Dangal 2nd Friday Box Office Collection Update

Dangal 2nd Friday Box Office Collection: This Friday there was no big release from Bollywood or Hollywood that hit the screens in India. Thus Aamir Khan's Dangal will again enjoy an open week. The film seems to have a good hold on its second Friday too. Here is Dangal 8th day collection update.

Dangal 2nd Friday Box Office Collection Update

Dangal has a good start on its second Friday. The occupancy in the morning shows was around 35%. It has not only retained most of the screens but even the shows have been increased at some places. Yesterday the film opened with 40% occupancy in morning shows (though screens were higher) which means that it has an ideal hold today. The multiplexes are still going strong but single screens seem to have dropped. That can be expected as single screens tend to do so on second Friday morning. Hope they will pick up as the day will progress. Thus Dangal 2nd Friday collection will be excellent.

Dangal 2nd Friday Box Office Collection

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It is good going for Dangal but the main target will be the jump in the evening/night. Because if that happens then there can be a huge growth on Saturday and Sunday. In last few days, Dangal was rocking in the evening shows as the family audience came in big numbers. That can be expected today also.

Dangal 8th Day Box Office Collection Early Trends:

It is too early to say anything but looks like that Dangal 8th day collection will challenge 15 crore number today. A higher number can be achieved with the big jumps in the evening. Dangal has witnessed big growth in the evening shows in last few days so it might happen today.

Update: Dangal 2nd Friday collection has been updated on homepage. You can check in the link => Dangal 2nd Friday Box Office Collection

Dangal has collected 197 crores in the first week which is the second highest of all time. Tell us what are your views about Dangal 2nd Friday box office collection update in the comments section.

65 comments on “Dangal 2nd Friday Box Office Collection Update”

  1. Dangal 1st Week has exceeded all expectations!
    2nd Week is gonna start with a bang(15cr+ is guaranteed). As it looks like it will beat Bajrangi Bhaijaan's Lifetime Box Office, The Question is: Can it break PK's record? Answer Below!

    1. Definitely! Dangal wilm easily cross 340 cr. As its already on 200 cr and dont have any conpetetion this week and a little bit of competetion next week.

    Final will be Dangal vs PK….
    day14-10cr……………….310cr…….Sultan out
    day16-13cr……………….332………BB out
    day17-18cr……………….350………DANGAL WILL BEAT PK

    Final prediction

  3. Fri 16 cr.
    Sat 22 cr.
    Sun 26 cr.
    300+ cr. till 2nd week
    Lifetime 340 - 350 cr.
    Dangal Dangal

  4. Any one can Ans these qstn...?mujhe ek bat samaj me nahi aayi… dhobi ghat jab release hui tab ye kaha the….ahahaha talaash me the ke Pk kb aayegi ke?????

    or ha…race barabar walo se hoti hai…amir khan khud akela yede ke jaisa dod raha hai…ye script ki race hai isme tu sushant singh bhi 100cr karta hai….hahaha menas SUSHANT is better than Amir.

    competition to stardom ka hota hai…jo ke SRK or Sallu ka hai..log SRK or Sallu ko dekhne aata hai no matter box office me kitni kamayi hai secondary…

    Amitabh v.s Rajesh Khanna
    SRK v.s Dilip Kumar
    Sallu v.s Rajinikanth.
    Amir v.s bhumi pedenekar…she also gain and loose weight in 6 months so what new Amir khan did????LOL

    Amir kaaaan every time using sachin tendulkar for publicity…..or Raj thakrey…inke talve chat ta hai….

    i request SRK and Sallu pleas don not accept Amir ke movie invitation… publicity chata hai…

        1. Marigold ne to 1 crore se pehle hi dam tod di thi ???? DG ne to 15 crore kiye the, jo "being human" ki 2002 se 2009 ke beech ki kam se kam 15 movies se jyaada the ???????????????

          1. So what if Marigold did less than 1 cr. That does not make Salman smaller than Amir. Even Bachchan and Rajnikant have disasters in their low phases. Best phase matters wrost doesn't.

