Dangal 27th Day Box Office Collection in China

Dangal 27th Day Box Office Collection in China: Dangal is at the end of its fourth week run in China but the film is unstoppable. As per the estimates, Dangal has collected $2.10 million on 4th Wednesday.

The collections are expected to grow again tomorrow which is a holiday in China. The film has surpassed all kind of expectations and is rewriting history at the box office. We are indeed out of words to describe the historic trending of India's biggest blockbuster Dangal. Even Chinese trade experts are shocked to see the gigantic collections of an Indian film which was never heard before.

Dangal is again inching closer to set new benchmarks. The film will cross 1000 crores in China tomorrow while overseas gross will also cross $200 million soon. On a related note, the license of Dangal has been renewed until 4th of July. Thus the film has every chance to collect 2000 crore worldwide.

DayCollection (m)INR (cr)
Day 1$2.2714.67
Day 2$4.6930.30
Day 3$5.5535.86
1st Weekend$12.5180.83
Day 4$5.7837.23
Day 5$3.5222.58
Day 6$3.8824.89
Day 7$3.9025.02
1st Week$29.59190.55
Day 8$6.1239.27
Day 9$13.6687.66
Day 10$12.5380.24
2nd Weekend$32.31207.17
Day 11$4.9531.73
Day 12$4.9231.54
Day 13$4.2026.92
Day 14$3.7324.08
Day 15$6.0238.80
Day 16$16.35106.03
Day 17$11.7175.94
3rd Weekend$34.82224.44
Day 18$3.4222.06
Day 19$3.1220.12
Day 20$2.7617.80
Day 21$2.5116.19
Day 22$1.8812.13
Day 23$2.8418.32
Day 24$6.5142.27
Day 25$8.0552.05
Day 26$6.3440.92
Day 27$1.7611.33
Day 28$4.6029.61
Day 29$1.7211.06
Day 30$3.9625.50
Day 31$3.5322.71
Day 32$1.408.98
Day 33$1.258.03
Day 34$1.177.53
Day 35$1.107.07
Day 36$1.086.94
Day 37$2.1213.65
Day 38$1.9312.45
Day 39$0.724.63
Day 40$0.704.50
Day 41$0.654.19
Day 42$0.644.13
Day 43$0.523.35
Day 44$1.348.63
Day 45$1.278.18
Day 46$0.523.35
Day 47$0.513.28
Day 48$0.513.28
Day 49$0.513.28
Day 50$0.150.96
Day 51$0.352.25
Day 52$0.392.51
Day 53$0.231.48
Day 54$0.271.74
Day 55$0.291.87
Day 56$0.231.48
Day 57$0.171.09
Day 58$0.251.61
Day 59$0.322.06
Day 60$0.150.96
Day 61$0.150.96
Total$191.15 million 1224.25 cr


  • 1st Phase: $30.70 m
  • Taiwan: $4.72 m*
  • China: $154.14 m*
  • Total: $189.63 m
  • 1st Phase: 736.16
  • Taiwan: 30.46*
  • China: 995.42
  • Total: 1762.04 Cr

34 comments on “Dangal 27th Day Box Office Collection in China”

    1. Haters are so funny, now comparing with distributor share, that also break by dangal,,, I won't be surprise if they say as compare to dangal bb2release day weather was good so bb 2is better than dangal,, areey bhai hum main pata bb2is excellent piece work,,, kuch to sharam karo dangal ek masterpiece hain

  1. Bollyarena can u confirm the worldwide distributor share of dangal. Then only it will be decided which is India's biggest blockbuster.

    1. @Rohit

      It's love matters not money

      But at d end Dangal will do d much more business than d bb2

      Coz Dangal production cost is only 90cr whereas bb2 has 280cr ??



  2. 3crore footfaal or 1000crore

    1000 -/- 3= 330 rupees

    so Dangal avrage ticket price 330 rupees or 4b5 $ doller

    All time blockbuster in china???

    (b'cos 15 times jyada kmaya h budget se)
    logo ki to india me hit nhi hoti h movie....or aamir china me atbb

  3. Biggest grosser dosent mean biggest blockbuster. However we should all be proud of dangal

    1. @Rohit

      tuje mil rha h kya proffit ??

      china k 1/4th milega...dangal ko....

      or footfaal b BB2 se jyada h ...dangal ka.....

      oversease ka 10 times se b jyada h....

      vo b non treditional market me...?

      bhai BB2 jesi movie Hollywood me roj bnti h.....but Dangal sirf ek hi h....

      haa...india ki greatest movie BB2 h...sirf grossing k mamle me????????

