Dangal 3rd Day Box Office Collection in China

Dangal 3rd Day Box Office Collection in China: Aamir Khan's Dangal continues to storm the Chinese box office. The film has collected massive $4.92 million (31.65 cr) on Sunday.

It has again set the record for highest single-day collection in overseas territory. Yesterday Dangal broke Bahubali 2 single day collection record in the USA. While none of the films has crossed $4 million earlier, Dangal has done it twice.

Dangal 1st weekend collection in China is massive $11.4 million (72.68 cr). It is bigger than the highest overseas weekend of Bollywood. Dhoom 3 collected $11 million all over the world but Dangal has collected this amount from a single country alone.

This is something unimaginable and unthinkable feat to achieve. An off-beat film like Dangal doing such kind of business in China proves that Aamir Khan has built a huge fan following in the country and is indeed the global megastar. He has now all time grossers in world's most populous countries, China, India and USA.

  • Day 1: 13.39
  • Day 2: 27.54
  • Day 3: 31.65
  • Total: 72.68 Cr

More records are likely to be shattered and new benchmarks will be made by Dangal. It has crossed 300 crores in overseas and will become the highest overseas grosser of all time. The worldwide collection has now crossed 800 crore and it has beaten PK. 1000 crore in worldwide looks very much on the cards.

More updates regarding Dangal collection in China will be posted tomorrow when the official numbers will be out.

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    1. Ab toh 1000 pakka
      Aamir is the real Indian after Akki who is looting moneys from stupid Chinese
      A great salute to aamir
      U make all India proud


      2. Chinese are stupid,,, u Indian need to 40 years to be there where China is today!!
        You 笨蛋!

      3. Why have so many liked this comment?! It just shows the amount of hatred Indians have against China and Pakistan!

    2. Bahubali Storm all around the world!
      First 400cr Hindi net! And first 1000cr worldwide!

  1. hahaha....

    allover world...1 hi din release hoti to...

    22md ka weekend hota....

    1 st movie 800 crore club...900 crore club...1000crore club

    1. Bhai bahubali2 ko bhul gye kya...
      Usne 1100cr Kr diyq aur tum abhi bhi 800 ke peeche pade ho....

      1. yesss bro...

        but Bahubali se phle china me release hoti.....

        1st ...1000 crore aamir k hote....

        vese kya fark padta h

        1. I Bet Bro Bahubali ne Record banaya hai 1000 crore ka useh koi nahi tod sakta abhi ke time pe aur yeh darr hai Bahubali ka tabhi toh Dangal ko china me release karke sab uchhal rahe hai 1000 crore ...I bet Dangal After china bhi 950 crore nahi par kar payegi... aur fir Dangal ke 1000 Crore ke liye useh aur kahi release kar denge...Bahubali ka second phase aane do woh 2000 Crore tak pahuch jayegi....Bahubali first part ka koi bhi promotion nahi hua tha lekin fir bhi 655 crore worldwide hai.... wait and watch 2000 Crore for Bahibali... and haan dangal Record in china is mind blowing and i am not a amir hater lekin jo record bahubali ka hai useh respect karo...dangal Lifetime in china is somewhere around is 25 to 32M$ thats great for a Movie 200 Crore around Something 950 Crore thats it....

    2. Bhubli released in China in 7000 cr n collctd 7 cr flop.lol.pk in4000 screen collctd 150cr.n dangl released in 7000 screen n collctd 80 cr in 3 days.it vl do 300 cr mrk my words in China.

      1. hi bafoon,baahubali planned to release in 5000 screens in china but it released only in 700 screens because of jackie chan,tony jaa movies n even after 1 yr release n availability of film in net with chinese sub titles it still earned something r else it would bomb pk in 10 days....now part 2 dont have part 1 disadvantages it will crush dangal,pk in 5 days just like in india n ww...mark these words

  2. wanda "multiplex chain" ka baycott nhi hota....to...100 crore pakka tha....

    kyoki jyada earning....multiplex me hoti h.....

    or ticket price b....Bahubali 2 ki avrage price ka...one third h....

