Dangal 1st Day Box Office Collection

Dangal 1st Day Box Office Collection: The last release of the year, Aamir Khan's Dangal hit the screens today. There were many expectations attached to the film as Aamir was coming back after two years. Well, it seems that the film has got an excellent opening at the box office. Check out Dangal collection report for the opening day.

Dangal 1st Day Box Office Collection

As per the official figuress, Dangal 1st day box office collection will be 29.78 crore. The night shows in most of the places have gone very well despite the fact tomorrow is a working day. Especially in Delhi, there were housefull shows reported even at night. The growth in evening/night is indicating that Saturday and Sunday will be huge.

Unlike other biggies of Bollywood, Dangal has varied performance at difference places. The occupancy was terrific in metros, very good to good in tier 2 cities while average to poor in interiors. Dangal has an excellent start in the morning shows as the overall occupancy was 60% which was the second best of this year. The opening was huge in North India in both at single screens and multiplexes. It got a little jump in noon shows, however, started to witness big gains in the later half of the day. Dangal was rocking in metros as the occupancy was as high as 80-85%. This usually happens with films which are targetted at the family audience.

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Dangal 1st Day Box Office Collection

The best performing circuits were Delhi/NCR, East Punjab and UP. It was also very good in South India due to the lack of competition. The film was poor in Gujarat belt and also average in East India. Though Aamir Khan has more fan following in Mumbai and down South, however, Dangal should be driven by North India due to the local feel.

Dangal 1st day collection will be the second highest opening day of 2016. The film will only fall short of Salman Khan's Sultan which had a partial holiday. It will be interesting to see if Dangal can cross 30 crores to become the second film of 2016 to do so.

Highest Opening 2016
  1. Sultan - 36.54
  2. Dangal - 29.78
  3. MSD The Untold Story - 21.30
  4. Fan - 19.20
  5. Housefull 3– 15.21


Dangal box office collection on day 1 will also be the second highest ever for any Aamir Khan starrer as it has beaten PK opening record. The film has received excellent response from the audience so far. But the performance in mass circuits will be a major concern as it needs universal appreciation if it is to become a mega hit.

Interestingly the advance booking for Saturday and Sunday is very high and is the best of the year. This will definitely give a huge boost to Dangal collection which can cross 35 crore on both days. As Christmas and New Year holidays will fall on Sunday, it should collect the maximum amount in the first weekend.

Dangal 1st Day Collection: 29.78 Crore

Also, tell us what are your thoughts on Dangal 1st day box office collection in the comments section.

109 comments on “Dangal 1st Day Box Office Collection”

  1. Watched Dangal today and this is my review:
    Dangal is an Amazing movie and the best movie I've watched this year! The movie is 2hr 50mins long but it doesn't bore in a single scene. All of the wrestling scenes are on point and have been executed really well. The songs are situational and are used well. The movie is a mix of drama, action and comedy. The ending is nail-biting. Nitesh Tiwari's direction is good and he should definitely win the best director for this movie.
    Acting: Aamir Khan's acting is the Superb and the transformation is marvellous, all the 3 Khan's have done superb transformations for their movie this year (Fan, Sultan and Dangal). This proves all the haters wrong who question their acting ability! The Young Geeta and Babita have done good work, both of them excel in their role. The older Geeta has more screen time than the older Babita but both have done superb acting. The narration of the movie is done by Mahavir's (Aamir) nephew, it is funny and good. Sakshi Tanvar is a perfect fit as the mother! The supprting cast have done well. Overall, the movie is inspiring and is a definite watch. All section of the audience will love the film! My rating: 4.5/5!
    My Prediction:
    Day1: 30.4cr
    Lifetime: 315-320cr
    All 300cr+ grossers (PK, BB, Sultan had extra holidays, whereas Dangal doeesnt, it has Christman and New Year but both of them are on Sundays, so there will be minimal advantage. Demonetization will affect it in the smaller areas/single screen where it has been a big issue!