        2. dude dhobi ghaat wasnt even aamir's full fledged film....yet it recovered its budget...par MARIGOLD.....Hahahhaha

        3. All people talking about Dhobi Ghat...it was I guess the only experimental art movie that earned so much....other "superstars" can only dream of making such movies ....and if at all they make, it will surely be a flop

      1. haha,parshya bro....marigold was such a great film that i dont think its available on the internet s well!!!

        remember 2009 diwali
        all the best(b.o .collection)>blue>>>>>>>main aur mrs khanna

        loser lallu miyaan!

    1. Aamir Khan is known as The Mr perfectionist as we all know....If you think,that Sushant Singh Is better than Aamir Khan,then Salman Khan Shahrukh Khan still couldn't crack the previous record of The Aamir Khan's movie's like,Dhoom 3,pk....why?why you ashame to appreciate his effort dedication....learn to appreciate....

  5. tubelight u are crazy man.............

    aamir khan vs dilip kumar............not srk ................

    dobighat is not aamir play major role......and talash semi hit but fan super duper flop.........

  6. Some days ago some asked on Box Office India that if Dangal is huge then can we say this decade belongs to Amir Khan?
    Box Office India said this decade will still belong to Salman unless some other actor does miracle in coming years.
    Let us compare Salman and Amir's last films.
    Among Salman's last 10 films
    3 are ATBBs
    5 are Blockbusters
    1 Superhit and
    1 Average
    If you look at WOM
    then only
    1 Excellent(BB)
    1 Positive (Sultan)
    2 Mixed to Positive(Dabang, Kick)
    3 Mixed(Ready, Bodyguard, ETT)
    3 Mixed to Negative(Dabang 2, Jay Ho, PRDP)
    Among Amir's last 6 films
    5 ATBBs
    1 Average
    Looking at WOM
    1 Extraordinary(3 Idiots)
    2 Excellent(PK, Dangal)
    1 Positive(Ghajini)
    1 Mixed to Positive(Dhoom 3)
    1 Mixed(Talash)

    Without completely positive WOM Salman has 6 Blockbusters and one of them is non festive release.
    Without completely positive WOM Amir has only 1 Blockbuster that too was riding in power of Dhoom franchise. Sultan, Dabang and Dhoom 3 are only 3 films to be Blockbuster without Excellent WOM.

        1. BOI is one of the most honest and neutral site as well. But according to you jo Amir ko favour nahi karte woh biased and bakwas.

    1. Just tell me one things. In Last 10yrs which Actors movie holds the tag of 'Highest Grossing Bollywood Movie Ever'? That will shut your bloody mouth automatically.

      1. Which Amir's film became ATHG on his power except probably Ghajini? All either carried excellent WOM or were franchise films.

  7. Unable to digest RIckshawala's logic (sorry but I have to call them because their logic say so).
    They say all films of Salman Khan are trash but hits. Bro tell us do you want box office collection or good films?

    No one will remember Gay Ho or PRDP or Sultan or any other film of Salman, but each film of Aamir will be remembered as classic. And Aamir does both as all the biggest hits belongs to Aamir

    1. Tereko classic film dekhni hai toh Bombay Velvet dekh.
      Rahi baat mere logic ki toh ekdum correct logic hai mera. I am not talking about who has done better films. I am talking about who is bigger star. Though you will not understand cause your IQ seems as low as the stardom of Ranbir Kapoor.

      1. No brother I liked classic Marigold which collected less than 1 crore.
        And talking about stardom

        Ranbir clashed with Salman in 2008
        Bachna Ae Haseeno Vs God Tussi Great Ho
        Bachna Ae Haseeno = Hit
        God Tussi Great Ho = Disaster

        Now please go and run your rickshaw

        1. You will never come out of past cause you know in present your star Ranbir is literally nothing in front of Salman.
          You don't even seem Rikshaw wala. Even Rikshaw wala will have better IQ than you.

        1. This is 2016 not 2009. Almost every actor has seen low phases. But what matters is good phase.
          According to your logic Ranbir Kapoor is bigger than Amitaabh and Rajnikant cause Ranbir has only 1 disaster and they have many but as you know Ranbir is not even 1% of them.
          You van deny the fact that Salman is biggest star referring to hus low phase in past otherwise your IQ is much lower than even a Rikshaw wala.

  8. Jitni chaati (chest) pitna h pit lo .. salman is one and only megastar of bollywood.. amir and srk are secondary..there was a time when srk also have such stardom but now he lost.. and was ,is and will never big than salman.. aamir only depends on great wom..if wom is mixed then aamir finished..

