Dangal 11th Day Box Office Collection

Dangal 11th Day Box Office Collection: After entering the top 5 grossers list of all time, Aamir Khan starrer Dangal is now set to become the highest grosser at the Indian box office. The film has maintained a good pace on the 2nd Monday too. Check out the Dangal collection report below.

Dangal 11th Day Box Office Collection Estimates

Dangal has an excellent hold on its second Monday. As per the early trends Dangal 11th day collection will be in the range of 13-14 crore. The film gained momentum after a good start in the morning. Though the collections can vary a little depending on the performance of night shows and we also have limited samples from the evening due to communication issues. Thus we have only updated trends rather than estimates.

Dangal already had a record-breaking second weekend and the collections were on very high levels. So a drop was expected in Dangal collection but the film seems to surpass all expectations. The major drop has come mass circuits which were going well in the second weekend. But it is the North India which is still strong and it looks like that they will drive this film forward in coming days. Also the film is tax free in some states.

Dangal 11th Day Box Office Collection

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Dangal 2nd Monday collection has also set an all-time record. In comparison, PK collected 10 cr, Bajrangi Bhaijaan 9 crore while Sultan 4 crore. Dangal box office collection in 11 days will be 284 crores. It has beaten Dhoom 3 net collection for the Hindi version and will beat all versions collection tomorrow. As we reported earlier 300 crore is a cake walk but the real target should be to go above 350 cr or even tough 400 crore.

The success of Dangal was much needed for the industry. This year Hollywood film dominated the box office big time. Even the second highest grosser of the year was The Jungle Book which stands way higher than other Bollywood biggies. The total box office earning this year was also lagging behind 2015. But with Dangal, 2016 will match the last year. Aamir Khan has also proved that he does not need big directors, heroines or chartbuster music for giving blockbusters. His name is enough.

Dangal 2nd Monday Collection

13-14 Crore



Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
284.47 Cr


Also, tell us what are your thoughts on Dangal 11th day box office collection in the comments section.

91 comments on “Dangal 11th Day Box Office Collection”

    1. Bhai parshya agar tere amir me himmat hai to hum aap ke hain kon ka footfall 750 cr tod kr dhikhaye. Aur hum aap ke hain kon ka adjust net gross 685 cr bhi tod kr dikhay. amir apni poori zindagi soch bhi nahi sakta.

      1. Salman fan hai hi chutiye inko pata chal gaya next two days ma sultan ka record or next four days ma bb ka record tudne wala hai dangal ne. Aur iss liya 20 saal porana ham apke hain koun ka record leke aye hai .

    2. Bhai parshya agar tere amir me himmat hai to hum aap ke hain kon ka footfall 7.50 cr tod kr dhikhaye. Aur hum aap ke hain kon ka adjust net gross 685 cr bhi tod kr dikhay. amir apni poori zindagi soch bhi nahi sakta.

      1. At that time
        Just shut your mouth.
        No piracy,no entertainment, no internet,no channels thats why.
        Agar salman mein hein dum to wo todke dikhaye...
        Marigold ka footfall yad hein na.
        Chal bhag.

        1. Is tingu ko 50+ cr. 2006 main naseeb hua tha
          Salman ne 1994 main kar diye the 70 cr.

          1. pehli baat agar aamir tingu hai to salman bhi ek inch lamba hai us se....doosri baat salman ko har saal aamir uski aukaat bta deta hai...

            hahk ka pta nhi lekin aamir kabhi bhi marigold ka record nhi tod payega.....hahaha....1crore nettt..total

            1. Fact of the matter is, Salman bada hai amir se, height me bhi aur industry and stardom me bhi!
              Aur amir ki aukaat nahi ki Salman ko har saal aukaat dikha sake, bichaara Buddha ho gaya hai, ab ek saal me ek movie bhi nhi hoti bichaare se! ??

          2. Raja Hindustani was 50CR+
            In 1996
            Dont make an opinion with out knowing details...
            Aaamir Khan's Year 2016
            For Award Corruption since 90's

        2. bhai nalayak logo se behas nhi karni chahiye....srk k fans se debate ki ja skti hai..not with salman's labour class,rickshawala,illogical and jaahil fans....they like bhai even if he has fake abs,,poor acting,,,court cases..women abuser..!

