Dangal 19th Day Box Office Collection

Dangal 19th Day Box Office Collection (3rd Tuesday)

Dangal continues its run with good pace. According to the official figures, Dangal 19th day collection will be in the range of 4.03 crore.

The Aamir Khan starrer has slowed down its pace in last few days and is not setting daily all time records anymore. But still, Dangal collection in the third week will be highest of all time thanks to the third weekend which was on the higher side.

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Dangal 19th Day Box Office Collection

Dangal box office collection in 19 days will be around 353 crore. It has now become the first Bollywood film to cross 350 crore mark. Aamir Khan has set new benchmarks with all his films. Check out the stats below.

  • Ghajini was the first film to cross 100 crore
  • 3 Idiots crossed 150 crore
  • 3 Idiots crossed 200 crore
  • Dhoom 3 crossed 250 crore
  • PK crossed 300 crore
  • Dangal crossed 350 crore

It will be interesting to see if it hold on its fourth Friday as new releases OK Jaanu and xXx  The Return Of Xander Cage will affect Dangal collection as they will take a lot of screens away. Though it is expected that Dangal will remain at good pace but the all time record will be out of reach.

Dangal 3rd Tuesday Collection (19th Day)

4.03 Crore



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353.68 Cr


Also tell us what are your thoughts on Dangal 19th day box office collection (3rd Tuesday) in the comments section.

37 comments on “Dangal 19th Day Box Office Collection”

    1. Dumb I was knew that you will bark only highlight as we know you

      Read article that it got tax free statu so somehow it's benefit to get more footfall

      So dumb don't argue with us coz we know bb was fine movie better than dangal as it's compete with bahubali and got no holiday or tax benefit

      If still you want argue more than not interest to argue with dumb like you as you don't have normal brain

      Too much always and will be always for you dumb guys

      1. it is clear who would be more dumb an aamir (who gives classic after classic)fan or salman(criminal and man who gives crap and crap) fan.this sentence is more than enough for u i guess.B

        B better movie than dangal LOL.

    2. Saurabh bro..salman fan ki jal ke fatt gayee hein aab aur kitna sahenge bechare.ro ro ke bura hal hein unka
      Unke hal pe chhod do unhe.ek bhi record sallu ke pass nahi hein..muze to taras aa raha he in pe..

      1. Ha ha bola bola Christmas star dumb fan bola

        Mujhe to tujh pa Taras. Aa raha hai bechare ko phir sa 2 yr wait karna padaga Christmas star ko dekhna ka liya

        1. Jhakas there is a saying in English. Best things come to those who wait and aamir films are worth the wait secondly mere dada ne kaha ke jab coolie or uske baad ki big b ki films nickley to unki bhi high ticket prices the lekin ye hai superstar ki nishani jiski films expensive ho lekin public tab bhi dekhi.

      2. prashya i think BOI are going by conservative estimates,i was just calculating ATP for week2,it is coming 95Rs.so,assuming Rs,95 ATP for week3 and 44 CRORE WEEK3(6cr from 2 rem. days),FF of 0.46 crore is coming.so,after week3 Footfalls for dangal are coming to be abt 3.54cr which is equal to the total footfalls of BB.Btw ATP for week3 would def be lesser than Rs.95,so the actual FF for dangal for week3 wld be higher than 0.46 cr,so BB footfalls wld be for sure beaten this week only.
        prashya one more good news,as i was saying to u 3rd week weekdays overseas wld add 1m$more,it is going that way only.it has added 0.59m$ on mon+tue.
        currently total collns. are 27.06m$ after tuesday.

        abey bewkoof and hypocrite jhakas ki dum,weren't u sallu fans shouting from roof top about this Footfalls nonsense,now that dangal has even edged ur criminal in this,u have become totally mad.now u have excuses,excuses and excuses and btw Footfalls r only for hindi version.have u forgot demonetization issues.did we aamir fans used that as an excuse ever.

    3. Dangal has 3.08cr footfalls according to this article till 2nd week and this is just in hindi version actual footfalls including dubbed vesion footfalls will be 3.17cr till 2nd week so footfalls can actually hit 4cr mark if we include all version
      My prediction going by current trend
      Lifetime collection in hindi
      373 cr
      Lifetime collection including all languages 386cr

      Footfalls in hindi 3.8cr
      Footfalls overall 3.93cr

  1. salman is the first actor whose film cross 50 cr mark
    srk haven't any record
    some srk fans still think
    that srk will bounce back
    but truth is that he is struggling from last 10 years to bounce back
    after rnbdj
    he haven't given all time blockbuster

  2. I hope Thug of Hindustan will beat Dangal and become first to enter in 400 crore club.

  3. congratulations @saurabh..par kaash aapki mummy aapko bachpan me bourn vita pilati toh aapke samaz me aata ki 2 weeks baad BB ka collection 272cr thha aur Dangal ka 313cr..now guess footfalls toh obviously dangal k hi jyada hone chahiye....bhai jara average ticket price bhi compare krlo Dangal vs BB ki...toh pata chalega Dangal ki 138rs ATP thi aur BB ki sirf 124rs....??