  3. Minimum 65 million from China...
    Aamir khan is legend, star will come and go but replacement of Aamir impossible...
    Legend of Indian cinema
    Brand Aamir taking on brand bahubali

    1. Let's not go there baahubali is a special film films like that don't come every day they come once in every 10-20 years.

  4. Y ur fooling urself...all r saying 28 cr n ur directly saying baahubali record lollll put comma to ur racism.. It will do 100 cr in China but can't do 250+ n enter 1000cr club

  5. @bollyarena .....

    ramesh bala 824 crore bta rha h....Taiwan ka collection kyo add nhi ho rha h ?

    or net fix ....k 20 crore kha gye ?

    1. rajkumar....

      bahubali 1st ne....7crore life time china me kmaye the....

      or jab phla part logo ko samaj nhi aaya.....to dusra kya khak samaj aayega.....???

    2. @rajkumari
      tu bahubali ko chhodd apne sallu aur srk ki bata....
      wo aajkal kidhar hai?
      abhi sirf Dangal n Bahubali ka hi naam le rahe hai....

  6. It's abt 5.30M$. BA has not reported final collns.
    First Movie to breach following LM in 1 day in single OS market.
    China FI is now predicting 60M$ in China upping from their earlier pred. of 43.5M$.WOM is extraordinary there.

  7. A PATRIOTIC Movie Dangal has done $12M in Non Existing Market,
    $40M in Overseas

  8. on the last of weekend i.e. Sunday too, it recorded more growth and estimated to collect the amount of 33.50 crores ($5.21 M). This is simply unimaginable, had there been no boycott it would have crossed 100cr on the weekend itself. Hatsoff to Aamir, nobody can do it, even BB2 couldn't, although BB2 in itself is masterpiece, but Aamir is Aamir n nobody can replace him.

  9. this is called real global star not some fake global queen who is yet to give 400 crore worldwide.

  10. 100cr in 5 days
    Idhar india me nahi bante Aamir ne alien country pe ka dikhaya..
    Now 250cr pakka in china and also
    Biggest megastar of world Mr.Aamir khan.

    1. Illiterate bafoon parshya making f grade moviez in name of biopic n begging south directors to give a chance in Mahabharata
      Stop copying south u shameless northies...there is no Amir episode in real life of mahavir poghat he never interfered in coaching but added masala, commercial elements here... Where is cinematic game up-to last minute..... Geetha won 2 rounds with good score.... Illiterate cartoon don't know what is masala also n think f grade movies as classics....
      US collection of baahubali 100 cr Danial hardearned life time 60 cr at foot of prabhas just in 5 days ?

      1. where is prabhas befor BB2...
        i think he is in his home...arey bhai koi gadha bhi janta tha prabhas ko..

        1. after baahubali amir records are at foot of prabhas in 5 days before baahubali prabhas did 16 films n koi gadha abhi bi jantha ni after 90 films of amir hahahaha

        2. Before baahubali prabhas did only 16 movies n his 17 th movie itself made him international figure n sent amir to home who did 90films ? so u don't k ow prabhas before baahubali n in 2 Years he sent Amir home ? even now after 30 yrs no one know Amir in south ? how can a dog like u bark TOH can break baahubali ? hard earned lifetime collections of Amir r at foot of prabhas at end of 5 days TOH can't even beat baahubali in Hindi belt ? ur cartoon to say it will break ww collections ? the one n only Robo can do that if it can't it will take 10 yrs for beating baahubali but Robo can definitely crush Dangal just like baahubali ? in just 5 days ? n cartoon baahubali is a poetic film with conceptual approach not like Dangal with commercial d grade elements in name of biopic

          1. Who said Aamir bhai has acted in 90 films...... I have respect to South Indian actors like Mohanlala , Kamal Hassan , Mamooty etc . Do you think Prabhas is as good as these actors? The answer is NO. I can say Aamir bhai is greatest of all..... Prabhas is nothing in front of him....... Bahubali 2 is not only Prabhas movie ....... It was star studded movie..... Shame you Pranay .......Aamir bhai is alone against the star studded movie like Bahubali 2...... Do you think Bahubali2 will even be considers for Oscars...... People in West and in China will never watch this shitty movie like Bahubali 2...... Aamir bhai has ruled the India as well as overseas market..... He will achieve his crown once again.