    1. @tashir beta Bb ko extra konsi holiday thi bta jara Eid Saturday ko thii bb k tym toh konse holiday th us k bad bta
      sultan k tym konsa extra holiday th bta jara
      Ye toh bola nh tune k Pk ko 3open weak th n dangal ko b 3open weak h
      Sultan k agle he weak GGM thi
      BB k.tym Bahubali n 2weak bad he Drishyam thi
      isly Jo shi h wohi btaa
      movie acchi h hmee b pta h BT Kc b glt nh btana k sultan n bb ko extra holiday th smjha

      1. @Sahil, Sultan had 5 day weekend, BB was released during pre-eid, so it had a big growth during eid and many days to come as eid is celebrated for 5 days in some places! We all BB would have collected 350cr+ if there wasn't competition from Baahubali and Drishyam. Bhai ur just a Salman Fan so you are replying like a stupid idiot. I didn't say anything bad abt Sultan or BB, I've rather praised it?

        1. @tahsir Eid srf 3din bnayi jati h eid,basi eid,teewasi eid got it itna pta rhna chhiye
          Dusri Bat Eid k holiday bs 1din hoti h
          koi Poree India Mai 5din nh hoti holiday
          koi 5din Jo tu bolrh h holiday rhti h ustym b Koi School clg bnd nh rhte h jaise Xmas m rhte h Smjha
          Muslim h itna smjhana he chhiye k eid kbh 5din celebrate nh hoti h bs 3din rhti h WO b bs Ek din k holiday p Xmas jaise nh Smjha
          Or Ek bat clear krdu
          mai koi Salman fans ka side nh lera hu
          Jo shi h wohi bola hu
          Bht tu against nh bolrh h bb n sultan k toh ye b bta de k Xmas k tym b Kmse km ktne din celebrate krte h fr Sunday ko q na aye
          SCH hmesha he glt.lgta stupid

      2. @ साहिल ॥ Hello ! नोटेबन्दी का असर ज्यादा देखने को मिलेगा ।।
        पहले कैश के लिए लाइन में लगना पड़ेगा और फिर फिल्म सिनेमा हाल के बाहर ॥

    2. Good analysis.

      But it should be the highest grosser in India till date for it'sit's cinematic excellence.

      Otherwise the world will judge us for our culture and sensibility on creativity.

  2. I have watched Dangal.It is a good movie.It scores perfectly in the emotional moments.The background score is awesome.The performance is superb from everyone.But Dangal is NOT a fully entertaining movie.Very few scenes will make you laugh so few scenes looks a bit stretched.Dangal is not a commercial movie.It is a fully multiplex movie.It is one of the better biography movies.The director has done a commendable job.At last,Dangal is a good one time watch movie only as it lacks massy elements.

    1. My prediction was 28.24cr for first day.So after watching the movie,I feel collections will be around 28cr if not less.

      1. As you have watched movie. What's your lifetime collection prediction considering all factors such as high ticket prices and no extra holiday.

        1. Actually its lifetime prediction is difficult but I'm thinking less than 250cr lifetime to be honest.

    2. jo log dangal ko entertaining ni bol rahe h unhe aur kya chahiye....i am a huge fan of both salman And aamir bt i have to say dangal is far better than sultan.....jo log free run free run kr rahe ho wo ye socho ye free run h q...q k sbko pta h k aamir ki film chalegi hi...isliye sb koi aamir k aas paas movie ni late....kisi ne kaha k ok janu se dangal effect hoga....pk ne kaise kaise movie pr effect dala similarly dangal v sbko uda dega....

  3. You always mention Sultan was partial holiday but why don't you mention that it was pre Eid also. Holiday factor was negated by pre Eid. Most of the Muslims didn't watch it on Wednsday.

  4. DangAl is good movie but not best . I feel bore in some scenes. Nothing new in this movie. It is not commercial movie. One time watch movie.