          1. Arey ye toh chetan Bhagat ki teesri aulaad nikla! Baaki fan bases unke liye jaahil, gawaar hain! Ek kaam kar, tu pehle dhang se English seekh, fir Na lagega that tu intelligent! If u keep on making those silly grammatical mistakes, toh baaki fan bases ka pata nhi, tu zarur gawaar dikhega ✌

        3. At that time amir ki bhi to movie aaya karti thi usne kiyun nahi banaya aisa record. Lallu baat kr raha hai at that time. Abe lallu agar dalgal 400 cr bhi kma leti hai to bhi hum aap ke kon adjust net gross 685 cr se 285 kr peeche hi rahegi.

        4. Chal 'salman haters' ko Salman ki flop movies bhi yaad hai! But 'raakh' k baare me suna hai Bhai? Nahi suna hoga, kyu ki ek kutta tak nahi ghusa tha theatre me! Ha tere one and only amir ki hi movie hai ??

      2. 😂😂😂 Hum Apke Hai Kaun ka footfalls ka Record Khud Salman Khan na Toh SRK Tod payenge ajj kal ke jamane mai itna footfalls impossible hai

        1. Abey dimag se Stuart binny! Salman hahk ka record tode, ya Na tode, ki farak padta hai! Record toh ussi k Naam pe rahega ?

    3. Aamir khan is pure genius.. This film has hardly any commercial value. but to be honest, I never feel bored for a moment while watching the movie.. He knows very well abt what audience want.. I am not Aamir Fan. and i am sure, there hv many who are not fan, but still watch Aamir's movie.. because people trust his vision nd he hardly disappoints us.. this is the best of 2016 indeed...

  1. honestly speaking ….Amir tried hand to surpass stardom of SRK in 90’s but failed miserably….than in 2000 he started movie on good scripts rather than heroism…as he surrender to SRK in filmfare award. DDLJ V.S RANGEELA…he is a such fool xpecting a award for his tiny role with hugely popular DDLJ without SRK DDLJ is nothing…
    in 2000 his stardom declines and stared to search role with good script such as Lgaan, rang de,tzp, (dil chahata hai multistarer) but failed to beat the stardom of SRK….again he started remake ghajini to gain some poplarity
    3idiots come in his rescue and so on….somewhere he come to know he cannot be hero like sallu and SRK he is good in story telling and as character..ppl remember bhuvan more than amir as star….i respect him and his work…

    one thing am sure he cannot be superstar or ideal of anyone….even his dangal do 500cr..nobody care….or even raess or tubelight reach 200/300cr it will be more than 500cr for their core fans…thats the stardom.

    finally, Amir has no stardom at all….zero…if films script bad Amir is Dhobi ghat or Talaash….

    1. 😂😂😂 Fir SE Ek SrGay Ka Fan Q be Fan picture NE Stardom Dikha diya kiya chutiye 100 Crore bhi nhi ho PAYE SRK Mu Bola Global Star SE 😂😂😂😂 Funny Joker Aur Salman ka fandom toh Marigold/mai aur Mrs Khanna/jai ho Mai hi Dikh gaya tha

    2. @Sultan
      I was supporting SRK from last few days,Even SRK said Dangal is Very Good.
      & We dont Want unnecessary fan wars.
      But I knew few SRK Fans are Chameleons & You proved me Right
      Now you are hiding behind Salmans Success Moron !!!
      Stop this Studipity
      Dangal 2nd Weekend Colln>>>
      The Ring LT & then
      Dangal 1st Sunday Collection>>
      SRKs Next LT

      1. Bro right answer to that sultan rickshawalla bullshit people they r not appreciating good works and messages where aamir is giving rather only comparing they know that srk at least doesn't come close to aamir in terms of making movies simply hating aamir who is giving a great messages to India and some bullshit people not appreciating really very bad

    3. Jalli jalli...Salman aur SRK fans ki jalli :P

      Ek baat yaad rakh dost....collection kitna bhi kare koi picture, yaad to Dangal aur 3 Idiots jaisi picture hi rahegi, na k Happy New Year ya Jab Tak Hai Jaan

      Bechare Salman aur SRK bhi Aamir ka style apna rahe hai ab ...Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Fan aur Raees movie jaise script based movies karke...kaha pahuch paaye hai koi Aamir k aas pass bhi...Hahahahahahahhahaha...

      1. मादरर्चोद सलमान खान के बारे में जो गलत बोलेगा गुस्ती चोद डालेगे रण्डी का लड़का लड़की
        madarchod salman khan ke bare me jo galat bole ga gusti chod dalege

    4. Most people love movie for their entertainment value. If that movie can inspire or teaches something that is extra plus. SRK and Salman are bigger star because mass people get entertained by their movie. But from 2000 Aamir is giving extraordinary film one after another. May be some his film like Dhobi Ghat or Talaash can not be appreciated by masses as it needs refined taste and sensibilities. To me Talaash is better film than Dhoom3 but Dhoom3 made much bigger business than Taalash for his its mass appeal. SRK is very charming person no doubt but if he always look for big director, big production house and popular heroin but on the other hand Aamir work with new or not so successful director and give Superhit after Superhit. Therefore to appreciate Aamir you needs certain intelligence which you lack probably.

