Daler Mehndi gets two years of jail in human trafficking case

Punjabi pop singer Daler Mehndi has been convicted in a 2003 human trafficking case by a court in Patiala. The singer was sentenced to two years in jail. However, within minutes, he was granted bail by the court.

Daler and his brother, Shamsher Singh, had been accused of illegally sending people abroad disguised as members of his troupe by charging hefty passage money. It was also alleged that Mehndi brothers had taken two troupes in 1998 and 1999 during which 10 people were taken to the US as group members and were dropped off illegally.

In 2006, Patiala Police filed two discharge petitions stating Daler Mehndi to be innocent, but the court had upheld that the singer be prosecuted as there was sufficient evidence against him on the judicial file and scope for further investigation.

6 comments on “Daler Mehndi gets two years of jail in human trafficking case”

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      He sud be immediately be jailed atleasy for 10 years

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