  5. @Tiger, I totally agree with you, don't know why they always try to put Salman below.....Bollyarena don't you know that 6th is a Pre EID day (Ramzan Perod), why don't you mention this.....So basically Pre EID factor neutralize the Partial Holiday factor....Or at max you can say it get 5% benefit at max from Partial Holiday....

    Bollyarena Team either mention Pre EID factor or don't say it's a Partial Holiday release......

    1. Yes bro. I used to thought Bollyarena is neutral and hence spend much more time here than any other website. But these days they are being little partial against Salman.

    1. hahaha very funny search this type of article or video so that u will get happy...
      but sad to say Aamir knows and u also knows the reality....
      PK-792CR.......not a because of only WOM N HIRANI FACTOR.....
      Aamir is the box office king n m sure Dangal will beat PK .....
      Dangal-370cr...if not then definitely 325cr...

      1. Stop mocking yourself. Everybody knows why PK collected huge. Everybody knows Amir is nothing in front of Salman in Stardom.

        1. stop being a sleaze..salman is not as good an actor as aamir..aamir doesnot want stardom. certainly not among the same bunch of actors who regularly go to meaningless shows and win fans by showing off meaningless stunts. aamir is the only actor whose acting can be set as an example in front of foreign giants like oscars and all..as an actor ,not only salman but no one has as much stand as what aamir has..speak about acting,innovation and ability to calibrate a fantastic cinema , aamir stands tall.see the acting level..7 logoka bhai bane se koi accha actor nehi ban jata...

      2. oh no ..ok jaanu releasing on 17 jan ..ab kese tutega sultan ka record...BB ne to kama liye the bahubali k against...but dangal ka kya hoga...

  6. My final Prediction for Dangal Day 1 biz aopx 30-32 Crs after looking at evening show occupancy. further, after giving a look at Saturday Sunday advance booking the biz for both days may be 70+Crores. Weekend 1 100+Crs.

  7. Best movie in history of bollywood after pk...hope it will break the record of pk...Great effort given by Aamir sir...

  8. Aamir fans (Specially this Dumb Parshya) are so funny, they always talk about PK collection, but I ask them, when Aamir break the Footfall record of BB......Everyone knows (From Bollywood Sites to Trade) that PK collects 18cr more because;
    it had 3 weeks free run,
    high ticket price not only for weekend but for 10 days

    Even a 10 year old kid can tell the difference, but these Dumbo's will always remain Dumb......So 1st tell your star to break BB's Footfall record.......With high ticket price and 3 week free run and only 18cr difference....LOL

    1. Oversese ka bhi footfall add kar de..wo log bhi insan hein..chale ate hein nautanki karne
      Just compare bb n pk worldwide footfall.

      1. Overseas called spl for first phase and in first phase bb was ahead of pk its only China pk perform big that's is different so don't talk here and come on current phase despite of biggest overseas weekend dangal still behind from sultan in overseas also in opening day

        I said it before and saying again Aamir is good actor but he have lack of stardom compare to salman

        So except truth dumb Parshya

        Nahi to continue hansi udva raha hai

        1. Hahaha 5 days ka weekend mein ek eid and Sunday tha dangal sirf ek sunday...mein overseas ki bat kar raha hoon..aur y r u in hurry wait for worldwide life time collection...u will know...

      2. Aamir khan lifetime 1450*cr
        Salmankhan lifetime 3000*cr
        Megastar kab agye jayega

  9. Mahri choriya choro se kam h ke......
    The movie is aaawwweeesssmmmm.....
    Meri life me is se acchi movie maine na dekhi....
    And i am not a fan of any khan's

    1. All aamir aur salman fan ki memory badi short hai shayad srk ki chak de india ko bhool gye.sultan ne khoob paise kmaye per srk ke 70 minute wali baat aaj bhi logon ko yaad hai per salman ki koi line logon ko yaad nahi ussi trah aamir ki film achhi hoti hai per usske bhi dialogue srk ki trah hit nahi hoti.i challenge all salman and aamir fan ki 10 dialoge btao.