    5. u are totally a mad and no idea about flim........u are as well as foolll............go to hell.........

    6. Sultan rickshawala ja bhai stardom dho dho ke pani pee jake. Agar kisi director ne ek acha script likhta hai tu os acha script ke liya ek acha actor chahiye jo script ke bahtary ke liya kam karega naki appne stardom dikhne ke liya. aamir khan ek aisa actor hai jo script ke achay ke liya kam karta hai. Tera sallu ko bol acting sikhle.bhai tera batt se pata chalta hai tojhe bhi a batt pata hai aamir khan he is a versatile actor hai. Agar tera sallu ki tara average actor hota tu itne alag alag film na kar sakhta.salman he have only body nothing about acting.

    7. MEDICAL EMERGENCY. ...... RICKSHAW wale ka auto wale se accident hone ke karan dimagi halt thik nahi. Inhe jald hi nasdiki pagal ghar mai dakhil karwaye.

    8. ""....With SRK DDLJ is nothing ..""...kya hai yaar grow up....

      SRK is OK, but with any actor of that time the movie taste the same success ...!!!

      Besides SRK, there is a lot which make DDLJ a great grand success. It has nice and awesome lead and support star cast, a relatable story, wonderful acting soothing music with full family emotional moments.

      Koi bhi actor hote ye movie successful hi rehti dear.

    9. Nice to read you comments sir. Aamir never try to be a superstar... he always tries to an actor.... and he's a great actor of our times. He never tries to complete with others; he competes within. Down to earth... a simple citizen (never try to show off). But proves his worth with his excellent work. In his age lots of actors go downward but he's rising every time.

  2. "Aamir Khan has also proved that he does not need big directors, heroines or chartbuster music for giving blockbusters. His name is enough." This is enough to show aamir's power

  3. his name is enough hahahaha Talash mein b aamir khan hi naam tha lekin 100 cr b cross ni hua....aisa bolne ka mtlb hua fir mogli ka naam hi kaafi hai tbi the jungle book 187cr kiya india mein...ye sb content ka kamaal hai...content ho to Hollywood movie b india mein b bina festival release k 187cr kama skti hai fir chahe Shahrukh khan ki movie b next week mein aa jaye...bollyarena to poori hi biased ho gyi hai ab...shuru shuru mein thik site hoti thi..

  4. JapMost No.of ATGs
    Most No.of ATBBs
    Highest Single Day
    Biggest Weekend Ever
    Highest Grosser of the Decade
    Biggest Hit Of the Decade
    Founder of 100,150,200,250,300,
    350(Dangal) Cr. Club
    Highest 2nd Week,3rd Week,4th Week & 5th Week
    Top Movies on IMDb
    Highest-Grossing Films In Overseas & WorldWide
    National Award
    Japan Academy Prize Nomination
    Academy Award Nomination
    Bafta Award Nomination
    Kuchh Achieve karna Baaki??????

    1. @dhAakAd Anup founder of second wife ke vajah se..fandom nhi hai..depend on good script movie..hahaha

    2. bhai tune to srk aur bhai k fan ki bolti bnd krdi wse me khans ka fan hu lekin me agree krta hu coz 3no khans mese amir hi upr hai ab tak

  5. All Time high ticket prices, Solo Release, 5 Open Weeks, Paid reviews, Tex Free Status in many states. If Raees gets same advantage it will do 500 cr

    1. Srk legand a sara facilities pane ke liya ek acha film ho na chahiye film par aisi massage hona chahiye jo society ke liya faidha mandh ho.

    2. aur kitne bahane banane hai bana lo ....

      Dangal Box Office = Dilwale Box Office + Fan Box Office + Dear Zindagi Box Office + Raess Box Office

      Chalo Box Office to door ki baat, SRK ke chaaro movie me ek cheez common hai ..batao kya ...

      Audience gaali de deke baahar nikli thi...


