will cross 390cr some people will se only first day collection but aamir khan will sees long run for his movies it will earn more what a great movie wating for thugs of hindustan it will break all records only Mr aamir khan break his own records

  10. Hello guy's
    Parshya is perfect for Mr. Perfectionist
    Aamir Khan Beat Only Aamir khan
    any body Come out?? this is bollywood RECORED OPEN

  11. Only Aamir Khan can beat Aamir . DANGAL will beat PK and Salman will be still chasing PK.
    On the other hand SRK struggling for 100 CR. Hope he will comeback
    Right now AAMIR KHAN is the only MEGASTAR of BOLLYWOOD

  12. 2008:Ghajini-114 cr
    2009:3 Idiots-202 cr
    2013:Chennai Express-227 cr
    :Krish3-240 cr
    :Dhoom3-284 cr
    2014:Pk-339 cr
    and now 2016 only Dangal has only possible to overtake it...
    i think pk tu gaya..

  13. Dangal is a class movie which is widely accepted only because of its content and Mr. Perfectionist one & only AAMIR KHAN. Treat to watch him on screen and results are showing for his hard work. Definitely going to make 400 crores......fingers crossed ?

    1. Abey SRK name is enough, how many wonders did he create till now?? Or is he hiding behind the wonders! lol

    2. Lol if SRK name is enough, then Fan & His cameo in Dear Zindagi will create allows time blockbuster or whatever you call it to beat PK in just one day LOL it's hard for other fandom to appreciate Aamir. I understand because SRK can't beat all AK records right now. His fans needs blockbuster so bad. I like SRK as an actor, but his fans are totally arrogant like hell.

    3. Yar tum srk fan kha rhte ho aj kal dikte hi nhi ba par. Itna bhi amir se kya naraj hona. Apna hi pk ka record thodega tum kyo dukhi ho rhe ho.

  14. Future predictions for dangal till Sunday looking at the current trend including dubbed versions
    Wed 21cr
    Thursday 19cr
    Fri 18cr with new year weekend rates hold will be better
    Sat 26cr
    Sunday 31cr
    Hence it will be 270cr till 2nd weekend

  15. The Ring break Pk record Dangal beat Sultan and BB not PK
    @Srk warrior Imtiaz gave success without SRK unlike Adi/KJO, SRK ANU Imitiaz=RIP Boxoffice

  16. I am a salman fan.... But after watching the kind of hardwork aamir has put into Dangal I pray this film should break all thr records possible even of Sultan... This film deserves to be the biggest in the bollywood...
    @tiger Sultan was made in 8 months and dangal in 2 years so chill it is a better movie
    but I love watching sultan more...bhai jo hai usme

  17. Aamir Sir ne Dangal Movie bohat achi banayi hai magr Geeta Phogat ke real coach P.R Sondhi ne aaj kaha hae ke Aamir Khan ne Dangal movie mein mera image bura dikhaya hae Aamir SIR ab is Baat ko clear karen

  18. Bhai ke Fans pehele bole Sultan Ka collection beat nehi karega demonetization hain. Abhi pagla Gaye hain sab. Are bhai tension na le Salman class ka 2nd boy tha wohi rahega. Dil chota mat kar Aamir se hara hain Salman.

  19. I think amir superb decade superstar of bollywwod
    Salman mega star
    Sharuk only star romance period is over
    Sharuk career is over sharuk try some different other wise u will come in the list of Askhay ajay

  20. Amir sharukh salman sab ki movie achhi hoti h bro bus dekhne ka fark h kisi ko neecha mat dikhao yaar..

    1. I like your comments these actors are entertainers why should we break our head by degrading each other

  21. I guess all the chu* favouring own khans, think as a viewer what you get best for your money, it can be any star! As far as the record goes, its pretty evident, Aamir rules thr box office but he deseves because he gets the best for the viewers too, now he may be diplomatic or two faced as per some, however no one deals peesonally with him from the viewers, so i guess its should not be a concern. Apart from that, all the salman fans i guess they are all but of jokes, who thinks he is an actor as he himself knows he cant act and has admitted it. He should learn some from theatre artist like nana patekar, naseerusdin shah, manoj bajpai, etc. Some say he is entertainer maybe but thats only to his fans who runs behind him like dogs or media calling bhai or girls who loves him for his looks and personality. But till date i have never seen a movie buff liking even a single piece of his acting. Even in his hit movies, other starcasts actings are praised. I guess he should only conduct concerts where his fans n girls can waste their time and money, atleast theatre screens will be available for some conceptual movies. Also, it will give freedom to every person from industry to make decisions and follow and praise the right talent. All can be fearless for their earnings then his fake personality and keeping grudges. Also the fake social work that he started in the name of being human, i guess people should know the actual trurh about it, as my friends being salman fans has been victims and now they know the reality. I know after reading my comments, salman fans abd bitches who run behind his looks will start replying and disliking, or maybe abusing too because salman fans are as good as him. No class no talent except sadak chap. As far as SRK is concerned, he has true sense of acting, being in a commercial game, he lost his charm and aura. There was a time, he had a very good choice of movie selection, he lost it though. Still he is a good actor, but cant be an icon. To be the Icon like Megastar Amitabh, Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Aamir surely will become one day, if he continues his way of working, maybe someday a bigger name of the generation. He is outstanding when it comes to select the script and he is fearless of whether ornot the film be a hit or disaster. Bravo! Another best part about him, even though selecting a risky script, he makes it work like wonders for the viewers as he makes it perfect watch and pleasing to the eyes. He has got true sense of making films. He is just not an actor, but a real star with social responsibility. Even if he fakes, he does and people follows but he never makes it compulsion by selling cheaper products at an expensive price just taking advantage of his name like salman.

