Dangal 1st Week Box Office Collection in Hong Kong

Dangal has ended its first week in Hong Kong on a high note. The film has grossed HK$ 8.61 million (7.04 cr INR) so far which is the highest 1st week number for an Indian film in the region.

Dangal has already crossed Aamir Khan's PK and is now chasing 3 Idiots which is the highest grosser in Hong Kong. The way it is trending, Dangal might finish at HK$ 50 million which will be a historic total.

  • Day 1: HK$ 668k
  • Day 2: HK$ 811k
  • Day 3: HK$ 1.57 m
  • Day 4: HK$ 1.57 m
  • Day 5: HK$ 687k
  • Day 6: HK$ 841k
  • Day 7: HK$ 720k
  • Day 8: HK$ 852k
  • Total:  HK$ 8.61 m (7.04 cr)

19 comments on “Dangal 1st Week Box Office Collection in Hong Kong”

  1. Now no Tiger King or Bahubaali can dare to think beating this collection. Aamir the megastar.

    1. Congratulations Aamir Khan fans, Aamir khan only made 12.5 million according to Forbes! Shah Rukh Khan no 1!! ???????????

      1. @Srk Varun fan base Keep burning and also buy some burnol you gawaar idiot, jab Buddha met Pauti flopped and now the rip off of judwaa the torture will also be disaster. Kahan global megastar aamir khan aur Kahan chote mote Chongu Mongu actors like Varun dhawan and shahrukh khan!!!! ??????☹️??????


      1. @Pranay buhaaaaaa ha ha. Buy some burnol because your ass really needs it. Even the megastar's underperformed mangal Pandey was biggest opener of all time back then and thugs of hindostan willl thrash all opening and life time records of cartoonish movie baahubali 2. Baahubali 2 will not work in china and you will get one more kick in your ass. When the lion roars some 2 rs insects like you can't do anything. Aamir is biggest global megastar and you 2 rs bheekhari can't even do anything. Get a life moron.

      2. 2.0 will be another linghaya and blue. It will not even touch Dangal. Dangal is Baap of all mohies and will remain on top only until thugs of hindostan will arrive. Get a life.

  2. AAMIRable facts.. Such a collection in just 46 odd halls... Mindblowing.. Hat's off sir

  3. Bahubali 2 will release in china after 16 days and then bahubali 2 will collect 5000crore+ alone in china and its lifetime worldwide collection will be 7000 crores
    Highest grossing movie in china is wolf warrior 2 which collected 5291 crores in china
    Now lets compare bahubali 2 and wolf warrior 2 as a movie
    Bahubali 2 imdb is 8.8
    Wolf warrior 2 imdb is 6.8
    Bahubali 2 budget is 250 crores
    Wolf warrior 2 budget is 200 crores
    Nowadays chinese movies are without emotions and good story
    Bahubali 2 has all elements and is better movie than wolf warrior 2 in all aspects,if a movie like wolf warrior 2 can earn above 5000 crores in china then why not bahubali 2 inspite of being better movie in all aspects
    Thoso who says that bahubali 2 will flop in china because these type of movies were already seen by chinese many times for those people i can guaranteed 100% that they haven't watched the movie they have only watched its trailer and are judging on the basis of its trailer
    Bahubali 2 is not a typical action vfx war movie it also have many life lessons,high on emotions,inspiring characters,heart touching story
    Every character is very inspiring
    Chinese will definately connect to its story and emotions and learn many things from the movie

  4. Bahubali 2 is bigger hit than dangal and now let me explain
    Both movies worldwide collections(without india and china)
    Bahubali 2 - 59 million $
    Dangal - 35 million $
    Dangal footfalls is 3.75 crore in india and 4 crore in china so dangal footfalls in india+china is maximum 9 crores
    Bahubali 2 footfalls only in india is 10 crore +
    Dangal grossed more than bahubali 2 only because of high ticket price in china
    Number of people watched bahubali 2 are higher than number of people watched dangal

    1. Kaunsa India me vai. 10 Crore footfalls hain kaha se math sikh ke aaya hain tu. I am not against Bahubali it is one of the biggest movies till date but do not compare it with Dangal worldwide Dangal is far ahead.

      1. @Arijit
        I am not against dangal i only speak truth
        Bahubali 2 has 5.26 crore only in hindi dubbed and in all languages(tamil,telugu and malayalam) brings similar number as hindi footfalls 5 crore ,so its total footfalls in india
        5.26crore(hindi) + 5crore(tamil+telugu+malayalam) = 10 crore
        Dangal gootfalls in india in all languages is 3.75 crore and dangal grossed just 13 crores in south india
        Dangal footfalls in china is 4 crore(suriya has told on youtube bollywood crazies)
        3.75crore(india) + 4crore(china) = 7.75 crore(approx 8 crores)
        Bahubali 2 footfalls only in india is 10crore
        Dangal footfalls together in india and china is 8 crore
        Except india and china,rest of the world
        Bahubali 2 collections in overseas is 59 million $(check on wikipidea as highest grossing indian movies overseas)
        Dangal collection inoverseas before it release in china was 35 million $(i has checked on wikipedia)
        Bahubali 2 is biggest blockbuster ever

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