Dangal 11th Day Box Office Collection in China

Dangal 11th Day Box Office Collection in China: Aamir Khan's Dangal continues its historic run at the Chinese box office. The film has collected $4.86 million (29.90 cr) on its second Monday. The collections are even higher than the first Monday. It has also crossed 400 crores in China.

The way the film is trending in China, it could go anywhere in its lifetime run. The worldwide gross of the film has now crossed 1200 crores.

  • Day 1: 14.67 ($2.27m)
  • Day 2: 30.30 ($4.69m)
  • Day 3: 35.86 ($5.55m)
  • Day 4: 37.23 ($5.78m)
  • Day 5: 22.58 ($3.52m)
  • Day 6: 24.89 ($3.88m)
  • Day 7: 25.02 ($3.90m)
  • Day 8: 39.27 ($6.12m)
  • Day 9: 87.66 ($13.66m)
  • Day 10: 80.24 ($12.53m)
  • Day 11: 29.90 ($4.86m)
  • Total: 415.19 Cr ($64.83m)

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  1. Top 5 OS Grossers: 1) Dangal - $100M (still running) 2) PK- $47M 3) Baahubali2 - $37M (still running) 4) Dhoom:3 - $31M 5) Bajrangi - $28M

    1. There was a time when SRK had all Top 5 and Top 10 in his name and today he doesn't even have 1 in the Top 5 as his movie! Haha times have actually changed but hope he gets back into the game until then it's DANGAL time!

  2. At that Craze 700-800 ++++CR difficult to Dangal

    But esily crosses 600-650++++ cr

    Mini 1400+++ CR
    Average 1500+++ CR

    Best 1600+++ cr

    1. 29 crore..etna to dangal ka opning day me india me hua tha...??????????????

      ab " Fan" movie lover bolenge...fake h...

      bhaiyo...puri duniya ko malum ho gya h...ki Dangal ne china me Hollywood movie ko beat kiya h....

      kutayi ki hollywood movie ki...

      to kya hollywood movie fake collection nhi de skti thi ???
      kya hollywood walo k pass Aamir se km pesa h ??

      or vese b aamir ne movie bech di h china valo ko...ab chah kr b vh esa nhi kr skta...

      Or aamir Raees ka acter ka calculater b nhi h.....


      hatters....ab sachchayi ko swikar kr hi lo.....

      Dangal...china me super duper hit ho gyi h.....

    1. china me har saal koi na koi hollywood movie 300-400 milion krti h ,

      kyoki vha india ki tarah fanfollowing jyada nhi chalti...

      jese...dangal ko....60% salman fan ne nhi dekha...

      90% srk fan ne nhi dekha....or...99% south indian ne nhi dekha....

      par china ki 100% public b kisi movie ko dekh skti h....

      so easily possible h...Dangal...200 milion b chaina me earn kr le


      chinease hmesha great chij (aamir khan) ko pasand krte h

  3. Top 5 OS Grossers: 1) Dangal - $100M (still running) 2) PK- $47M 3) Baahubali2 - $37M (still running) 4) Dhoom:3 - $31M 5) Bajrangi - $28M.

  4. Dangal is the movie pride of Bollywood and India ... I am not a Aamir Khan fan but i think Dangal can surpass all the record of Indian Cinema .... It's total collection will be around 1450- 1500 crore ....

  5. BB2 Dangal aa rahi hai..

    Bande hai hum uske hum pe Kiska Jor umiddoke suraj nikle Charo aur

    Irade hai fauladi himmati Har kadam
    Apne hato kismat likhne aaj chale hai hum

  6. Today it's 5.6m$

    From today to Thursday it will above 3m$ after that again tsunami..

    BB2 will be history this weekend itself

    Aamir-the biggest megastar

  7. Shame on us, our bollywood movies are collecting more in overseas then india, the same was happened to dilwale and fan.

    Nice collection by dangal in china

  8. Who cares about all time highest grosser "Worldwide"?
    Even Maine pyaar kiya, Kabhie khusie kabhie gham, om shanti om, RNBDJ were ATHGs worldwide. Do they have any value?
    Should we accept than K3G>>Gaddar?

