Dangal 5th Day Box Office Collection in China

Dangal 5th Day Box Office Collection in China: Dangal is having an unbelievable run in China as the collections have gone to overdrive mode on Tuesday. As per the estimates, Dangal 5th day collection is $3.12 million (20.18 cr) which is again higher than yesterday.

Aamir Khan's Dangal is carrying extraordinary word of mouth so the lifetime collection can go anywhere. Chines audience is loving the film and it is receiving extremely high ratings on all reviews websites. Dangal total box office collection in China stands at $18.82 million (111 cr) after five days. It has crossed the 100 crore mark and is the only second film to so in China after PK. It will also overtake PK tomorrow to become the all time number one film in China.

The film is set to make history as Chinese tracking websites are claiming that film will climb to number one position at the box office beating Hollywood biggie Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2. It is already having higher occupancy but to beat the Hollywood film with less number of screens is a historic achievement. This is something unheard and Dangal has indeed made Indian cinema proud.

  • Day 1: 15.20 ($2.35m)
  • Day 2: 30.53 ($4.72m)
  • Day 3: 36.10 ($5.58m)
  • Day 4: 19.73 ($3.05m)
  • Day 5: 20.18 ($3.12m)
  • Total: 121.73 Cr ($18.82m)

Note: All figures have been revised after adding online ticket fees.

51 comments on “Dangal 5th Day Box Office Collection in China”

    1. The way things are going on in China for Aamir Khan they will soon ban him because it's a threat for their own industry! If Salman and Shah Rukh Khan were to start doing the same business as Aamir Khan in China they could take over 30-40% of thier industry!
      But the collections for Dangal are too good and everyone has to admit that only Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani work in China and that will be proven by Sanjay Dutt Biopic!

    2. The truth is that collection is not even 1 million. All these are fack collection....you can check any of the Chinese sites like: https://www.247cinema.cn/

      price: ¥50.00
      Cinema price: ¥100.00
      247Cinema fee: ¥20.00 per ticket
      So only ¥30.00 per ticket

  1. Wow..wow...wow
    Now 300cr bhi ho sakta hai

    This weekend storm in china.. may be again 80cr weekend.

    1. Second weekend will be bigger. Trend is extremely positive. Expect 90cr plus second weekend. It will easily cross 300 crore in China, could be more too, no one knows. People are loving this movie.

  2. Thus it is proved that Aamir Khan > Films, Directors, Genres, Brands.... Only his name is enough

    He is the undisputed Global Megastar

  3. @china box office....

    Despite a $47 million first-place debut by the Disney/Marvel sequel,

    the weekend's biggest winner was Aamir Khan's wrestling drama Dangal which garnered the highest user-ratings on record in China.
    (with Wanda multiplex byycott )

    ydi china imdb 12 ranking movie "3idiots" .....ka 2nd part aata to kya hota....???

    1. bhai srk 2000 se giga star h.....

      or 2017 tk etna world wide popular ho gya h ki.....

      1000 crore ww opning day pr hi bn jate h....

      (paid media acter....yash raj made acter)

      1. Bhai 2009 se pehle sab highest overseas grossing movies sab srk ki thi.
        Jo country mai logo ko bollywood pata nhi rehta, udhar srk ki movies release hoti hai

      2. Media made star, international Media has called him the most famous star even today! Has he paid all international media channel, bbc, American and Middle East lol accept the truth son!
        Shah Rukh Khan is a legend for the world!
        Aamir and Salman are the reigning stars today!
        Remember when Amitabh Bachchan dropped that's when sunny deol and Sanjay Dutt came into the picture!

        1. bhai srk tab se world ka sabse bda star h....

          to ab tk to uska boxoffice collection 2000 crore...3000crore hona chahiye ??

          bhai box office collection sab bta dete h....kon world famous h....

          (aamir khan home country se jyada oversease me earn krta h ...matlab..??)

          1. Okay if box office shows everything Aamir Khan salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan are all kids in front of Prabhas! And according to what you are saying Amitabh Bachchan should be on 1billion dollar every movie! Listen, I admit that shah rukh Khan is far behind the other two khans in box office collections and Aamir Khan is the only famous Indian star in china but if you take in every single market he's not as famous as Shah Rukh Khan!

