Dangal 2nd Day Box Office Collection in China

Dangal 2nd Day Box Office Collection in China: Aamir Khan starrer Dangal which was released in China this Friday, is doing tremendous business. After a record-breaking opening day, the film has shown massive growth on Saturday.

According to the estimates, Dangal 2nd day collection in China will be $4.17 million (26.81 cr). It has doubled its yesterday's collection which is phenomenal. That was expected as we reported yesterday that the word of mouth of the film is great. The total collection of the film stands at a huge 40 cr in two days.

The film has recorded the highest single day collection in an overseas territory beating Baahubali 2. That film collected $3.2 million in USA just a week back. North America is the biggest marker for Indian films. But to do such huge business in an alien country to Bollywood speaks a lot about stardom.

This is also the biggest ever single day for Bollywood in entire Overseas beating Dhoom 3's opening day $3.2 million. And Dangal has done higher business in a single country alone.

  • Day 1: 13.39
  • Day 2: 26.81
  • Total: 40.20 Cr

The trend has suggested that Dangal box office collection in China will easily cross PK record and is likely to go over 200 crores. It will be a huge achievement if it can go over 250 cr as the worldwide gross will cross 1000 crore then.

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  1. aamir is aamir he is the biggest star of our country
    iske film iske dum pe hi chalte hai
    yadi dangal ko China me boycott nhi karte toh aaj ka 5+ million hota
    bahubali ka record ban hi nahi payega lagta hai firse aamir top kar denge

    1. He's not the biggest star of your country you idiot! He's the best all round film maker you have today, a man need much more than box office to be the biggest movie star of the country something that has been proven by only Shah Rukh Khan in recent times! Stardom is measured on how people treat you when they see you, when people see Aamir Khan they would be like look Aamir Khan and come shake his hand, but when people see Shah Rukh Khan they scream cry faint and long to touch him to check if he's real! That's stardom my friend! Now your gonna srk ain't doing nothing at box office, he's dropped since the 90's and 2000's, your right his box office value has dropped but even fast and furious collect more than a Tom Cruise or Bradd Pitt movies so who the biggest star?! Vin Diesal or the latter two?!
      And I wish Dangal all the best hope it does 400cr in China, Aamir Khan the filmmaker and a genius! Not the Superstar!

      1. Stardom is ONLY measured by who sells the maximum tickets outside a know brand or franchise.. and Aamir has proven once again he is the biggest crowd puller in any kind of genre.... Likewise Tom Cruise can make a movie like Edge of Tomorrow a blockbuster outside of MI franchise, while VIN can only make Fast franchise movies blockbusters... check his filmography outside F&F movies. And if you measure Stardom by some people crying or screaming on seeing the star.... then even Shahid Kapoor is a big star

        1. Oh okay how many people have cried seeing Shahid kapoor?! Aamir Khan himself has said that Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan have a much greater star presence then he has, you need aura which Aamir Khan does not have! Today India is not stupid anymore they go for good movies not a movie that has a certain superstar they like! And if Stardom is measured by box office then Shah Rukh Khan is definitely should be included in the Superstars of Yesterday!
          Basically he's Mohammed Ali for the industry like Ali paved the way for Black people in boxing SRK paved the way for future actors to a new market called Overseas! outside a brand so if Saaho does 800cr worldwide he should be called the biggest movie to have ever walked onto Indian soil! Lmao! Waiting for Saaho in that case hope it does same business as Bahubali 2 and Bahubali put together! @JOJO by your name you should try that Indias got talent! Aamir Khan is megastar then what is Amitabh Bachchan because according to your logic Aamir Khan is a bigger star than Amitabh Bachchan! Understand one thing a mans stardom is compared to how people treat him and the peak of his years! But okay it doesn't really matter no one lasts forever, because Prabhas is the biggest movie star in India today!

        1. Vinod chopra ne kia kaha tha w yad n amir ka film m kanal n story ka kamal story ki waja se itna business kia tha

      2. @SRK and Varun Dhawan U.K Fans Base ..... you should join comedy night show or try your luck in Britain's Got Talent as a comedian.