      2. Hi,
        I am from south . U don't have any right to represent south India and divide the country

        Talk about movie . If a fool is dividing the country, u teach him and don't follow.
        All Indians are browns with little colour difference.

        We are all Indians .
        Yes, South Indians won't watch Muslims movies . They are allergic to them . As they still believe that moguls destroyed Indian culture.

  11. Dangal occupancy in China 1 St day 8% ,collection 2mn$,dangal occupancy in China 2nd day 15% ,collection 4.5mn$, dangal collection in China in 3 day5.6mn$, occupancy 18%.average ticket price 5$ ,footfall 1st day 4.5 lacs,footfall 2nd day 9lacs,3rd day footfall 10 lacs.Chinese people loves movie so much .China me 60,000 screens hai movie ke liye. China ka population 135 crore ,China ke log kafi developer hai .China me every week 20 crore log theatre me ja kar movie dekhte hain.isliye Hollywood movie ko bhi wahan SE kafi profit hota hai.dangal NE bhi behti nadi me haath dhoo liya .

  12. Agar south india me 100cr ka business karti to bahubali ko takker de sakti thi non masala film Dangal..
    #shame on south indian people

    1. ? ? this cartoon still don't even have dare to say Dangal could make 200 cr in south ? ? Amir 30 yrs in industry 90 films experience hard earned lifetime total at foot of prabhas at end of 5 days who just did 18 films have 10 yrs experience ? forget any ww even in Amir own north market prabhas lead by huge margin ? n this cartoon thinking 100 cr in south of dangal can make baahubali in trouble ?

      1. abey gadhe...agar south ne sath diya hota to kam se 1300cr banta joki abhi bb2 banane ja rahi hai...
        Dangal non masala=BB2 masala
        BB2 roj nahi banegi...vaise Aamir TOH se uska bhi band bajayega wait n watch..
        aur dekhte hai prabhas ki sahu kya ukhadti hai bollywood mei...
        chala aya Aamir se panga lene..

        1. tere jaise log.. Aamir ke fan nahi .. uske dushman.. tum jaise logo ki wajah se ... kuch log ab aamir ko hate karenge.. abe gadhe aamir will be the happiest person on seeing the box office collections of baahubali...he is gem of a person... look at this reactions on the box office success of Lage Raho, Barfi, Bajrangi etc etc... and u r saying Aamir Baahubali ki band bajayega....shame on u

          1. @aaaaa
            abey Aamir ke bahot haters hai," koi die hard fanfollowing bhi nahi
            dusre fans ke hisab se(media bhi yahi kahti hai)",fir bhi wo sabki bolti band kar raha hai..
            aur ha mai Aamir ka fan hoon aur mai Aamir ko number one hi dekhna pasand karoonga....

            1. abe to Aamir ko number one dekh... but doosro ko kyu degrade kar rha hai... aisa sirf hamaari country mein hota hai. tum jaise do chaar gadhe apne star ko no.1 dekne ke liye... doosro ki bejatti karte raho... saala US mein tom cruise no. 1 star hai .. but uske kisi bhi fan ne tum jaisa ghatiya behave nahi kiya hoga Avatar release hone ke baad

          2. salaam sir aapko....

            aamir khud salman ki har movie ko 1st day...1st show dekhta h....