    1. From when K3G had became all time grosser ww. K3G ww was close to 120cr which is less than HAHK 135cr of that time.
      OSO never was all time grosser ww, it falls short 1cr of Dhoom 2 ww gross of 150cr. RNBDJ couldn't become all time grosser as Ghajini released 2 weeks after it and crossed 150cr mark before RNBDJ at ww level. So your points are wrong.
      Also Dangal is not small time ATHG who is getting milestone 10-15cr more on ww level, the ww difference is going almost double of second best I.e. PK from Bollywood. Now rest and take a chill pill

      1. OSO had become an all time grosser in India but later that year beaten by Dhoom 2 and then history was repeated when Chennai express became an all time grosser and then later that year beaten by Dhoom 3! But yeah the collections here are too huge for a discussion like that! Aamir Khan has found a golden pot in the image of China!

          1. Sorry yeah your right it did come out in 2006 but most box office websites are saying that it was an all time grosser in India and worldwide

        1. No man, Dhoom 2 released in 2006 while OSO released in 2007. But there is always a confusion for its collection. When OSO released it was termed as all time grosser with 85cr gross in India but later revised version came below Dhoom 2 mark. Anyways whether OSO was all time grosser or not, that case can't be compare with Dangal right now


    1. Ab toh baahubali swagat karega jo film khush kismat ho ke 500 cr club mein jayegi coz bb2 will be founder of 500 cr club and hindi cinema has already started spending more money on budgets instead of fees so it's a win win for audiences

  10. I think yash raj should fire victor and hire ss rajamouli to direct thugs win win all around

  11. Parshya is right in saying BB2 will be a history. Yes, its already a historical blockbuster from India. Thanks Parshya for at least accepting BB2 as a historical movie from India.

  12. Agar Dangal 800 crores bhi krle collection China Mai phir bhi Bb2 ko nhi hra payegi
    730+ 800 = 1530 crores.
    Bb2 Abhi 80-100crore to Sirf Hindi version se aur kamayegi.
    Telugu +Tamil+Malyam+overseas= 150 crores min aur collect kregi.
    Bb2=1400 +80+150=1630 crores first phase only.Jio Re Bahubali ????

  13. You have predicted not updated actual information. Hope it can race in range of 32-35. Let see for the final collections

  14. BB2 is not popular among non Indian audiences whereas Dangal is. As for BB2 its all about overreacting, great sets and costume but zero content.. As for special effects Indian movies are light years behind Hollywood. Dangal is a human story told as truthfully as possible.

  15. Dangal life time collection in China will be more $150 m , and it will surely pass Record of bahubali 2 and will create a new benchmark in China .

    I hope it may achieve the Dream collection of 2000 cr

  16. #Baahubali2 17 Days WW Box office:
    India: Nett : ₹ 890 cr Gross : ₹ 1140 Cr
    Overseas: Gross: ₹ 250 cr
    Total: ₹ 1,390 cr

    #Dangal after 11 day WW box office:
    Total - ₹ 1,185 Crs


    1. Baahubali 2 (Worldwide Gross)
      India- ₹1192.02 crores (₹893 crores nett.)
      Overseas- ₹260 crores
      Worldwide- 1452.02 crores

      Dangal 1185cr

      Toh difference 250cr+ hai

      Jiyo re baahubali

  17. Hello guys correct me if I am wrong,,, Boo doubt that bb2 is great,, but story is so much related to part 1,,so if someone don't watch first one second one will not be connected so much, ,,now here is the game! Chinese rejected part 1,,,don't be easy to connect for the second time,, isn't it? Dangal did 400 within 10days,, so according to pk trending it is going to earn 800cr, but trend is better than pk, final will be above 900 cr,, isn't it?

    1. I think Dangal is trending toward1500cr to 1700cr. Wooooooow....
      Parshya Khus to bahut hoge na tum aaj.....
      Par Baahubali ke khilaf kuchh galat mat bolna samja tu baahubali ko jitna bhala bura kehta hai tera utna hi majak banta hai. Tu bas Dangal ko enjoy kar ok.
      But bro i am true hearted Indian and i have no favourite hero i love to all those guys who are doing something good in his field so i have officially rights to celebrate for both movies "Baahubali" and "Dangal" at the same time.