    To sum up, Salman is no where near as a filmstar or even as an actor, even if his movie someday creates magic at the box office with 1000 crores. He is purely an entertainer to his fans and girls who likes him. But since its a comment foe movie goers and true film entertainment audience, would like to say there are true artists and actors who are not good commercially but work with a better script and concepts and entertains. As far as commercial is concerned with concept, aamir rocks! Srk has a good movies under his belts like kabhi haa kabhi naa, swades, chak de india, ddlj, mnik n devdas. Swades was a master stroke when it comes to acting. If he gets up from his commercial dreams, be still has long way to go. Till then, we have other great actors to watch. Aamir now has set a record to these 2 khans and examples to the new generations. One name I missed was Irfan khan, a genius in acting, atleast one khan doing justice to the profession with true acting skills and leaves these khans way behind when it comes to acting. Aamir on the other hand a good film maker n a good actor.

    1. Dear xyz aamir Khan is a great actor agreed but do not say srk career over dangal is awesome movie but have u not seen chak de India?ur comparision is not apt bro don't compare two biggies a lion with a tiger respect both n njoy the art

    2. Good comments but not to insult too much for an actor who is working here for 25 years though I'm not a fan of any actor but still after reading your comments I realised that you have insulted too much to Salman he may be not a good actor but he is hard working and come long way due to this and acting is not only facial expressions but also hard work and dedication towards film for which Salman has done it and most of the three khans
      srk acting is best but he has ego and jealousy
      Aamir is good and smart truely perfectionist and choosy but not great actor like AB or Dilip
      Salman is hard working but arrogant
      Overall no one can be perfect

    3. abe gochu....srk me koi acting skils nhi h...."swadesh" ki story achchi thi......or srk most egoest acter h bollywood ka......................jitne aamir ne desh k liye kaam kiye h....ooska 1% b srk ne nhi kiya h

  22. Dangal will collect 300(approx) crore end of 2nd week. - Not end of 3rd weekend as mentioned by Bollyarena in this article. End of 2nd weekend approx 260 crore. Lifetime approx 375 crore. If things go very positive for Dangal then 400 crore but that is little too difficult it seems.

  23. master work by Aamir Khan
    plz don't compare Sultan & Dangal
    Dangal is a great inspirational movie
    see the work not the collection

  24. lagta hai k kuch dino me aamir ki fan following sk se zyada ho jaingi jis hisab se log use support kr rahe hai or like kr rahe hai..

  25. no popular actress
    no big banner
    no holiday
    demonetisation ( note bandi)
    still he breaked all records...
    super amir sir.....

  26. Comment:dungal is a good film.all are requested to must watching this movie.

  27. 3open weak .high ticket price.Most partial holiday n schl clg are closed kmse km10din BT ye bat BA ne nh btaya or WO mentioned krrhi h 1holiday BT ye nh bolrh k schl n clg bnd rhti h
    Isly resn h bs 3open weak N high ticket price n most of the are holiday
    wrna 250bht hotaa h
    fact yehe h kbh
    Sultan 1holiday N 1partial holiday pr usdin schl n clg bnd nh rhti h
    Sla Yha k logo ko Yehe nh pta
    or Xmas m SB h fr b bolrh 1holiday h n sultan ko 3 h
    Bajrangi bhaijaan ko 1holiday thi pr Monday ko b holiday batrhi h Pr thi nh sb website p h yehe bat pr BA ne nh btaya .Dangal ko SB h pr 1holiday
    shi h

  28. dangal will break PK's record. If my guess is right, its India collection will be above 360 cr and also a possibility of touching 400 cr as only D company is releasing on 6th Jan followed by OK Jaanu on 13th Jan...

  29. dangal will easily cross 350 cr and will become the biggest india grosser....it might well cross 400 cr as the there is no major bollywood release until 13th Jan when OK Jaanu releases...that too is not a major release...

  30. This is Called Aamir Khan Power... such a genius star is Aamir Khan.... Superb Movie Superb Content....and wow what a Consistency.... ATM K BAAD DANGAL K LYE LINE LAGI HE HAR JAGAH

  31. Aamir khan is an outstanding actor, special is his choice of movies, contents are very new and heart touching and excellent. This is why his movies creats history.I am a huge fan of aamir probably one of the big. Salman, Srk and aamir everyone is a fantastic actor, three megastars of bollywood.

  32. Hiked ticket price pe zinda rahna chhod do aamir sir...footfalls se aapki aukat ka pata chalne wala h...Salman ne uski movies ki ticket prices hiked kr li toh aapko ek bhi HGOTY naseeb nhi hogi...

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