      1. People here talking for top spot

        Why you are talking for flop actor

        And rahi bat dialog ki to salman is way ahead from srk and other in popular dialog

        Exp - ek bar jo Maine commitment kar Di ..

  10. amir sir is best actor in bolywod his acting awesome looks, body language super, dangal best movie of decade it is important to watch the movie salman sir is also best

  11. That film is inspiration of the all people but I cannot see the movie but I say that that is a finest movie in the world

  12. Great acting by Amir khan. No one can do this.the look is perfect for amir and this movie never bored me till end. Great drama, best emotional and lots excitement best movie of 2016

  13. #dangal is very nice, entertaining, inspiring movie. i think people should watch it at least one time and another thing is that aamir khan is one of the best actor and he has the huge fan following. so, may be this movie earn 500cr .

  14. Yes ,true ,Dhoom,p.k ,3 idiots ,and now dhngal ,why you all are fighting Salman and amir are friends and Salman said in his Twitter that dangal is best movie then his sultan ,and he also said he love amir personally but hate professionally,mean Salman also afraid of amir Khan .Plz don't create mess amir and slaman both are real heroes

    1. kisi ki taareef karne se koi darpok nahi hota be ghonchu. jaa pehle complan pee, bada ho aur phir aaio bollyarena mein. abhi bachcha hai tu.

  15. sultan is highest opening movie....
    , highest opening weekend..highest opening week...highest lifetime of 2016

  16. Amir ki sab hi movie hit hai Qki movie ki storie achi hoti hai kuch msg hota hai movie me isliye amir ki movie hit hoti hai na ki amir ki wajese.
    Salman ki Sab hi movie hit hai bas salman ki wajase movie ki storie kalpanik hai ya real storie koi fark nahi padta bas salman hai movie hit hai.

    1. And you take pride in that? That's the mentality of Indian audience. Promoting craps coz earns money. You should forget the star when you are watching a movie. You should only see the character.

  17. amir is the best in his movie and salman is best in his movie. please don't comment like this

  18. As per audience review, the film is one of best movie ever. All crews, director, aamir have done such a fabulous job.Even salman khan twitted that Dangal is better than Sultan, he really likes movie. As per my knowledge film would be touch 30cr+ on Friday and collection will be raised on Saturday and Sunday just because of Christmas. It will cross 100cr within 3 days. And lifetime collection would be 350cr.

    1. I like both khans bolta hein aur dangal sultan ka record nahi tode ye chah rakhta hein..vaah kya bat hein...

  19. Aamir khan ka movie acca history rohite hai eisle jahda admi degne kile hote hai salman khan ka jaisa avarge film degana to 80 coror tak naihe jai ga satadorm kiska boro hai aplok volo

  20. bajrangi bhaijaan k saamne kuch nhi h dangall...BB against bahubali thi but phir v 320 crore...great sallu....

  21. jo v ho
    amir ka khud se competition hai
    o apni pichhli movie pk ka over all
    collection 742+ cro ko tod ke
    dangal 1000+ cro touch kare
    i wise.

  22. I watched this movie first day benefit show this movie not only superb it's amazing movie

  23. Comment:i have watched this movie...itz really great...i suggest u guyz go and watch this.....Luv U Sir.....

  24. @parshya which film has a highest overseas collection in phase 1.with less number of screen? It's Bajrangi bhaijaan.where is Aamir on TV?salman is no. 1 crowd puller.no doubt Aamir is brilliant actor and person I watched his all movie his choices of movie is far better then any other actor mostly I watched many of his movie in theatre this time I will not just because of price of ticket 400rs per person is too much.

      1. 2nd phase pluto pe release karo....2016 chal raha hein aur ye china ki bat kar rahein hein are gadho udhar release ki na to koi gadha bhi nahi dekhega...