      @some interesting fact about [email protected]

      *Baahubali series change the thought of Indian cinema now every producer, actor and director thinking something big and creative.

      *Baahubali show the true potential of cinema in India.

      *Baahubali is shining like sun all around the world from its release.

      Dangal ki to already bahut tarif kar rakhi hai ab kya repeat karum bar- bar.

      So guys don't spread negative and enjoy the every good moments in your life #Baahubali #Dangal

      1. bhai...hollywood me bahubali jesi hazaro movie bn chuki h...ex "300"...

        any masala south movie-Ss rajmouli -400crore budget -vfx= bahubali

    1. :D

      dangal release will go on till it crosses bahubali..:D..sadist in the world..Mr. Amir Khan :D..
      2018..Dangal to release in japan
      2019..Dangal to release in korea..
      2020..Dangal to release in sri lanka..
      2021..Dangal to release in uganda..
      ...and so on..still behind bahubali ..:D

  18. That 1cr difference @Sky is talking about was in Domestic box office
    In WW OSO>>>>Dhoom-2.

  19. Parsaya, dangl KO to China ke log bhi bhul jyge. China me 2000 crore gross krna bdi BT nhi. Jese ki USA me 7000 crr gros krna bdi BT nhi. Dngl KO to India ke log bhi dhoom3, pk, dhoom2, ghajini, kick,tare jmin PR, dbng ki trh 2 yr me bhul jygi. Jbki baahubali 2 India me sholay, hakhk, anand, mgl e ajm,ddlj ki trh amr rhgi. Jtni bhi br dkho dkhte hi rho. Quantity nhi quality honi chahiye.

    1. Ye dekho ab @govind Singh
      Aamir ko quality bateynge...
      Kabhi dekhi hai aamir ki movie
      Time mile to koi SE bhi ek movie
      Dekh Lena..
      PTA chal jaayega quality kise kehte hain....

  20. "Dangal" India me 388 Cr and China me 415 Cr+ ... ye Indian movie India se jyada China me kamata wo v sirf 2 week me ... something fishy? Looks like, Dangal is desperate to beat BB2 :-)

  21. you keep on write what ever you want but people are very clever enough to understand the truth. Already many Indian newspaper were exposing the fraud collections in china as claimed by so called websites from bollywood such as bollyarena , box office india

    even the movie halls where in china were running without 50 to 60 people but collections were recorded as 80 crores per day and 60 crores per day. these fraud people are forgetting one thing people are now smart you can cheat one in one time but not all the time.

    kindly note that i am sure you wont publish my comment but you should also understand that now people are so much angry on this so called fake khans and fake collections in order to degrade the fame of bb2

  22. Let's be honest here. Today Aamir and Salman has left SRK way behind from the competition. Salman is bit behind Aamir. SRK needs to get back to the momentum. He needs to avoid shit movies like dilwale, happy new year, Raees(although Raees was better.) SRK can swing back if he choose better content. The way he's doing the movie frastuate me every single beat !

  23. Srk need to redefine himself...he is still living in his past glory when his movies used to work on his mannerism gimmicks....now public perspective has changed. Today's viewer feeds upon content and has got bored of age old formula of bollywood...if u hav got something different to serve obviously it will work....
    Besides i think the biggest problem with SRK is not his acting talent but his lack of sense of selection of scrpt..
    I used to think of all khans...it was salman who used to select shitty scripts....but recently salman has worked wonders with his selection of scripts...

    Salman used to generate great collection from box office minus critical acclaim...but i think bajrangi bhaijaan has made him realise that a gud script with ur individual charisma can take u places...

  24. There is no denial that SRK and salman got bigger fanbase in comparison to aamir....still this current decade has been ruled by aamir khan .....the reason is simple...he has found balance with art and entertainment....thatz why the reach of his movies is so grand and results in such insane box office numbers....this is the pattern that he is been following for years now....and i dont think that there is any one actor today whoz got such fantastic sense of picking the right script

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