    1. Well said bro plus another thing publish in article so I already wrote but this dumb will not understand

      So better leave them to enjoy Christmas mini World Cup star

      1. World cup jeetne mein jitna maza hein utna one day jitne mein kaha
        Aamir is world champion not a local champion..

    1. Lallu fans abhi rickshaw chla new gye hue hai
      Or jabra fans toilet me jabra dance kr rhe h

    1. Aab to sallu ko iski jarooat hein agar Aamir ko harana hein to..fir bhi mushkil hi nahi namumkin he.

    2. abhi SRK ka help lena par raha hain sallu ko record todna ke liye :)

      Sultan mein bhi koshish kiya tha, magar SRK ka special appearance hoya nahi

  4. Yar salman for his fans is like as shatrughan sinha for biharies. I remember ek film jisme shatrughan sinha rickshaw chla k crorepati ban jata hai. Hahaha same case with salman.
    Re chultaaan tu chultaaaan
    Bulldozer khinch k wrestler ban gya wo bhi mma ka
    Re chultaaan tu chultaan
    Hit hai bhai hit chultaan

  5. bahut afsosh ho raha dangal 400 nhi kama paayi....kaash 3 weeks tak or time mil jaata....hahaha....

  6. Found a very intresting comment on indicine site.Writer is Sky.credit to him.i am just quoting him.

    Ever since Bajrangi Bhaijaan released in 2015, though because of competition it failed to become HGOAT we are used to read lines like Highest footfalls post Gadar. Which was an achievement for the movie. Before BB no one care about the footfalls of movies, focus was more on collections that’s why when CE crossed 3I, D3 crossed 3I, ETT came close to 3idiots, whole focus was on the collections. No one was talking about footfalls of those films compare to 3idiots, which has the highest footfalls since multiplex culture came into existence. Sites like Indicine used the trick of highest footfalls of BB for there benefit to pull down PK and other Aamir releases. There estimate of Dangal footfalls is also around 3.5cr, estimating it will not cross BB footfalls.

    Now BOI posted the footfalls estimates of Dangal which shows it will cross BB footfalls, mind that those footfalls for Hindi version only so if we include dubbed version, it easily beaten BB with 13-15 lacs margin, pk with 20lac margin. So Since 3Idiots Aamir has given 4 films which has crossed 3 crore mark which it self is big achievement. Isn’t it?

    3I – 3.17cr FF
    D3 – 3.10cr (2.98cr of hindi version & close to 12-13lac from dubbed as it collected 12.5cr in dubbed version)
    PK – 3.5cr
    D3- 3.7cr expected.

    Always we hear about the high ticket rates for Aamir films, no one talking about these higher footfalls his films getting these days. Till PK not a single actor given 3cr footfalls movie in multiplex era, Salman joined him with BB and Sultan which having 3cr+ FF. Only Dabangg & CE crossed 2.5cr ff till 2014. Blockbusters like KICK,ETT & Bodyguard FF were not much more than Ghajini FF. So how come media putting down Aamir films with excuses & excuses.

    Even before Ghajini films which were HGOTY struggling to cross 2cr ff, Aamir is credited to bring the higher footfalls with Ghajini & 3I, followed by Salman since Dabangg.
    Generating 3cr+ FF in current time where we have many entertainment source, pirated copies uploaded on website on first day itself. Its not a cake walk to get these high footfalls considering all the pros and cons.

    Hats off Aamir Khan, you contribution is unparalleled to Indian cinema. We hope you will achieve these milestones in upcoming movies.

  7. Crap actor aamir khan, tax free status, high tickets on even weekdays, christmas and new year holidays, watching movies with HARYANA CM, tax free status in haryana and UP since movie started . Without tax free status and christmas holidays it not even cross 300cr. And so called footfall it wil never cross BB. SO whatever it earns just by gimmick tax free status.

    1. I'm sorry to say bb footfalls will be broken by dangal on Thursday another thing a lot of media is anti-aamir including boxoffice India yet the cinema lover will always watch aamir film no matter who they favourite actor is as aamir films have repeat value even talaash which didn't do 100cr but still was a hit as in 2012 100cr was still super hit status if it was bhai or srk at that time with talaash film would have struggled to make 50cr let alone 90.

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