      3. @SRK and Varun Dhawan U.K Fans Base ... if shahrukh khan is superstar then Ammir Khan is megastar....and you should try your luck in Britain's got talent as comedian...after all you are in UK.. emmm

    2. Mind blowing fantastic jitni treef ke jaye kam h aamir khan only to represent india cinema in china


  3. Double from yesterday
    Can't bilieve on my eyes
    Its super phenomenal
    200 pakka ab toh
    Aur looto Chinese ko aamir go on

  4. I m very frustrated on south indian people..If they supoorted DANGAL THEN BB2 kaunse khet ki muli hai
    1500cr kab ka banta.

    1. parshya.. ab tu bahaut bol rha hai .... pehle baahubali dekh phir comment kar... jo maza baahubali ne theatre mein diya.. aajtak aamir ki kisi bhi movie ne nahi diya...indian audience bewakoof nahi hai.. jo baar baar film ko dekh rhi hai theatre mein.. iss baat ki respect kar

      1. Really, Have you seen PK, Dangal and 3Idiots in cinema hall. The kind of reaction audience have after that movie is bigger than BB2 itself. Not about record only but appreciation wise. I have watched both BB 1 & 2 in multiplex. Part 1 was a gem and 2 is very good. Its the legacy of part 1 who created that craze to outdone a movie like Dangal in north market. Bahubali is landmark movie in this century without a doubt but that doesn't mean Aamir had given any lesser movie. If that was than Rajamouli won't be thinking to making a movie with Aamir.

        1. I am talking about the wholesome visual experience that Bahubali 1 and 2 gave me...i am a huge fan of Aamir too, but Aamir's movies have mostly relied on great content and not on visual appeal.... Baahuabli surpassed any of of Aamir's movies in terms of large-than-life visual experience. With Thugs, Aamir may surpass it, but with Victor as the director, I have my doubts

      2. yaa...u r right...

        hmare ladaaku mind ko to mza aata h........monkey mind ko to mza aata h....

        but soul ko nhi....

        soul to....3idiots , rangeela ,munaa bhai mbbs...dekh k hi tript hoti h...?

  5. But one thing south industry should support bollywood.

    Total Dangal collection

    Hindi market-375cr
    South indian market-14cr
    Chinese market-40cr.(2 day)

    Shame on south indian people even chinese people likes Dangal but this south indian people only needs masala

    This proves that content films can not do buisness in south india only masala film can.

  6. Parshya bola tha na aaj 4M$ hoga.faad ke rakh di sabki.BB2 ka record tod diya 1 hafte bar mein.

    Kal 800cr WW ho raha hai Dangal ka.Trend kar do twitter par.

  7. At End of The Day Aamir is Aamir No Depute About That and As Always That is unquestionable This Gift Legend Will Always Save Bollywood's Dieing Honor, By the Way Excpect the Unexpected For His Next Diwalli Thugs of Hindustani Historical Action Adventure Masterpiece movie Which is Said to be Like Hollywood's Biggie Sieres movie Pirates of the Caribbean:

  8. Dangal 1 St day average occupancy 11%. Dangal 2 nd day average occupancy 20% in china .very good.MATLAB ab Indian movie ko ek naya market mil gaya.Jaise srk NE North America ko Bollywood movie ke liye bada market banaya .really good thing .dangal can 50mn$ in China.scope kafi hai kyunki boycott ke baad bhi 5800 print PE movie chal rahi hai huge release hai.if dangal ka occupancy 40% ,Sunday ko ho jaye to 8mn $ ho jayega

  9. Great collections 250 crores looking possible in china if dangal crosses 1000 crores which I am sure it will bollywood can proudly stand and say that we also have films which can earn bucks abroad not only south India aamir the legend saviour of bollywood

  10. dangal release in 500screen in south in both tamil and telegu and made more than 15cr.that a great achievement while Noor release on 2500 screen cant make 8 cr.

  11. I was sure that Dangal will rock in China but what made me proud is the occupancy and ffs. Movie was watched by 9lac people on single day in a country like China. Trade can say that we can't have revenue from these market but atleast some of our great movies generating interest and ffs. So if Dangal can do 35-40m$ there than we can atleast start taking that market seriously.
    It will also force China govt to allow more films in china. Before Pk they allow only 2 Indian movie a year, now it increased to 4. Hats off Aamir khan, you beauty.

  12. par chinease me....Dangal k song kese dikhaye honge ??

    Dangal song me hi to aadhi story h...