  25. jitne positive reviews Dangal ko mile h....aaj tk kisi movie ko nhi mile h.....har baat me perfection h..................................jabki sultan me baby ko base b pasand h........aamir or salmaan dono best friend h....phle b or ab bhi............par ye gamandi Haklu Khan bhut oochalta h media me pese dekar..........ki me best hu....

  26. Dangal sultan ki waja se suffer Kate has..our idher Pakistan Mai na dekhane ki waja se be suffer hoga collection..bit still as Salman khan says it better then sultan so it will break sultan record eaisly....bcz of Christmas's....rahe baat Raees ki to ao to as he raha hai naaa..

  27. aamir khan .....best acter...best emotion....best movies

    salman khan = biggest fan following

    srk = chuttiya fan following

  28. Agar jitne logo ne pk dekhi thi.. ek baar ya repeat karke.. mujhe lagta h utne hi logo ne jaakar dangal bhi dekh liya.. to 350cr+
    Bhale hi demonetization se ek din ruk kar hi pr aamir ko chahane vale unhe bade parde pr dekhenge jaroor.. surely 350cr+

  29. @bollyarena
    I predicted 29.35 crore
    Where is my prize??
    Dangal fantabulous movie ........
    Dangal and sultan both are amazing
    But sultan had good background music and a good performance by salman so...

  30. Watched Dangal - review is as below.

    Story -- 4.5 stars excellent
    Subject - 5 stars extra ordinary
    Acting -amir - 4.5 stars excellent
    Girls -acting - 4.5 stars excellent
    Comedy - 5 stars extra ordinerry
    Emitional - 5 stars will bring tears
    Direction - 4.5 stars (1st half extra ordinerry, 2nd half was excellent but would have been better if considered from 1st half point of view)

  31. Wo bhaiyo itna emotional mat ho jao
    Zra btana ki chrismas ke alawa kab aamir khan ki movie hit hui h agar 3-4 ke alawa agar koi dusra ho tabhi reply karna

    Aur oooo.... Bhosdika sultan wale sultan ko 5 din ka weekend mila tha
    Monday ki collection nhi dekhi thi kya tmlogo ne kya haal hua tha agar sultan eid m release na hoti na flop se koi nhi bjata aur is chutye ki koi aisi movie btana jo festival m release na hoke blockbuster hui h

    Abe chutyo original actor to akshay kumar h jiski movie festival m release na hoker bhi 100cr ke paar jaati h

    Ye maat sochna ki mai akshay ka fan hoo mai sirf shahrukh aur Ranbir ka fan hooo

    So dhyan rhe

  32. 2nd biggest movi in the year. Dangal is so interested movi. Baecuse Amir khan in the move.The story of Haryana's raceler. Two ledy raceler gita and bibta in the move. Plz going for watch the move

  33. sultan se to kahi zada achi hai keu ke kisi ke life pe bani hai bio pic hai sultan se iska comparison hai hi nahi .......Aamir ki mehnat dikh ti hai ismai ...awesome movie

  34. Dangal is a very good movie,it's only just not a movie it is a real life story of mahavir phogat and his daughter geeta and babita so i really liked it and i also think that the every citixen of india should have to take a look on this movie "dangal"#AAMIR KHAN

  35. dangal is one of the best film in recent years !! aamir's best performance till date . Dangal will cross 350 crore barrier . First film to do so. It is a flawlesss movie . A must watch !!

  36. Amir khan is the box office king,1 st 100 crore- gajani,1 st 200-3idiots,1 st 300 - dhoom3,1st 400- dangal ho ga so shut salman monkey fans

  37. First thing salman ki sultan pehle aayi aur amir ne usko dekha

    Fir changes kare tab bhi movie sultan se achi ni hai

    Yeh sultan ka daw hai ab amir dobara uthega ni

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