    1. If salman was the biggest star why did he had a bad phase from 2000-2009,,,where were his fans when lucky
      god tussi great ho
      london dreams
      main aur mrs khaanna
      ye hai jalwa
      tumko na bhool payenge
      and my fav MARIGOLD!! released!!

      aamir and salman were never flop for 9 long years.....just check the quality of his hit films:

    2. Just tell me one things. In Last 10yrs which Actors movie's holds the tag of 'Highest Grossing Bollywood Movie Ever'? That will shut your bloody mouth automatically.

  9. Tiger,an actor's stardom is judged by the no. of audiences he can attract to cinema halls and the repeat value of his films.....aamir khan is a bigger star than salman because as compared to sultan,dangal had no actress/no love story/poor music and absolutely rural background...sultan ki to 1st weekend k baad hawa tight ho gyi thi.....salman 's fans are loud and tapori like him,but aamir 's fans are civilized and educated like him....rather than fighting and wasting time on arguing,they prefer watching his films....this is why i think he is the greatest actor seen by bollywood....ONLY ACTOR TO GET CRITICAL ACCLAIM AS WELL AS BOX OFFICE COLLLECTIONS

    1. Actors stardom is judged by the fact that if he can make an average film a blockbuster. That means audience come to see him no matter how is film.
      Only once Amir has given blockbuster with average film and as we all know that was due to Dhoom franchise.
      Salman on the other hand has 5-6 blockbusters with average film.

      1. That is because Aamir doesn't CHOOSE to do rubbish films....When u work in any profession, u earn proper respect from all people around you only by doing good work and not doing rubbish and then just packaging it to look nice...He respects that sentiment of the audience....I watched PDRP and Bodyguard.. .ignored d rest of his bullshit movies...itni gaali aa rahi thi mooh me picture dekhne k baad ..Salman Khan thinks that all his target audience r fools and that they will anyway go to watch "Bhai ka movie " and his repetitive styles ..

      2. Kya karna hai superstardom ka ...Audience ko kya benefit mil raha hai us se..
        Superstardom k wajah se PDRP aur HNY jaise films ban rahi hai....
        Kab samjhenge ye sab pata nahi...

        Humko to sirf acha picture dekhna hai bhai...

  10. Clash ki baat karte what about bb vs bb bajrangi bhaijaan vs bahubali in hindi it alone collected more than 100 cr and bajrangi bhaijaan too 320 with clash so don't talk rubbish thing here and Ranbir fan tell your star to clash with salman in xmas 2017 then we will say who is bigger

  11. Haters gonna hate, but stop this stupid Khan wars !!! I'm a proud SRKian, but I also love Aamir Khan. And even though I don't like Salman's choice of movies, he can be great in very good films like BB. So stop fighting and enjoy the records that are broken ! Hats off to team Dangal. Waiting for Raees, The Ring and Tubelight now :)

  12. Despite big holidays, christmas fever tax free status school college closed very high ticket price on normal weekdays Dangal not able to break Sultaan first week power. This is called Salman Star power.
    Yes may in third week it cross sultaan but that no means to me.
    Sultan remains highest grosser in 2016 and Aamir u need more tax free status to break salmaan record next time

    1. Just tell me one things. In Last 10yrs which Actors movie holds the tag of 'Highest Grossing Bollywood Movie Ever'? That will shut your bloody mouth automatically.

    2. sultan me to 5din 3 din ka holiday tha
      kya sultan ke time college school band nhi huaa tha

  13. Kuch lalman k fan dhobi ghat pe bade comment kr rhe hai. Dhobi ghat ek art film thi , or uski release se pehke aamie ne bola tha media me know ye masala film nhi h art film h to art film psnd krne wale he aye. Youtube kr lo . Isliye hum aamir k fans ko proud h aamir pe k wo paise k liye logo ko fuddu nhi bnata or na he paise k liye thumke lga ta h shadi me

  14. lallu bhai fans , u all talking about sushant's dhoni is better than dangal . dhoni's biopic is more popular than gita and babita ' story still sushant unable to cross 200 core mark . don't compare aamir with any one he has a class so he called sachin . what lallu did ? cried for fawad khan . jaisa aadmi yesa hi karega