            BB k time ...aamir ne apne fan se...10 bar movie ko dekhne k liye bola tha....

            or Salman bhi aamir ka sabse bda dost h...bollywood me....

            aamir kisi b race me nhi h....nahi usne Dangal.....Boxoffice k liye bnayi thi....

  13. Aamir ke paas good business mind hai .kyunki China me logo ki kami nahi China=North America+ Europe.ab Bollywood ke raaste khul Gaye.Jaise srk NE North America aur Europe me Bollywood ke liye raaste khole the soft movie SE usi tarah aamir NE bhi apni PK movie SE China me Bollywood ke liye raaste dhoond liye.kyunki PK movie me Chinese type comedy thi jai ki Chan type comedy

    1. bhai china ki population....india se thodi hi jyada h...

      or Business mind me no 1 SRK h.....

      or bhai...D3 konsi chinease type ki thi ??

      or Aamir ke raste kholne k bad bhi....FAN...3crore life time hi kyo kma ski ??

      or china me 40000 screens h....60000 nhi...

      Or srk north america or uk k darwaje nhi kholta......to koi movies release hi nhi hoti wha pe ??

      bhai ye china h chaina.........yha bahubali jesi movie b...7 crore kmati h......

      to samaj ja....kitna mushkil h vha kamaana...

  14. Colossal collections 1000 crores confirm now great man keep it up India ki an ban shan Mr. Perfectionist amir khan

  15. Honest man, SRK is yet to give 400 crore worldwide ? He already given 422 crore worldwide with Cheennai express 4 years ago.

  16. "An off-beat film like Dangal doing such kind of business in China proves that Aamir Khan has built a huge fan following in the country and is indeed the global megastar".
    This line makes hater force to agree Aamir is the global megastar
    Thanks a lot @bollyarena

  17. still some people are frustrated and distraught by witnessing baahubali success will they come out of trauma.

    1. Tu sidhe sidhe mera naam kuan nahi leta..
      Yes i m frustrated on BB2 coz of south indian people.

  18. Huge indeed. Though little less than my expectation as I expected 6m$ on Sunday. Any how Aamir will become first actor to achieve 50m$ in overseas market. Big Big success.
    I am sometime feeling bad for many people who tried to downgrade success of other Bollywood films since Bahubali hurricane. But guys Bahubali is not only a huge cinematic experience but also a different set of movie who has pre planned second part in process which lead the first film incomplete. Its not a sequal like Dhoom2,3, Krishh,3etc. The first part collected just near about 10cr more than Dangal and way behind Dangal 2. Its not like that after Bahubali Rajamouli next or prabash next create these milestone.
    But Aamir next movie will achieve the same success like Dangal,Pk in coming future if they are well made films but you can't expect the same from Prabhas or Rajamouli next. Period.

  19. @Dishonest Joker, SRK isn't a 2010 born Local Gangu Teli star sallu. He has been giving non-stop overseas blockbusters since 1993. A Global Megastar with 23 overseas blockbusters doesn't become irrelevent in front of some Gangu Telis with 4/5 overseas blockbusters. Not to mention the achievements(!!) of Gangu Teli sallu in overseas, since he is roping in Chinese actress for some attention...!!

    1. 1st 5 ml ,10 ml ,15 ml , 20 ml ,25ml ,30 ml ,......(bina china release k )....35 ml ,40 ml ,45ml ,50 ml.....

      aamir k naam h....

      or 1st 80 ml doller b ....aamir k naam hone h.....

      to kya kiya srk ne ab tk ??

      1. What 5 milllion, 10 million are you talking about...??They will be irrelevent some years afterwards. Talk about overseas Blockbusters, All Time blockbusters, HGOTY, ATG, Number of hit films etc. How many of them does Aamir have..??

    1. r u completely mad.....
      Raees ka kya haal hua overseas/India me...shayad tu bhul gaya..
      chalo aab maine yaad dilaya..aage se bachowali baate mat karna..
      50M dena bacchonka khel nahi...ye Aamir the megastar ka khel hai...