      1. Bhai Log Kyu Apas Me Jhagda karrahe Ho DANGAL Hit Ho ya bahubali kya fark Padta hai Mai to Indian movie Hum Sab Indian Hai Jai hind

  4. So Mainly Not Drop compare to Friday
    1.91 <<<2.10 mini?????

    So tomorrow Holliday + Children Special Screening???????

    So 8-10 mn itself ?????

    Then again Weekend???????


    Likely collection first weekend??????

    2mn+6mn+4mn=====12 mn ?????

    So Cross 1900+ cr Worldwide????

    Remaining 1month mini 100 cr ?????

    So definitely 2000+ cr ??????

    Japan Korea Hongcong South America????????

    Eyes Will be on 2500+ cr Worldwide ? ?????

    1. 1600 kab ka ho gya but tumare liye wo sari sites fake hai agar wo baahubali ka collection dikhae toh....aur wahi sites dangal ka batae toh best site.....

      Bhai mere liye dono movie acha kr rahi .
      ..apni apni jagah india ko proud kra rahi....koi india me koi overseas me


      "Bhai tu apne se pooch dangal 400cr kamai india me ya nahi ....yaha koi 1000cr cross kr gya".....bhai ye tere ques k liye ek ques...

      Enjoy kr bhai dono movie ki success ko yaar ....

    1. Yeah....The official Chinese box office sites give fake figures..?? Go to Google and search for China box office you can click any ten site and check on all for collections of Dangal. ..its still running on #2...collected around the figures of Day 1 on.Day 27...historic trend indeed...2000+ Cr for sure now....be proud and respect these figures...don't show that you are a cheap fan of a great film (Baahubali) !!

      1. @Box Office Buff

        Bhai ye bhi toh ho sakta jo dangal k liye bura bol raha wo other actors ka frustrated fan ho jinke star ye records ka 1/2 bhi collect na kr paaye......aaj baahubali ka nam leke tumse behas kr rahe...

        Please har galat baat me baahubali ka naam na lo...bcoz baahubali apni jagah bahut badi achievement h indian cinema k liye.......

  5. Parshya my bro, we all r proud of dangal. Its a gem of a film. I myself has seen the movie thrice and twice on television.
    But that dosent mean we ignore other facts. Distributor share of bb2 in india alone is greater than the worldwide share of dangal including china's collection till date.

    Still as i said, dangal is a rare film and its success is historical to say the least

  6. @Bollyarena
    Can you please publish an article on how dangal helped the presence of Indian cinema in world and especially in china and how it's more important than any Indian producer getting merely some more money? Some people are stupid to talk about producer's profit and here also they are not totally right. BOI only added the amount got by selling the rights in china by producers as distribution right. But it's wrong. Distributor share is the amount given to the distributer by the exhibitors not that the amount producers got.

  7. Bollyarena, all please publish footfalls of recent big hits like pk, bajrangi bhaijaan sultan, dangal n bb2

  8. @ All Amirian's Fan and Baahu baali Supporters

    This will be my last post on Bollyarena

    We are comparing because of jealousy of our favouritism like praising Kohli over SRT does not mean Kohli has surpassed greatest Sachin but both are great in their fields and era. We have love and faith in both because they are from one country and take our country at the peak in the world.

    Comparison is ok, but don't target to drop others Achievements

    I am a biggest fan of Aamir from childhood but I always praise the other movies who deserve it.on same note I criticize aamir's movie too when it doesn't deserve appreciation.

    I will be proud of being aamir's fan but on same note I am proud to be witnessed of my country's success first.

    Hope , we all praise both the movies from today onwards and support the incoming movies too so that more name will be "STARS"

    Never forget the Mega Global Star from India is currently the one is "A R Rehman" but people never fight for his name .This is the fame and respect he earned from the Globe.

  9. Jo Movie Zyada Collection karega Wo Hi Hit Hoga mere Aur Tumhare bolne se Kuch nahi Hoga Dangal Aur Bahubali2 Dono hi Indian Movie Hai To Achchi Baat Hai Dono Hi movie Achcha Collection karraha hai khushi ki baat hai Hum Sab Indian Hai Spas me Jhagda mat karo......jai Hind jai bharat

  10. I was reading an article in Forbes they say bb1 and 2 has the same craze as Star Wars when it released in 1977 it showed you didn't need star power to deliver a blockbuster where as they could only attribute the main reasons of the success of dangal in china to 3 idiots and aamir Khan who has become a megastar in china.

  11. Dangal will cross easily 2500 cr worldwide if the film running 1 month in china n release in Korea n Japan.
    I'm big fan of Bollywood so I can't bear a regional film becomes highest grosser film.

    Bollywood jindabad

  12. India and China will give indo-china ratan to aamir. :D :D :D :D ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

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