      Sunny Leone is coming to SRK's rescue in Raees... .bechare ko kya kya karna pad raha hai movie hit karne hahahaha

  6. Sultan rickshaw wale agar tujhe fark ni pdta 500 cr. Kmye ya 400 to yaha kyu krne aya hai fuddu, isi se pta chlta h aamir ne maar li h tumhri. Ja kr rickshaw chla. Lugai intzar kr rhi hogi teri

  7. 350 cr k aas paas rehega......👍 mujhe to ye samajh m nhi aa rha he ki..... pk best ya dangal best ya 3 idiots best ya ghanjini ya taare zameen paar best ...... i dont know...... thank you aamir sir for your unique gifts.....

  8. SULTAN Rickshawale Aur Mohd. HAHAH pk Ka Gross 792 Cr Hai Ww Aamir Is a Founder Of 100 Cr 200Cr 250 Cr 300 Cr And May 400 Cr In India Only... Haha Tum Logo Ki Fati Na..Waise Baat Hai Toh Srk Deepika K Bina Kuch Hai aur Salman Eid K Bina Kuch Nahi..Aamir Is Asli Bo Ruler...Lets Celebrate

    1. Ye amir apni har movie kab release krta hai? New year Christmas k time! Ticket prices? Like never seen before! Amir Khan movies k footfalls bhi Salman Khan movies k aas paas nahi, Jo eid pe release karta with one national holiday and normal ticket prices!
      Tingu ko abhi time hai megastar banne me! Actually ab Na uski height badh skti, Na hi status

  9. Sultan rickshaw ek baat sunta jaa,highest adjusted WW gross ka record PK ka hai HAHK ka nahi.

  10. aamir is aamir....not only his fan but also all indian people has knowledege of movie and as well as understand they are must see the aamir khans movie.........

    if any indian miss his movie so that you must see his movie such as

    raja hindustani,lagan,dil cata hai,fana,mangal panday,tare zamin par,ghajini,3 idiots,pk,and dangal

    all those movie create history every time of india.......

    so u do not miss thissss............

    bolly arena you right...aamir khan is enough....one and only......one man army and he proved again again he successs and every time he creats new something.it is the inspiration of indian people.......

    and every indian people must proud feel for aamir khan.......he is the real king and exceptional actor of bollywood....
    salute bosssss

  11. qayamat se qayamat tak
    dil hai ki maanta nahi
    jo jeeta wohi sikandar
    hum hai rahi pyaar ke
    andaaz apna apna
    raja hindustani
    dil chahta hai
    rang de basanti
    3 idiots
    dhoom 3

    all these classics on 1 side and on other hand.....MARIGOLD,GOD TUSSI GREAT HO,MAIN AUR MRS KHANNA...andha aadmi bhi bta dega ki aamir ,lallu aur srgay ka baap hai!!!

    1. Abe marigold tum logo ko yaad to hai. amir ki raakh movie ke baare me kabhi soona hai shayad amir ne bhi nahi soona hoga kiyun ki amir ne bhi ye movie dekhi nahi. Cinema me 1 bhi dekhne nahi gaya aur cinema wala bhi movie chalu kr ke ghar chala gaya tha. HahahahahahHahahahahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahahahah

      1. haha...raakh aamir ki second film thi...koi heroine ya gana nhi tha..par marigold to 2005 mein aayi thi ...love story,foreign actress..lekin phir bhi 1 crore..lol.
        aur haan raakh k liye aamir ko national award mila tha...ab bol,lallu k fan

      2. Oh hello raakh national award winning movie tha I saw more than 3 times. Pagal tum bhi dekhlo filmo ko samajh ne ki knowledge ho jayaga.

  12. aamir is great because he can make even niche films successful.......

    see srk doing experiments--asoka(flop),fan(flop),swades(flop)


      1. abe gadhe ,ja check karle...raakh ke liye aamir ko national award mila tha ...no songs or actress in the film....ja ke salman ka box office pe haal dekh..2000-2009 k beech..tere naam,partner, no entry aur mujhse shaadi karogi k alawa sab flop.....uss bande ko acting ki abcd bhi nhi aati...tujh jaise murkh log bas uske ghatiya style aur body ki wajah se film dekhte rehna uski...

        2008 mein ranbir ne bhi sallu ki god tussi great ho flop kardi thi...yeh thi uski aukaat

  13. @bollyarena ,u guys are doing a fabulous job....your bollywood updates are the quickest and highly credible at the same time..keep it up..

  14. PK collected around 62 cr after end of second week. Assuming Dangal collects the same after two weeks, it would reach somewhere close to 375 cr......

    Hope it trends better than PK after two weeks and starts the 400 cr club.

    Had the holidays fallen on weekdays, 400 cr would have been pretty much certain. Its still not out of the equation though, never say never when its an Aamir film!.

