Dangal 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection in Hong Kong

Dangal continues its historic run in Hong Kong as the film grossed a massive HK$4.69 million in the second weekend. The numbers are even better than the first extended four days weekend.

Dangal total gross is HK$ 13,364,795 so far. It is on its way to beat 3 Idiots which grossed approx HK$23 million.

  • Day 1: HK$ 668k
  • Day 2: HK$ 811k
  • Day 3: HK$ 1.57m
  • Day 4: HK$ 1.57m
  • Day 5: HK$ 687k
  • Day 6: HK$ 841k
  • Day 7: HK$ 720k
  • Day 8: HK$ 852k
  • Day 9: HK$ 1.04m
  • Day 10: HK$ 1.88m
  • Day 11: HK$ 1.77m
  • Total:  HK$ 13.36 m (10.95 cr)

21 comments on “Dangal 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection in Hong Kong”

    SRK MNIK 202cr ww gross
    AAMIR 3IDIOTS 202cr nett only in India.
    ya srk global star for reason with 3.5billion fans!!!!! LOL!!!

    1. @prince

      Phle bollywood me sirf Masaale vali movie hi ATBB bnti thi ,


      Big directer or production house ho

      No 1 heroine ho

      Super hit song ho

      Masaala ho

      Biggest star cast ho

      Par ye script or content ka rona kb se shuru ho gya?????

      Or aamir ki content or non content movie ATBB kyo hoti h

      Aamir jb alag krta h to vh Dangal , baki sab Tubelite kyo bn jati h???

      Women impowerment to Pink or Nirja dono me tha....kya hua?

    2. Shah rukh Khan stardom overseas is much greater than SALMAN and AAMIR, polls have shown that more tha. 3.4billion people know shah rukh Khan around the world,

  2. Only Aamir is beating records of himself.

    No chance for others
    Aamir is record maker n breaker.

    1. Records maybe only overseas, India ka baap main hoon!

      Hindi record belong to me
      Tamil record belong to me
      Telugu record belong to me

      Go tell your AAMIR to break my record lol hahahahahahaha

  3. Prince, ha ha comparing Christmas release with a non holiday release.idiot , MNIK was the 1st film to cross 100 crore in overseas.
    BTW, 3 idiots was 1st offered to SRK.what happened to Aamir if SRK would have done 3 idiots.

      1. Agar SRK rajkumar hirani ko accept kar leta tho, AAMIR ka kya hota!

        He came to him munna bhai then shah rukh said go to sanju!
        He came to him for 3 idiot he said I'm busy!

        3 idiots gave AAMIR that big hype around the world! Rajkumar hirani is still asking shah rukh to work with him but he's busy!

        1. Everyone knows that Raju hirani's first choice was always Aamir for 3 idiots and without aamir 3 idiots wouldn't be as successful as it is. Srk would look like a Dadaji attending college and would be laughable flop so they chose Aamir and not poor Sri. so shut your mouth before blabbering. It's aamir who rejected darr and that changed Maya memsaab actor's flop career. Otherwise he would have been same as emraan Hashmi of 90s. LMAO.

  4. Has aatank hi aatank returns been shelved or is it still on the cards, man what a great movie that was became an AAMIR KHAN after watching that movie, pure acting in that movie, they even put rajnikanth in the movie with juhi chawla, but what happen!

    Same year shah rukh came with a small romantic movie, new director, smaller actress kajol ATBB!

    Lmao lmao hahahahahah ? ? ? ? I'm sorry I can't help wooooooooow!

    1. It seems you don't have any life except being jealous of someond who is so successful that neither you nor your 2 rs flop 3rd class actor can achieve. I suggest you to buy some burnol as Aamir's megastardom is so big that your frustration and insecurity will never end and that's why you jobless piece of a shit commenting abusively in all dangal Articles. Right now poor flop actor srk is struggling for a hit while his father Aamir is giving ATHG and making Indian cinema proud. Get lost flop actor's fan and get a life.

      1. Lmao hahahahaha why you getting angry for relax, take it easy son!

        I'm just stating facts, okay go to YouTube and type 3 Idiots first choice, and munna bhai first choice! And this was 7-8 years ago srk would have pulled it off then as he did with mynameiskhan which was 10 times better than 3 Idiots!

        1. The most frustrated loser is saying I am angry. LMAO. Buy the Burnol first and deal with the fact that 3 idiots is aamir's movie and will always remain his movie forever and no one can do anything about that. General people don't even give a shit who was offered that movie first. They see it and watch it only as aamir movie and they only will remember Aamir's character. Period. So just relax my son. In that case aamir was first choice for Darr,DDLJ, Baazigar, DTPH, Josh, Swadesh, etc. and good joke my name is khan 10 times better than the best movie of the millennium? Ha ha ha. ROFL. Even a small kid knows which one is more enjoyable and which one among 3 idiots and my name is khan is better. There is not even a comparison. You are kue Ka mendak with 0 IQ so no point arguing with worthless life less losers like you. 3 idiots is most watched movie since multiplex era and no movie can come close to 3 idiots. Get a life son.

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