  4. Dangal is indeed breaking records in china, It will be watched by 54-55lac people in first week which is huge.
    Here 90% films failed to bring audience into theatres in India by Bollywood but Dangal is doing this in China. If it goes like this, it may be watched by 1.5cr people in Chinese. But still for some morons talking against this movie which is based on biopic of the girl who brought Gold for India, has patriotic angel and degrading this movie because a certain cinematic experience film doing a collection which happens rarely. For that film they are insulting the achievement of Phogats, Dangal is not only a success of Aamir khan, but also for the family on which this films is made.

  5. Aamir Hirani plz come with 3 idiots return..

    China me ek bhi movie nahi tik payegi iske samne.

    600cr to aaram se ban jayenge

  6. sallu said that he hate aamir professionaly.why he is remaking a film that got negative review and flop at BO.i think he want a story with which he can connect with chinese and try to capture chinese market.par tumse na ho paviga.

  7. @befikre salman has no release in china yet but srk had 3 releases and all of them were disasters, so srk fans should not talk about china.

    1. Aamir Khan has been giving flops all his life career up until 2008 in overseas, but Aamir Khan fans are flying! Shah Rukh Khan has atleast sustained himself for a really long time! And you are talking about srk fans? I till date haven't been able to fathom who you follow? @honestman get yourself a life an Aamir Khan fan has respect to back his star in bad time or good times and an Srk fan has the respect to back his star in bad times and good times, but you just come here because life hasn't been backing you up in bad times haha

      1. Exactly correct.... Srk is such a best actor in the world ......he is suffering from a such a bad phase on box office still his collection is only lesser than the two khans...Zara amir,salman ke bad phase dekh lo...ye dono srk kucch bhi nhi the aur abi bhi nhi h... Srk ki popularity ka andaza isi baat se lagaya ja skta h ki abi dangal aur bahubali released Hui h but 50%comments r on srk........so he is a global star............

  8. aamir ne bollywood ki izzat bacha li warna south wale aur har site bollywood ko bohat criticise karte.

  9. one thing dangal(hindi and chinese)may be 1000cr and bb2 (6 languages) more than 1000cr.

      1. Prince never said that it wasn't dubbed in Tamil & Telugu.
        Tamil + Telugu is not even 20Cr

        He has only mentioned that Dangal Hindi + Dubbed Chinese might be 1000Cr+

  10. Honest man bro I am not srk fan..I am ranveer singh fan..!!!! Bss main aamir aur srk ki acting ko admire karta hoon..!!!??

  11. What to say!!!
    Going To beat Hollywood biggie
    GOG2 that too
    With less Screens & Low ATP.
    Best Part is Day 5>>>Day 4
    BTW China is Non-Traditional Market so leave China Even
    In Bollywood only KHANS Have crossed 120Cr in 5 days.

  12. If it does $100M in overseas then

    Dangal (China) > Bajrangi WW.

    Who is the Global Megastar of India?

    Click Like button for Aamir and Dislike Button for Aamir


  13. Baap to baahubli he rahgi 1no movie in Indian cinema ab teeno Khan izzat hi lot gi teeno bill m Gus gaya h kohi bahar hi nhi aa raha h

    1. Kamal I can guarantee you prabhas next film won't do more than 150cr all India and after that if no rajamouli film he will be back to normal status if he was so big why is rajamouli sniffing about aamir Khan and rajnikanth for Mahabharata film coz he knows only aamir and rajnikanth can guarantee maximum returns. Plus I don't think aamir cares about blockbuster status of his films all he cares is weather people like the film and everyone involved made good profits.

  14. chase the excillence success will chase you that happen with both dangal and bb2

  15. guys just 134 cr to go for 1000cr and 34cr will be done in 2 days.then 100cr will be left.omg

  16. Looking at the trend, it might touch 250cr in this week itself and lifetime china may even touch 350cr... Hatsoff to Mr Perfectionist. Nobody can do it... Aamir is simply the best in the World.

  17. manipulated figures master stoke of Aamir collection aise batao ki sab ke dil main ek Audi impression pad jaaye ki Aamir hai to highest collection dega hi bhale na movie theatre ma koi na ho but report to housefull hi milni chahiye 3 idiots ka craze ka public main PK aur Dangal to totally manipulated Aamir's movie doing great business then why he pay much less tax waha usko Kya ho jata hai

  18. What is looking so fishy is, collections are increasing day by day. I don't hear anything like this for any film in history, that's why i have small doubt regarding collections. This was looking like some publicity stunt regarding collections as they need 1000cr for this film as touted.

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