  15. Salman ne jo acting ki hai sultan me uske baad koi ni bol skta k salman ko acting aati hai. Aamir kya it fan khan bhi kuch ni h salman bhai k aage. Sirf amitabh he hai. Salman is best actor of the world. Romance fight acting sab best h salman ka

  16. Aamir kitna bhi athg de de woh no 1 nahi ban paayega Bollyarena se puch lo Indicine se bhi puch lo boi ne toh bol hi diya he is biggest superstar of this decade

  17. Today dangal also collect 20 cr and it continues to this week because aamir has also his own calculator like rakesh sir and red chillies

    1. then what about Prem ratan bartan dhoke Jaao...see the BOI ....ur favorite site....u will know the actual collection of it.

  18. I m die hard of salman fan and don't want dangal cross sultan fan but dangal is good film and it will cross sultan so I cannot help it

    Watch dangal and enjoy

    Congrats to Aamir for second movie to go above 300 cr to join salman

    But I m sure next year salman will get another 300 not once may be twice ?

  19. I really don't.t know how you guys caparing amir bodha to srk or salu.when amir adited that he has not not the stardum as srk or salu.then y the stupid ppl barking.if amir has power of stardum then why he is not outing of xms.a film in 2 years in just inxmas.lol.amir dangal didn't.t break more than 15 records makes by srk or salu.like opening day .weekend.opening day overseas and many more..and another fact amir is lucky man when srk dileale was struggled by protests and lose a lot of money.but amir who was the first when started the intolerance remarks but he is enjoying now.so my quetios from all Indians.where is justice? answer in bellow,......,....my answer is because amir is raj thakrey and modi chamcha..

  20. Dangal and Sultan - both movies have same topic i.e. wresting. Sultan has edge due to 5 holidays and 2 working days vs. Dangal which has 2 holidays and 5 working days .. strongly effecting morning and afternoon shows ... as well as monitization issues.

    First weekend sale (first 3 days): Dangal is ahead of Sultan .. 107 crore (dangal) vs. 105 crore (sultan).
    First week sale (first 7 days): Sultan is ahead of Dangal .. 208.8 crore (sultan) vs. 197.5 crore (dangal).
    Race to 10 (first 10 days) sale: Dangal is forecasted ahead of Sultan .. 250 crore vs. 236 crore (sultan).
    Two weeks sale (first 14 days): Dangal is forecasted ahead of Sultan .. 300 crore vs. 271 core (sultan).

    Farq saaf zahir hai. Dangal has
    Aamir has clearly outperformed Salman where both acted on movies on same topic (with a bit different stories obviously).

    But this haar-jeet is a part of the game. In future, maybe Salman will outperform Aamir. In reality, both are biggest stars that bring astonishing business to the film industry .. which no other actor can in recent times.

  21. Look bhai and srk are biggest superstars of industry at the moment but aamir is best actor so what's the fight about I'm a bhai fan and also like srk but I will always watch an aamir film because I will get to watch something different. Back in the days I was dharmendra fan but still used to love bachchan movies good films are good films don't let something stupid ruin something enjoyable

  22. Dangal Sultan BB PK Dhoom 3
    Day 1 29.78 36.54 27.25 26.63 36.22
    Day 2 34.82 37.32 36.60 30.34 33.86
    Day 3 42.41 31.67 38.75 38.44 38.03
    1 Weekend 107.01 105.53 102.6 95.41 108.11

    Day 4 25.69 36.62 27.05 21.22 21.71
    Day 5 23.09 38.21 21.40 19.36 20.14
    Day 6 21.46 15.54 18.02 19.55 25.52
    Day 7 20.29 12.92 15.55 27.55 14.01
    1st Week 197.54 208.82 184.62 183.09 189.49

    Day 8 18.59 10.82 12.80 14.44 10.01
    Day 9 20? 9.52 19.25 17.12 12.04
    Day 10 20? 7.40 24.05 21.85 16.71
    2 Weekend 256.13 236.56 240.72 236.5 228.25

    Day 11 8? 11.46 9.3 10.08 6.83
    Day 12 8? 15.18 9.1 9.11 7.26
    Day 13 8? 4.18 7.1 9.05 10.78
    Day 14 8? 3.72 6.03 13.44 4.61
    2 Weeks 288.13 271.1 272.25 278.18 257.73

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