  15. 10th day collections are higher than day 1 this is unbelievable trends 400 cr is in trouble big time

  16. Hey guys pls note down the point.
    Aamir Khan has also proved that he does not need big directors, heroines or chartbuster music for giving blockbusters. His name is enough for all time blockbuster

  17. he's left his family and get married young
    to get help his failed career 20 year flop ,average and jealous
    he has no dignity himself

  18. jitne bhi salman ke gun gaa rahe hain...especially ye SULTAN RICKSHAWALA...actor toh hai hee zabardust...aamir as a director..producer...hits hain uske...facts se bhaag mat ch*tiye...aur ye xcuse mat de ke scripts ke wajah se n all...itni akal hai tere salman me toh wo khud bhi ye sab kar sakta tha...dat proves ke he's less talented...script bajrangi bhaijan ki achi thi...kisi ne ye xcuse nhi diya ke script ke wajah se...apni akal use karo salman ke fans...jaha ghusa hua hai dimaag waha se nikaalo...poori duniya jaanti hai...uske c*utiye fans ke wajah se uski ghatiya movies bhi 100 cr me chali jaati hain...n use hit movie kehne lagte hain..LOL..

  19. aamir khan accha actor h like tom hanks...but i love tom cruise most nd bollywood ka tom cruise apna sallu h...tom cruise ki movies chahe top list me na ho kamayii me but bande ka craze hai yaar worldwide like salman....aamir tingu se aaj tk kisine compare kiya h khud ko..hahaha..

  20. Bhai aamir or salman ne to kabhi bhi itna jhagda nahi kiya collections ko le kr to phir un k fans Q aapas me jhagadte hai..dono acche dost hai hamesha ek dosre ki film ko support karte hai. Un k fans ko bhi aapas me dosti kr lene chahiye or jo film acchi ho chahe wo sallu ki ho chahe aamir ki support karna chaheye..
    I m a right or i m a right..?

  21. I am salman fan but i want that dangal cross 400 cr becaus aamir deserve it...
    Aamir such a great actor and his movie...
    Wow... dangal 400 cr pakka..

  22. Comment:aamir is begger....without holiday....mark my word he is begger....
    see in his next movie...scret superstar...he can't touch 100 Crore

    1. Every movie is budgeted and marketed by Aamir in such a fashion that people go with the right expectations and the movies succeed in the box office also. Success is not measured by 100 Cr Mr Economics Professor :)

      By that logic, Secret Superstar will also be a hit even though its an offbeat film

      So all you people quoting Dhobi Ghat or Talaash, both movies were hits by a good margin and NO OTHER MAINSTREAM SUPERSTARS can repeat the success of such films.

  23. This is just fake. Khans have never achieved the figures that their films show. Khans just manipulate figures.
    Dumb fans just go gaga over and say their favorite actor is supreme. I mean fake actors SRK, AAMIR & SALMAN

  24. Aamir is one the best actor in India. He always gives his 100%....Dangal is one of his best and May God bless him so he continue to give quality cinema.

  25. tiger kha chla gya...tiger ne bola tha mndy ko dekhte h ki dangal ka kya hal hoga......abe kha h tiger....

  26. 1st 350+ cr movie is DANGAL
    2nd 350+ cr will be TUBELIGHT and
    1st 400+ cr will be TIGER ZINDA HAI.

  27. kiran rao deserve all .he just fake
    he’s left his family and get married young director
    to get help his failed career 20 year flop ,average and jealous
    he has no dignity himself

  28. Salman ke fans ki gand jal chukki ha.
    Ab jalti hue gand lekar bhag rahe ha.
    Sbko pata ha 4 din mai bb ki watt lag jayegi

  29. One should learn to appreciate a good movie. This is true that in India we have blind followers but genuine work required our support, only than we can expect our film makers to take risk and bring new ideas. Typecast acting, formula films and repeated romance of SRK is history now. Indian is transforming and this is visible in all fields. So let the light comes to you from all directions.

  30. I wanna say Bhai log no need to fight bcuz both sallu jaan and aamir perfect Khan both are good friends and supports each other...so their fans too...let's have a friendship....I m huge fan of aamir sir...but not purely...I liked bhaijaan in wanted, bb, sultan,tere naam, and many more...he is also superstar...and not chota mota....recognized....Kya Aap log mujhe je bta sakte Hein aamir sir ka divorce kyu hua tha reena mam se?? (Agar surely pta ho)

  31. Aamir has always shared good messages with his movies, not only for indians but also for the world's population.
    His dedications, commitment and humbleness is measurable to nobody. He is also not an attention seekers like the others..

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