  20. some people need(have) to increase their tolerance level accept and deal with it because for views(opinion) that are different from their own and don’t criticize what you can not understand

  21. Bhai, pk.ak achha movie to China ki logo ki samaj me ati nahi gadhe hai Sab ke Sab..isi liye dangal jaisi movie ko achha samaj kar dekhne jata hai.by the way ammir ne kya gul khilake aya China pe pata nahi sirf uski movie Ka hi collection hota hai woha par. Ex: pk, dangal which is nothing in front of the great movie bahubali.

    1. hahaha
      bahubali-7.5cr...in china
      Aamir-The megastar>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>bahubali

  22. there are so many non indian(movie) markets are available in the world like Ethiopia Zimbabwe Somalia
    Kenya.. go and stay to promote 10 days to 1000 days and release it in dubbed versions(their official languages) there is a chance of some will added to their kitty.

  23. Sachin Tendulkar ne ipl me kabhi fast 100 nahi mara lekin sanju ne mara to bada khiladi kaun hai Sachin ya sanju bada to Sachin hi hai na aur beta kabhi andhere me baap se ek kadam age chal to apne baap ka baap nahi ban sakta rahega beta hi isi tarah south ka baap hai bollywood ek film se aamir ka takkar lega prabhas abhi bacha hai aamir ka paid 60 cr aur prabhas itnme ekbaahubali 3 bana lega game banana hai na

  24. Prashaya bhai aap Bol rahe ho dangal couldn't make 1000 because of South Indians..we are not haters of anybody ..but the truth is hard to digest for you that prabhas has ripped the box office in just 9 days he shattered every single record and still more to come ..we love prabhas ..Amir Khan is evergreen .. ..he had his time we respect him what he has done ..South Indians North Indians = Indian and im north India for your kind information ..prabhas nailed it ..he is the favourite now bro it's the reality ..

  25. Bhai accha movie Kiya hota Hain samajh ne ke liye dimag chahiye. Agar Tum bolte ho Bahubaali 2 is bigger than Dangal or Bajrangi Bhaijaan u r living in fools world without vfx Bahubaali 2 is ok only.Yes it's a visual delight but story is predictable. Business to Chennai Express ne Bhi Kiya tha and wait for Sahoo how big a star Prabhas pata chal jayega. Khan ke saath compare karne Chale. Sehwag ne bhi 2 triple century mare the to wo Sachin se accha batsman ban Gaya kiya.

  26. @Dishonest Joker-You better worry about your 2010 born Local star Gangu Teli sallu's local stardom and manipulations. The Global Megastar with the highest Overseas Blockbusters and HGOTYs and the tag of Biggest moviestar of the world by people overseas doesn't need a attention of a SICK mind like yours. Let's just of Gangu Teli sallu gets some attention overseas due to presence of Chinese actress.....!!

  27. Honest man, if you follow BOI then WTH u are doing here.BtW, If there is less than 10% difference in official and trade fig then official figures is considered.CE official fig is 227 crore and trade fig is 208.so there is only 9 % difference.So 422 worldwide gross fig is correct.

  28. @Prashant abhishek-This Dishonest joker got spanked by BOI as according to BOI Gangu Teli sallu is the Teesra Khan for 2 back to back decades. Then he came to Sallucine and again got spanked as he lost his own bet. In spite of promising that he won't comment in Sallucine still he is commenting there under the name "Truth"(LOL). So this guy is a shame for the name "honest man". I haven't seen a more shameless commenter.

  29. @ prashant abhishek bollywood arena's highest grossing film in worldwide shows chennai express collection as 395 crore worldwide . so not only boi.com bollywood arena also shows chennai express worldwide gross as 395 crore. if you don't believe me go and check in bollywood arena's boxoffice datas.

  30. Honest man, yes bollyarena's fig is also 395.so no option, we have to accept it.

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