  13. Chinese distributer aab bahubali ko China me large scale me release kar rahe hain .but China me war style alag hai phir bhi 8000 print PE release karenge.agar Chinese ko movie pasand aayi to history create karegi.

    1. BB2 won't do much there. Reason is the under performance of first movie there.
      Bahubali 1 released in more screens than PK there and collected only 7.5cr. So second part won't be big.

  14. aamir does not do city tours like srk and cant promote films through railway because he dont want fan do crazy things and due to srk a fan loose his life. People can faint if they see aamir if promotes himself like srk.

    1. Brother now this is too much.....If one actor movie is doing good you can't degrade other actor...
      Stay in your limits and try to respect all good actors and actors like Srk who has given one of the best movies to this country and also represented India in abroad...
      Few people call all 3 khnas a chuha in front of bahubali2 but remember this 3 khnas are gems to Indian industry....
      Read this article one khan is already breaking records and making India proud.....

  15. how ignorant some people are they never understand how come any Bollywood biggie collect that much without (south) their contribution most(majority) of the people are watched in hindi language be it ap/nizam mysore or tnk hindi is not a north language its national language.

  16. south Indians are not watching(dubbed versions) because present(now) films are not up to their liking in the past they watched few films they made it huge success. mpk(prema pavuralu) hahk(premalayam) ddlj(preminchi pelladuta) karan arjun(dubbed version) also did well in some areas.

    1. bhai dangal b dubed hui thi...or south me sabse jyada kmane wali movie h..13 crore....

      bollywood movie....un logo k dimag se bahar h....

  17. Only aamir has this type of fan following in China and no other actors have....Let's see tomorrows collection....

  18. out of 134 crore people how many of them watched films in theater now a days a popular movie watched(hardly) by 4 crore people i.e not even close to 3% does that mean all Indians are liked that movie alas..

  19. There are Stars like Sharukh Khan, there are superstars like Salman Khan and there are legends like Aamir Khan who does not need any masala to attract movie lovers only brand Aamir is sufficient.

      1. to bhai ... aamir ki vajah se srk ki movie , China me kyo nhi kmati ??

        or yh sab...srk ka nhi Yash raj ka kraya hua h.....jo apni 3rd class movie ko viedesho me release krta tha....

      2. @ramizraja thank you brother that's exactly what I'm trying to say haha I'm not degrading Aamir Khan or his movies! hes the best thing Bollywood has today to match upto people's expectations but a man needs much more than that to become the biggest of them all! And if that's the car go and ask all these international media why are they always saying dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan and then came Shah Rukh Khan?! Is srk paying them too?! I'm talking back people who did it even know srk existed until they done research and international polls and came to a decision that in 2003-5 his stardom was so big people the media all around the world compared him to what The Beatles has in their prime time or Elvis had! I read some one write that people would faint if they saw Aamir Khan?! Lmaooooo lol ? ???????????????????????????????

  20. @srk and Varun dhawan uk fan
    No one can enjoy stardom like srk
    He is the the biggest superstar of the world from last 20 years
    I am also jealous from aamir sir
    But we have to accept he is genius and nowadays he is biggest superstar of the world
    His popularity is difference from all other superstars
    We are saying from many years that 3idiots and pk worked because of content and dhoom 3 collected huge due to brand
    But aamir us wrong with dangal
    No masala, no actress and no famous director
    Non masala movie can never get 29 crore opening without stardom
    Because of aamir stardom it collected huge and has broken all records
    All srk salman and aamir are greatest
    So please don't fight
    Salman sir looking superb in tube light teaser
    Hope it will create 400 crore club in India
    If bahubali failed to do that

  21. 1st overseas
    5 md....aamir
    45md....aamir (million doller)

    phle srk 50 lakh b bna leta......to vh media me 6apwa deta....

    "world biggest star"
    "god of acting"....

    ( aamir ki...lagaan...dil chahta h..fanna...rang de basanti... ne bhi bhot achcha overseas business kiya tha )

    or rhi superstardom ki bat.....aamir srk se phle hi super star bn chuka tha...

    (1) qsqt (2) hm h rahi pyar k (3) Dil.........
    .....movie se.........

    1st Movie Rakh me hi....aamir ki esi acting h......jesi srk ne ab tk nhi ki..................kkkkkkkkiiiirrraaannnn....

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