Dangal 2nd Monday Box Office Collection Update

Dangal 2nd Monday Box Office Collection: The early trend suggests that Dangal has a good hold on its second Monday. However, the film has to show big growth in the evening to match the expected numbers. Take a look at Dangal 2nd Monday collection updates.

Dangal 2nd Monday Box Office Collection Update

Box Office Report:

Aamir Khan starrer has a good start in the morning shows. It recorded 30% occupancy in the morning shows. The drop was more in single screens especially in mass circuits like Rajasthan and Bihar which have very low occupancy. But the multiplexes are still maintaining an excellent pace. There is also tax-free status into play which will help Dangal 2nd Monday collection eventually.

Actually, the hold is excellent if we compare it to the other biggies. Another 2016's release Sultan opened with only 10% occupancy on the second Monday. But Dangal has been on such a record breaking spree that expectations are too high. Now the holiday season is over and the drop can be expected in next few days. Sill there are chances that it will show big growth in the later half of the day when families come in big numbers.

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Dangal 2nd Monday Box Office Collection

Dangal 11th day collection is expected to be in the double digit figures. However ideally speaking it should be in the range of 13-14 crore which will keep the film in the race of 400 crore. It looks tough but there can be a turnaround in the evening which has been the case in last few days.Though there is not holiday season advantage today.

This is our last daily update of Dangal box office performance. From now on, only collections will be posted at 9:30 PM. To be honest, it was easy to track Dangal as unlike other films the collection were on very high levels. We hope that you enjoyed our daily coverage. Give us your feedback in the comments section.

Also tell us what are your views about Dangal 2nd Monday box office collection (11th day) update in the comments section.

53 comments on “Dangal 2nd Monday Box Office Collection Update”

  1. 13-14 Crore is record breaking weekdays will about 45 Crore that makes 115 Crore 2nd Week. Third weekend will be around 45-50 Crore.

  2. Thanxss fr early report... U r too good in reporting the trend.. u r very fast also bollyarena.. as u r so fast so I like to visit ur page more often.. Again thanxss bollyarena fr such quick report

  3. @bollyarena i am new to ur site but the pace at which u updaten news is excellent. Thanks! Coming to Dangal i like almost everything about this film excerpt the childish presented press conference of the australian wresteler otherwise almost every aspect of #Dangal is 9/10. Air martial general Aamir Khan

    1. 2 saal se PK ka record ko nahi hara paya... Dangal ko ghanta harayega...

      Aamir khan's next movie will beat Dangal.

      Sallu it is not ur cup of tea...

  4. That's a Brilliant Performance by Dangal......There is no doubt that Aamir is the only star in Bollywood who knows how to chose a Good Script......It has high chance now to cross 400cr mark.....

    Congrats to all Aamir Fans......

    Hatts Off to Aamir Sir.....Mind-Blowing Performance....

  5. Bollyarena plz don't do this
    Keep updating everyday on dangal and also other articles as there r no big films around

  6. I was busy in last few days and also very busy for next 15-20 days, that's why I was not be able to come here.....I miss so many articles here.....But I have to come here atleast once to praise Aamir sir work, so here I am.....

    Once again Great Performance Aamir Sir, and I am sure that TOH will create new records....

    See you guys later.....

  7. my prediction
    mon 14.2
    tue 12.8
    wed 11
    thu 9.5
    2nd week 119.5
    3rd week
    fri 9
    sat 11
    sun 13
    week days 18 cr
    3rd week 51
    remainin week 20 cr

    total 387 cr

  8. 1st seven days - 197cr
    2nd seven days - 125 cr
    3rd seven days - 60 cr
    rest - 33 cr

    total - 415cr

  9. Yes, if the film can manage more than 13 cr today and then hold well during the weekdays, it'll have a shot at 400 cr...

    BTW collections will be updated everyday at 9:30 pm? Isn't that a bit late when official figures are usually out around noon time?!?!?!

  10. it may be 14.5 or15...... sure........aamir creates history again and again.........and also breaking his record every tmie........aamir playing with boxoffice every timeeeee..............


  11. Today 15cr
    Tu 12cr
    Wed 10cr
    thu 9cr
    2nd week+1st week=316cr
    3rd week
    Friday 11cr
    Saturday 15cr
    Sunday 22cr
    Monday 9cr
    Tuesday 7cr
    Wed 5cr
    Thu 4cr
    4th weekend 15-18cr
    Lifetime 404-407cr

  12. Hope today will be above 15 cr.. and definitely destroy sultan and bajrangi record in just 2 week

  13. Hope for 15 cr+ today
    and pray for create new club of rs 400 cr.
    if aamir again does it
    for my side
    Standin ovation. to Dangal team

      1. @ parashya dangal will not do 400 cr

        That's gurentee

        Christmas and new year holiday is over now so it's difficult to get more

        Better live in reality for 350 cr

    1. It will cross more than 12 cr for sure..
      Lifetime domestic collection will be around 330 cr to 375 cr.

  14. This site is gd! I am new here,,, dangal record will take years to be broken!!

  15. Thank you Bollyarena for giving us one of the fastest update of Dangal movie collection for last 10 days. Thank you very much.

  16. Those who compare dangal with sultan and say that Salman is bigger star than Amir are blind...Amir didn't go tv shows, Danhal has no dashing songs, no comedy, and it has strong messages, inspirations to many..Amir is real king of Bollyhood.

  17. Bhaiyyo the collections are expected to be around 10-12 cr...I am also an #Aamir fan and want it to do 400 crores...but understand what the adminis saying...."ideally it should be 14 crrores but the expectations were too high and the occupancy in the noon and morning shows were not up to it."As a true Aamir fan, i also hope for a turnaround in the evening/night shows and pray that it crosses 14-15 crore mark today!
    #DangalDangal #400CroresPakka

  18. Most No.of ATGs
    Most No.of ATBBs
    Highest Single Day
    Biggest Weekend Ever
    Highest Grosser of the Decade
    Biggest Hit Of the Decade
    Founder of 100,150,200,250,300,
    350(Dangal) Cr. Club
    Highest 2nd Week,3rd Week,4th Week & 5th Week
    Top Movies on IMDb
    Highest-Grossing Films In Overseas & WorldWide
    National Award
    Japan Academy Prize Nomination
    Academy Award Nomination
    Bafta Award Nomination
    Kuchh Achieve karna Baaki???

  19. @bollyarena : As promised update will be published at 9.30 but no updates since last 10 hours :(

  20. Its my first time on this site that i want to ask that all 10 day prediction was right or not.

  21. this is not fight between aamir vs salman, aamir can fight only aamir khan,
    because aamir ka record serf aamir hi toor saktahe : respect mr.box office

  22. Holiday season, belated pirated leaks compared to sultan, tax free status, once in 3years appearance of amir....all these factors helped dangal. Salman shud ensure tubelight doesn't get pirated so quickly as sultan if he wants to open 400 cr club.

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